Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dad pleads guilty to murder of 7-year-old son; boy put into vegetative state when dad abused him at 3 months (Snow Hill, Maryland)

Another one of those stories that erases the mother. There is no indication here that she abused the baby, and yet she obviously lost custody. There is no mention of her pain or even her existence in all this. It's as if she never existed. This happens so often in the media.

Notice that dad GEMAYEL JARMON might get off with as little as 5 1/2 years in prison for destroying his son's life.


Berlin father behind bars for murder of child

Jobina Fortson, Reporter
POSTED: 07:16 PM EDT Jun 15, 2015
UPDATED: 08:25 PM EDT Jun 15, 2015

SNOW HILL, Md. - 32- year- old Gemayel Jarmon of Berlin is behind bars after pleading guilty to the murder of his seven- year- old son Geoni.

Beau Oglesby, the Worcester County State’s Attorney says, “It is shocking and unimaginable that someone could do something like that to a completely defenseless child.”

This case stems from 2007 when Geoni was just three months old. He was abused by Jarmon.

Oglesby goes on, “The main injury was a fracture to the head that went from the left ear over to the right side of the head. The amount of force necessary to inflict that type of injury is tremendous.”

The injuries left Geoni in what some would describe as a vegetative state. He couldn't speak, walk, or see and was fed through a feeding tube. As a result, Jarmon was sentenced to fifteen years for child abuse and second degree assault. He received an additional six months for a violation of parole. However, through the courts decision he only ended up serving about five and a half years.

Meanwhile, a family adopted Geoni soon after his abuse. We're told he suffered frequent seizures. Last year, as his adoptive sister was rushing him to the hospital, he suffocated and died at the age of seven.

Oglesby continues, “When a person dies as a result of injuries sustained years prior, it is still appropriate certainly in my position, it's appropriate for someone to be prosecuted for those actions.”

In a letter to 47 ABC dated June 6th, Jarmon blames his son's death on the adoptive family. He alleged that they took too long to get Geoni to the hospital.

Oglesby replies, “Any suggestion by Mr. Jarmon or anyone else that someone else bears responsibility for that baby's death is inappropriate, it's not factually correct and it's offensive.”

On the case board in the Worcester County State's Attorney's office, there is a note describing how Geoni's adopted family described him..."he was perfect." Jarmon has been sentenced to 10 years for the murder.

Oglesby goes on, “Could he get out earlier than ten years from now? Certainly. Will he? That's unknown. That will be decided in large part by his behavior in prison.”

The Worcester County State's Attorney tells says Geoni's adoptive family is pleased with this outcome and right now they're just focused on healing.

As for Jarmon, we’re told he was transported to the diagnostics center in Baltimore to be classified. There, officials will decide which division of corrections facility will best suit him. Apparently that decision process can take several weeks.