Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dad charged with murder in fatal stabbing of 3-year-old son; dad to get "psychiatric assessment" (Adelaide, Australia)

That shuffling sound you hear is a mental health card being played.

Notice that there is no mention of prior mental illness issues, and that people emphasize how "normal" he seemed. We're even told he's a "nice guy"--the biggest cliché ever for a dad who murders a little kid.

But despite all the lies about how women utilize this the most, men are the most successful in playing the "card." Somebody like Andrea Yates, the famous Texas mother who drowned her kids, had an EXTENSIVE history of psychiatric problems and a husband who just kept impregnating her anyway. She is put away for life, and he assumes no responsibility at all. 

But then you have a guy like Canadian GUY TURCOTTE who stabbed his two kids to death, had no prior history of mental illness, and walked out of the psych hospital in a matter of months.

Dad is identified as DAVID JANZOW.

Adelaide landscaper David Janzow to be psychiatrically assessed after he faced court charged with murdering three-year-old son

Police Reporter Steve Rice, Ken McGregor
The Advertiser

  July 09, 2014 7:10PM AN

Adelaide father alleged to have fatally stabbed his three-year-old son will be hospitalised for up to a week as he undergoes psychiatric assessment, a court has heard today.

David Janzow, 36, of Stepney, appeared in a bedside hearing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital which was connected via phonelink to the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Speaking via mobile phone from the hospital, Janzow’s lawyer Stephen Ey, today made no application for his client to be bailed.

Mr Ey said Janzow, who has been charged with murder, has been detained under psychiatric advice while he is mental condition is assessed.

Janzow has undergone surgery on a neck wound at the hospital, which police believe was self-inflicted.

Magistrate David Whittle also ordered he be remanded in custody once the report is completed in one week.

The court was empty apart from court staff, prosecutor Lucy Boord and media.

Emergency services were responding to a minor two-car crash at Athelstone about 9am on Tuesday when Janzow flagged down police.

Police say he approached officers and stated he had injured his son, who was in a nearby black VW dual cab utility.

SA Ambulance Service crews were called and treated the boy for multiple stab wounds before he was rushed to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where he died.

Janzow, a landscaper and former Prince Alfred College student, was taken to the RAH for a possibly self-inflicted neck wound.

Police confirmed that his son had been stabbed multiple times in the ute.

Superintendent Graeme Adcock, the police officer in charge of eastern Adelaide, said on Tuesday afternoon that Janzow had been charged with murder.

“Understandably the boy’s mother is overcome by grief and police have not yet been able to take a statement from her,” he said.

“At this stage of the investigation there is no indication of any history of domestic violence.”

He said the investigation was still at an early stage and “we’re not able to say exactly whether it is mental health issues (that led to the tragedy)”.

“Everyone is involved in this, as you can imagine — the mother and very close relatives and friends are extremely distraught, police officers involved are very upset and ambulance officers are very upset,” he said.

“We’re fairly confident that the vehicle is the actual crime scene.”

Earlier, at the scene in Athelstone, Inspector Seamus McDaid said the boy’s mother reported her son had been taken from the family’s Stepney home about 8.25am.

Inspector McDaid said the mother had concerns for the safety of her child.

“This is a tragic set of circumstances and a tragic incident and our sympathy goes out to the family,” he said.

“It was also a difficult incident for the police and the ambulance officers to deal with when they arrived on scene.

“(The father) approached the police ... and told them his child had been injured.”

Insp McDaid said police were yet to establish where Janzow was driving to and when the child had been injured.

“Anything to do with a young child is really tragic for everybody involved, both for the family and the witnesses who were on the scene and of course the police and ambulance officers who had to deal with this situation.”

He said the family had lived together at the home in Stepney.

Family and friends gathered at the family’s home to console the boy’s mother.

The couple is believed to have one other child.

Only on Saturday Janzow uploaded a picture to his Facebook page of him and his two sons exploring shallows of a pond. The caption read “unforgettable moments in a frog pond”.

Other photos posted by Janzow and his wife show a seemingly happy family.

Photos of their children, including one of the boys fishing with his mother in a tinnie, depict cute smiles and laughter.

A former business colleague of Janzow described him as a normal, positive guy with an entrepreneurial streak.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the tragedy “would shock all South Australians”.

A neighbour of the family said he was shocked and saddened by the news. “I’m shaking, I mean for a child to die, I’m freaked out,” he said.

“They (SAPOL) have spoken to me but they didn’t tell me what was going on.”

The man, who has lived near the family for “about five to 10 years”, described Janzow as “such a nice guy”. “

Something must have happened for him to (do this),” he said.

“She (the wife) comes across as just a normal, everyday sort of girl and he comes across as a normal, everyday nice guy.”

The man said he never suspected something like this could happen in their eastern suburbs street. He said he often heard the family playing in the backyard.

“Every now and then the kid’s football is over the fence, so (we throw it back) … no problems,” he said.

“Not that I’ve been introduced, but I’ve seen other people, probably other parents (coming in and out of the house) and everything is above board.”

Police took items away from the family home in bags.

A Gorge Rd resident said the scene at Athelstone where the boy was found was tragic.

“It’s horrific for everyone and it’s horrible to think that it happened in this area,” he said.

A Families SA spokesman confirmed to that the family “has no history of contact” with the child protection agency.

The boy’s death will be investigated by the Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee once all criminal proceedings are finalised.

Mr Weatherill said he would seek briefings on the family’s history and contact with government agencies.

He was “horrified” when he heard about the stabbing. “It’s almost unthinkable that an event such as this could occur,” he said.

“Any violent crime perpetrated on a child is absolutely abhorrent and it’s difficult to even understand or comprehend.”

Anyone who has information or who saw the ute en route to Athelstone is asked to contact police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or on the website here .

Janzow will next appear in court in September.