Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kids call 911 to save Mom after Dad started beating, choking her; neighbor recommends that Dad get weekend visitation (Memphis, Tennessee)

Abusing the caretaker/mother of your children is child abuse by definition, especially when it's in front of the kids. In fact, dads who batter their partners are far more likely to be child abusers than a father who is not a batterer.

But the FRs have convinced everybody that these are different silos--big mistake. As a result, people like the clueless neighbor think that the domestic violence is just an "anger management" problem that can be handled by Mom leaving the father and GET dad WEEKEND VISITATION.

You know, so Daddy can batter the kids now without Mom there to intervene. So he can punish her for leaving by snuffing out the lives of the kids. Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance is RAMPANT. That's why the violence never stops....

By the way, research shows that strangulation is a very big red flag for future homicide risk. I hope somebody takes this risk more seriously than is evident so far.

Dad is identified as GEORGE LOVE. Unbelievable, but true.

Children save mom from abuse by calling 911 on father

Posted 5:47 pm, July 9, 2014, by Michael Quander

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — 911 operators got a call they wouldn’t typically get.

The call was from a couple of children living in a North Memphis home on Vollintine Avenue.

“You know they always selling stuff on the porch and stuff and you know they’re always quiet,” Jacqui Mosely said.

Mosely calls herself a nosy neighbor because she knows what is happening on her block. However, she was not aware of what police say was happening behind closed doors on Tuesday night.

“It’s hard for a child to see and that grows up with a child forever,” Mosely said.

Detectives said children watched their father, George Love, beat on their mom.

The affidavit of complaint revealed Love hit the victim in the back, stomach, and wrapped his hands around her throat.

“That’s the woman you claimed to love,” Mosely said. “You can’t love me by hurting me.”

The kids got fed up with the abuse, reportedly trying to break it up but couldn’t.

Police said the children pulled out their phones and dialed 911.

Moments later, police showed up and put their father under arrest.

“That’s what they should’ve done,” Mosley said. “If you can get momma out of there, get momma out. If it means that we’ve got to see daddy on the weekends, daddy can’t stay here, let daddy get some anger management treatment on the weekends, do that,” she said.

Love is expected to appear in court on Thursday.