Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Good dad" arrested for abusing 6-week-old son; baby in critical condition (Cape Coral, Florida)

This happens a lot. You have a violent, short-tempered father who attacks a baby for crying. And yet the damn Clueless Neighbors will (literally this time!) swear he was a "good father" because they saw him outside cutting the grass. Hard to fix stupid, I guess.

Dad is identified as JAMES ALEX BUDAY.


Baby severely shaken, dad charged

Posted: Jul 21, 2014 1:53 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 21, 2014 7:42 PM EDT

By Danielle Koleniak, Reporter

CAPE CORAL, FL - Cape Coral Police arrested 31-year-old James Alex Buday on charges of cruelty toward a child/aggravated child abuse after he showed up to the Cape Coral Fire Station July 9 with his unconscious infant son.

Battalion Chief of EMS, Cape Coral Fire Department Ryan Lamb said the six-week-old child was lifeless and blue when Buday brought him. Buday told them he put the baby to sleep and woke up and was having problems breathing.

The baby was rushed to Health Park Hospital with head trauma.

The injuries were so severe, the child was taken by medical helicopter to Miami Children's Hospital. They reported there was signs of past bleeding and current bleeding in the brain and retina. DCF was called after what appeared to them to be obvious child abuse.

Neighbors say the Buday family is like the perfect family.

"They seemed happy, said neighbor Debbie Wainey. "I was really shocked when I saw his mug shot."

Wainey describes Buday as a good father to the couple's three-year-old.

"Dad would be cutting the grass and there he would be out with his little lawn mower," said Wainey.

Detectives interviewed the child's parents but investigators were given no explanation for the child's injuries.

Family members told police Buday had admitted to them earlier in the day, on July 18, that he had shaken the child because he wouldn't stop crying.

Police interviewed Buday Friday, who they say told them he just snapped. He shook the infant until the baby stopped crying and then Buday said he put him in the crib once he was quiet. When he checked on him later, the child was not responding.

The unidentified child remains in critical condition at Miami Children's Hospital with permanent neurological damage.

Buday is out on $60,000 bond and is scheduled in court August 18.