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Japanese view: American dad kidnapping kids "not news"

I was interested to track down Japanese views on American dad CHRISTOPHER SAVOIE and his attempt to abduct his children from their mother and take them back to the U.S. And I just couldn't find anything. I kept wondering why my searches of various Japanese newspapers--even in Fukuoka--kept coming up with zero.

Then I found this piece on CNN. Seems the Japanese don't see this as "news," so they're not reporting it. Needless to say, the apparently Japanese reporter who interviewed various Americans found that they all declared--in a rather jingoistic humph--that Japan's ways of doing things were "archaic and rigid" because they're different from the way things are now done in U.S. The reporter also asserts that Japan treats DV and child abuse as strictly private affairs, and ignores them somehow because they believe in sole custody. Where the evidence for that is, I don't know. And you don't think that Americans try to sweep DV and child abuse under the rug too, especially in family court? Of course they do.

Frankly, I'm not seeing any of it. According to one of the very few articles on the attempted abduction to come out of Japan (Japan Times--posted here earlier today), one of the reasons that Japan doesn't endorse the Hague Convention is because too many Japanese women are being abused by foreigner husbands, so there's a need to protect them and their children post-divorce through sole custody. So the Japanese seem to be quite aware of domestic violence, at least no less so than the Americans, who are always trying to push battered women into joint custody with a violent ex-husband.

The comments to this CNN piece are interesting too. Of course, you have the usual self-righteous fathers rights types and disgrunted ex-husbands. But you also see a lot of Japanese anger over American attempts to meddle in their family policies. I've reproduced some of these mostly Japanese responses below the CNN piece. Oh, and check out the little digs regarding the U.S. criminal justice system, high violent crime rates, high divorce rates, and lack of universal health care. Juicy stuff!

An interesting question comes to mind here. If the FRs insist that selfish American women get divorces in high numbers because they get everything (in reality, they mostly get poverty and joint custody), then WHY is the divorce rate much lower in Japan? With the promise of sole custody, you'd figure every married Japanese woman would be clamoring for a divorce--if the FR assumption were correct. Quite the opposite. So it doesn't appear that divorce rates necessarily have much to do with cultural assumptions about custody.

Family man’s plight not news in Japan
Posted: 806 GMT

Christopher Savoie’s case is playing out dramatically over the airwaves and in the blogosphere — an American man with sole legal custody of his young children, jailed in Japan for trying to bring his abducted children back to the U.S.

But if you’re Japanese, you’ve never heard of Savoie, because the story hasn’t been on a newscast or in the newspapers.

Based in Tokyo, among our first calls was to the local press in Fukuoka. The newspaper told us “This isn’t news.” When we asked if they would cover it because of the growing international interest, the paper flatly said, “No.”

That response is a window into the Japanese mindset of the privacy of the home, and helps explain the cultural and legal clash in which Savoie is trapped.

Invading into the domicile is considered taboo, where issues like domestic violence and child abuse still culturally remain private matters.

Japanese family law follows suit, hesitant to order families to recognize joint custody. It prefers to obey the cultural norm of the woman having primary custody, which often means the father never has any contact with the children. That would be unthinkable in a U.S. court, which sees joint custody as a matter of course in divorce.

The Americans I’ve interviewed in this story say they’re flabbergasted by Japan’s archaic and rigid laws. But in this culture, there’s no discussion about it. They don’t even consider it news.

Posted by: Kyung Lah

And a few of the reader responses:

How is it archaic just because it disagrees with American laws and values?
Why is it always that American values are considered fashionable, while East Asian values are considered a thing of the past? Americans need to wake up and start to realize that as they associate themselves more in this ever increasingly globalized world, that them and their values are not superior.

American opinion regarding children and divorce is very onesided. Yesterday the news was about the Japanese wife that kidnapped the kids. If she ever comes back to USA most likely she will be harassed and most likely jailed by the USA justice system ( police, prosecutors, judges, marshals, jail people) . This problem is temporary for until the kids become of age when they will anyway separate from their parents. USA thinks that it’s justice system is perfect and the rest of the world’s is flawed. Just let the kids be happy and with the next wife the man can be more caring. He can also visit them and make his presence known by sending gifts. All in all is not lost.

If this was about a European or any one else besides an American this wouldn`t be news Either. Epic Fail CNN. 85% of your news is about the united states. Sad really.

Well, the gentleman has apparently broken the law, and without knowing any details of his particular case it is impossible to justify his actions. As far as Japanese laws are concerned, the country enjoys 97% crime solvency rates, versus around 19% in the USA. Domestic abuse is a problem in every society, but there is hardly an indication of its predominance in Japan.

Did the father get the Japanese citizenship for a free medical care for his heart ailment? Or was it the mother’s idea to keep him and the kids under the Japanese law, in which case she is a smarter and more fit parent I must say.

CNN Japan site reveals some facts and the other side of the story which caught my attention. Mr. Savoie and the ex- wife is still legally married in Japan since they never filed for divorce in Japan. Japanese police discovered that Mr. Savoie has been Naturalized in Japan since 4years ago and therefore this case is dealt as married couple and the father trying to abduct children from their country.Both children hold Japanese passports.These facts were never discussed on American news.

also, on the talks about american v japans society and their laws, the crime rate here is almost nil in compairison to the US so abduction, even if the american laws said they were your children is a serious offense. also if this news were televised in japan or put in the news papers, it would be the american, mr savoie who is portraid as the criminal because he tried to take the children from the mother, who has sole custody, so if your asking for news coverage you would be asking for another bad light to be shinned on america

I am a Japanese. You are so right about one thing, “invading into the domicile is considered taboo” in Japan. I can’t even believe that picure of his kids and his ex-wife is exposed to the world and being controberted behind their back. I think Japan have many things to learn from other countries, but we have to respect different culture. As to this case, the problem is that they got divorced.Why dovorce rate is high in the States?I hope Japan and U.S. will work together to bring back quiet life to these kids.

Dad, son on trial for raping, murdering 6-year-old boy (Brunswick, Georgia)

Dad DAVID EDENFIELD and his son are on trial for raping and murdering a 6-year-old boy. Remind me again--Is this why every kid needs their dad? I am literally sick to my stomach form reading this....

Prosecutor: Boy, 6, begged killers to 'let me go!'
By RUSS BYNUM (AP) – 4 hours ago

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A 6-year-old boy pleaded with his captors — a man and his adult son — as they stripped and sexually assaulted the child inside a mobile home before strangling him, a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday.

The comments were made during opening arguments in the trial of David Edenfield, 61, who faces the death penalty if convicted of the March 2007 slaying of Christopher Michael Barrios. The boy was missing for a week before police found his naked body dumped off a road and wrapped in trash bags.

Prosecutor John B. Johnson told jurors in his opening statement that they would learn the details of what happened to the boy "in the most horrible two hours of his life" from a taped confession Edenfield made to police.

Johnson said Edenfield and his son, 34-year-old George Edenfield, lured the boy into their trailer across the street from the home of Christopher's grandmother, stripped the boy naked and took turns molesting him.

"You will hear him say this from his own mouth," Johnson said of David Edenfield. "Christopher Barrios didn't want to be there. He said, 'Let me go! Please don't do this! I'm going to tell my parents!'"

He said George Edenfield then wrapped his hands around the boy's throat while his father "began to — instinctively, you will hear him say — place his hands on top of George Edenfield's and help choke him."

David Edenfield is the first suspect to stand trial in the slaying. His son and wife, Peggy Edenfield, have also been charged with molesting and killing the boy, then hiding his body. The jury was selected from residents some 90 miles away because of pretrial publicity, and the jurors are being sequestered in Brunswick.

Defense attorney James Yancey told jurors that his client's son was a convicted child molester and told police he'd killed the boy hours after Christopher went missing.

Yancey said the elder Edenfield's confession was influenced by the police officers who questioned him, but stopped short of telling jurors he was coerced.

Barrios lived in a mobile home park in the port city of Brunswick, about 60 miles south of Savannah, where his father and grandmother both had separate homes. He would pass the Edenfields' trailer when walking between them.

A shy boy with a big smile that showed off the silver caps on his front teeth, he loved superheroes such as Batman and Spider-Man. When police began searching for him, they found his toy Star Wars lightsaber abandoned by the road.

The Edenfields moved into the mobile home park where the boy lived just a few months before his death. The family had been forced to move because George Edenfield was a convicted child molester. The family's previous home was close to a playground, a violation of Georgia's sex offender registry law.

Police discovered George Edenfield was a sex offender and questioned him a few hours after Christopher was reported missing. Court records say he confessed to choking the boy and told police "the 'devil' told him to kill Christopher."

Peggy Edenfield later told investigators she watched her grown son choke the boy and then try to wash fingerprints from his neck using soap and a pot of water, according to court affidavits. She said she and her husband, David Edenfield, helped dispose of the body.

George Edenfield is still awaiting the outcome of court proceedings to determine if he's mentally competent to stand trial. Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering has described him as mentally slow but capable of understanding right from wrong.

Peggy Edenfield agreed to testify against her husband and son in return for a promise that prosecutors would not seek the death penalty.

Dad says God told him to circumcise his sons (Morganton, North Carolina)

Dad JOHN MARLOWE is apparently a do-it-yourself kind of guy--even does circumcisions on his own sons. Of course, there's more to the story. Dad says God told him to do the circumcisions. (As a service to Dastardly readers, I checked with God's office. God wasn't available but God's secretary, who refused to give his name, said "What the f---? We never told this a----- any such thing.") The mothers he was involved with said they had been fearful for their lives when they were with Dad. That should give you an idea as to what kind of guy he is.

Man says God told him to circumcise 4 children, self
Posted: Sep 30, 2009 1:16 PM CDT
Updated: Sep 30, 2009 1:22 PM CDT

By Steve Obnesorge

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - A father accused of abusing two of his sons by performing circumcisions when they were infants took the stand in his own defense Wednesday morning.

John Marlowe is representing himself in the case, which is being held at the Caldwell County courthouse.

In court on Wednesday, Marlowe admitted he did circumcised the two children. He also revealed that he circumcised two other children in Mecklenburg County, including one of his children and someone else's child. At this time, he has not been charged in connection with the alleged incidents in Mecklenburg County.

Marlowe told jurors the question is whether the children suffered any pain. He says he knows first-hand it's not that painful because he circumcised himself at age 30. He said the reason he performed the circumcisions was because "God told him to."

The case is expected to go to the jury Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Marlowe confronted his accusers - his ex-wife and a second woman he claimed he was married to at the time - saying the case is all about religious freedom and his right to circumcise his children.

"It hasn't been illegal till now," he said. "Why should it be illegal?"

During the court proceedings on Tuesday, Marlowe implied this was a landmark case and kept reminding witnesses and the court, "Do you understand what the outcome of the case will do to the state and this country?"

Prosecutors say this is not about religious freedom, but instead is about what one man did to his children.

Marlowe's ex-wife, Amber Marlowe, said he used a box knife to circumcise her son.

Sara Fleming, who also lived with John Marlowe, described how he circumcised her child:"He held the foreskin out, took the box cutter, and made an incision."

Marlowe didn't deny doing that or how the infants reacted.

Both women said they couldn't stop John Marlowe from performing the procedure because they were fearful for their lives; Fleming said she left with only the close she was wearing,

"[I was] running for my life," she said.

Amber Marlowe says she's testifying now because she finally feels safe.

"I'm no longer under your power," she said. "I no longer have nightmares of you coming and killing me. I know you are safe behind bars where you can't reach me."

Marlowe was convicted in May in cases involving assaults against the women and the children. He will be sentenced on those charges after this case is over. He remains behind bars in Caldwell County.

As for the Caldwell County victims who were just a few days old when the circumcisions occurred, one is still in the custody of Department of Social Services. The second child is with his mother, Sara Fleming. A doctor says the children are well and should not have any long lasting physical effects.

Dad accused of neglect after son dies of drug overdose (Port Orange, Florida)

Dad MICHAEL REESE has been charged with neglect after his 14-year-old son died of a drug overdose on the family room couch.,0,7434386.story

Father accused of neglect after son dies of overdose

Michael Louis Reese
Sentinel Staff Writer

5:20 p.m. EDT, September 30, 2009

The father of a Port Orange teenager who died Saturday of an apparent accidental drug overdose was arrested today on a charge of neglect of a child.

Michael Reese, 52, was arrested on a warrant signed by Judge Raul Zambrano, Port Orange police Capt. Frank Surmaczewicz said.

Paramedics responded to Reese's home on Bent Oak Lane a little after 8 a.m. Saturday and found 14-year-old Jeremiah Reese dead on the family room couch, Surmaczewicz said. Reese was trying to wake his some when the rescue workers arrived.

The house was in total disarray and pill bottles, pills and associated paraphernalia were scattered through the house, Surmaczewicz said.

An autopsy showed opiates and THC in Jeremiah's system, Surmaczewicz said.

Reese was booked into the Volusia Branch Jail with bail set at $30,000.

Dad accused of burning 3-year-old son with hot iron (Chicago, Illinois)

Dad FERNANDO MONTES is facing aggravated battery charges after "allegedly" burning his 3-year-old son's arm with a hot clothing iron.

3-year-old Burned by Father
The father allegedly burned the boy's arm with a hot iron

Updated 2:15 PM CDT, Wed, Sep 30, 2009

A 43-year-old father is facing criminal charges after he allegedly burned his 3-year-old son's arm with a hot clothing iron, police said.

Fernando Montes, of the 1000 block of West Hollywood Avenue in Edgewater, was charged Tuesday night with aggravated battery to a child, according to police. During police questioning, Montes claimed the wound was simply a "scrape" the boy got after falling in the playground, the Sun-Times reports.

The boy's injury was discovered during a doctor's visit on Sept. 9.

The case is still under investigation.

Dad held in failed bid to snatch kids (Fukuoka, Japan)

Since this story has been all over CNN and other major news sources, I wasn't sure what to add. But Dastardly readers may find this account from the Japan Times interesting in illuminating the Japanese point of view on this case. Obviously, we're talking about the case of custodial dad CHRISTOPHER JOHN SAVOIE (he was given full custody by our good ol' boy friends in Tennessee after Mom left with the kids for Japan. She had custody before then.) I have highlighted some of the important points in bold. I'm sure the Fathers Rights people are just furious that there are still a few countries left in this world that honor mothers and haven't caved in to the FR agenda.

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009

American held in failed bid to snatch own kids
The Associated Press

An American father on a mission to reclaim his young children in Japan was arrested for allegedly abducting them while they were walking to school with his ex-wife, officials said Wednesday.

Christopher John Savoie snatched his two children — an 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl — by force early Monday in Fukuoka, said Akira Naraki, a police spokesman in the city.

"He shoved them into a car and drove away," Naraki said.

Savoie, 38, was arrested by police as he tried to enter the U.S. Consulate in Fukuoka with the kids, said Tracy Taylor, a spokeswoman at the consulate.

He was arrested after his ex-wife, Noriko, alerted the police.

The divorced couple and the two children were living in Tennessee, but Noriko Savoie came to Japan with the two children in August without informing her ex-husband, Taylor said.

Custody battles between Japanese mothers and foreign husbands are not uncommon in Japan, which has not yet signed the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. The aim of the convention is to standardize laws to ensure custody decisions can be made by the appropriate courts and to preserve access rights for both parents.

Japan has argued that refusing to sign the Hague Convention has helped shield Japanese women and their children from abusive foreign husbands.

In Japan, if a couple gets divorced, one parent — normally the mother — often wins sole custody of the children.

Taylor said officials at the U.S. Consulate have made two visits to Savoie, who now has American and Japanese lawyers. His Japanese lawyer could not be contacted immediately.

Dad beats kids with broom handle over broken eggs, spilled ice cream (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia)

This is one of those cases where the headline pretty much tells the story. It's an UNNAMED DAD in this incident.

Dad beat kids with stick over broken eggs
October 1, 2009 - 6:58AM

A Toowoomba man has been placed on probation and ordered to perform community service after beating six of his children with a broom handle because they broke eggs and spilled icecream.

The man, 39, pleaded guilty in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court yesterday to the common assault of one child and five charges of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

The children, aged from three to 10 years old, told police their father came home and became angry with them after it was discovered a carton of eggs were destroyed.

Defence solicitor Brad Skuse said his client was stressed at the time and had come home to discover the children had entered his bedroom where they were not allowed to enter.

"I accept children have to be disciplined in some way, but not by way of sticks," Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck told the man.

Read the full story at The Warwick Daily News.

Violent dad taken seriously--after he ambushes and shoots a sheriff's deputy (Wichita, Kansas)

The FR crowd will tell you that domestic violence accusations against men are all lies. So what would they say about dad RICHARD LYONS (with his "so-called" history of domestic violence and custody/visitation threats), who also seems to have the charming habit of ambushing, assaulting, and shooting law enforcement officers--are those incidents pure fabrications as well?

Note that Dad only TEMPORARILY lost visitation with his infant daughter after holding a knife to his ex-wife's throat. Of course, the authorities don't really value the safety of women or children, or they would have stripped dad of his visitation and parental rights permanently. But now that dad has ambushed and shot A COP, well, maybe the powers-that-be will take this nutjob seriously and lock him away.

Posted on Wed, Sep. 30, 2009

Suspect in deputy's shooting had violent past
The Wichita Eagle

The 27-year-old man accused this week of ambushing a Sedgwick County sheriff's deputy had a history of violence against his ex-wife — and against officers.

In 2005, Richard Lyons' ex-wife, Jenifer, accused him of holding a hunting knife to her throat and threatening to kill her after she called 911, an affidavit filed in Sedgwick County District Court said.

Lyons pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and served several months in the county jail followed by about 16 months in a state prison.

He was released on parole on March 2, 2007. His sentence and parole supervision ended on April 11, 2008, records show.

In March 2005, four Wichita police officers responded to a report of a disturbance with a knife at his ex-wife's home in the 900 block of South Waverly, in southeast Wichita.

Lyons had arrived and "demanded she give him their infant daughter," the affidavit said.

She reported that they argued and that after she called 911, Lyons held a 4- to 6-inch knife blade to her throat and threatened her. The knife reportedly came from a sheath attached to his pants.

"Jenifer said she hung up the phone because she was in fear for her life and believed Richard would carry out his threat," said the document, used to bring the felony aggravated assault charge against Lyons.

On the 911 call, a male voice could be heard saying, "I will cut you," the affidavit said.

When he went to get a diaper bag in another part of the house, his ex-wife grabbed her two children and fled, the affidavit said.

At the home, officers found signs of a disturbance, and when they tried to arrest Lyons, he punched two officers, the document said.

Although prosecutors also initially charged him with two counts of misdemeanor battery against an officer, those two charges were dismissed after he agreed to plead guilty to the more serious charge of aggravated assault, records show.

His ex-wife obtained a protection-from-abuse order against Lyons.

In April 2005, about a month after the incident involving his ex-wife, court records show Lyons was living at the house where he is accused of shooting Deputy Brian Etheridge this week — first with a rifle and then with the deputy's own gun.

Etheridge was responding to a 911 call from the South Rock Road residence, reporting a theft — a report authorities now think was concocted.

In Lyons' 2005 divorce case, court records say he was working for Colortime in El Dorado at the time. The court at one point required him to pay $234 a month in child support.

At another point in 2005, Lyons temporarily lost visitation with his 1 1/2-year-old daughter because of the incident involving his ex-wife.

On Tuesday, a man who said he was Lyons' father declined to comment.

Lyons' ex-wife could not be reached.

In September 2003, about two years before the knife incident, Lyons was convicted of misdemeanor battery against an officer.

In the years before that, he had been convicted of felony criminal threat and misdemeanor domestic battery and criminal damage to property, records show.

As a juvenile, he had misdemeanor convictions dating to 1995, when he was 12, for criminal damage to property.

Wichita school district records show that Lyons withdrew from Metro Boulevard Alternative High School in July 2002.

Dad may die of self-inflicted gunshot wounds; was upset because mom wouldn't "give the baby to him" (Valinda, California

We posted on dad BRYAN ORNELAS yesterday. Now it seems he may die from his self-inflicted gun wounds. Dad also shot his girlfriend's father and brother. All because the girlfriend/mom didn't want to give him the baby. Gee, in retrospect, does there seem to be evidence that Dad was just a tad unstable? Seems that Mom's instincts were 100 percent correct here. We can only imagine what would have happened had Dad been able to take off with the baby.

Man accused of attacking Valinda family may die from self-inflicted wounds
By James Wagner, Staff Writer
Posted: 09/29/2009 10:14:39 PM PDT

VALINDA - A Chino man who deputies say shot his estranged girlfriend's relatives and then attempted suicide Monday night remained in critical condition Tuesday and could die.

"We're not too sure if he's gonna make it," said Los Angeles County sheriff's Sgt. Dwight Miley.

The alleged shooter, 21-year-old Bryan Ornelas, was taken to Citrus Valley Medical Center - Queen of the Valley Campus in West Covina on Monday night after the shootings.

A child custody dispute led Ornelas to shoot two members of his ex-girlfriend's family, deputies said. Officers said

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy enters a home where a man alledgedly shot his grilfriend's father and brother in16200 block of East Benwick Street in Valinda on Monday evening.

Ornelas and his ex-girlfriend have a three-month-old girl who was with her before the shooting, Miley said.

The shooting occurred at 6:45 p.m. Monday in the 16200 block of Benwick Street in the unincorporated county area of Valinda.

Ornelas wanted to see the child but his ex-girlfriend didn't want to give the baby to him, Miley said. Then a dispute arose.

Authorities aren't sure how the shooting unfolded but according to family members, the girlfriend's father, Jesus Rizo, and brother, also named Jesus Rizo, intervened in the dispute.

The ex-girlfriend's 58-year-old father was shot in the forearm and her 16-year-old brother was wounded in the upper arm, authorities said.

The incident continued to a home in the 1600 block of Mullender Avenue, where authorities chased Ornelas.

Witnesses and authorities said Ornelas sped down the street in a car, ran to the back of the house, entered it and put a gun to his throat.

It was there that Ornelas attempted suicide, deputies said.

Dad on trial for whipping, force-feeding developmentally disabled son (Burlingame, California)

Dad JASON TODD MCGLOWN is on trial for whipping and force-feeding his developmentally disabled son. Dad has two previous felony convictions for assault, so Dad could get life under California's "3 strikes" law. Sounds like he is separated or divorced from the boy's mother since there is mention of a girlfriend.

Trial begins for force feeder
September 30, 2009, 10:06 PM Daily Journal Staff Report

The father accused of whipping and force-feeding juice to his developmentally disabled son because the teen was sent home from school began trial with a flurry of motions about what jury will ultimately hear.

Jason Todd McGlown, 36, has pleaded not guilty to charges of child cruelty which could send him to prison for life if convicted as a third-striker.

On Feb. 13, according to prosecutors, the boy’s mother called McGlown to pick up their 13-year-old son from school in San Bruno after the child was sent home for swiping a juice box. McGlown allegedly brought the boy to the Burlingame home he shares with his parents and made him drink a dozen juice boxes until he vomited. McGlown then whipped the boy on the buttocks and back with a belt, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

McGlown has two felony assault convictions dating from 1996 and 1998.

In pretrial motions, Judge Joseph Scott postponed a ruling on prosecutors introducing a prior incident in which McGlown allegedly pulled his son’s hair and smacked him with a sweatshirt over chores. Scott did excuse McGlown’s current girlfriend as a defense witness. The defense also waived a jury trial on the prior convictions.

McGlown remains in custody in lieu of $100,000 bail. Trial continues today.

Dad gives pistol to daughter, tells her to run, after dad stopped by police (Detroit, Michigan)

UNNAMED DAD has been charged with endangerment after he handed his 9 mm. pistol to his 10-year-old daughter and told her to run. Dad had just been pulled over for a traffic stop.

Dad accused of handing gun to 10-year-old daughter during traffic stop in Detroit
By Jonathan Oosting
September 30, 2009, 6:10AM

Detroit police on Wednesday arrested a 30-year-old man on charges of child endangerment and gun possession after he allegedly handed his nine millimeter pistol to his 10-year-old daughter during a traffic stop.

Fox 2 reports that the Detroit Police Gang Squad pulled the man over around 5 p.m near Morang and Peerless on the city's east side. Sources say that before he got out of his white Chevy Tahoe, he handed the gun to his daughter, who ran off with the pistol.

Witnesses say police tackled the father after he got out of his truck, and they found the daughter nearby at an Uncle's house, where they took her into custody and confiscated the gun.

"I don't understand is how you (could) do this to your daughter," said witness John Calhoun. "That makes no sense to me. You should be able to take your lumps as a grown man... be responsible for your own actions."

Sources tell Fox 2 that the girl is with her grandmother, and child protective services is continuing to investigate.

Dad charged in rampage (Turnersville, New Jersey)

Dad ALAN SPIRIT, JR. is quite the well-rounded criminal. He chases "a woman" (girlfriend?) carrying a 3-year-old child with a length of metal pipe, bashes the porch railings of a neighbor's house (where the woman had ran) with said pipe, and when his 20-year-old son tries to intervene, Dad hits the son on the head--also with said pipe. He then smashes the windshield of a woman motorist who had stopped to see if help was needed (this time with a hammer--I guess that pipe got too heavy or something). Then when "the woman" with the child get refuge at a neighbor's house, psychodad tries to break in with the hammer, and threatens to kill everybody inside. By now, the police have arrived, so Dad takes off into the woods. He is later apprehended near an expressway. Oh, and did I mention that Dad was found with stolen merchandise (from a burglary)? I'm so surprised....

Kids need this?

Former Turnersville man charged in Gloucester Township rampage
By Gloucester County Times
September 30, 2009, 6:54AM

GLOUCESTER TWP. — A 40-year-old former Turnersville man went on a rampage, assaulting his son, destroying property and chasing a woman carrying a child before being arrested Monday night.

Police were first notified at 9:38 p.m. of the female screaming for help. Police did not identify the woman. Alan Spirit Sr., whose last known address was on the Black Horse Pike in Turnersville, allegedly had assaulted his 21-year-old son, Alan Spirit Jr., in a residence on Jarvis Road, said police. During that time, the female had fled carrying a 3-year-old child in her arms.

Spirit allegedly came out of the house armed with a length of metal pipe and chased the woman on foot across Jarvis Road to a neighbor’s house, where he caught up with her. He allegedly pulled her down the steps and swung the pipe, hitting and shattering porch railings.

Police said Spirit then pulled the woman, still clutching the toddler, along the driveway.

Alan Spirit Jr. ran across the street armed with a hammer, but his father hit the younger Spirit in the head with the pipe.

The female was able to break free and ran across Jarvis Road screaming for help. The elder Spirit picked up the hammer and went after her. A motorist stopped to see if she could help, but Spirit used the hammer to smash the windows in her car.

The woman and the child made it to another neighboring residence on Jarvis Road, but Spirit tried to break in, using the hammer, yelling that he would kill the home’s occupants.

Police arrived and Spirit fled into a wooded area. Police searched using a K-9, but Spirit eluded the officers.

Spirit was spotted on Sicklerville Road and Washington Township police found him in the center of the Atlantic City Expressway. After a brief foot chase, Spirit was caught and arrested.

Spirit was charged with simple assault, four counts of possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal mischief, kidnapping, resisting arrest and terroristic threats.

Spirit was treated for minor injuries at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Stratford, then released to the Camden County Jail, where he was lodged in default of $150,000 full cash bail.

During the follow-up investigation, it was learned that Spirit allegedly was in possession of items taken during an earlier burglary in Washington Township and additional charges are pending.

Dad arrested after being found in bed with 11-year-old daughter (Crestview, Florida)

UNNAMED DAD has been arrested for sexually abusing his 11-year-old daughter.

Man arrested after being found in bed with daughter
September 30, 2009 9:00 AM
Wendy Victora
Daily News

CRESTVIEW -- An Ocala man was arrested after his ex-wife came home and found him in bed with their 11-year-old daughter on Sept. 18.

She made him leave the residence. Later that day, their daughter told her that her father had been molesting her since the summer, when she went to stay with him in Ocala, according to the Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The child was interviewed at the Children's Advocacy Center, where she told an investigator that her father had been using his fingers, mouth and genitals to touch her.

He also masturbated on her bed and pajamas on Sept. 18, according to his arrest report. Those items were collected and sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime lab.

The mother said that since her ex-husband had brought their daughter back from Ocala, she had been allowing him to stay at the house.

After the police became involved, the father left the area and refused to be interviewed. He did make several phone calls to try to find out what was going on with the case.

The 33-year-old man was arrested Sept. 22 in Ocala and charged with felony lewd and lascivious behavior.

The Daily News has a policy of protecting the victims of sexual crimes. Because identifying the father, in this case, would identify the daughter, his name has not been included in this report.

Dad arrested for after 3-year-old found wandering around naked outside; dad was already on probation for earlier incident (Kansas City, Missouri)

Babysitting dad WILLIAM STARKLEY has been arrested for child endangerment after a SECOND incident where his 3-year-old son was found outside wandering around naked and unattended. Dad was already on probation for the earlier incident. Mom was at work at time of this last incident. House was reputedly a mess, too.

Father Arrested After Toddler Found Wandering Street
Not First Time Child Found Wandering Without Parent

POSTED: 6:28 am CDT September 30, 2009
UPDATED: 8:11 am CDT September 30, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City father was arrested Tuesday after his toddler was found walking naked near a Dumpster.

William Starkley is charged with felony child endangerment for the incident, while already on probation for an earlier incident involving the same child and similar circumstances.

Two women found the 3-year-old boy by a Dumpster at the King's Manor Apartments, naked and alone. The witnesses told police the boy could not tell them where he lived.

After finding a blanket for the boy, the pair called the police.

Police found the father asleep in an apartment on Longview Road. Police said the door of the apartment was wide open, his 5-year-old walking the hall, and two 9-month-old girls awake in a crib.

The police report described the home as "very unclean, with trash and food on the floor and a knife (in) the kitchen within reach of the children."

Police say the children's mother was at work and came home to take over care of the kids after the Starkey was arrested.

A woman at the apartment with the children Tuesday night had no comment.

This is not the first time Starkey has gotten in trouble for not keeping track of his son.

A year ago near 55th Street and Eastern Avenue a neighbor called about the boy wandering in her front yard, saying she'd already returned him to his dad once that day when she found the toddler wandering the street.

The police report from the case said it took police an hour to find the boy's father. The father was asleep inside his home a half-mile away. When police returned three hours later to ticket him the boy was missing again.

Neighbors at the address where the couple lived in 2008 told KCTV5 the boy wandered off regularly. They said the man was a loving father, but worked a night shift and and had trouble staying awake during the day when the mother worked.

Dad abducts pregnant 12-year-old daughter and her sister (Nashville, Tennessee)

Yet ANOTHER paternal kidnapper today. This one is adoptive father MATTHEW HESS. Authorities are worried because because the 12-year-old is nine months pregnant (!) and in need of medical attention. Not explained is how or why the 12-year-old is pregnant, and why Dad would abduct at this stage of the girl's pregnancy. I'd share my suspicions, but they wouldn't be pretty. Are we afraid of what DNA testing might show? Just thinking out loud here....

Endangered Child Alert Issued For North Carolina Sisters
Posted: Sep 30, 2009 7:38 AM CDT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued statewide endangered child alerts for two North Carolina sisters.

Officials said 12-year-old Keara Hess and her 11-year-old sister Sierra Hess were reported missing on September 23.

The two may be traveling to Tennessee with their adoptive father, Matthew Hess. Authorities said Keara is nearly 9 months pregnant and is in need of medical attention.

Keara responds to the nickname, "Diamond."

Investigators believe they are traveling in a 1993 Ford Explorer with North Carolina license plate YTE 8014 or XTC 5271. The passenger window is broken and taped up.

Matthew Hess has a tattoo of a blue devil on his upper right arm, one of a heart with a ribbon on his upper left arm and another tattoo of a blue dragon on his left forearm.

Anyone with information about the teens or vehicle should call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463).

Dad breaks into mom's house, attacks her, abducts 2-year-old (Durango, Colorado)

Dad CHRISTOPER LUCERO is another example of a paternal kidnapper who is clearly a criminal. I think it can be safely assumed that any parent who breaks into the other parent's home, attacks them, and then abducts the child, is not motivated by a desire for more "together" time with the child. It's just power and control. Especially when you're such a dick-head as to tell the mother you drowned her baby (luckily, this was a lie). But it's still just a plain evil thing to do.

Farmington man accused of kidnapping son arrested in Durango
Staff Writer
Posted: 09/30/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

DURANGO, Colo. — A 2-year-old Farmington boy allegedly abducted by his father Tuesday afternoon was found with the man in a residence near Durango two days after the kidnapping.

The San Juan County Sheriff's Office began a manhunt for 32-year-old Christopher Lucero, of Farmington, after the man allegedly broke into the child's County Road 5583 home at about 6:15 p.m. Sunday, attacked the mother and kidnapped the boy.

Lucero fled the Farmington area and threatened the child's mother by telling her the boy was intentionally drowned in Jackson Lake. Searches for the baby at the lake north of Farmington showed no evidence the child was killed, Undersheriff Mark McCloskey said.

The man Tuesday was located at a home in Ignacio, Colo., but Lucero initially eluded police and found a ride to a home off U.S. Highway 160 east of Durango. After identifying that second location, law enforcement took Lucero into custody and located the abducted child.

Lucero will be charged with fourth degree breaking an entering, misdemeanor aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and stalking in New Mexico. Additional charges are pending.

Dad charged with beating mom, abducting 2-year-old son (North Charleston, South Carolina)

Dad GEONALDO R. YOUNG is charged with beating the mother of their son with a plastic baseball bat and then abducting their 2-year-old son. Do you think that a parental kidnapper who does such a thing has strictly altruistic motives? Not on your life. This is just power and control. Knowing how these cases usually play out, it was just a question of time before Dad either abandons the child (if the child is lucky) or hurts or kills the traumatized child.

Police charge SC father with kidnapping son

Associated Press - September 30, 2009 9:05 AM ET

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Police in South Carolina say a man accused of beating the mother of his son and taking the 2-year-old boy from his home in North Charleston has been arrested.

Multiple media outlets reported that 27-year-old Geonaldo R. Young was captured Tuesday afternoon. Young is charged with kidnapping and criminal domestic violence after police say he beat his ex-girlfriend with a plastic baseball bat and took their son.

Authorities say they received a call from the child's mother around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday, stating she had been assaulted by Young. The woman says she was held against her will but was able to escape.

When police arrived, Young and the boy were gone. The toddler was later turned over to authorities by a relative of Young.

Dad arrested in fatal stabbing of mom; 21-month-old son was in the home (Indianapolis, Indiana)

UNNAMED DAD has ben arrested in the stabbing death of the mother of their 21-month-old son. The son was in the home, but reportedly didn't "witness" it (a dubious assumption. The child may not have been standing right there in the room, but unless he was asleep, it's very likely he was picking up on something bad. Kids are very attuned that way.) Plus, I assume Dad didn't wait around for the police to arrive, or change diapers or make snacks. So am I right to suspect he left the child alone at the scene? Isn't that abandonment and neglect? Oh, but you won't see these kinds of acts show up in the child abandonment/neglect statistics, will you?

Hat tip to Nancy for finding this.

Police arrest man in woman's fatal stabbing
By Jon Murray
Posted: September 30, 2009

A Indianapolis police are investigating an apparent domestic homicide this morning on the city's Near Eastside.

A 21-year-old woman with stab wounds was found about 5:30 a.m. in the living room of a home in the 400 block of North Arsenal Avenue. She was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Sgt. Matthew Mount of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officers arrested a 27-year-old man at the home. He is believed to be the woman's boyfriend or husband, Mount said.

The couple's 21-month-old son was home at the time, but police don't think he witnessed the killing. He was placed in the care of a relative.

No names were released for the victim or the suspect, pending identification, but Mount said both reportedly came to the United States from Mexico about four years ago and had undocumented immigration status.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad charged in suffocation-murder of 4-month-old son (Bolingbrook, Illinois)

Dad RANDEL THOMAS has been charged with 1st-degree murder in the suffocation death of his 4-month-old son. Not a word on where Mom was or is.

Bolingbrook dad charged with killing infant
By Justin Kmitch Daily Herald Staff Contact writer Randel Thomas

A 19-year-old Bolingbrook man, charged with the first-degree murder of his 4-month-old son, is being held on $5 million bond in Will County.

Prosecutors allege that Randel Thomas, at about 2 p.m. Friday, "pushed down on the head of Christopher Thomas with his hand, thereby suffocating Christopher Thomas."

Bolingbrook police Lt. Michael Rompa said police and fire rescue workers responded to a 911 call and found Christopher unconscious and not breathing. He was taken to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital and pronounced dead.

Thomas and his grandparents, who also live at 185 Jeffrey Lane, were home at the time of the incident. Charges have not been pursued against his grandparents.

Thomas is next scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing at 9 a.m. Oct. 26 in Will County.

Dad charged after leaving baby in car for several hours (Forrest City, Arkansas)

Dad JEFFREY TURLEY has been charged after leaving his infant daughter in his car for several hours.

Father Charged With Leaving Child In Car
George Brown
12:42 PM CDT, September 29, 2009

(Forrest City, AR 9/29/2009) Police in Forrest City, Arkansas have charged a man who left his infant daughter in his car for several hours.

Witnesses say Jeffrey Turley forgot he had the baby with him and was shaken up when he was told the child was in the car.

Luckily, temperatures remained cool Monday.

Turley was taking a class inside East Arkansas Community College at the time.

Dad goes on trial for murder of 2 1/2-month-old daughter (Sanford, Florida)

Dad VENTREL GAMMONS is going on trial for the shaking death of his 2 1/2-month-old daughter. The baby died from blunt force trauma to the head.,0,924510.story

Winter Springs father goes on trial in baby's death
Ventrel Gammons is charged wiith first-degree murder

Sentinel Staff Writer

2:53 p.m. EDT, September 29, 2009

SANFORD - A 23-year-old Winter Springs father went on trial today, charged with murdering his 2 1/2-month-old daughter in a shaken baby case.

Ventrel Gammons is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

Jury selection began this morning before Circuit Judge Donna McIntosh.

His baby, Samiyah, stopped breathing two years ago after her mother left the child with Gammons.

A medical examiner concluded the child died of blunt force trauma - an internal trauma - to the head. The doctor also found four broken ribs.

A month earlier, the baby suffered a broken leg. The Seminole County sheriff's office investigated and concluded the broken leg was probably an accident.

The day the baby stopped breathing, May 17, 2007, rescuers found Gammons performing CPR.

He told investigators he did not know what happened to the child. She was sleeping, he told them, and when he checked on her about 7 p.m., she had stopped breathing.

Dad chokes 4-year-old son for losing shoes (Sorrento, Florida)

Dad Patrick E. Donovan has been arrested for choking his 4-year-old son because the boy "couldn't find his shoes." The little boy says he's afraid of his dad, and the mom reports a "history of domestic violence" with him.,0,4876283.story

Lake County man charged with child abuse on his 4-year-old, police say

Sentinel Staff Writer

September 29, 2009

SORRENTO - A Lake County man was arrested for child abuse involving his 4-year-old son after the child told law enforcement that his father "choked him" because he couldn't find his shoes, authorities said in a report.

Patrick E. Donovan, 29, of Sorrento, was arrested late yesterday on a single count of child abuse, domestic violence, according to an arrest affidavit..

The 4-year-old first told his mother that Donovan had choked him. The child later told a Lake County Sheriff's Office deputy and a state Department of Children and Families investigator the same story, according to the report.

The boy demonstrated how Donovan "choked him by wrapping both hands around his own neck and making choking noises," the affidavit states. When he was asked why he had been choked, the boy said "because he could not find his shoes," the affidavit continues.

The boy also said he is afraid of Donovan. The boy and the child's mother also confirmed a history of domestic violence, the report says.

The mother and Donovan live together as a family with two children, authorities said.

When Donovan was approached by authorities, he admitted to "grabbing [the boy] by the neck to turn his head and show him where his shoes were," the affidavit states. Donovan said he was frustrated with the boy because he had told him 15 times where the shoes were located, the report states.

Donovan went on to say that when he turned the boy's head the child tripped and Donovan grabbed him to keep him from falling.

"The defendant stated both of his hands may have been around [the boy's] neck in an effort to catch him," the affidavit states. "The defendant later admitted he grabbed [his son] by the neck out of anger."

Donovan remained in the Lake County Jail on $25,000 bond.

Dad kills 11-year-old autistic son in murder-suicide (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

UNNAMED DAD is apparently responsible for the murder of his 11-year-old son in a murder-suicide.

Double death was homicide-suicide: Police
Last Updated: 29th September 2009, 3:14pm

Cops are calling the death of a father and son a homicide-suicide.

The bodies of the 39-year-old man and 11-year-old boy were found Sunday just before 1 p.m. in their home at 8403 138 Ave. Police said the man killed the boy.

The 11-year-old had autism and was under 24-hour care outside the home during weekdays, according to Bruce Uditsky of the Alberta Association for Community Living.

The boy would spend weekends at home with his blended family.

Police said they won't be releasing the causes of the deaths or identifying the victims.


From today's paper:


The suspicious deaths of a father and his autistic son have left a family shattered and co-workers shocked.

Half a blended family of four -- a man, age 39, and a boy, 11 -- were found dead at their 8403 138 Ave. home about 12:45 p.m. Sunday.

Dad charged in death of 5-week-old son (Middletown, Pennsylvania)

Dad BRANDON MURRAY has been charged with homicide in the death of his 5-week-old son. The baby had a head fracture, and appears to have been suffocated as well.

Update: Father charged in infant son’s death
by Rachel Swick Press And Journal Staff : 9/30/2009

Homicide charges were filed today against Brandon Murray, 26, of Middletown, in the death of his 5-week-old son, Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said.

The charges were filed after an autopsy revealed the infant suffered “numerous fractures, including a skull fracture,” Marsico said. “The autopsy also revealed evidence of suffocation.”

The autopsy was completed Monday.

Murray initially told police that he and the baby’s mother - whose name has not been released – drove their son, David Ray Murray, to the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center early Sunday morning after waking and finding the child unresponsive, Marsico said.

Middletown police were called to the medical center at 4 a.m. to investigate the suspicious death, he said.

In addition to criminal homicide, Murray was also charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Murray will be arraigned before Magisterial District Judge David H. Judy.

Dad convicted of killing daughter during weekend visitation found dead in jail cell (Bowden, Alberta, Canada)

Police "say" there was no evidence of foul play, but it's hard to imagine that some sort of jailhouse justice wasn't at work here. Dad GERALD MAYHEW was convicted of murdering his 15-year-old daughter during a weekend visitation with her father.

Killer dad found dead in cell

Last Updated: 29th September 2009, 2:49am

BOWDEN -- An Alberta man who was serving a life sentence for killing his 15-year-old daughter has been found dead in his prison cell.

Gerald Mayhew was being held at the Bowden Institution in central Alberta.

Police say there were no signs of foul play, but the cause of the 51-year-old man's death has not been determined.

Mayhew was convicted of second-degree murder in 1998 after his daughter's body was found at his home the year before.

The girl's mother, who was divorced from Mayhew, called police when her daughter failed to return from a weekend with her father.

Dad gets more jail time for sexually abusing daughter; already serving time for abusing stepdaughter (Melbourne, Australia)

UNNAMED DAD will spend 2 more years in jail after the courts found him guilty of abusing his biological daughter IN ADDITION TO his stepdaughter.

Still think there's some hard and fast distinction that abusers make between children that are "mine" and children that are "not-mine"? If you're an abusive creep, you're an abusive creep. You don't get caught up in niceties regarding DNA.

Incest father gets more jail time
September 29, 2009 - 3:59PM

A Melbourne man jailed for sexually abusing his stepdaughter will spend at least two more years behind bars for abusing his biological daughter.

The man, 46, who cannot be named, was today ordered to serve the extra jail time after a County Court jury found him guilty of incest.

His daughter was nine when he committed the offence in 2001.

The County Court heard the man was already in jail for similar offences against his stepdaughter.

The man was jailed for a minimum six years in 2007 after pleading guilty to gross indecency and five counts of incest relating to his stepdaughter.

That offending began in the 1980s when the girl was eight and continued through her teenage years.

In sentencing him for his latest charge, Judge Joe Gullaci said he did not believe the man had shown genuine remorse.

"In my view, your moral culpability is of the highest order," he said.

Two separate psychological reports referred to in court concluded the defendant was not a high risk of re-offending in future.

Judge Gullaci set a new six-year minimum term, effective from today.

This means the man will have to serve an extra two years before being eligible to apply for parole.

He was sentenced as a serious sexual offender.

Dad wants more "visitation" with 3-month-old baby, so he shoots girlfriend's father, brother, and himself (Valinda, California)

Quiz time: We have a dad who his unhappy with his current "visitation rights" with a 3-month-old infant (what the hell this guy wants with a 3-month-old is never explained).

So to demonstrate what a committed and loving father we are, and why it's safe to entrust a 3-month-old baby in the care of you the dad, we do the following:

1) Work on relationship with girlfriend, and show her you know how to change diapers, that you understand feeding schedules, and so forth. Be loving and supportive around her and the baby; or

2) Shoot the girlfriend's father and brother, then flee to another home and shoot yourself in the head.

Which one shows you're a good father? Which one shows you're a psycho nutcase who should never be allowed around children (much less infants) as long as you live?

Why anybody would think that a dad who chooses option #2 has any good intentions around visitation or child custody is beyond me.

Custody battle becomes shooting

07:20 AM PDT on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An infant custody dispute turned bloody when a man shot his girlfriend's father and brother at a home in Valinda, then fled from pursuing deputies, stormed into a second home and shot himself in the head, authorities said today.

Three people were hospitalized today with gunshot wounds, including the alleged gunman, who was listed in serious condition, said Lt. Pete Cacheiro, a watch commander at the Los Angeles County sheriff's Industry station.

The shootings were first reported as "a man with a gun call" at 6:46 p.m. Monday in the 16200 block of Benwick Street in Valinda, between West Covina and Industry, Cacheiro said.

Bryan Ornelas, 21, of Chino was arguing with his girlfriend, Stephanie Rizo, 20, about visitation rights regarding their 3-month-old infant, when Ornelas pulled a handgun and shot Rizo's 40-year-old father and her 16-year-old brother, both in their left arms, Cacheiro said.

As a sheriff's helicopter hovered overhead, deputies in patrol cars arrived moments later as a black Dodge Charger sped away on Benwick, Cacheiro said.

The deputies pursued the Dodge a half-mile to the 1600 block of Mullender Avenue, where Ornelas got out of the Dodge and ran into a home, Cacheiro said.

Owners of the home then rushed outside. Deputies went in and found the man suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, a handgun nearby, Cacheiro said.

Ornelas was taken to a hospital and listed in serious condition early today, Cacheiro said.

Rizo's father and teen-aged brother were hospitalized and considered stable, Cacheiro said. Rizo and the baby were not injured.

--City News Service

Dad charged with capital murder in death of 1-month-old son (Brownsville, Texas)

Dad ISRAEL AVILA has been charged with capital murder in the death of his 1-month-old son. Another dad who beat a baby to death for crying....

1 million bond for baby's death

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 9:29 a.m.

A Southmost father remains in custody under $1 million dollar bond after being charged for the death of his 1-month-old son.

Brownsville police arrested 17-year-old Israel Avila under a capital murder charge late Monday.
Investigators told Action 4 News that 1-month-old Marcos Avila was admitted to the Valley Regional Medical Center with bruising around 10 a.m. Monday.

Detective had already started investigating the case when Baby Marcos died from his injuries.

Police told Action 4 News that Avila admitted to beating the baby boy because he was crying.
Investigators said the alleged crime took place at a home shared by Avila and the boy's 19-year-old mother at 104 San Eugenio in the Southmost area of Brownsville.

Avila appeared before a Brownsville Municipal Court judge on Tuesday morning where he was given a $1 million dollar bond.

Defense attorneys for Avila claim the boy's death was an accident and that the Southmost man suffers from a form of mild retardation.

Police maintain that Avila confessed to beating Baby Marcos and that he has a prior criminal history including criminal trespassing and possession of marijuana.

Teen Father Charged in Son's Death

Last Update: 9:47 am

BROWNSVILLE - A 17-year-old has been charged with capital murder in connection with the death of his 1-month-old son. Israel Avila was given a one million dollar bond.

Brownsville police arrested him yesterday after his son died.

The child was pronounced dead at the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. He had been taken to the emergency room with unknown injuries.

Boyfriend/would-be dad punches 3-month-old baby and kills him (Spanish Town, Jamaica)

ORVILLE BROWN killed his girlfriend's 3-month-old baby when he found out it wasn't "his." Do you think a DNA link really keeps kids safe from abusers? Do you think this guy would have been "safe" if the child had been "his"? Don't think so. I've seen too many cases of abusers who abuse the girlfriend's kids and "their own" kids indiscriminately. Little people are just punching bags for these guys; doesn't matter what the child's genetic profile is.

Baby punching father in court
Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The court is to decide Tuesday whether to grant bail to a 20-year old man accused of punching a three month old infant to death.

Orville Brown is scheduled to appear in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court Tuesday after being charged last Monday in connection with an incident which led to the baby's death on September 9.

He was involved in a dispute with the child's mother when she confessed that he was not the infant's father.

It is alleged that angered by the revelation, Mr. Brown used his fist to punch the baby in the face.

The child was rushed to hospital and later died.

Mr. Brown was subsequently arrested and charged.

Dad stabs mom to death (Deerfield, New York)

Dad JOSEPH LONGO stabbed his wife to death before offing himself.

Once again, the press revels in the "mystery" of it all.

I love a good mystery. Really I do. But there's no mystery to murder-suicides, 90% of which are committed by abusive men against their intimate partners or ex-intimate partners. It's pure narcissism and control--the ultimate act of violence and annihilation.

Note that the couple had four children, and that one of the sons found his mother's body and his dying father. Do you think Dad ever gave two seconds of thought to how his actions might impact or traumatize the kids? Of course not. Because for narcissists it's always about them, never about anybody else.

And the reporters tell us (presumably with a straight face) that there was no police record regarding domestic violence at the family's address. For God's sake, DAD WAS A COP! And do you think he ever let Mom forget it? Who the hell was she going to call? Use some brains here, folks.

Do some research on police officers and domestic violence. It might open your eyes.

And talk to Mom's family and friends, not just the cops. They probably know something about violence and abuse in the family.

Troopers: Utica police investigator Longo kills wife, self in Deerfield

Posted Sep 28, 2009 @ 04:30 PM
Last update Sep 29, 2009 @ 10:53 AM

DEERFIELD — Whatever drove Utica police Investigator Joseph Longo Jr. to stab his wife to death before then fatally stabbing himself inside their Deerfield home Monday afternoon may forever remain a mystery.

After one of Longo’s young sons discovered his injured parents upon returning home shortly before 4 p.m., his father was alive long enough to mutter to a state trooper that he had killed his 38-year-old wife, Kristin Longo, before turning the knife on himself, officials said.

Roughly 30 minutes later, 41-year-old Joseph Longo was dead at St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

As a result, four children now are without their mother and father, the Utica Police Department once again finds itself having to cope with the shockwaves of tragedy, and the questions behind what went wrong that day may never have easy answers.

“We will do an investigation and try to determine why he did what he did, but it’s certainly going to be difficult,” state police Troop D. Capt. Frank Coots said during a news conference Monday evening outside the Longos’ 10508 Cosby Manor Road home.

“Joe’s the only one who knows,” Coots said, while Utica police Chief Daniel LaBella, Deputy Chief Mark Williams and Criminal Investigation Division Capt. James Watson stood nearby.

Joseph Longo had been with the police department for more than 13 years.

“Right now, the police department has to mourn together and help us to heal through this event,” LaBella said. “We’re going to pull together and get through this. We’re going to take this day to day.”

The scene

As word spread among the homes neighboring the Longos’ residence shortly after 4 p.m., frantic family members and friends reacted by collapsing to the ground in tears or screaming for family members. Even a thrashing rainstorm that unleashed itself briefly that afternoon didn’t calm the swell of emotion.

The Longos have four children – two boys ages 9 and 17, and two girls ages 13 and 15, officials said. It is believed they were students within the Whitesboro school district.

Three of them lived with their parents, he said, but Coots would not confirm which son walked in upon his dead mother and injured father.

The child then ran to a neighbor, who called 911, Coots said.

The incident occurred on the second floor, Coots said, and both Joseph and Kristin Longo were found in the same room. There were no signs that a struggle had occurred prior to the stabbings, Coots added, and it remains unclear how much time passed after Joseph Longo stabbed his wife several times before he stabbed himself.

The weapon was recovered, and it appeared to be a kitchen knife, Coots said. Joseph Longo’s police issued duty pistol was not present at the scene, he said.

A “For Sale” sign was posted on the front lawn of the Longo residence, which sits right across the street from the Fraternal Order of Eagles private club and the Eagle Hills Golf Course, about a half mile from Walker Road.

Utica police shocked

Himself shocked by Longo’s actions, LaBella then offered the department’s sympathies to the family and friends of the real victim in this tragedy – Kristin Longo and her children.

The police department, no doubt, will experience the grief of losing another member more than two years after Utica police Officer Thomas Lindsey was murdered in 2007, LaBella said. But Lindsey’s death occurred under very different circumstances, and this time the department also has to cope with a troubling reality – that a police officer took another person’s life.

While LaBella said no signs existed that Joseph Longo was troubled or capable of such behavior, he cut short any attempt to discuss whether the pressures of police work played a role in this incident.

“That had nothing to do with this,” LaBella said sharply. LaBella had worked with Longo for about five years, and he was an excellent officer, he said.

According to O-D archives, Joseph Longo had received awards from the Utica Police Department several times for honorable or meritorious service, most recently in 2008 and 2009.

He also served as the liaison between the police department and school resource officers in the Utica school district.

While there was no record of any police agencies responding to the Longo residence for any prior domestic incidents, Coots said police will explore whether any trouble had developed between the couple that might shed light on this tragedy.

“There are going to be a lot of questions of why,” Coots said.

Stepdad accused in death of 3-year-old boy (Peralta, New Mexico)

Stepdad MICHAEL PEREA has been jailed for "allegedly" inflicting blunt force trauma to the head of his 3-year-old stepson. Abusive head trauma is overwhelmingly inflicted by dads and boyfriends. Check out the research that's posted here or elsewhere.

Stepfather accused in boy's death
Updated: Monday, 28 Sep 2009, 11:44 PM MDT
Published : Monday, 28 Sep 2009, 11:44 PM MDT

Reporter: Alex Tomlin
Web Producer: Bill Diven

PERALTA, N.M. (KRQE) - A 3-year-old Peralta boy is dead and his stepfather is now in jail suspected of causing the death.

Michael Perea, 21, confessed to causing head trauma to Michael Montiel, according to New Mexico State Police. Investigators are not releasing how that head trauma happened.

The boy's mother said she couldn't get her son to wake up Monday morning and called police. Bosque Farms officers went to the home on Sunflower Lane in Peralta and reported they tried to revive the toddler but he was already dead.

State Police took over the investigation and started questioning the mother and Perea. State Police Lt. Ramon Casaus said Perea confessed to injuring the child.

Casaus declined to provide additional details on the injury but did say the boy’s mother was released without being charged.

Perea is not the father of any of his new wife’s five children. He's being booked for child abuse resulting in death and has an extensive criminal history, KRQE News 13 has learned.

The four other children at the home were split up. The two youngest are in state custody while the two older children are with family members.

A hearing is scheduled Tuesday to determine if the two younger kids will be returned to their mother.

Dad took away a life of "chances" (Denver, Colorado)

Dad AARON THOMPSON was just convicted of murder in the case of his daughter, who has been "missing" since since 2005. We've posted on this case numerous times, especially as it went to trial. What the press hasn't paid too much attention to is that Dad abducted these kids from their mom back in Michigan. Here, we finally hear from the mom. Yes, the petty folks may say: But look! Mom had drug issues! True. But then there's no evidence that mom ever tortured or killed any of her kids, is there? The same certainly can't be said for Daddy Dearest.

Thompson took away a life of "chances"
By John Ingold
The Denver Post
Posted: 09/29/2009 01:00:00 AM MDT
Updated: 09/29/2009 01:19:18 AM MDT

If she were alive today, Aaroné Thompson would be 10 years old, a new fifth-grader her mom likes to imagine wearing capri pants or painting her nails or maybe still playing with Barbies.

But then Lynette Thompson opens her eyes and the pain of realizing what she can't see becomes almost too much. Many nights, she said, she breaks down sobbing.

Monday's conviction of Thompson's estranged husband and Aaroné's father, Aaron Thompson, for child abuse resulting in the girl's death won't change that, Lynette said.

"He didn't give us a chance to see her grow, for her to see Obama become president, for her to go on her first date, to drive a car," said Lynette Thomp son, who lives in Detroit. "He took all those chances away."

Nor did the conviction stitch back together an extended family torn into tatters across two states.

Eight children — from an infant to teenagers — who lived in the Aurora home Aaron Thompson shared with his girlfriend were taken into state custody during the investigation of Aaroné's disappearance. Today, four years later, they remain scattered among a network of relatives and county agencies.

Some are in foster care. At least one — Aaron and Lynette's son — lives with Aaron's parents in Flint, Mich., Lynette said. She said she hopes to win back custody of him.

Reached by phone, Jessie Cloman, Aaron Thompson's stepfather, declined to offer his thoughts on the conviction.

Haley McKean, a spokeswoman for the Arapahoe County Human Services Department, said she can't comment on the placement status or welfare of the children. In general, she said, children under Human Services care receive an individualized counseling plan. It would be up to the children, she said, whether they would receive updates about a criminal trial involving a parent.

Even with the conviction, the case continued to roil in the psyches of those connected to it. Alvertis Simmons, a community activist who initially supported Aaron Thompson before backing away as his suspicion grew, said the case was an example of good work by police and prosecutors.

But he said Aaroné's disappearance never received the kind of public attention JonBenet Ramsey's killing did — and that continues to bother him.

"Our black kids are important too," Simmons said. "Now we're finally going to get justice for little Aaroné."

Lynette Thompson, too, remains unsettled.

The last time she saw Aaroné, who was born in Michigan, was in 2001, when the girl was 2. Aaron Thomp son then moved with the couple's children to Colorado and broke off the relationship. Lynette said she struggled with drug addiction — she says she's now clean — and she spent time in a homeless shelter.

"She had the most beautiful laughter I can remember," Lynette said of her daughter. "I still smell Aaroné's scent."

On Lynette's back is a tattoo of pink wings and the inscription "Aaroné, rest my child." But, until Aaroné's body is found, Lynette said that remains only a prayer. She hopes now Aaron Thompson will reveal where Aaroné's remains are buried and her little girl can have the peace she deserves.

"Give me her remains and I'll have closure," Lynette Thompson said. "Until then, as long as she's out there, buried like road kill, I don't have closure. . . . She's out there in dirt, with no pretty dress on."

Preschool child takes gun to school; she got it during visitation at dad's house (Tyler, Texas)

UNNAMED DAD, who is "separated" from the mom, apparently had some sort of child custody/visitation rights with his preschool age daughter. It appears that Dad also has guns laying around his place that were unsecured. Put the two together and you have a preschooler show up at school with a gun in her backpack. (We're very lucky she didn't accidently shoot herself or somebody else.) Nearly every case I see like this involves Dad's gun, sometimes an uncle's or a boyfriend's. Never seems to be Mom's gun. Either moms don't have guns, or they're not so stupid as to leave them laying around where little kids can find them.

St. Gregory Preschooler Totes Loaded Gun To School

The mother of a preschool student at St. Gregory School said a loaded gun was found in her child’s backpack on Monday.

Don Martin, the Tyler Police Department public information officer, said officers were dispatched to the school and that an investigation has been launched.

The child’s mother told the Tyler Morning Telegraph the gun was discovered by a teacher who saw her daughter digging into the backpack while in class.

She said she was not informed about what happened until she picked up her daughter after school and the child told her.

She said school personnel initially only informed the father about what happened.

The parents are separated. The mother said the child had been staying with the father, she said.

Martin said it is illegal to have a gun on a school campus and that someone could be charged with making a handgun accessible to a minor.

Tyler police were conducting an investigation Monday afternoon.

When contacted by the Tyler newspaper, the father chose not to comment.

Calls to the school and principal were not returned to the newspaper by Monday night.

St. Gregory is part of the Catholic School System in Tyler.

Teen chops off hands of custodial dad; sounds like blowback to me (Miaoli, Taiwan)

In this case, the custodial dad--identified only as FAN--got custody after mom "left home some ten years ago." Frankly, given the son's experiences, I think it's safe to say that she was driven out or kicked out by her abusive husband. At any rate, the boy couldn't stand the abuse anymore, and struck out in a violent way himself against the father.

Here's a concept for all you FR sympathizers out there: Blowback.

The idea of blowback started in foreign policy circles, and involves unintended consequences for your actions, often times contrary to your original intentions. Think of it this way. All the advocates who are trying to keep abusers from getting custody/unsupervised visitation of children? Maybe in the long run they aren't "hurting" abusers or "taking away their rights" at all. To the contrary. Maybe they're keeping their sorry butts alive, so their desparate victims aren't driven to violent retaliation and/or self-defense. Think about it. Maybe you're doing the abuser a personal favor if you don't let him have unfettered access to his potential victims.

Hat tip to Anonymum for finding this.

Monday, Sep. 28, 2009
Police: Taiwan teen chops off dad's hands
By By ANNIE HUANG Associated Press Writer

A 17-year-old Taiwanese boy has been arrested for chopping off his father's hands, allegedly to avenge years of physical abuse, a police official said Tuesday.

The boy cut through his father's wrists with a knife while he was asleep at the family's home in central Miaoli on Monday, the official said. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

The 37-year-old father, a divorced ironsmith, was in stable condition after doctors reattached his severed hands, the official said.

The father and son were identified only by their surname, Fan.

The police official said the boy admitted to cutting his father's hands off and showed no remorse, complaining that he was beaten after refusing to get a job while attending school.

The Apple Daily newspaper quoted the boy as telling police that since his mother left home some 10 years ago, his father had frequently beat him and even tossed a chair or other objects at him.

The boy said he bought a knife and planned to kill his father two days earlier after his father reprimanded him for refusing to work and denied him allowances, the report said.

The boy has been handed over to a juvenile court that will decide whether to file charges.

Dad 'tried to kill (pregnant) partner' (Prestatyn, Wales, United Kingdom)

Dad SIMON MORRIS is on trial for trying to murder his pregnant girlfriend.'tried+to+kill+partner'.aspx

Man 'tried to kill partner'

A Prestatyn father-to-be tried to murder his pregnant girlfriend with a hammer so he could inherit hundreds of thousands of pounds, a court was told.

Simon Morris, 37, hit Nerys Price, 35, twice on the head with a hammer but disguised the incident to look like intruders, Mold Crown Court heard.

Morris denies attempted murder and attempted child destruction.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stepdad chains boy to chair more than 70 times (Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom)

Stepdad JOHN TOLLEY has been jailed for 3 years for "chaining up" his stepson more than 70 times over 5 years.

Page last updated at 17:22 GMT, Monday, 28 September 2009 18:22 UK

Stepson chained to chair 70 times

A stepfather has been jailed for three years for chaining up his "naughty and difficult" young stepson like a dog more than 70 times.

John Tolley, 46, used a heavy metal chain to secure the boy to a chair in the conservatory of the family home.

Newport Crown Court heard the boy was just eight when his mother married Tolley in 2003 and the cruelty began.

Tolley, who now lives in Stoke-on Trent, admitted child cruelty over a five year period.

The court heard the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was taken into care when his mother and Tolley split up.

Prosecutor Ieuan Bennett said: "The boy may have resented his mother's relationship with Tolley and been a difficult child.

Tolley would often chain the boy to a heavy chair in the conservatory in an attempt to control him.

Prosecutor Ieuan Bennett
"The boy was subjected to regular beatings in an excessive manner which went beyond reasonable chastisement," Mr Bennett said.

"Tolley would often chain the boy to a heavy chair in the conservatory in an attempt to control him.

"But he would leave enough chain to enable him to go to the toilet.

"This happened 70 times and he would be left with marks to his legs and ankles."

Out of control

Tolley admitted child cruelty between 2003 and 2008 at an earlier hearing.

Ian Ibrahim, defending, said Tolley's family depicted him as a "loving father".

Mr Ibrahim said: "This was not done for sadistic pleasure or because he enjoyed it.

"The situation he found himself in very rapidly spiralled out of control."

Judge Roderick Denyer told Tolley: "I accept that this was an ill-thought out means of trying to discipline the child who was not an easy boy.

"But the fact remains that it was not a one-off attempt to discipline him."

Dad accused of shaking 5-month-old son; charges filed (Des Moines, Iowa)

Dad NELSON ENRIQUE RIEMAN has been charged in connection with the injuries inflicted on his 5-month-old son.

Des Moines father accused of shaking child; charge filed
REGISTER STAFF REPORT • September 28, 2009

The father of a 5-month-old child has been charged with child endangerment causing serious bodily injury.

Nelson Enrique Rieman, 27, was arrested Friday, accused of inflicting injury upon Arayu Rieman of 2060 S.E. King Ave.

Police said Arayu was examined by a doctor for a broken collarbone in August. Medical staff did not call police at the time because the explanation for the injury was reasonable, officers said.

Police began an investigation on Sept. 15. Doctors said they discovered bleeding on the brain.

Additional tests found previous, similar injuries -- allegedly caused by shaking -- in different stages of healing, said Detective Larry Penland.

No injuries could be seen on the outside and there was no skull fracture, police said.

As for the broken collarbone, police do not know how that injury occurred. According to police, Rieman said the collarbone was broken when the baby fell off a couch and landed on the floor, evidently landing on a shoulder. Police have no proof that the collarbone injury happened in any other manner.

Bond was set at $25,000, cash only. Nelson Rieman remains in jail.

Arayu is home with his mother, Lathalia Bolden.

Dad's death probed as suicide; son, 4 wounded (Avondale, Arizona)

It strongly appears that dad HENRY KEAHEY shot his 4-year-old son, and then himself. The son has survived. None of Keahey's other 4 children were around at the time of the shooting, which may very well have saved their lives. There is a mention of the children now being in the custody of the ex-wife. Will have to let you know if I find anything else out about the divorce/custody/visitation arrangement.

Avondale man's death probed as suicide; son, 4, wounded
by Debora Britz - Sept. 28, 2009 04:13 PM
The Arizona Republic .

Before killing himself, 38-year-old Henry Keahey fired off several rounds inside his Avondale home, accidentally shooting his 4-year-old son in the foot, police said Monday.

Police now are investigating Keahey's death on Sept. 15 as a suicide, said Rick Rodriguez, public information officer for the Avondale Police Department, which identified the man Monday.

Keahey had five children, ranging in age from 16 months to 14 years old, Rodriguez said. But the boy who was wounded was the only child in the house at the time of the incident, he said.

Police said another person who lived in the home near 107th Avenue and McDowell Road called 911. Police arrived to find the boy injured and his father dead.

Police have yet to talk to the 4-year-old, who is recovering from surgery. The other children are in the custody of Keahey's ex-wife or other relatives, according to Rodriguez.

Keahey had "a lot of emotional problems," Rodriguez said. The forklift driver had been out of work since March, Rodriguez said.

Custodial dad found guilty in case of daughter who "disappeared" (Centennial, Colorado)

Custodial dad AARON THOMPSON has finally been found guilty in the murder of his "missing" daughter. As we have posted before, Thompson abducted the children from their mother in Michigan, and she had been unable to determine their whereabouts. See earlier postings for some of the testimony regarding Dad's abuse of the girl and the other children in the home.

Dad guilty of fatal child abuse in Colo. case
By IVAN MORENO (AP) – 2 hours ago

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — A Colorado father has been found guilty of fatal child abuse and several other charges in the disappearance and presumed death of his young daughter.

The abuse charge was the most serious of 57 that Aaron Thompson, of Aurora, faced in the 2005 disappearance of his daughter Aarone (AIR'-uh-nay).

Jurors convicted Thompson on Monday of 31 of the charges after a six-week trial.

Thompson also was convicted of conspiracy to knowingly commit fatal child abuse. He faces up to 80 years in prison for the two abuse convictions alone.

He was acquitted of some charges, including second-degree assault and second-degree assault involving a deadly weapon.

Thompson reported his daughter missing in November 2005. He said she ran away after an argument.

But authorities believe she may have died about two years earlier. Her body has not been found

Dad uses mom's moveaway hopes as an excuse for killing her (New Zealand)

Dad GREG MEADS uses Mom's supposed moveaway hopes as a excuse for murdering her. Or at least HIS dad does. Yea right, as if paternal love had everything to do with it. Guess the fact that he was stripping his 8-year-old daughter of her mother for LIFE wasn't a big deal for Dad though.

Dad: Murder accused upset over child
5:00AM Sunday Sep 27, 2009
By Carolyne Meng-Yee

Horseracing identity Greg Meads - charged with the murder of his wife - was allegedly pushed over the edge because of his belief that he would no longer see their daughter, says Meads' father.

"I think this all happened because Helen wanted to take [daughter] Sam away with her," Greg Meads' father, Howard, said last night.

"He just loved that little girl. I think that was the turning point ... I think that pushed him over the edge."

Howard Meads said his son had confided to him that the couple were having problems, and had agreed to separate.

He said his son had "got a house ready for her ... he was paying the bond on it that day". There were rumours that there were third parties involved. "She has been going out all night and coming home in the morning."

On Wednesday morning, police were called to the Meads' Waikato home and found the body of Helen. Greg Meads was later arrested and charged with her murder.

He had phoned his brother Phillip from the house.

"He just said, 'Helen is dead' ... and he kept crying," said Phillip Meads last night. "I was in shock. My mind went blank because I was trying to think what to do next."

Phillip Meads rushed to the scene, where police had already been called.

Howard Meads said there was more to the story, "don't you worry".

"He is very, very upset. The whole thing is so sad. Look, Greg is a lovely guy through and through. He never did anything to anybody - he's always helping people."

According to the Weekend Herald, Helen Meads had called a girlfriend on Wednesday, excited about moving on with her life.

She and Greg Meads had been married 10 years and had one daughter, Sam, 8. Helen Meads had two older children from a previous marriage.

A friend of Helen Meads, trainer Phil Stevens, met her about 10 years ago. "She's one of those people, if you met her today, tomorrow, you'd feel like you'd known her for 10 years. Life was a good time for Helen," he told the Weekend Herald.

Another friend said she "didn't have an enemy in the world".

The Meads were a well-known racing couple and trained horses together. Among racehorses they owned were Kristov, Ginga Dude and Wolf Pack.

Howard Meads said he had yet to see his son.

"Greg looked very gaunt and worried [in court]," said Howard Meads. "it's very upsetting because we can't go and talk to him or anything. He is my son and it is very hard."

Meads will reappear in the Hamilton District Court next month.

Dad accused of killing mom while 2 kids at home; when son called 911, dad told him to "let her die" (York, Pennsylvania)

Dad FRANCIS PLAZA is accused of killing the mother of their 3 children while 2 were at home. It is reported that Mom wanted to leave him, and that's why he shot her. You fill in the blanks as to why she'd want to leave him...(here's a clue: dad overheard in the background of the 911 call telling the son to "let her die.") If you even make an effort, you'll probably know more than the clueless neighbors ever did. Reporters: Please talk to the kids or Mom's friends or family. I'm sure they can tell you more than the neighbors ever did.

York County Man Accused of Killing Wife with Two Kids at Home is Arraigned
Michael Gorsegner Staff reporter
10:35 AM EDT, September 28, 2009

YORK - The York County man, accused of killing his wife while two of his three children were home, was arraigned this morning. Francis Plaza plead not guilty to first and third degree murder. Judge John S. Kennedy set the next hearing date for November 19, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. That will be a pre-trial conference.

York Area Regional police say this man, 50-year-old Francis Plaza, shot and killed his wife in July while two of his sons, 18 and 7-years of age were at home.

"To find out somebody was shot. That's amazing," said neighbor Mike Trimmer after the crime happened on July 25.

Court documents say, Plaza and his wife, 44-year-old Michelle were having an argument inside their York Township apartment. Investigators think Michelle telling Francis she was leaving him might have lead Francis to shoot her several times.

"It really makes you stop and think what's going on? It's always been a quiet neighborhood. We've never had anything like this happen before," said neighbor Kevin Schnetzka during a July 25 interview.

"A father, two kids and his wife, what happened?" said neighbor Mike Richards during a July 25 interview.

But what happened next may have been the most shocking part. Police say, Francis could be heard in the background of a 9-11 call placed by their 18-year-old son looking for help for his mom. He was heard during the call saying, "Just let her die boy. Let her die."

"They're going to have to live with seeing their mother that way. You know what I mean. That's burned. That's a picture that's painted that's not going to fade," Richards said.

Police say they recovered a gun from the home and after taking Francis Plaza in to custody.

The couple's third son, age 13, was not home at the time of the shooting. Police say, Francis Plaza has admitted to pulling the trigger but said it was not premeditated. He is being charged with one count of criminal homicide.