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Dad charged with capital murder in death of 1-month-old daughter; was avoiding child support a motive? (Jackson, Mississippi)

Wouldn't be the first time a father has murdered a child to avoid child support obligations.

Dad is identified as NATYYO GRAY.

Former officer charged in baby's death appears in court
Natyyo Gray accused in daughter's slaying

 UPDATED 11:00 AM CDT Oct 31, 2012

JACKSON, Miss. — A former Jackson police officer accused in the death of his 1-year-old daughter appeared in court Wednesday, where he withdrew a motion asking for bond.

Natyyo Gray is charged with capital murder in connection with the Nov. 20, 2011, death of Aubrey Brown. The Hinds County coroner said Brown died of an internal hemorrhage after suffering blunt-force trauma to the abdomen.

Police said Gray was taking care of the baby when she was injured. The girl's mother had full custody of the baby, according to court documents. Gray's attorney contends the officer called 911 and was trying to revive the child when the ambulance arrived.

16 WAPT News reported that through a paternity test, Gray found out a few months before the child's death that he was her father. In March 2011, a Hinds County judge ordered that Gray pay $280 a month in child support, plus more than $1,600 in back payments.

Defense attorneys had planned to call the child's mother to the stand Wednesday to challenge her account of events. But when she failed to show up, attorneys withdrew the motion and didn't ask that bond be set for Gray, who has been jailed since his arrest last year.

Gray worked for the Jackson Police Department as a vice and narcotics detective.

A trial date has has been set for Feb. 11, 2013, court officials said.

Dad charged with murder in beating death of 6-month-old daughter (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Was this father alone with this baby in a hotel room? There is no mention of a mother present whatsoever.

Dad is identified as TODD BODERICK.

Charlotte father charged in death of 6-month-old daughter

By April Bethea

Posted: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012

A Charlotte man is charged with murder after police say he physically assaulted his six-month-old daughter, leading to the child’s death.

The infant was rushed to the hospital Saturday evening after police say they received a call that the girl was not breathing at a hotel on Tuckaseegee Road. She was later pronounced dead by hospital staff. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Wednesday that an investigation showed that the girl’s father, 25-year-old Todd Boderick had assaulted the girl prior to her death.

Boderick was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with first-degree murder.

He is being held without bond in the Mecklenburg County jail and is expected to make an initial court appearance on Thursday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the department’s homicide unit is still investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call 704-432-TIPS to speak with a homicide detective or Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Dad arrested for beating 4-year-old son (San Antonio, Texas)

This wasn't just "hurting" or "hitting." When the kid has bruising and welts on his thighs and back, this was a vicious beating. 

Dad is identified as JORDAN SINCLAIR.

Father charged with hurting son, 4

By Ana Ley

Published 11:38 a.m., Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A father who told police he hit his 4-year-old son to discipline him has been arrested.

A teacher at the Howard Early Childhood Center told authorities that the boy soiled himself at school Monday, and as she was helping him change she noticed bruising and welts on the boy's thighs and back. 

The teacher said that when she asked the child what happened, he became defensive and only replied “nothing.”

She notified officials with Child Protective Services, who told her to call police.

Terrell Hills police officers later spoke with the boy's father, Jordan Sinclair, 29, who admitted hitting the child too hard but said he felt it was an appropriate punishment.

Authorities arrested Sinclair on Tuesday. He was charged with recklessly causing injury to a child, a state jail felony.

 Bail was set at $10,000.

CPS has placed the child with his mother.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Babysitting dad on trial for 1st-degree murder in death of 2-month-old son (Gibsonton, Florida)

"No one" caused this baby's injuries? So how did he get fatal head injuries and broken ribs? From downhill skiing at two months of age?

Yet another case where Mom was working and Daddy was babysitting. And notice that the baby had healing fractures, which means Daddy had apparently abused the baby before. 

Dad is identified as CHARLES ANTHONY SCOBLE.

Gibsonton man stands trial for the death of his infant son

By John Barry, Times Staff Writer Posted: Oct 30, 2012 02:21 PM

TAMPA — Two-month-old Nicholas Scoble died of a brain injury five years ago. His father had called 911, saying his son had stopped breathing. On Tuesday, a jury was told was the baby's father, Charles Anthony Scoble, 27, must now answer for first-degree murder.

The Gibsonton father is accused of causing Nicholas' death while babysitting him May 13, 2007, as the child's mother worked a night shift.

No one witnessed what happened to Nicholas that night, but the prosecution said an acquaintance of Scoble will testify this week that the father told him the baby, only 76 days old, was "blowing his top" in his crib. The acquaintance, the jury was told, persuaded Scoble to describe in writing how he allegedly shook and struck Nicholas, then threw him into his crib.

After midnight, Scoble called 911, telling a dispatcher he'd found Nicholas in his crib not breathing. The dispatcher instructed Scoble how to give CPR — "two puffs and 30 pumps" — until paramedics arrived. The baby never revived.

A May 14, 2007, autopsy found severe head injuries, as well as healed broken ribs.

Throughout, Scoble, a pizza maker, denied he ever hurt Nicholas. He and his wife, Debbie Drzewiecki, got married as teenagers. They have two other children. He worked days, she worked nights. Hillsborough County sheriff's detectives investigated for a year before they charged Scoble with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

On Tuesday, his defense attorney, Elizabeth Beardsley, told the jury that the baby showed no outward signs of acute bruising or abuse. "Charles Scoble didn't cause the death of his son," she said. "No one did."

Boy goes on trial for killing his violent, Nazi custodial dad (Riverside, California)

We've posted on this case before--and similar cases where children have murdered brutal fathers with an extensive history of domestic violence and child abuse. And yet these cases are still treated in the press with the same (deliberate?) wide-eyed naivete.

The debate on dad JEFF HALL's disgusting Nazi politics is all very fascinating, and I certainly think that right-wing extremist politics are often linked to male supremacist violence against women and children. But it's all besides the point to focus on all this and miss a point which is scarcely addressed here at all:


If the stories are true--that this boy was worried about Dad leaving the step for YET ANOTHER WOMAN and having the family broken up AGAIN--maybe, just maybe it's because Daddy had already stripped this boy of his mother?

And why were Daddy's accusations of abuse against the mother believed, while nobody in the courts took Daddy's violence seriously?

What judge gave this Nazi creep custody of these kids? Do you think this cowardly idiot will be held responsible for such a bad decision? Don't hold your breath. 

So much for daddies being discriminated against....

It really appears to me that women and children have no meaningful rights at all. Not even to self-defense. In too many cases, men can shoot people and claim (after the fact) that they "felt" threatened. And either they get off on "castle doctrine" or "stand your ground" doctrine, or not prosecuted at all. It's their word against the (dead) victim's.Which means men can increasingly kill whomever they like whenever they like. 

And yet if you're a kid, you can be beaten all the time, and still have no right under law to shoot your attacker to keep yourself safe. Even though you have no ability to leave and support yourself. Even though the courts have betrayed you and forced you into the home of your abuser.


Boy goes on trial in shooting death of white supremacist father in California

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 1:13 PM

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Nearly two years after a neo-Nazi leader was shot at near point-blank range while sleeping on his sofa, his son — who was 10 at the time of the killing — went on trial Tuesday for murder.

 The victim, Jeff Hall, was an out-of-work plumber who as regional leader of the National Socialist Movement headed rallies at a synagogue and a day labor site.

In opening statements in Juvenile Court, Riverside County prosecutor Michael Soccio said the now-12-year-old boy wanted to kill his father because of a history of domestic violence.

Soccio dismissed the notion that the neo-Nazi beliefs of Hall contributed to the son’s penchant for violence, as the defense maintains.

“You’ll learn that (the child) would have shot his father even if he’d been a member of the Peace and Freedom Party. It made no difference,” he said.

Soccio said the boy told his younger sister the day before the May 2011 killing that he planned to shoot their father and she told him not to.

The boy saw an opportunity on the evening of the killing when his father came home from a party but was locked out and had to get in the house by crawling through a window, the prosecutor said. Hall fell asleep on the couch, and the boy got a gun and shot him while standing by his shoulder, Soccio said. 

“He held the gun about a foot away and as he explained, he took four fingers and put them into the trigger and pulled the trigger back and the gun discharged,” Soccio said, showing images of a bloodied victim on the couch covered by a blue blanket.

Defense attorney Matthew Hardy countered in his opening that his client had grown up in an abusive and violent environment that led him to believe it was good and right to kill people who were a threat to one’s safety and the safety of one’s family.

The boy’s father taught him to shoot guns, took him to neo-Nazi rallies and once took him to the Mexican border to teach him how to protect his country from illegal immigrants, Hardy said.

“If you were going to create a monster, if you were going to create a killer, what would you do?” he said. “You’d put him in a house where there’s domestic violence, child abuse, racism.”

Hardy also alleged that the boy’s stepmother Krista McCrary, who is expected to testify, manipulated the boy into killing Hall because Hall was going to leave her for another woman. Hall sent her text messages that night telling her he would divorce her and had left a party with another woman, Hardy said.

McCrary sat in on the child’s interviews with police and psychiatrists after the shooting, he said, and she lied to investigators herself.

The prosecutor said previously that the boy’s history included being expelled from school for violence at age 5, long before Hall became a neo-Nazi. The school violence included choking a teacher with a telephone cord.

The Associated Press is not identifying the boy — who is not charged as an adult — because of his age.

Hall, 32, who said he believed in a white breakaway nation, ran for a seat on the local water board in 2010 in a move that disturbed many residents in the recession-battered suburbs southeast of Los Angeles. The day before his death, he held a meeting of the neo-Nazi group at his home.

Last year, the boy — the oldest of Hall’s five children — told investigators he went downstairs and shot his father before returning upstairs and hiding the gun under his bed, according to court documents. He told authorities he thought his father was going to leave his stepmother, and he didn’t want the family to split up, Soccio said previously.

The boy’s stepmother told authorities that Hall had hit, kicked and yelled at his son for being too loud or getting in the way. Hall and the boy’s biological mother had previously slugged through a divorce and custody dispute in which each had accused the other of child abuse.

Kathleen M. Heide, a professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa who wrote “Why Kids Kill Parents,” said children 10 and under rarely kill their parents and that only 16 such cases were documented between 1996 and 2007. Heide also said parenting and home life would undoubtedly play a role in the case.

“It would be inaccurate to say who the child’s parents are is superfluous,” she said. “That is going to have an effect on how the child grows up, on the values that child learns, on problem solving abilities, so all of that is relevant.”

If a judge finds the boy murdered Hall, he could be held in state custody until he is 23 years old, said Bill Sessa, spokesman for California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The state currently houses fewer than 900 juveniles.

“We don’t have anybody that young,” Sessa said. “We have had 12-year-olds in the past, but it’s rare.”

Dad gets home detention for REPEATEDLY fracturing limbs of infant daughter (New Zealand)

Once again, we see all the excuses and coddling made for abusive fathers.

They want to tell us that a 19-year-old can't understand that it's wrong to inflict such horrible injuries on a baby, and then seek no medical help? This isn't even a case where Dad is said to have "snapped" (which is also BS), but a case where he broke this baby's limbs some 7 TIMES. 

And all he gets is home confinement. Disgusting....

Dad is identified as JAMES ROBERT HALL.

The pro-daddy/anti-child judge is Mary Peters.

Crown appeals sentence for fracturing baby's limbs

Published: 12:56PM Tuesday October 30, 2012

The teenage father sentenced to home detention for repeatedly fracturing his baby's limbs should have been jailed for about two years eight months, the Court of Appeal has been told.

Family of the toddler did not want to comment after sitting through the appeal hearing at Wellington today where a Crown lawyer argued for the sentence on James Robert Hall, 21, to be increased. 

Annabel Markham said the Crown's suggested sentence of about two years eight months was constrained by what the Crown prosecutor Russell Collins had suggested when Hall was sentenced in Napier in August.

Collins candidly admitted that the four-year starting point he had submitted was on the low side and could have been higher, Markham said.

From the starting point deductions were made for guilty pleas and Hall's youth. He was 19 when the last offence occurred.

High Court judge Mary Peters imposed a sentence of 12 months home detention.

"Hall pleaded guilty to having caused grievous bodily harm to his infant daughter with intent to injure her in March 2011 and having caused her grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard for her safety on various unknown dates between her birth in November 2010 and the discovery of her injures after the last time she was hurt.

The names of the girl, now just under two years, and her mother are suppressed. The child is said to be walking as a child her age should.

Markham said the baby was eventually found to have had a recent fracture in one of her legs but six other separate fractures to her limbs.

Hall aggravated the situation by taking no steps to alleviate her suffering. Four times in one month the girl was taken to the doctor and he sat by and let the true situation go undiagnosed, Markham said.

Instead of the fractures being discovered suggestions were made that a mosquito bite might have gone septic or that a car seat might have caused bruises. 

Hall's lawyer, Scott Jefferson, said Hall had been ill-equipped to cope as a teenage father, still struggling with problems from his own upbringing and thinking he was not bonding with his baby.

"That was the reality of his inadequacy," Jefferson said.

The Court of Appeal reserved its decision.

Primary caretaker dad arrested for assaulting 4-month-old son; baby on life support (Randolph, Massachusetts)

This is a typical example of how male violence, particularly violence by a father against his own child, is minimized and denied.

Notice that the emphasis here is on Daddy's former football status. That proves he is capable of aggression, though that's not emphasized here. And also notice here that we have a very typical abused baby scenario. Young, aggressive, unemployed father "drafted" to be the "primary caretaker" while Mom worked and went to school. This is very often a recipe for disaster, although it's politically incorrect in these "gender neutral" times to say so. But experts know full well that infants are at high risk with young male caretakers, and that this is a known red flag for potential abuse.

And despite Daddy's (BS) story about stumbling because of an old football injury (the typical Clumsy Daddy excuse), this baby apparently had prior healing fractures. This was NOT the first time this baby was abused. And still we deny, deny, deny....

Dad is identified as JAHEEL ROBINSON.

Former semi-pro grid player held on child abuse charges

 By Laurel J. Sweet

Monday, October 29, 2012 - Updated 21 hours ago

A former semi-professional football player has been ordered held on $10,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty this morning to charges he abused his 4-month-old son so brutally that the newborn will likely be brain-damaged and blind — if he survives at all, prosecutors said.

Jaheel Robinson, 25, of Randolph faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on two counts of assault and battery on a child. But his parents, with whom he, his son and the baby’s mother live, insisted today the cops got it all wrong.

“I have the baby with me every day. I know my son and my son did nothing wrong,” said a distraught man who identified himself as Robinson’s father outside Quincy District Court Judge Mark S. Coven’s courtroom. He declined to give his name.

Assistant Norfolk District Attorney Lisa Beatty told Coven the baby has been at Boston Children’s Hospital since Thursday afternoon. The state Department of Children and Families has taken temporary custody, she said. A custody hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, she said.

“It is unclear at this point whether the baby will be able to survive,” Beatty said, noting the infant is on a ventilator and a feeding tube.

Coven refused to order Robinson to stay away from the child if he posts bail, “unless DCF orders it.” 

A DCF spokesman could not immediately to be reached. State offices are closed today because of Hurricane Sandy.

Beatty said Robinson told police the baby fell on a carpeted basement stair when his knee gave out from an old football injury sometime last Wednesday into Thursday after he, his girlfriend and their son returned home to his parents’ house from a day out together. But Beatty said medical professionals determined the infant’s injuries were consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

“Initially, he was so critically ill that he could not be studied,” Beatty said, explaining to Coven that the baby’s heart was failing and he was suffering seizures.

She said doctors later found hemorrhaging in the brain and eyes.

“He is very neurologically compromised,” Beatty said. “His retinas have been separated from his eyes. The baby will probably be blind. This baby has been the victim of non-accidental trauma.”

She said the baby also had a fracture in one of his legs and a bruise on one ear that are believed to have pre-dated last week’s event. She said the baby was previously hospitalized at Children’s for two weeks “because of issues having to do with vomiting,” but that his parents “chose to discharge him against medical advice.”

 Beatty said the unemployed Robinson has been the baby’s primary caregiver while the child’s mother works days and attends school at night. Robinson’s attorney Susan Rayburn told the court the mother opted to remain with her son today rather than attend her boyfriend’s arraignment.

 “Nobody in this family wants him (Robinson) to be away from this baby,” Rayburn said. “This is the most peaceful family — a well-kept household. These are not people who are so dependent on him in some way that they refuse to believe he could harm this baby.”

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dad kills 4-year-son after mom moves out; had frequent visitation (Yorkville, Illinois)

Once again, some sh** murders his own kid after Mom breaks up with his crazy @$$. (Come on folks. We all know this was a murder-suicide). 

Yet notice all the sympathetic treatment dished out to this sh**. (The killer dad get his own stuffed monkey. Really???) All the denial. (There has to be "more to the story," ad nauseum).

In fact, this is typical behavior for control freak fathers intent on punishing/destroying the mother. There is nothing mysterious or woo woo about it. It's disgustingly common. And it all comes about because these sh** fathers maintain access to the kids after Mom leaves. No access, no child murders. 

At minimum, this sh** had ample visitation. And it's certainly possible that he had temporary custody since the murdered boy may have been living with him. (The article isn't clear.)

And notice how Mom was the one to move out. This is common with women escaping domestic violence situations. Too bad the reporters didn't bother to find out any of this. 

The killer dad is identified as JOSEPH SCHMITT.

Coroner: Carbon monoxide factor in boy, dad’s deaths

By Matt Hanley And Steve Lord

October 27, 2012 11:52PM 

The home at 363 Bertram in Yorkville where a 35-year-old man and his 4-year-old son were found dead on Wednesday.

Brian Powers~Sun-Times Media Updated: October 28, 2012 3:20AM

YORKVILLE — Halloween was coming to Bertram Drive in Yorkville — a time of excitement for neighborhoods like this one, its neat and simple two-story homes populated with young families.

The porch of the home that Joseph Schmitt shared with his 4-year-old son, Wyland, and, at one time, his wife Kyle Weber, featured an uncarved pumpkin and a plastic holiday bucket shaped like a cat’s head.

What happened between that anticipation of Halloween and the tragic deaths of Schmitt and his son, who were found dead in their garage last week — authorities said carbon monoxide was likely a contributing factor — is still unclear as authorities continue to gather facts in the case. Officials stopped just short of calling the deaths a murder-suicide, pending further toxicology reports.

“It’s so very sad,” said Linda Bell, who had worked at a Yorkville day care center where the boy used to stay, describing the child as “a sweet little boy.”

“There has to be more to the story,” she said Saturday as the area still tried to make sense of it all.

Schmitt’s car was parked in the closed garage where the bodies were found Wednesday after police went to the home on a wellness check, reportedly at the request of Weber, who had moved out of the house as the couple went through the process of divorcing.

Police would not confirm that it was Weber who made the call, but she is a Naperville psychologist whose specialties include depression and mood disorders and who describes herself on her professional website as an “empathetic” and “warm” healer.

The car was no longer running when police arrived. But two lawn chairs were set up near a vehicle, with the 35-year-old Schmitt on the floor and his son was sitting in a chair nearby, Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy told the Beacon-News. Neither body showed any signs of trauma, Toftoy said — both looked like they were sleeping.

“I’ve done this 20 years, and I can’t get this out my mind,” Toftoy said. “Seeing that little guy sitting in the chair in his pajamas ... . I had tears in my eyes when I was picking him up.”

Toftoy said he could not label the deaths a murder-suicide. However, Yorkville Police Chief Rich Hart said that police are not looking for any suspects and there is no danger to the public.

According to DuPage County court records, Schmitt’s wife had filed for divorce in August after eight years of marriage.

The couple was scheduled to be in court again at the end of November. Neighbors knew Schmitt and his wife were separated and that she no longer lived in the house. Police said there had been no prior visits by law enforcement to the home.

The boy would visit his father often, neighbors said. They recalled seeing the child running around the yard or splashing in a backyard pool with his dad.

As news of the discovery broke last week, television trucks and reporters arrived, jarring the usually calm nature of the Yorkville subdivision of Bristol Bay.

“I’ve had a few people ask me about it, but not a lot,” said Erich Goepel, owner of River City Roasters coffeehouse on East Hydraulic Avenue, nestled against the Fox River downtown. “I just think there’s a lot of shock.”

Ashley Kraber, tending bar at O.J.’s Tap downtown, said Saturday part of the reason might be that the family hadn’t lived Yorkville very long, resided in a newer part of town, and they did not know a lot of people here. 

Still, she said the deaths did come up in the sparsely populated bar Saturday afternoon.

“We just had four people in here talking about it,” she said. Bristol Bay is one of Yorkville’s newer subdivisions, on the far northern edge of town. On Saturday, the neighborhood was quiet, broken only by sounds coming from a youth soccer game.

A young woman jogging on a sidewalk near Bristol Bay Elementary School, just a block from the house told a reporter, “What is there to say, really?” 

The couple had ties to Naperville. Schmitt’s now-deceased father, who worked as a chef at Chicago-area restaurants, had raised his family there and was active in Naperville’s St. Thomas the Apostle Church. In his 2010 obituary in the Naperville Sun, the father, Robert, was described as “a man who instilled in his children many important values and lessons: the values of reading and education, of respect, love and hard work, and of commitment and dedication to family and friends.”

Records indicate the couple had lived in San Diego for a time in the mid-2000s. Schmitt appears to have held a security guard’s license there.

On Weber’s website, she is described as working with children and adults, specializing in anxiety, depression, autism, and eating and mood disorders. “I believe each person is unique and that they matter,” she writes. “I offer genuine compassion and a caring attitude towards others.”

Authorities are awaiting blood and urine samples from the state crime lab to determine if there were signs of any drugs in either body — “part of the legal process,” Toftoy said. “We just need to know.” 

Families of the two have declined comment on the case.

But following the gruesome discovery, someone had lovingly placed two stuffed animals side-by-side on the porch of the house on Bertram Drive — between the Halloween bucket and the uncarved pumpkin — in memory of the father and son.

“For Joe,” read a tag on a stuffed monkey. “For Wyland” read the other.

Kids often "other victims" of dad's domestic violence (Elwood, Indiana)

Yup. Abuser dads kill kids too. Either as a direct target of their rage/control--or as a way to get revenge against the mother. 

Notice that one little boy was killed the very first time that Daddy got visitation.

October 27, 2012

Children affected by abuse too

By Abbey Doyle The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. — Alternatives is packed, at capacity.

And while some may think the Anderson domestic violence shelter would be a somber one, instead it is a building filled with laughter and joy.

It is the children of the shelter — 32 right now — that remind staff what it is all about. They see these children come in scared, dull eyed, shy and unable to lift their head. And within days they are feeling more safe and comfortable, the nightmares have subsided and they start to be children again, running and playing in the halls and on the playground, said Alternatives CEO Mary Jo Lee. Right now the shelter’s children range in age three-weeks to 17.

Seeing those children is a stark reminder of the other victims of domestic violence.

Joshua Delph, 9, was killed May 17, 2004, in a house fire with his mother Robynn. His father was accused of intentionally setting the fire. Robbie and Brittany Jenkins — 2 and 3 respectively — who died in a car crash after their father drove away in a rage after getting in a fight with their mother on Nov. 9, 1991. Kelsey Abraham, 5, was fatally shot by her father July 28, 1997, during his first visitation after her parents divorced. 

Lee said each of those deaths — all happening in Madison County or were cases that Alternatives was involved in — have left a lasting impact on her and the other staff. 

“It’s just terrible,” she said, sadly.

Alternatives’ childcare area is named “Robbie’s Room” and the garden just outside it “Brittany’s Garden.” Each has a plaque in remembrance of the children.

“We want to help people realize that it isn’t only the spouse or the partner that suffers or dies from the abuse,” she said. “Children are also abused or suffer from the abuse. Everyone that comes through here, we are able to talk to them about what happened to Robbie and Brittany. And it serves as a reminder for us every day too.”

In many cases the abuser will use the tactic of threatening to abuse the child to gain compliance over a spouse. And in some instances the perpetrator will carry out that threat. In June, Roy Parmley did just that when he killed his estranged girlfriend’s daughter Amanda Wiles, 31, in front of her mother, Terri Wiles, sparing Terri Wiles’ life. 

Lee pointed out that living in these abusive environments has a great impact on the child.

“For many, they think it is normal,” she said. “This is how they think life is; that people hurt you.” 

Alternatives provides a safe place for these children which Lee said she hopes changes that pattern of abuse and makes them realize life can be happy.

“I want to think that because we are here and have been able to show these children that not everyone is going to hurt them, that not every home has horrible things happening, that maybe they won’t carry all those terrible emotional scars from their past,” Lee said. “We at least try.”

Dad purposefully injects infant son with HIV to avoid child support; boy survives and becomes advocate for AIDS awareness (St. Louis, Missouri)

Dad is identified as BRYAN STEWART.

Father Purposefully Injects Infants With HIV, Boy Survives And Is Advocate For HIV/AIDS Awareness

Posted: October 28, 2012

When Brryan Jackson was 11 months old, his father injected him with HIV positive blood. His father allegedly believed that if he killed the child quietly, he could get out of paying child support.

Brryan had a difficult childhood, and was constantly getting sick. Finally, at age five, HIV had become full-blown AIDS, and doctors diagnosed the real problem. When doctors could not figure out where the previously healthy child had contracted the virus, suspicion turned to his father, Brian Stewart. Brryan was given months to live, according to his mother, Jennifer.

Brryan took 23 pills, two IV medications, and two injections daily just to stay alive.

“I went from being a playful, happy, energetic five-year-old to this bloated, feverish sick kid,” Brryan said.

But miraculously, his father’s intent never came to fruition. Brryan graduated high school, then went to college. He is down to five medications a day. Brryan, who is mostly deaf from the side effects of his medications, is an advocate for HIV/AIDS.

“Just because I can’t hear does not mean I don’t have a voice,” Brryan said. “God has blessed me to have such a strong voice, to have a story.”

Brryan’s mother, Jennifer Jackson, and his father, Brian Stewart, were together for about two years, off and on, in the early 1990s. After Jackson became pregnant and had the child, Stewart denied he was the father. Paternity tests suggested otherwise.

When Brryan was hospitalized as an infant, his father took action. Stewart worked at a St. Louis hospital as a phlebotomist. Jennifer Jackson recalls Stewart coming to Brryan’s hospital room during that 1992 stay and suggested she go get a bite to eat. 

Prosecutors said he had a syringe filled with HIV-tainted blood tucked inside his lab coat. They said he waited until he was alone with the boy and injected him.

Although there were no witnesses, Jackson and others testified in the 1998 trial that Stewart had access to tainted blood and “previously had threatened to use it as a weapon.”

Stewart was convicted of first-degree assault and received the maximum sentence, life in prison. At sentencing, Judge Ellsworth Cundiff said he was in the same category as “the worst war criminal.” Judge Cundiff added, “I believe when God finally calls you, you are going to burn in hell from here to eternity.”

Brryan has never spoken with his father, but when the teen won ABC News’ Person of the Week, he said he has forgiven the man who tried to kill him. ”God wants us to forgive people,” he said. “Am I going to make myself as low as he is? … I’ve got to be the better person.”

Brryan admits that life with AIDS has been difficult. When he was a child, he was often asked not to use public drinking fountains and was excluded from classmate’s birthday parties. The reaction for others gives him purpose:

“I expect to break the barriers between what people think this virus is, and what it really is. I hope to eliminate a lot of ignorance and change people’s minds.”

Kendra Sontag, a high school friend of Brryan’s, said Bryyan will often show up at her door to make sure she’s all right. His attitude has made a difference in her life, she said.

“He could be mad forever but he chooses to forgive, because that’s what God would do,” she said. 

Doctors believe Brryan’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle after scans have found the virus has been undetectable in Brryan’s blood for two straight years now.

“My muscles are actually building, they aren’t breaking down,” explained Brryan. “My doctors are amazed.”

Brryan now volunteers at camps for kids with HIV/AIDS, and frequently speaks publicly about his story.

Daddy's meth lab explodes, injures 5-year-old son (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

The meth daddy is identified as STANLEY WAYNE RICE.

I get the impression that the parents did not live together. Otherwise, why would a neighbor have to call the mother? And why would it take days for her to identify the boy's whereabouts? In fact, it sounds suspiciously like Daddy had custody, though as is typical in these articles, there is no explanation regarding the child victim's family structure.

Okla. dad's meth lab explodes on bike, hurts son

10/28/12 Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A father in Wagoner County is accused of causing injuries to his son when a shake-and-bake methamphetamine lab blew up while the 5-year-old boy was riding on the handlebars of his father's bicycle.

Wagoner County deputies said Thursday that 38-year-old Stanley Wayne Rice was on suicide watch at the jail, where he's being held on $100,000 bond for a child abuse complaint.

The Tulsa World reports ( ) that witnesses told authorities the boy was on the handlebars when a bottle he was carrying inside of a plastic bag exploded. The boy was burned on the left side of his face.

Officials say the witness called the boy's mother after seeing the explosion on Oct. 18 or 19. The mother found him on Oct. 21 and took him to a hospital.

Sheriff: Dad tried to kill 2-month-old son in hospital (Jefferson Parish, Louisiana)

Dad is identified as CESAR RUIZ.

JPSO: Man tried to kill son in hospital with alcohol

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s investigators say a father is under arrested after allegedly pouring straight rum into his 2-month-old son’s feeding tube while the baby was in a local hospital. 

Police say 19-year-old Cesar Ruiz is being held in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on a count of attempted first degree murder.

According to JPSO Spokesman Col. John Fortunato, police were called to Ochsner Hospital to investigate a 2 month-old infant whom attending physicians determined had a blood alcohol content of .289.

Fortunato said the the victim, Lucas Ruiz was initially admitted to the Pediatric Unit two weeks ago with breathing difficulties. The baby was diagnosed with an un-named illness and was due to have surgery on 10/31/12.

On Sunday morning, the infant started having seizures and was moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Fortunato says PICU physicians discovered the child's BAC. That’s when cops brought family members in for questioning.

A JPSO news release says the victim’s mother told a detective “she and the baby’s father, Cesar Ruiz, left the hospital and went home to shower. When they arrived home, she retrieved an item from the freezer, and while doing so noticed that her bottle of Bacardi Silver Rum was there. A short time later, when she returned to the freezer she discovered the bottle was missing.”

According to the news release, the father “initially denied knowing what happened to bottle of rum, nor could he provide an explanation of why his son's BAC was being questioned.” However, the father reportedly confessed to being responsible for the alcohol in his 2-month-old son.

The JPSO news release describes the father's confession: “As (the detective’s) questioning continued, Ruiz confessed that before he and the victim’s mother left the hospital to go home, he took an empty feeding tube from his son's hospital room. After arriving home, he poured some of the rum into the tube and brought it back to the hospital. Ruiz continued telling (detectives) that prior to Erika feeding the baby around 11:00 pm, she walked out of the room. While she was away, Ruiz used that opportunity to pour the alcohol directly into the victim’s feeding tube, claiming that he did this in an effort to relieve his son's suffering, but also claimed that he did not intend to kill him.”

 Police say the father has no criminal history.

Cops: Dad beat 1-month-old daughter to death, killed her mom with machete, set apartment on fire (Bronx, New York)

Dad ELGIDIO LIND sure seems like one little sh**.

Cops say man beat his year-old daughter to death, killed her mother with a machete and then set their Bronx apartment on fire

Elgidio Lind was being grilled by detectives after firefighters found the bodies of his girlfriend, Louisa Rodriguez, 32, and their baby, Angela, stuffed under a smoldering mattress at her Kingsbridge pad Thursday night, the sources said.


OCTOBER 26, 2012, 1:44 PM UPDATED: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012, 9:39 PM

A 21-year-old man allegedly beat his month-old daughter to death and murdered her mother with a machete before setting their Bronx apartment on fire, police sources said Friday.

Elgidio Lind was being grilled by detectives after firefighters found the bodies of his girlfriend, Louisa Rodriguez, 32, and their baby, Angela, stuffed under a smoldering mattress at her Kingsbridge pad Thursday night, the sources said.

Rodriguez, who was naked and stabbed multiple times, appeared to have died from a massive head wound, sources said.

The smoke eaters then found little Angela Rodriguez unconscious in an empty bathtub. The firefighters found the little girl, Angela Rodriguez, unconscious in an empty bathtub in the Kingsbridge apartment. 

The baby girl died a short time later — despite the brave efforts of one firefighter who tried to breathe life into the child’s tiny lungs as he rushed her to an ambulance, captured in a Daily News photo.

An autopsy found Angela died of blunt force trauma, not smoke inhalation.

Neighbors said they often heard Rodriguez fighting with Lind, who has a dozen prior arrests that include robbery and assault.

Detectives noticed cuts to Lind's hands when they found him hiding at a gal pal's home Friday morning, sources said.

Charges were pending late Friday.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dad convicted in baby daughter's death (Ankeny, Iowa)

Dad is identified as RYAN TROWBRIDGE. 

In all the articles I have seen on this case going back to last December, I have never seen any mention of the baby's mother. It's as if she never existed....Is this a single dad?

Father convicted in baby daughter's death

UPDATED 6:16 PM CDT Oct 26, 2012


An Ankeny father was found guilty Friday morning in the death of his infant daughter.

Ryan Trowbridge, 22, now faces life in prison with no parole for the death of 4-month-old Rylee

Judge Scott Rosenberg found Trowbridge "assaulted Rylee Trowbridge by grabbing Rylee and shaking her body and or slamming her in a such a manner that a serious and critical head injury was inflicted upon her under circumstance manifesting in extreme indifference to human life."

Trowbridge opted for a bench trial, instead of a jury trial.

Prosecutor Steve Foritano said Rylee's death serve as a reminder to over-burdened parents.

"Whenever you have a baby that's crying that's a natural thing for the baby to cry," Foritano said. "If you feel yourself getting frustrated put the baby down and walk away."

Rylee died of head injuries on July 12, 2010. Trowbridge told police that he put Rylee on a bed for a nap and later found her trapped between the headboard and mattress.

Some family members ran from the courtroom crying after the verdict was announced. Trowbridge shook his head and put his head down on the table.

Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 6. In Iowa, a first-degree murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

"We're disappointed," said Mark Pennington, Trowbridge's attorney. "It has always been Mr. Trowbridge's position that he did not harm his child and he's been consistant in that from the outset."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dad arrested in infant daughter's murder (Troy, Michigan)

Dad is identified as KENNY LITTLE. Notice that there is mention of 12 people living in this home, but there is NO MENTION OF A MOTHER. Was there one?

Published On: Oct 25 2012 04:00:45 PM EDT Updated On: Oct 25 2012 06:37:14 PM EDT

Troy father charged with infant daughter's murder

TROY, Mich. - A Troy father has been charged with open murder and/or involuntary manslaughter in his 3-month-old daughter's death. 

Kenny Little, 25, was arraigned on the charges Thursday afternoon.

Police say his daughter, Kendlyn Little, was found unresponsive Monday on a bedroom floor in her father's Troy home. She died before arriving at a hospital.

Kenny Little was standing in the same room she was found, just several feet away from the baby when officers arrived at the home.

The Oakland County Medical Examiner said the child died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Kenny Little has been in custody since Monday. He has been denied bond until his next court date, which is Monday.

Police responded to a 911 call early Monday morning, possible from the baby's grandfather, saying Kendlyn was not moving.

"They made a decision based upon what they had and to give an alternative account like that is very unusual in a case like this," said Little's attorney, Richard Lustig. "I believe there is a real question of fact as to how the damage occurred."

Sources tell Local 4 more than 12 people share the Troy house.

Custodial dad, step abandon his kids when they moved (Howell, New Jersey)

UNNAMED DAD. Apparently had no concerns about the children from the earlier marriage or relationship. No mention here of how Daddy got custody or what happened to the mother of these children. Unfortunately, this is typical....

Howell couple leaves children behind after eviction, cops say Howell pair evicted, left 2 kids behind

10:26 PM, Oct 25, 2012

Written by Michelle Sahn

HOWELL — Police arrested a 31-year-old man they say moved to Freehold, but left two of his three children behind when the family was evicted from their Howell home. 

The 31-year-old man and his 29-year-old wife were arrested this week, police said.

The father was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

His wife was charged with wrongful impersonation and using false identification, after police said their child abuse investigation led them to discover that she was using someone else’s Social Security number to work.

The Courier News is withholding the names of the defendants to protect the identity of the children. 

After the father and his wife — the stepmother of the older children — were evicted from their home in Howell, they moved to Freehold, but left two of the children — ages 8 and 10 — behind, police said. The couple has an 18-month-old child together and they took the toddler with them, according to Detective Sgt. Eileen Dodd.

A neighbor took the children in. Then the state Division of Youth and Family Services called police. 

The father is being held in the Monmouth County jail, Freehold Township, in lieu of $75,000 bail. His wife is being held in the same jail in lieu of $3,000 bail.

Detective Janet Benitez is handling the investigation. Anyone with information about the case should call Benitez at 732-938-4575, ext. 2885.

Dad arrested for abusing 5-week-old daughter; baby in critical condition with multiple fractures (Burbank, California)

Dad is identified as MATTHEW WOJCIK.

Burbank police investigate alleged abuse of 5-week-old infant

October 24, 2012

A five-week-old infant from Burbank is in critical but stable condition after suffering multiple broken bones, and her 19-year-old father is in police custody on suspicion of child abuse.

The father, identified by police as Matthew Wojcik, was arrested Tuesday night after Children’s Hospital Los Angeles staff alerted investigators of the infant’s broken bones, and that the injuries may have been a result of child abuse.

After interviewing the infant’s parents at the hospital, Burbank police arrested Wojcik on suspicion of felony child abuse. He remained in custody Wednesday in lieu of $100,000 bail and is due in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, according to police.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dad abducts daughter from British mother, shuts off contact (United Kingdom)

Of course the fathers rights people assure us that only mothers "gatekeep" and keep children from speaking to the other parent. Actually abusive fathers are far more likely to pull this tactic, as it meets their abuse/control agenda. 

Dad is identified as FILIPE SILVA.

British mother’s plea for return of missing daughter


 EXCLUSIVE by Mason Jones

A BRITISH girl who has been missing for three months since visiting her father in Portugal could be in Spain, according to her mother.

Seven-year-old Giselle Candice Kelly Silva, known to her family as Ellie, went to visit her father Filipe Silva, 35, on July 15 and has not been allowed to contact her mother Candice Gannon, 27, since.

“The last time I spoke to her she seemed really frightened, like she was being told what to say. I have another little girl who wonders where her sister is, it’s really upsetting,” Gannon told the Olive Press.

“I gave him her British passport so they could go travelling in what was meant to be a two week holiday, he has contacts in Spain from sailing in Cadiz,” she added.

Gannon, originally from Cheltenham, is Ellie’s sole custodian and is growing increasingly worried for her child’s welfare.

Failing to return Ellie on July 31, Silva was ordered by a court to return her to her mother’s home in Maderia, but he failed to do so.

An arrest warrant has since been issued for Silva after police found no trace of the pair at his home.

Silva has disconnected his phone and left the address where he lived with his mother Ana Maria Nascimento in Vilmoura.

A ‘Schengen alert’ has also been issued for Ellie, alerting 25 other countries that she is missing.

The Olive Press has been unable to contact Silva directly and was told by his company, Mouragolf, that he will not be in contact with us and could not specify when he will return.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ellie or her father should contact police immediately

Biggest risk to children: young fathers and male caretaker (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

We see the statistics again and again showing that young males are the most likely killers of young children. And yet we refuse to believe it. We keep insisting that every child needs a "father"--as if some young sperm shooter who dated a girl for a month is ready to take on the responsibilities of child raising. Or that he even cares. So we give these dudes visitation and custody rights in return for paying child support (sometimes). We see what happens again and again--children dying or permanently injured or disabled--but nothing ever changes.

Police here make inroads in fight against child abuse

Intelligencer Journal
Lancaster New Era
Updated Oct 22, 2012 08:06

Originally Published Oct 21, 2012 22:23


"Nobody wants to believe that an adult would hurt a child," Lancaster city Detective Aaron Harnish told a large audience last week at a local conference.

"But these are crimes that happen every day."

However, Harnish and other experts explained at the two-day conference in downtown Lancaster, advancements in detection here have made it harder for offenders to hide.

"It's a matter of the expertise and investigative ability," said Randall L. Miller, a veteran prosecutor hired by Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman to handle child-abuse cases.

And those advancements have helped bring justice to more abused kids, local investigators say.

"This may well have contributed to an increase in recordable cases," Stedman said.

Local experts say doctors have discovered more telltale signs of child abuse and relayed those indicators to police.

Already this year, local police have referred more than 40 cases of suspected criminal child abuse to the district attorney's office. Three of those cases were child homicides — the highest number for a single year in decades, according to newspaper records.

Just last week, Stedman announced that the death of 6-week-old Andrew Moyer Jr. of Columbia was caused by nonaccidental injuries.

Last year, Stedman approved charges in 280 cases of child abuse, including sex crimes and physical beatings. That was a jump of 110 charges from 2010.

On average, one child younger than age 5 is killed in Lancaster County each year in an incident of abuse. Serious injuries from beatings are more common, according to court and newspaper records.

Local investigators have seen it all: from shaking to burning to punching to kicking.

"There is never a good reason for child abuse," Stedman said.

So why does it happen so often?

The most common motive here: anger — "directed to the child simply because the child is acting like a normal child, by crying or being irritable," Stedman said.

Immaturity also is a prevalent factor, according to investigators. Many local offenders are young men — often, young fathers or caregivers to the victims.

In the 17 known child-beating homicides here since 1994, 13 of the charged offenders were in their teens or 20s. Eleven were men. (No charges have been filed in Moyer's death.) In the county's two other cases of child homicide this year, fathers in their 20s were charged.

The demographics are similar in severe-injury beating cases, statistics show.

Three-year-old Belle Roeting is fighting for her life at Hershey Medical Center. Police charged her foster father, 23-year-old Joshua Martin, with a series of horrific beatings last month.

Along with age and maturity, a family's means also comes into play, Miller and Harnish explained at the conference.

"Many of these families are indigents," Miller told a crowd of more than 100 area police, lawyers and medical professionals. "Unfortunately, it's all about money."

When a child is hospitalized after a serious criminal act, doctors often find prior injuries — old bone fractures or dried areas of aged blood. Often, experts explained, those injuries were from prior beatings.

At the conference, Harnish and Miller discussed methods that help Lancaster County stay ahead of the curve in investigating abuse.

Tip one: Get the facts upfront.

"If one is going to slip through, if you're going to miss an instance of abuse," Harnish said, "it's going to be at the initial call for help."

Harnish encouraged officers to respond to all 911 calls for a baby or young child who has become unresponsive, even if it appears to be a natural or accidental cause.

Tip two: Ask questions — but don't always believe the answers.

"Rarely will (an abuser) tell you that they shook or injured the child," said Miller, who has tried more than 10 child-homicide cases. "Rarely do you get the truth."

The child's parents, along with other occupants of the house, should be interviewed.

"Many times, people don't want to believe that their loved one has done something like this," Stedman said. "But they need to put the welfare of the child first."

Tip three: Take pictures of the child's surroundings.

In April 2010, investigators were stumped when 4-year-old Alexandrea Moskal died at a local hospital. Her body showed no signs of trauma or physical abuse.

A photo taken by an officer at her house in Denver, as it turned out, told the story.

The photo showed a jar of jelly beans by the child's bed, Miller explained.

When the girl's father, Brian Moskal, was questioned about the jar, Miller said, it led to a confession: Moskal had concealed methadone inside the beans and had given them to his daughter to stop her from being fussy.

An autopsy determined the girl died from toxic levels of the drug.

Tip four: Catch up with a suspect's friends.

In the tragic case of baby Keith Brubaker, it led to a first-degree murder conviction.

Pamela Wagner, an 18-year-old West Lampeter mother, was charged with beating her son in the spring of 1994. Her defense team conceded that she caused the injuries but cited mental illness, specifically depression.

Weeks before trial, police tracked down letters that Wagner had written from prison to a close friend.

"I can't wait to get out, so I can party," Wagner wrote, according to Harnish.

And, like that, the depression defense was debunked. Wagner is serving a life sentence.

Dad arrested in homicide of infant daughter (Troy, Michigan)


Troy Father Arrested In Baby Girl’s Death

October 23, 2012 3:56 PM TROY (WWJ) - A Troy family is grieving after a baby girl was killed.

Troy Police say they were called to a home early Monday morning where they were met by the hysterical mother and they found the baby lying on a rug on the floor of the bedroom with the father standing several feet away.

The child was rushed to St. Johns Hospital Oakland where she was pronounced dead just after 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Police Sergeant Andy Breidenich said the Oakland County medical examiner conducted an autopsy on the baby.

“They determined that there had been blunt force trauma to the baby and they ruled it a homicide and we’re continuing the investigation,” Breidenich told WWJ Newsradio 950′s Beth Fisher.

The child’s father was arrested. There was no immediate word as to what evidence, if any, authorities uncovered.

The suspect was being held Tuesday in the custody of the Troy Police Department. 

Breidenich said police have requested a warrant from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, and if it’s approved, the man will be arraigned in his daughter’s death.

 No names have been released.

Custodial dad arrested for being a pimp; who were the mothers of these children and what happened to them? (Brooklyn, New York)

UPDATE: Yup, Daddy is a trafficker. See article in the Gothamist on "Asian Fetish" pimp. The Gothamist still won't connect the dots in terms of coercive violence and child custody though.
That generic reporters are ignorant is bad enough. But this is a site that presumably caters to moms. And STILL the story is messed up entirely and treated as comic relief. 

It's not funny in the slightest.

Read this carefully. Dad WILLIAM THOMAS apparently had CUSTODY of his two youngest kids (He had four altogether, with three different women.) We finally hear it mentioned--strictly in passing--that the non-custodial mother of the youngest child "appears to have left the family to move back to Japan for some reason." Appears?? You mean, you don't know for sure? And moved that far away "for some reason"? You mean, you don't know why? Lazy, lazy reporting. 

Let's see. Dad runs four brothels and it appears that Mom is Japanese. It doesn't even occur to anybody that she may have been the victim of sex trafficking? Or violence? Daddy was already in arrears on child support, apparently for the older kids. He certainly had the motivation to strip this mother of her child and have her deported. Or fleeing back to her own country for her own personal safety. Really, nobody thinks a pimp is capable of such acts? That his "line of work" is merely embarrassing?

Apparently the Japanese woman is not the mother of the other child that lives with Daddy. We don't bother to find out anything about her. Another mom who just up and left the country "for some reason"?

And it doesn't even occur to anybody that these children are at high risk of sexual abuse and being trafficked themselves?

Dad of 4 Arrested for Being a Pimp Is Most Embarrassing Parent on the Planet

Posted by Adriana Velez on October 23, 2012 at 2:14 PM

A Brooklyn father was arrested for running four brothels in New York City this month. Four, count 'em, four brothels. I know we like entrepreneurs in this country, but wow ... William Thomas lived a quiet life with his two youngest kids in an apartment across from a leafy park in a middle-class neighborhood. His arrest came as a huge surprise to everyone who knew him.

Thomas is the father of four kids by three different mothers: A 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and two teens. I feel for all these kids, but especially for Thomas' teenagers. They're old enough to know what "brothel" means. Did they have a clue that their dad, a former IT specialist who started out in a nice, big house in the 'burbs, was allegedly a pimp?

"Awesome dad! way to make the thomas family proud," the New York Post reports Thomas' 11th-grade son tweeted. "Pretty surreal to hear your dad’s name on the news in connection to a massive prostitution ring bust. had to happen eventually i guess #meh," he added. I guess it's legal to republish the tweets of a minor who is not a public figure -- honestly, it kind of makes me squirm, which is why I'm not linking back to his Twitter account or mentioning his first name. But these quotes say it all: The sarcastic bravado used to cloak a kid's shame and embarrassment.

Thomas has already been through two divorces, and the mother of his youngest child appears to have left the family to move back to Japan for some reason. Who knows how a guy gets into the brothel biz. But it's got to be humiliating for the two oldest kids to have their dad tied with a prostitution ring.

Whether or not you think prostitution should be legalized, it's still a profession with sleazy reputation, and even in liberal New York City, it would carry a stigma. On top of that, their dad has been accused of a crime. Of course, it could turn out that the police have the wrong guy! Thomas may be totally innocent of the charges.

But for now his poor kids have to live in the shadow of this alleged crime, and that sucks for them. I'm sure Thomas was justifying what he did in order to support his family (-ish, the Post reports he was $100,000 behind in child support payments). But I wish he'd thought about the potential emotional impact on his kids if he ever got caught.

How do you think William Thomas' kids feel right now?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dad arrested for kidnapping, assaulting mother of their child (Salinas, California)

Typical control freak/abuser crap. Daddy wants to control who Mom sees even after they have broken up. Dad is identified as OSVALDO RUIZ.

Salinas woman allegedly kidnapped, assaulted by child's father

1:44 PM, Oct. 23, 2012

A 21-year-old man was arrested today for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting the mother of his child in Salinas, police said.

At 5:12 p.m. Monday, police said, officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 1000 block of Buckhorn Drive. They said a 19-year-old woman reported that the father of her child, identified as Osvaldo Ruiz, 21, had assaulted her the previous night.

Police said Ruiz had alleged showed up drunk at the woman’s home and accused her of infidelity even though they are separated. They said Ruiz, who initially argued with the woman’s father, is accused of grabbing and forcing her into his vehicle without her consent. Police said Ruiz then allegedly drove for a while, punching her several times - injuries visible on her face. They said Ruiz eventually allowed the woman to leave before fleeing to an unknown location.

Today, police said, officers located Ruiz and arrested him at his residence. They said Ruiz was booked into Monterey County Jail on suspicion of crimes including domestic violence and kidnapping

Dad convicted of killing 3-year-old son, Mom--based on testimony of 5-year-old son (Jabalpur, India)

Daddy almost got away with murder. At first the court acquitted this "well-connected" killer daddy because they chose to ignore the traumatized and injured 5-year-old son. But a higher court set aside the acquittal order. 

Dad is identified as RKS MALHOTRA.

Five-year-old sends father to jail

Manjari Mishra, TNN | Oct 24, 2012, 02.53AM IST

Relying on the testimony of a 5-year-old, the MP high court has sentenced a Kanpur chartered accountant to life imprisonment for murdering his mistress and a three-year-old son.

JABALPUR: Relying on the testimony of a 5-year-old, the MP high court has sentenced a Kanpur chartered accountant to life imprisonment for murdering his mistress and a three-year-old son. A division bench comprising Justice Rakesh Saxena and Justice TK Kaushal set aside the acquittal order passed by the trial court categorically bringing on record that "evidence of the child witness has not been properly appreciated."

"Finding of the acquittal court was given in utter disregard of evidence... such findings are perverse and require re-appreciation and interference," the verdict delivered in the second week of this month said.

Abhinav, a kindergarten student, was found weeping in Bhairav Ghati jungles in Panna district by a truck driver soon after the crime was committed in April 1989. The boy was naked, incoherent and bore injury marks on his stomach. He was taken to a police station and and the same day Mandla police recovered decomposing bodies of his 30-year-old mother Sushma and younger sibling Shashank from the nearby forest. According to the prosecution, RKS Malhotra, a politically well-connected CA had been living with Sushma and the two sons in Sarojani Nagar locality in Kanpur for six years. The relationship between the couple soured after Sushma began to demand a share for herself and the boys in his property.

Annoyed by the bickering, Malhotra went back to live with his wife and parents in another part of the city and Sushma continued to live in the rented house with her kids. Unable to withstand pressure form Sushma, he hatched a plot to eliminate her and the kids and offered them a trip to Khajuraho. On the fateful afternoon, the man, with the help of an accomplice, took them to an isolated spot in Bhairav Ghati in Panna and strangulated them even as Abhinav fled the scene. The highly traumatized child disclosed his and his parent's identity to Mandla police and also recounted the gruesome incident that he had witnessed.

Police: Uncle raped niece while her dad watched (Mobile, Alabama)

Good Lawd, what a clan. A veritable pack of pedophiles. Where were the older women in this family? Who knows. It seems everybody was either a rapist (all the older men) or a young girl. 

The voyeur/pervert daddy is identified as DONNIE HOLLAND. 

And the rapist uncle? HE'S FREE ON BOND, and banned from having contact with children "EXCEPT IMMEDIATE RELATIVES." 

What the F***?!? The authorities truly do encourage rapists to "grow their own victims," don't they. Disgusting, but typical of the way men are coddled and given all the rights, while the women and children have nothing.

Alabama man raped his niece while her father watched, police officer testifies

Missing teen Brittney Wood's uncle Dustin Alton Kent of Mobile is charged with raping a different niece while her father watched.


Missing teen Brittney Wood's uncle allegedly raped a different family member, 13, while the victim's father watched.

Sgt. Scott Congleton of Mobile, Ala., testified in Mobile County District Court that Dustin Alton Kent raped his niece, now 17, when she was only 13 years old in 2008.

Congleton said that the victim's father, Donnie Holland, told her that they would travel to the pet store to purchase a hamster. But Holland allegedly picked up Kent at his workplace.

Holland drove to a dark trail and allegedly allowed Kent to kiss his daughter. Then Holland parked the car and allegedly watched Kent remove his daughter's clothes and rape her.

"There are streets back there, but nothing was ever developed. So there aren't any buildings or lights. While (Holland) watched, Mr. Kent engaged in raping the child," Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson told Local 15.

"She was very credible," Congleton said of the victim.

The victim, Congleton said, did not come forward with the information until her father, Holland, committed suicide with a shot to the head on June 1, reported the Mobile Register.

Wood, 19, the mother of a 2-year-old girl, said she intended to visit Holland before she disappeared on May 30.

Kent's attorney, John Beck, said that the charges against Kent are unrelated to Wood's vanishing.

"I know there's been a lot of speculation," Beck said. "My client had absolutely no involvement in that case at all."

Kent has been charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy in Mobile County. He is currently free on bail and is forbidden from having contact with the alleged victim or children other than immediate relatives.

Kent is also charged with sexual abuse and sodomy in Baldwin County, where authorities say he molested multiple victims, according to the Mobile Register.

Several of Wood's relatives, including her own brother, have been charged with incest and rape.

"From the evidence I have seen," said Patterson, "this is sort of a collection of pedophiles."

Dad charged with abusing 7-month-old son (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

I'm no medical doctor, but I assume your skull would look somewhat different if it was "slammed" into a wall, rather than shaken. I presume there had to be evidence of a fracture or something for the court record to say that. At any rate, this poor baby suffered a lot of brain damage. 

Dad is identified as EVERETT SHAKELE TUBBS.

October 23, 2012

Stillwater father charged with child abuse for shaking infant

By Russell Hixson
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — A Stillwater father is accused of injuring his 7-month-old baby.

Everett Shakele Tubbs, 19, is charged with felony child abuse. Court records allege the child was shaken or had its head slammed into a wall causing acute and chronic subdural hematomas, retinal hemorrhages and seizures.

The crime is punishable by up to life in prison or a fine of up to $5,000.

Dad charged with aggravated child abuse involving 3-month-old son (Russellville, Alabama)

Dad is identified as JACINTO CASTRO ZACARIAS.,197708


Father charged with aggravated child abuse

By Tom Smith

RUSSELLVILLE — A local man has been charged in connection with the abuse of his 3-month-old son, police said.

Jacinto Castro Zacarias, 23, 300 1/2 Madison St., Russellville, is charged with aggravated child abuse, Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett said today.

Hargett said Zacarias was arrested after the police department was contacted by the Franklin County Department of Human Resources.

Russellville police investigator Lt. Scotty Lowery said medical personnel said the baby was suffering from shaken baby syndrome.

Police said Zacarias told medical personnel that he shook the baby because he was choking and he was trying to get him to breathe.

Reports indicate the little boy was suffering from a subdural hematoma (which is a collection of blood on the brain) and retinal tearing in both eyes.

“The doctors said it was nothing but a case of shaken baby,” Lowery said. “Medical personnel said there was no other explanation for the injuries.”

 Zacarias is out of jail on bail of $50,000.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dad's child sex-trafficking trial under way (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

If even half these allegations are true, VAN LAWSON WILLIAMS is a total scumbag.

But I want to call your attention to some relatively unnoticed detail here. It seems to me that this father must be single, as there is no mention of a mother in the home. I know that sometimes, a molester daddy can keep his abuse of a minor child a secret from the mom. But it's hard to believe any relatively alert woman wouldn't have seen what was going on with all these girls. And if she had done nothing to stop all this, it seems she would have been charged with something. So I'm inclined to think there was no mother under this roof. 

So the reference to one of these trafficked girls acting as a babysitter to Daddy's 7-year-old daughter? I'm thinking that either Williams had custodial rights and/or visitation. Of course, the reporter doesn't clarify what was going on here.

Sure would look bad for somebody in family court to admit that they let somebody like this have custody/visitation, yes? And with a father like this, I fear for what this sh** did to his own kid....,0,2125928.story

Fort Lauderdale child sex-trafficking trial under way 

Van Lawson Williams allegedly lured troubled girls into his home

By Jon Burstein, Sun Sentinel 7:19 p.m. EDT, October 22, 2012

WEST PALM BEACH — A Fort Lauderdale father methodically recruited runaway girls, one just 12 years old, to work as prostitutes for him, a federal prosecutor told jurors Monday.

Van Lawson Williams, 49, would take troubled children into his home, offering them a place to stay in exchange for them selling their bodies, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Corey Steinberg as Williams' federal sex-trafficking trial got under way.

The girls got word of Williams and his house in the 2000 block of Northwest 30th Avenue through other youths at group homes and treatment centers, according to federal authorities. Steinberg said Williams clearly knew the runaways he was taking in were underage, plying them with money, marijuana and crack cocaine.

"They look like kids. They talk like kids. They act like kids," said Steinberg of the six girls lined up to testify against Williams. The girls ranged in age from 12 to 16 when they met Williams, who is the father of a young girl.

Williams is charged with four counts of sex trafficking of minors and two counts of attempted sex trafficking of minors. If he is convicted of any of the charges, he could face up to life in prison. 

Williams' attorney, Howard Greitzer, urged the jury to carefully evaluate the girls' testimony to see how much it has changed since they first talked to law enforcement.

He said that one of the girls initially told law enforcement that she never prostituted herself, but babysat Williams' 7-year-old daughter. He argued that the case rests on the girls' testimony with federal authorities lacking physical evidence to support their case. 

"Use your common sense," he said.

Steinberg said Williams found girls who were "lost" and "damaged" and gave them what they craved most — attention. He let them live with him, fed them and offered to buy them clothes and pay to get their hair and nails done, she said.

"In order to stay there [at the house] you had to sleep with the men he provided," Steinberg said. 

Williams set the prices to have sex with the girls, oftentimes providing clients with condoms, Steinberg said. Federal authorities allege that sometimes Williams would split the money with the girls and sometimes he would pocket all of it.

Federal authorities have alleged in court records that if the girls refused to do what Williams said, he would physically abuse them.

In addition to the girls' testimony, federal prosecutors have indicated they intend to play audio recordings to the jury of Williams talking to two underage girls. The FBI had the girls place the phone calls, with Williams telling one of the youths, "If you come to me you mine," according to court records.

Prosecutors also have indicated they have text messages sent by Williams about prostitution activity. 

The girls are scheduled to start testifying Tuesday in the case before U.S. District Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley.

Dad refuses to donate bone-marrow to 5-year-old son, boy dies (Beijing, China)

Notice that the dad--only identified as HU--was no longer with the mother, as he refused to pay child support too. I suspect that letting the boy die was just a convenient way to wound the mother through destroying her child.

Beijing father refuses to donate bone-marrow to 5-year-old son, boy dies 

Parenting fail. A five-year-old boy in Beijing has died of complications arising from leukaemia after his father refused to undergo a bone marrow transplant that could have saved the boy's life.

The boy's father, surnamed Hu, was found to be a compatible donor last August and originally agreed to undergo the procedure. However, earlier this year Hu abruptly refused to donate his bone marrow and also stopped paying child support.

Hu did not attend his son's funeral.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dad convicted of abusing 3-month-old son; gets 5 years in prison (Yulee, Florida)

Dad is identified as STEPHEN GMELIN II.

Posted: 6:28 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, 2012

Father convicted in child abuse

 By WOKV News Team Yulee, Florida — A Nassau County man has been convicted of abusing a three-month-old.

In December 2009, 30-year-old Andrew Stephen Gmelin II was watching his three-month-old son when the child was injured and taken to the hospital. Doctors determined the infant has been a victim of abuse. Further evidence showed Gmelin shook the infant, causing his brain to bleed.

Gmelin will be sentenced November 15. He faces five years in prison.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dad found guilty of assaulting mom, slashing his wrists and smearing blood on the walls is totally coddled by the courts (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom)

WTF? Your average poodle has a tougher life than this Thug Daddy (identified as dad LEE SHELLEY).

Let's see.

1) Beat his wife, leaving her with a black eye. 

2) The day after appearing in court, he beat her again. Hit her in the face and upper body. Smashed her phone. This was in front of the children.

3) Then he started texting threats to her. She flees to a neighbor's house with the kids. He threatens suicide, saying "watch me bleed."

4) Police arrive, and find Daddy has cut his wrists and is smearing blood on the walls.

You don't have to be some expert criminal profiler to realize that this one volatile, dangerous, and crazy man. 

So. How do the pro-male/anti-woman authorities respond to this very credible threat?

1) A suspended sentence

2) (Useless) classes on domestic violence and drug rehab

3) And though Mom has a restraining order (of sorts), this sh** is STILL ALLOWED TO CONTACT THIS TWO-TIME ASSAULT VICTIM regarding "child issues." 

Daddies must have their freaking rights, ya know! Even as mothers and children are allowed no rights. Not even the right to basic safety and security. 

Just how are daddies discriminated against again???

Thug dad guilty of wife assaults

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leicester Mercury

A violent husband threatened to kill himself and smeared blood on walls around the family home, a court heard.

Lee Shelley (37) slashed his wrists with a razor and daubed his blood about the house, while sending a series of frightening text messages to his wife.

Fearing for her safety, she had earlier gone with her two children to stay at a neighbour's.

Prior to the incident, Shelley had beaten his wife twice before – once in front of her two young children. During a hearing at Leicester Crown Court, he pleaded guilty to two common assaults upon his wife, damaging her mobile phone and harassment. 

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said the victim and Shelley were together for four years and the defendant was the father of her youngest child.

Shelley had previously been remanded into custody for an earlier assault on the victim, in which she suffered a black eye, and was sentenced to a community order on June 12.

The day after appearing in court, he assaulted her again.

Miss Rose said: "He hit her twice in the face, causing bruising to her eye which lasted for a week. She did not make an immediate complaint.

"On July 17, he became verbally abusive and threw a vacuum cleaner at her.

"He hit her upper body and face, twisted her arm behind her back with such force she fell to the floor. He smashed her mobile phone.

"She suffered a bruised lower arm and a sprained wrist. The children, on a sofa, were screaming."

On August 4, Shelley began texting his estranged wife.

Fearful, she went to stay at a friend's house.

On August 5, the victim saw lights going on at her home.

He sent messages threatening to cut himself saying: "Watch me bleed."

Miss Rose said: "The police arrived to see he had cut his wrists and smeared blood on the walls around the house."

 Judge Michael Pert questioned why the Crown Prosecution Service had charged the defendant with two common assaults rather than actual bodily harm.

Jonathan Cox, representing Shelley, said: "He's spent 69 days on remand in custody.

"At the time of these offences he was suffering turmoil."

Shelley, of Milton Crescent, Leicester, was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with supervision. He must attend a domestic abuse programme and undergo drug rehabilitation.

A restraining order was made, banning the defendant from going to the area where the victim lives, or from contacting her other than to discuss "child issues".  

Sentencing, Judge Pert said: "I regard these as despicable offences. The way you've been charged ties my hands."

Dad accused of multiple sex crimes against kids; neighbor describes as "good guy" (Sumter County, South Carolina)

Oh, if only I had a nickel for every time some Clueless Neighbor described a killer or a rapist as a "good guy."

This "good guy" daddy is identified as ROOSEVELT MACK. Notice that there is no mention of a mother in the home. Is there one?

Wonder how many other rape and sexual assault victims are still out there?

Father accused of multiple sex crimes against kids

 Posted: Oct 18, 2012 4:05 PM CDT Updated: Oct 18, 2012 5:57 PM CDT

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

SUMTER COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Roosevelt Mack is a middle-aged man without a criminal record with a neighborly reputation.

"He's always been a good guy to me," said neighbor Bryan Partin. "Never expected anything to that sort."

Partin lives next door to Mack, but Mack hasn't been at home. He's been in jail.

"It was a little unusual," said Captain Dailey with the Sumter County Sheriff's Department. "Had a report of criminal sexual assault on a minor. Brought the victim in. Once we brought the victim in, three more victims appeared."

Dailey said the cases go back to 2008. Four different victims, one is now an adult he says, who had never told anyone.

The accusations range from rape to incest to lewd conduct.

Partin was rocked by the news. He said he and Mack aren't just neighbors. They're fellow fathers. 

"What? Could he have been sitting there looking at my kids thinking?" asked Partin. "That just gives me the heeby jeebies. Makes me not want to be here anymore."

Partin said even though he saw the investigators swarm his neighborhood, he'll let others decide if a man with a clean record has a dark past.

"I hope the kids get the very best help they can get," said Partin. "I really can't say much more than that."

This was a sensitive case for the investigators working it. Dailey said his investigators feel pretty confident they made the right arrest.

Dad found guilty of assaulting 6-month-old daughter (Reading, Pennsylvania)

Notice that despite the conviction, dad DANIEL W. MILLER may spend no time in prison. 

Not one word on where Mom was while Daddy was "caring" for all these kids. Working to support this deadbeat abuser?

Originally Published: 10/19/2012

Reading man guilty of injuring baby by shaking 
Daughter assaulted at home, jurors told

By Holly Herman
Reading Eagle

A 35-year-old city man was convicted Thursday in Berks County Court of simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child for shaking his 6-month-old girl, causing injuries that medical authorities testified could be permanent.

However, Daniel W. Miller of the 300 block of Locust Street was found not guilty of aggravated assault for shaking his daughter on Nov. 16, 2011.

The jury deliberated for four hours following a trial before Judge Linda K.M. Ludgate.

Miller was returned to the county jail in lieu of $1 million bail to await sentencing in November.

His lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Sean Fitzgerald, said that at sentencing he would like to ask for his client to be released from prison for time served. 

"I am glad he was found not guilty of the aggravated assault," Fitzgerald said.

Assistant District Attorney Jonathan H. Kurland argued that the girl was assaulted when she was home with her siblings and her father. 

"The damage to the brain and injuries was not caused by a fall," Kurland said. "This was not an accident. This was an act of violence that was caused with rage and malice. These injuries were intentionally caused."

Kurland said that Miller was the only adult who was home when the child was injured. The victim's 5-year-old sister testified she saw her father hurt her baby sister.

"He was squeezing her," the girl testified.

Fitzgerald argued that prosecutors did not prove Miller shook his daughter and that the sister might not understand what happened because she told Children and Youth Services workers that her father was watching a horror movie. "

A 5-year-old might not be able to distinguish fantasy from reality," Fitzgerald said.

Dr. Andrea Taroli, director of a child protection team at Hershey Medical Center, concluded that the baby girl was shaken.

Taroli said the injuries could have been life threatening and may cause long-term problems, such as cerebral palsy.

Taroli said the baby suffered chest bruises and bleeding around her brain.

Taroli then showed a presentation of a normal baby and a baby who was shaken.

"When the brain is shaken it causes stretching of the brain tissues," she said. "That happens when people have concussions."

Taroli said the girl's injuries could not have resulted from a fall.

Dr. David Sorrentino, a Reading Hospital neonatal expert, said he treated the girl for several weeks after she was released from the hospital.

Sorrentino testified that the child was badly injured.

Miller was arrested Feb. 14 following a grand jury investigation.

Deadbeat dad behind on child support arrested for giving chase with 5 unrestrained kids in SUV; why did he have visitation rights? (Wichita, Kansas)

Notice that this sh** of an UNNAMED DAD was so behind on his child support that there were actually warrants. Nice!! That's quite an accomplishment in the state of Kansas.

But check this out: Deadbeat Daddy STILL HAD ACCESS TO THE KIDS. Still free to drive around with them, unrestrained, at high speed, with a suspended license. Drugs/booze not mentioned, but seem likely. The kids were actually screaming in fear when the cops pulled Daddy over for trying to escape the police and running stop signs. Sounds like one of those pathetic men who never outgrew his adolescent "Too Fast Too Furious" fantasies. 

So once again, we see that Kansas daddies are given access no matter what, while Kansas moms lose all contact with their children for such High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as, well, er, speaking out on human rights.

Local News : Friday, October 19, 2012 4:29:32 PM

Father arrested after chase with 5 kids in SUV

Wichita police say a 35-year-old man who led officers on a short chase had his five young children in his vehicle, none of them in safety restraints.

The Wichita Eagle reports the man was booked into jail Thursday night on suspicion of several offenses, including child endangerment. Police said the man was wanted on warrants over child support and was driving with a suspended license.

Police Lt. Doug Nolte says the incident began when officers spotted an SUV with dark tinted windows that was going too fast. Police said the driver ran several stop signs during the chase, then stopped in a store parking lot.

Nolte says officers heard children screaming inside. Relatives were called to pick up the children, who were 3 to 10 years old.