Sunday, July 20, 2014

Charges pending against non-custodial dad, his brother in drive-by shooting of daughter; why are other kids now in custody of alleged shooter's parents? (Tuscon, Arizona)

This makes no sense at all, unless there is some kind of corruption or collusion. The mother was not involved in the shooting at all. Was not in the cars involved. Was notified that her daughter was shot by a phone call.

So why do the parents of the alleged shooter have custody, even temporary custody, of the mother's other children? Especially if Mom had primary custody before the shooting, and has no history with CPS? She "hopes" to get the kids back??? What the hell is going on in Tucson??? Why did the Department of Child Safety do this? What's their motivation?

8 hours 4 minutes ago
by Sam Salzwedel

Mother speaks after road rage shootout

TUCSON - The mother of a girl injured in a road rage shootout said her daughter spent about 4 hours in the hospital after a bullet lodged in her leg.

Jennifer Otero was not in the vehicle Thursday when her daughter was shot. She said she is no longer in a relationship with the father who was driving. After receiving a phone call, she rushed to the crime scene and spent hours with her daughter at the hospital.

"It was just stressful," Otero said.

"I didn't know what to think. It was surreal. It was a nightmare to me. It's still a nightmare to me."

Police have not said who started the aggressive driving, who pulled out a gun first or who shot first.

Two brothers in the other vehicle are facing Drive-By Shooting charges. Their family has said they were the victims and acting in self defense.

Detectives are still working on the case, and police say charges against the father are pending. Tucson Police said the Department of Child Safety placed the children with family. Otero said the children are with the father's parents. She said she normally has primary custody and has no history with the state's child welfare agency. She hopes to get them back soon.