Monday, July 14, 2014

Dad to be sentenced for "neglecting" 6-month-old daughter by dropping her, shaking her (Plover, Wisconsin)

Gee, I thought "child neglect" was having a dirty house or leaving the kids alone. Not assaulting a baby, leaving her with a broken leg and brain damage. Daddy coddling strikes again?

Dad is identified as CHOUA XIONG. No mention of the mother....

Plover Father to be Sentenced in 'Shaken Baby' Case

Posted: Mon 11:46 AM, Jul 14, 2014

By: WSAW Staff

A 24-year-old Plover father could spend up to 12-and-half-years in prison if he receives the maximum sentence for a child neglect conviction. Choua Xiong pleaded no contest to child abuse causing great bodily harm during a plea deal with prosecutors in May. As result, a charge of child abuse was dismissed, but will be considered during his July 18 sentencing.

An investigation began in January after doctors said Xiong's then six-month-old daughter had bleeding on the brain, which was caused by non-accidental trauma. Court documents revealed the girl's injuries were consist with 'shaken baby syndrome'.

The girl's father, Choua Xiong, initially said the girls injuries were the result of a car accident that occurred in October 2013. However, according to the criminal complaint Xiong later admitted to police he dropped the girl and shook her.

During a CT scan performed Jan. 3, doctors told investigators the right side of the child's brain show a subdural hemotoma. According to the criminal complaint, there appeared to be old blood and new blood. The girl also had a fractured leg which would have occurred during her first week of life.

Xiong is behind bars on a $25,000.