Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dad with history of DV, "custody disputes" guns down mom and kills her in front of 7-year-old daughter (Monmouth County, New Jersey)

In many way a classic DV homicide. Mom had just left this violent control freak--one of the most riskiest times for women. Plus Dad PHIL SEIDLE was a cop who played at being model citizen, meaning he was becoming increasingly emboldened over time.

The custody "dispute" fits right in with the abuser's need for ongoing control over his victims. By demanding more time in his children's lives, he could continue his abuse of the family.

Of course, the fact that he shot Mom numerous times in front of a permanently traumatized 7-year-old girl proves he doesn't give a sh** about the kids. And he obviously didn't care that he was robbing nine kids of their mother.

This poor woman. His freaking cop friends standing there doing nothing while Daddy shot her again and again. The only way she could have survived this divorce is if Dad had been locked up years ago for his assaults and death threats--which obviously didn't happen. And wouldn't happen, given the intensely corrupt nature of the New Jersey criminal justice (criminal protection) system.

'Porn-addicted' police officer and father-of-nine pleads not guilty to shooting dead his ex-wife in front of their 7-year-old daughter
Sgt. Phil Seidle, 51, from Neptune Township, New Jersey, charged with first-degree murder in ex-wife Tamara's shooting death
Police say Seidle pursued his wife, then got out of his car and fired several rounds into Tamara Seidle's vehicle
The couple's 7-year-old daughter, the youngest of their nine children, was in Philip Seidle's car at the time of the killing; she was unharmed
Seidle was arrested after 30-minute standoff with police during which he held gun to his head Witnesses heard the officer complain that he didn't want to pay alimony anymore and have limited access to his children
Tamara Seidle claimed in divorce complaint her husband was a porn addict and an adulterer who held her at gunpoint while she was pregnant

By Snejana Farberov For
Published: 00:12 EST, 18 June 2015 | Updated: 04:37 EST, 18 June 2015

A recently divorced New Jersey police officer accused of chasing and gunning down his ex-wife with his service weapon as their youngest daughter watched made his first court appearance Wednesday and entered a not guilty plea.

A shackled Neptune Township police Sgt. Phil Seidle, 51, was led into Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Honora O'Brien Kilgallen's courtroom, where he was formally charged with first-degree murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child.

He continues to be held in jail on $2million, as his attorney's efforts to have the bail amount lowered to $1.2million proved unsuccessful.

Judge Killgallen rejected the request for a lower bail and ordered Seidle to have no contact with his children or his late ex-wife's family, reported The 51-year-old also must surrender his passport.

Defense attorney Edward Bertucio argued that his client was an upstanding member of the community and a veteran law enforcement officer who was not a flight risk.

But Marc LeMieux, first assistant prosecutor for Monmouth County, contended that facing a first-degree murder charge that carries a 30 years to life sentence could drive Seidle to flee.
'He turned into a criminal and a murderer,' Lemieux said of the officer.
Seidle was suspended without pay from his $120,000-a-year job after his arrest Tuesday.
Dressed in a yellow jail garb, a teary-eyed Seidle was observed mouthing the words 'I love you' to his relatives seated in the courtroom.  

Seidle had his 7-year-old daughter in the front seat of his car while he pursued a black Volkswagen Jetta driven by his ex-wife, Tamara, shortly before 11.30am Tuesday.
The chase ended moments later when Tamara Seidle crashed into a parked car.
Philip Seidle then emerged from his vehicle and fired his .40-caliber Glock service weapon several times into the woman's vehicle through the driver's side, fatally wounding her, according to police.
He then pointed the gun at his head, but changed his mind, made his way around the Jetta and fired more rounds through the windshield, said Charles Webster, spokesman of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, during a press conference.
Questions have been raised about the actions of the arresting officers, who chose not to shoot Seidle when he briefly stopped firing on his wife.
'That's under investigation at this point in time,' said prosecutor Marc Lemieux.
Police officers who happened to be in the neighborhood for an unrelated traffic accident saw the shooting unfold and took the child from her father's silver Honda Pilot. The girl apparently was not injured.

Tamara Seidle, 51, was taken to a hospital, where she died a short time later. No other injuries were reported in the shooting.
The shooting was followed by a 30-minute police standoff, during which Seldie held a gun to his head before officers convinced him to surrender. He was then taken into custody.
The couple had nine children, ranging in age from 7 to 24, and their divorce was finalized late last month. Authorities say the shooting apparently was spurred by an ongoing child custody dispute. 
Michael Terrell, who witnessed the shooting, told the Asbury Park Press that Seidle was yelling at his ex-wife about their child custody fights, how he was tired of paying her alimony and having limited access to their children.

'The guy was in the middle of the street,' Terrell told the newspaper. 'He was saying, "I'm tired of going to court."'
Seidle then raised his gun, firing multiple shots at the woman.
'It was shocking,' Terrell said.
Another eyewitness, Trina Poysner, recalled hearing Seidle cry out in despair: 'My kids, my kids! I'm not going to see them anymore.'
Seidle, 51, is a US Navy veteran who served as a sergeant with the Neptune Township Police Department. He has served on the force for 22 years.
Township resident Dianna Harris told the newspaper that Seidle was a popular officer who cared about the community. Harris, who is president of the Neptune-based Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation, said Seidle would often visit the nonprofit group's community garden.
'He was a well-respected cop in the area,' Harris said. 'Nobody knows what triggered this, and that's what makes it so sad.'
But court documents paint a starkly different picture of the well-respected law enforcement official and model family man.

In a complaint filed by Tamara Seidle two years ago, the mother of nine accused her husband of nearly 25 years of holding a gun to her head while she was pregnant
On another occasion, the officer allegedly kicked his wife in the stomach while she was pregnant
In her divorce complaint, Mrs Seidle described her spouse as a violent man who was addicted to pornography and video games, and who was unfaithful to her in the course of their tumultuous marriage. 
Susan Doremus, who worked with Tamara Seidle during Neptune school athletic events and booster club functions, said the 51-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.