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Dad released, arrested as flight, kidnap threat (Brevard County, Florida)

We posted on this case extensively back in 2009. And what we found then was that there was a lot more here than a little ride on a sail boat. What we uncovered was very probable collusion between the custody supervisor (who was a personal friend of the father) and the father, PAUL MARTIKAINEN. And incompetence/corruption on the part of Florida DCF and the family court. This was a father with a history of domestic violence and child abuse. And a father with no sailing experience who put this child at extraordinary risk.

In addition, as a friend of mine pointed out, GPS monitoring of a father like this does not provide safety for children.  It either subjects the mother and child to ALSO being monitored (in order to assure that the stalker is not in their vicinity), or else it fails when they are at locations other than home, work, or school.

Here are the points we raised back in 2009:

1) We still have no idea how Dad "dodged" the court-appointed visitation supervisor who was presumably supposed to stop the initial abduction. Are we supposed to believe that this person (who was a friend of the father!) was just a dimwit, and that it's just an amazing coincidence that Dad's "alleged" abuse was "verified" just days before by the Florida Department of Children and Families, and yet there was no stepped-up attention at all? At this point, why was visitation even continued? Clearly, Dad was pretty confident he could pull this stunt, since he had his sailboat all ready to go and waiting--and now repainted a battleship gray with all identifying numbers removed, so as to make detection more difficult. Why was Dad so confident? This "monitor" needs to be thoroughly investigated for any role he may have played in this fiasco. And subjected to any and all appropriate disciplinary actions including jail. But the authorities have refused to follow up.

2) In a move that the Florida Department of Children and Families is now famous for--deftly passing the buck and absolving itself of responsibility--DCF basically said "not my problem, man" because the mother had primary custody (so?) and "the child was under the supervision of the judge." And also, you know, the investigation was closed the day before Thanskgiving and our part was done. Well then. Maybe the judge needs to be fired along with most of the DCF staff. (As it turns out, the judge was CHARLIE ROBERTS, well known as a fathers rights judge.)

3) For the moronic enablers who still insist that Dad is not abusive or neglectful, consider the following points:

* Dad was taking a 3-year-old child out on a sailboat when Dad had little to no sailing experience, on a boat that was difficult to identify from the air because of the gray paint job. This made it difficult to catch, yes, but also difficult to locate in case of distress. Do you wonder if Dad even thought of that, or if he even cared?

* The boat had no EPIRB, a devise that helps rescuers locate boats in distress, and the boat had no child life vests. Though it's possible that Dad went out and bought a child vest, it sure didn't look like this was a priority given the context of his other actions. How do these actions rate in terms of Dad's overall concern for the boy's safety and well being, folks?

* Given that Dad appeared to be sailing alone, how did he, an inexperienced sailor, plan to supervise an active preschooler on a 32-foot sailboat? Is he going to devote himself totally to child care under the rather demanding circumstances? (I'd hate to be supervising a preschooler on a boat this size even if I had no other responsibilities.) Yea, sure he is. And embark on a crash course in sailing at the same time. How's that for multi-tasking? Actually it's just pure freaking stupidity. He's going to be ignoring the kid, that's what. He has no choice if he's going to keep the boat afloat.

* A bad storm was expected to move across the Gulf from Texas. But did a bad weather forecast put a crimp in Dad's plans? Did it make him reconsider his son's well-being in this nutty scheme for even a second? Apparently not.

4) Why are these guy's "rights" even under consideration at this point? We now find out that Dad gave up his parental rights after the initial divorce in 2005, when the baby hadn't even been born yet! The couple then makes an effort to reconcile, so Dad changes his mind and wants joint custody because he's "developed a bond" with the child. Yea, right. Work out the timeline. Basically as soon as Dad enters the picture, he's abusing the child. And not "alleged" abuse as initially reported in error. We're talking "verified" abuse. So you want to tell me about bonding? My @$$.

5) Note that in addition to the "verified" (not "alleged") child abuse charges, this guy has a general criminal record that includes drug trafficking. Oh yes, great dad this one.

Father released, arrested as flight, kidnap threat

1:11 AM, Aug. 31, 2011

After Paul Martikainen took his son from a Cocoa park during a supervised visit in 2009, local police officers wanted to arrest him for interfering with child custody.

But the 35-year-old father's ensuing attempt to flee the country by sailing across the Gulf of Mexico elevated a kidnapping charge against him, and he went on to serve part of a 22-month sentence in a federal prison.
Martikainen was freed Monday, but the Cocoa Police Department's warrant still stood: He was promptly re-arrested and returned to the Brevard County Detention Center.

But with the chance that the former Palm Bay man could post bond, prosecutors and the 5-year-old boy's mother feared the same kidnapping scenario could recur.

Martikainen, a native of Finland, often had expressed plans to leave the country with his son, they said.
"He is a flight risk," Assistant State Attorney Gary Beatty said as Martikainen made an initial court appearance Tuesday. "The mother . . . is very concerned that there is going to be a repeat of this, of him attempting to get the child away."

Martikainen took his son, Luke Finch, from Cocoa Riverfront Park when a court-appointed monitor stepped away in November 2009. He traveled across the state and boarded a sailboat in Fort Myers in an attempt to reach Mexico.

Three days later and about 140 miles southwest of Fort Myers Beach, the Coast Guard caught up with the boat. The boy was unharmed and returned to Martikainen's estranged wife, Christa Finch.

Because he crossed into international waters, Martikainen was sentenced to time ina federal prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping.

Standing before a judge on the original charge Tuesday, Martikainen was ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet if he posts the $20,000 bond. The judge also told him not to go within one mile of his son and former wife.

"There is concern and likelihood that he may try to take his son back to Finland, where much of his family lives," an arrest warrant states.

Late Tuesday, Martikainen remained in jail. If convicted on the charge, he faces a maximum of five years in a state prison.

Dad shoots and kills mom while she's holding their 14-month-old daughter (Metairie, Louisiana)

The dad is identified as FRANCISCO FERNANDEZ.

Hat tip to E.

Woman killed in Metairie murder-suicide shot by husband while holding their baby
Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 4:59 PM
Updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 6:51 PM
By Michelle Hunter, The Times-Picayune

The Metairie man who shot and killed his wife Monday afternoon before taking his own life opened fire while she was holding the couple's 14-month-old daughter, according to authorities.

The little girl, who has not been identified, was not injured in the shooting, said Sgt. Larry Dyess, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The girl's parents have been identified as Francisco Fernandez, 32, and Yosaria Fernandez, 31. The couple lived at the Windmill Creek Apartment Homes, 3501 Apollo Drive in Metairie, where the shooting took place.

Deputies were called to the complex just before 3 p.m. after receiving reports of two people shot. Investigators later determined that Francisco Fernandez approached his wife while she was sitting inside of a maroon Ford Explorer in the back parking lot and opened fire, Dyess said. He then turned the gun on himself.

Yosaria Fernandez was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Francisco Fernandez was pronounced dead at the scene, his body lying face up between the Explorer and a pick-up truck.

Dyess said the couple is originally from the Dominican Republic. They've lived in the New Orleans area for the past few years. Detectives found no records of abuse or domestic strife in either Jefferson Parish or any of the neighboring jurisdictions.

The couple's daughter had been in Yosaria Fernandez's lap during the shooting, Dyess said. The baby appeared uninjured and mostly calm Monday afternoon as detectives scoured the crime scene for evidence. The girl, clad in pink, was bounced and held by an unidentified woman, possibly another resident of the apartment complex.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services eventually took custody of the girl, Dyess said. Trey Williams, communications director for the state child welfare agency, said he could not discuss specifics about the girl's case because of confidentiality concerns. But Williams said in general that law enforcement officers try to contact and place children with relatives, especially after they have been witnesses to violent crimes.

"It's when a relative is not available right then that law enforcement contacts DCFS," Williams said.

The agency then attempts to identify and locate a relative and perform a background check to ensure the child's safety. If no relatives are found, then the child is placed with a foster parent while the search continues. If no family members can be located after an extended search- or none can pass the background checks - then the child could be placed up for adoption.

Dad arrested for raping 5- and 9-year-old daughters (Kenya)

Another case where the girls were raped and sexually abused once there was no mother in the home. It is said that she "abandoned" the home after a "feud." More likely is that she was forced to flee the home because of domestic violence. Of course, it's an UNNAMED DAD.

Dad Defiles Daughters in Eldoret

Kennedy Lesiew
30 August 2011

A FATHER who defiled his two daughters has been arrested by police in Eldoret. Eldoret deputy police boss Benjamin Onsongo said the man will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete. Onsongo however denied earlier allegation that the suspect might have infected the two minors with HIV/Aids.

Initial medical test by the medics at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret, where the two children aged 5 and 9 are undergoing treatment, has ruled out the possibility that they may have been infected. Medics at the facility said another test will be carried out in three months.

According, Eldoret West deputy children officer Vitalis Kipyego, the man committed the offence after his wife abandoned him following a family feud.

Dad takes kids hostage in police standoff; threatens to blow up gas tank (Tondo, Phillipines)

Notice how the press first blames a "simple domestic spat" for this incident. It is only in reading further that we find out that the father had abandoned the mother and her children, only to show up months later to extort money from her. That was the apparent "spat."

Seems dad DANILO RONCALES was also in a pissy mood because his girlfriend (mistress) wanted to break up with him. So naturally, Daddy had to show everybody that Daddy Wasn't Happy in classic Daddy Drama style. Barricade yourself in the house and take the kids hostage--with weapons no less! Threaten to blow up a gas tank and kill everybody! Police standoff!

Man holds own kids hostage in Tondo
Philippine Daily Inquirer 11:25 pm | Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

What started out as a simple domestic spat morphed into a father taking his own children hostage in Tondo, Manila, on Tuesday evening.

After an argument with his wife, Danilo Roncales, 45, barricaded himself in his house on Sto. Niño Street with his four children. He then armed himself with three kinds of bladed weapons, including a samurai; an electrical flier; and a gas tank, which he threatened to blow up, Chief Insp. Jeffrey Decena of the Manila Police District Station 1 told the Inquirer over the phone.

Thankfully, following hours of negotiation, Roncales was subdued by the police. Also rescued were his children aged 2, 11, 12 and 15. His wife, Rosalie Pangan, told the police that Roncales had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and was also bad-tempered. She added that he recently returned to their house after abandoning her and the kids and spending several months in General Santos City.

The police said that Roncales might have been in a bad mood because based on text messages on his cell phone, his mistress in General Santos wanted to break up with him. He then argued with his wife whom he was demanding money from. When the police came in, they started talking to him but he refused to budge, prompting them to storm the house and take him by force.—Jaymee T. Gamil

Dad to face manslaughter charges for lethal "slap" of 13-year-old daughter (Longueil, Quebec, Canada)

This is such garbage. A mere "slap" does not cause a lethal cerebral hemorrhage. Clearly, dad MOUSSA SIDME punched his 13-year-old daughter in the face hard enough to kill her.

And it also sounds like Daddy has everybody in the family intimidated enough to lie for him and say he never, ever hit the kids before. I sincerely doubt that.

Father to face manslaughter rap for alleged lethal slaps
Updated: Wed Aug. 31 2011 11:39:24 AM

LONGUEUIL, Quebec — A judge ruled Wednesday morning at Longueuil courthouse that there is enough evidence to try Moussa Sidime, 72, for manslaughter following an incident that led to the death of his daughter.

Sidime had initially been charged with aggravated assault causing death.

He was arrested for allegedly striking his 13-year-old daughter in the face twice on October 6, 2010, leading to her death.

Noutene Sidime was a student at Jacques Rousseau High School and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

A pathologist handed in his report in the preliminary hearing on Wednesday and the accused will now stand trial in a case to be judged by a Quebec court judge rather than jury.

A pathologist had initially been unable to establish the cause of death.

Moussa Sidime spent three weeks behind bars following the incident and was released on bail after a hearing at which two-dozen family members showed up to support him. His wife told the judge that he had never hit his children before.

Dad convicted of sexually abusing young daughter (Sacramento, California)

Dad RUSSELL ARMITAGE has been convicted and will be doing real prison time--which is comparatively rare in these cases. Wonder if there was a mother in this home? No mention of her.


Father gets 135 years to life for molesting daughter
10:53 AM, Aug 29, 2011
Written by C. Johnson

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Sacramento County Superior Court judge Friday sentenced a father to 130 years to life in prison plus five years for the molestation of his young daughter.

Russell Armitage was convicted in a jury trial last month of two counts of intercourse with a child under 10, two counts of sodomy with a child under 10 and two counts of oral copulation with a child under 10. He also had five convictions where he served time in prison.

According to court records, Armitage abused his daughter repeated for a year and a half. She was 3 and 4 years old. now 5 years old, she testified at trial.

Dad charged with kidnapping and assault; fired gun into van, held son hostage during police standoff (Dayton, Ohio)

My general rule of thumb: any parent who abducts a child in a hail of gunfire does not have the best interests of the child in mind.

But I'm sure the fathers rights brigade will defend this poor non-custodial dad anyway. He just wanted to see his son!!! It was just an "argument" over visitation with that gatekeeping mother!!!

Bull crap. Daddy DEWAYNE WILLS is an abusive control freak criminal who "allegedly" FIRED A GUN INTO A VAN that contained HIS OWN DAUGHTER. He then HELD HIS SON HOSTAGE during a classic daddy drama POLICE STANDOFF. And it's not the first time Daddy has abducted this child before. This daddy is a menace who needs to be taken off the streets before somebody gets killed. The mother had EVERY RIGHT to want to keep this crazy loose cannon away from her child. In fact, it was the responsible thing to do.

Not Guilty Plea In Child Abduction Case
Posted: 4:33 pm EDT August 30, 2011

DAYTON, Ohio -- A non-custodial father accused of taking his son and prompting an Amber Alert, was arraigned on charges Tuesday.

The court entered a not guilt y plea on behalf of Dewayne Wills. He was indicted on multiple charges including kidnapping, inducing panic and assault.

Last month, police said Wills and the boy's mother argued over visitation and Wills took the child. They said he even fired gunshots at a van filled with family members, including his own daughter.

It took officers 22 hours to track Wills down and then he held police at bay in a standoff for about an hour.

The boy was not hurt.

Police said Wills was involved in a similar abduction of his son in 2009.

Dad pleads guilty to assault; punched 8-year-old daughter for not sleeping during his visitation time (Rockhampton, Australia)

Read between the lines. UNNAMED DAD paid child support. Therefore this assault--which Daddy has admitted to--took place during Daddy's visitation time. Of course, all he gets are useless parenting classes and probation. Will probably retain his visitation time, since nothing is said about that. And not one word about this girl's mother. How much you want to bet that Daddy has a track record of violence, and that this is not the first time he has punched somebody? How much you want to bet that some idiotic judge gave him his custodial rights anyway?

These kinds of situations have become a crisis in Australia, as joint custody is nearly mandatory.


Daughter punched for not sleeping

Emma Mcbryde | 31st August 2011

WHEN an eight-year-old Rockhampton girl arrived at school with a black eye and a red mark on her neck, police were called.

Her dad, a father of seven, was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Karen Dunham told Rockhampton Magistrates Court the man punched his daughter in the eye because she would not go to sleep.

Ms Dunham said the girl was unable to see through her injured eye for some time because of the severity of the blow to her face.

The girl’s father initially denied hitting her when questioned by police, but later pleaded guilty. He cannot be identified to protect his children’s identity.

The dad told police he had not seen his daughter since the night before and did not see her black eye.

The school reported the matter on June 23, 2011.

Defence lawyer Lance Rundle said his client was remorseful and was under a great deal of stress.

Mr Rundle said the man paid child support and was working to complete a parenting program and another program at Relationships Australia.

Last Friday Magistrate Barry Cosgrove placed the father on 12 months probation.

Senior Constable Mick Logan, from the Child Protection and Investigation Unit, said people could contact their local police station, the Department of Child Safety, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if they suspected a child was being abused.

He said all reports would be treated with confidentiality.

Convicted rapist dad appeals sentence (Newburyport, Massachusetts)

Quibbling over Daddy's stun gun, and whether it worked or not? This is bullsh**. A waste of the court's time. Leave rapist dad PATRICK MCMULLEN in prison where he belongs.

August 31, 2011

Abusive father appeals sentence

Man who raped three daughters attempts to overturn convictions

By Dave Rogers
Staff writer The Daily News of Newburyport Wed Aug 31, 2011, 03:59 AM EDT

SALISBURY — Sentenced to life behind bars in 2005 for repeatedly raping his three daughters for years, Patrick McMullen of Salisbury will go before an appeals court judge in Boston next month hoping to overturn his convictions on more than 20 charges.

McMullen, then 43, was found guilty of child rape, assault on a child and possession of a stun gun after Essex County prosecutors proved he kept his ex-wife, Christine McMullen, and his six children virtual prisoners in the Route 1 commercial building he called home.

His children, ages 8 to 17 at the time, were not allowed to leave the property even for medical care or to attend school in what prosecutors contended was a hellish experience dating to at least 1995.

It was only after his then-wife sought a restraining order on him that McMullen's actions drew the attention of authorities.

McMullen was eventually arrested in May 2001 and a trial date set in 2002. But numerous delays, one as a result of the withdrawal of McMullen's attorney and then again when new rape charges were filed, prolonged the pain felt by his family.

McMullen's case went before a 14-member jury in February 2005 in Salem Superior Court. After quick deliberations, the jury returned with multiple guilty verdicts. Essex County prosecutor Katie Tuttman called the case the "most horrific" she had ever worked on. McMullen was represented by Michael Phelan.

When sentencing McMullen to life in prison at MCI Cedar Junction in Walpole, Judge Howard Whitehead said he wanted to impose the harshest penalties possible for his actions, saying he violated one of society's most coveted values, the trust of children. As part of his life sentences, McMullen was informed that he would be eligible for parole in 40 years.

But on Sept. 15, McMullen, who was born in Beverly and formerly lived in Amesbury, will be appealing his convictions inside the Massachusetts Appeals Court in Boston. McMullen filed his intent to appeal just weeks after his 2005 convictions and has been waiting more than six years for his day in court.

In his appeal brief, filed in January 2010, McMullen's then-attorney David J. Barend argued that Whitehead hindered McMullen's defense when he decreased the number of sitting jurors from 16 to 14. Barend also appealed McMullen's stun-gun conviction, saying that the gun confiscated by police was inoperative at the time of its seizure.

According to the appeal brief, during jury selection, Barend was allowed a total of 16 peremptory challenges, meaning he could ask for the dismissal of 16 jurors if he felt they might not be able to render an impartial verdict. By the time 14 jurors had been accepted, a long and arduous process that had taken more than two days and exhausted one jury pool, Barend had used up his 16 challenges.

In an effort to keep the impending trial from overlapping on school vacation week and to avoid a forecasted snowstorm, Whitehead decided to cut the number of jurors from 16 to 14.

Barend objected to Whitehead's decision, arguing that he would have used his peremptory challenges differently had he known Whitehead was going to reduce the number of jurors.

In his appeal brief, Barend said he had been strategically "scrimping and saving every single challenge that I've had and literally used my last one at the end."

By doing so, Barend argued Whitehead "erroneously denied McMullen his right to strategically exercise his peremptory challenges, and thereby committed reversible error."

In the commonwealth's rebuttal brief, Essex County Assistant District Attorney David F. O'Sullivan said Barend actually benefitted by Whitehead's decision to reduce the number of jurors because he was allowed two additional peremptory challenges.

O'Sullivan argued that Barend had failed to prove that Whitehead's decision to reduce the number of jurors had adversely affected his defense. He also argued that Barend had failed to show an error, defect or irregularity of the jury selection.

"In stopping at 14, the judge permissibly acted upon scheduling concerns," O'Sullivan wrote.

As to the stun-gun conviction, which resulted in a two-year sentence, O'Sullivan disputed Barend's contention that the stun gun was inoperative. O'Sullivan said the gun was tested by a Newburyport police officer and was only inoperable after the police officer removed the gun's battery, which was inside the gun when seized by police.

When McMullen goes before an appeals court judge, he will not be represented by Barend. In October 2010, Barend withdrew as McMullen's counsel and was replaced by Dana J. Gravina in February 2011. A call to Gravina's New Bedford office was not immediately returned.

Former Daily News reporter Jessica Benson contributed to this report.

Dad found guilty of assaulting 7-week-old son (Nitro, West Virginia)

Once again, this wasn't just a little shaking going on. This baby had a fractured skull and other injuries as well. Dad IAN KESSINGER has blamed drug usage. He's been sentenced to 3 - 15 years in prison.

I hope the mother is successful in her attempt to block this guy from ever seeing her kids again. But that's increasingly hard to do in today's father-friendly court environment.

Tuesday August 30, 2011

Father guilty of shaking baby sentenced to prison

Nitro man gets three to 15 years for child abuse

by Cheryl Caswell
Daily Mail staff
Charleston Daily Mail

NITRO, W.Va.-- A Nitro man who shook his 7-week-old baby so hard he caused multiple injuries will spend three to 15 years in prison.

Ian Kessinger, 30, apologized in court for hurting the child. He blamed his actions on his problems with drugs.

Kanawha Circuit Judge Tod Kaufman on Tuesday sentenced Kessinger to one to five years in prison for child abuse causing injury and two to 10 years in prison for child abuse causing serious injury, saying he regretted that the law did not allow tougher penalties for such crimes.

Those sentences will be served consecutively. Kessinger will be given credit for 203 days he has spent in jail since he was arrested in February.

Assistant Prosecutor Tera Salango asked the judge for the maximum penalty possible.

The child's mother, Emily Sayre, 31, of Nitro also pleaded with Kaufman to send Kessinger to prison. She wept as she told the judge that she had obtained a permanent protective order against Kessinger and never wanted him to have contact with her children again.

Sayre said after the hearing that she was "beyond thrilled" with the sentence.

"I can't thank the police and prosecutors enough for getting justice for my son," she said.

Police arrested Kessinger after doctors at Women's and Children's Hospital discovered the baby boy had a fractured skull, clavicle and wrist along with internal bleeding.

Dad gets "home confinement" for abusing toddler-aged daughter (Dunbar, West Virginia)

Why is a "former gubernatorial candidate" sucking it up for an abusive father? Sure is nice to have friends in high places, eh? As a result, dad EVAN SWAIN only gets "home confinement" for abusing his toddler-aged daughter.

So where is Mom in all this? As so often happens, she's written out of the story entirely.


Tuesday August 30, 2011
Dunbar father gets home confinement

A Dunbar father who injured his toddler daughter by hitting her for making a mess in her bedroom avoided prison after a former gubernatorial candidate testified on his behalf.

Evan Swain, 21, was indicted by a May grand jury on child abuse charges. He pleaded guilty to those charges, admitting he struck the girl and threw a baby powder container at her. She suffered bruising.

Charlotte Pritt, who owns a wellness company called Better Balance, told Kanawha Circuit Judge Tod Kaufman that Swain was extremely remorseful and said the judge had "an opportunity to save someone's life."

Swain is a client at Better Balance, she said.

The defendant had been ordered to home confinement after posting a $5,000 bond, but the judge revoked that and ordered him to be incarcerated pending his sentencing.

On Tuesday, Kaufman agreed to sentence Swain to a year of home confinement followed by a year of extended supervision. He could have sentenced him to one to five years in the penitentiary.

State failed to rescue 5-year-old girl tortured to death by custodial dad, gal pal (Gresham, Oregon)

Oregon's child welfare people coddled custodial dad CHRISTOPHER "ANDY" ROSILLO every step of the way. Just the usual abuser indulgence, incompetence, laziness, and favoritism we've come to expect from these folks....

State fails to rescue Oleander
Procedures weren’t followed in investigation 14 months before child died of abuse, torture

By Mara Stine

The Gresham Outlook, Aug 30, 2011, Updated 14 hours ago

A child welfare worker violated state policy by failing to interview a nearly 4-year-old girl, who died a year later from her father’s torture and abuse.

Instead, Social Service Worker Maria Alaniz closed the report of possible neglect and lack of medical treatment as unfounded.

And 14 months later, Gresham police investigated the death of Oleander Labier, by then 5, in what they called the worst case of child abuse and neglect they’d seen.

The girl’s father, Christopher “Andy” Rosillo, 24, pleaded guilty earlier this year to murder by abuse. He is serving a life sentence in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years.

His Sandy High School classmate and longtime girlfriend, Guadalupe “Lupé” Quintero, 24, also abused the girl – who was not her biological daughter – and did nothing to prevent her fiance from starving, torturing and abusing her. Quintero pleaded guilty to manslaughter and criminal mistreatment and is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

According to nearly 1,300 pages of records released to The Outlook through a public records request, nearly every relative questioned by police after Labier died on April 13, 2009, either knew she was abused or suspected it.

One paramedic who responded to the 9-1-1 call regarding the girl described her as looking like someone out of a Nazi concentration camp. At 5 years old, she weighed 28 pounds. Cuts, scrapes and scratches covered her from head to toe.

The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as battered child syndrome and documented a broken thighbone and four broken ribs in various stages of healing.

There was no fat stored in her body, not even in her abdomen – a likely place for the body to store fat. The malnutrition was so severe, her body had to resort to using bone marrow for nourishment. She had little bone marrow left.

The call

Fifteen months earlier, on Jan. 6, 2009, the state received an anonymous call reporting concerns about Labier’s emaciated and ill appearance.

The caller was familiar with the girl’s medical issues. Labier had a feeding tube inserted into her nose, later moved to her abdomen, because as a baby she was unable to swallow or eat on her own. Her parents had stopped using the tube when she was 3, saying she could swallow food and eat normally.

The caller reported symptoms of failure to thrive – both medically and socially.

“Her parents and her behavior was alarming. It set off all kinds of bells and whistles,” the caller later told police. “So I said if someone doesn’t help her she’s gonna die, that was my impression. … She just looked so like beyond frail for her, for what I previously seen of her. She was just very sick.”

Labier also “just didn’t seem very happy … and withdrawn. A lot more reserved than a child her age would sometimes normally be in my opinion.”

The caseworker, along with co-worker Hoshimen Brown, visited the house in Eagle Creek where the family was living with Quintero’s parents, Melanie Quintero and Efran Quintero-Garcia.

Victim not interviewed or examined

Not only did the caseworker not interview Labier or examine her for signs of malnutrition or abuse, the caseworker didn’t interview the other adults in the home who were not Labier’s parents or immediate caregivers, as is required under department policy. These people included Quintero’s parents, a sister and brother-in-law, all of whom lived in the house.

Instead, the caseworker interviewed Labier’s father and stepmother – the last people who are to be interviewed in such circumstances, according to the Oregon Department of Human Services’ policy on investigating child abuse and neglect reports.

The first person to be interviewed is the victim, states the policy, followed by the victim’s siblings or other children in the home, then by any parents not suspected of abuse, or caregivers, including other adults in the home. Next are any non-custodial legal parents and finally, the alleged perpetrator.

It’s impossible to know what Melanie Quintero would have told the caseworker had the caseworker interviewed her. But after Labier’s murder, Melanie Quintero and her husband told police they witnessed Rosillo torture and abuse the girl under their own roof. This took place when the family lived with the Quintero’s in Eagle Creek on two occasions, dating back to when Labier was 2.

They never reported the mind-boggling torture – or even bothered to intervene – because in their words, “He owned the kid.”

Even after the girl’s death, the couple minimized the abuse.

“Spankings, don’t say beatings,” Melanie Quintero told a police detective during questioning, in which she recalled seeing a mark on the back of the girl’s leg from Rosillo’s belt buckle.

“He had her wear pants to school so no one would see it,” she said.

The caseworker never interviewed Rosillo’s parents, Frank and Marrian Turner of Sandy. Department policy requires caseworkers to interview “collateral sources,” including but not limited to those with regular contact with the child, doctors and people with an established relationship with the alleged perpetrator who can judge his or her behavior.

At the time of the investigation, Frank had already photographed Labier’s injuries – marks on her back from a belt beating. At one point, he and his wife were so concerned for the child’s health and safety, they took Labier in for about three months. But when Rosillo wanted her back home, the Turners felt they had no choice but to hand her over because they didn’t have custody of the child.

Frank Turner said he reported his concerns to a child abuse hotline, but the state has no record of the call.

Teachers, doctors contacted

According to the heavily redacted caseworker’s report, Alaniz did interview a Sandy Head Start family advocate and a teacher, who saw Labier twice a week. Home visits by the advocate and teacher revealed no concerns.

The caseworker noted there was plenty of food in the home and that the child’s father had a thin build.

“The child appeared well and healthy and interacted easily with family members,” reads the assessment summary. “School personnel had no concerns to report. Doctor records indicate she is still quite small, and they would like to see weight gain. Doctor records state they will not remove the G-tube at this time.”

The caseworker decided to close the case as unfounded.

Five more calls or voicemails were received – all of which the state redacted in the investigation documents – including one from a doctor who said the girl still “has significant issues with failure to thrive,” said Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez, who prosecuted the case.

“The anonymous caller reported failure to thrive issues,” Vasquez said, adding that a doctor echoed those concerns. “How do you start and end at failure to thrive … and say it’s unfounded?”

Vasquez also said Labier had missed doctors appointments, including her last one, and that the girl was being bounced from doctor to doctor – all of which are red flags for abuse and mistreatment.

The last call noted is from Guadalupe Quintero. On Feb. 10, 2009, she notified the caseworker that they’d moved to an apartment at 418 S.E. 169th Ave. in Gresham. That’s when Labier also stopped going to Head Start.

Case closed

But the caseworker never visited the apartment. And she didn’t follow up with doctors to see if the girl was gaining weight, which at least one doctor indicated he or she would like to see.

Why not, especially considering the case’s end date was March 7 – two months after the call came in?

“The incident was closed once the caseworker determined that the report was unfounded,” said Gene Evans, department spokesman.

There is no mention in the caseworker’s report of Labier’s difficulty eating, with the exception of doctors not wanting to remove her feeding tube. Although she no longer used it, she still sometimes spit up food or vomited because of her stomach and esophageal problems.

There is no mention of her father’s history of drug arrests. No mention of his excessive drinking while in the Quintero home.

The caseworker did note, in closing, that this was the first time the agency had been called regarding the nearly 4-year-old girl.

“Child is safe,” the report reads. “The child has been seeing a doctor on a regular basis and that professional did not appear concerned about the child’s development needs. A medical professional is the best person to determine if the child needs the tube removed or additional services due to her medical condition.”

The report also includes this chilling statement: “This issue is not likely to arise again.”


Evans, the department spokesman, agreed that the investigation could have been more thorough, but defended the caseworker.

“Could we have done more? Yes,” he said. “But the worker did do an in-person assessment, contacted the school and the doctor.”

The caseworker also reviewed medical records, he added.

“There was no evidence of physical injury and the child was in the care of a doctor,” he said. “Could it have been a better, more thorough assessment? Yes, we agree. But it’s not fair or accurate to say the worker dismissed concerns. This is the benefit of hindsight: It’s 20/20. CPS workers cannot predict the future.”

Evans also noted, “Neither this child’s teachers or doctors made reports to DHS about any suspected abuse or neglect. They are mandatory reporters, and they should have reported concerns if they had any.”

As of press time, Evans was unable to provide information on whether the caseworker faced any corrective measures or disciplinary action, but did say she was not fired.

However, the case – when coupled with another high-profile fatal abuse case in Lane County involving a parent starving, torturing and killing her daughter – sparked retraining because of systemic issues surrounding caseworker’s comprehensive assessments, Evans said.

The holes in Labier’s investigation mirrored those in the 2009 death of Jeanette Maples of Eugene. Like Labier, Maples endured years of torture, starvation and abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather, who killed her in December 2009.

Maples’ mother is on death row after pleading guilty to aggravated murder, with her stepfather facing at least 25 years in prison for murder by abuse.

As a result of both cases, Evans said child welfare workers investigating reports of abuse must interview everyone who has contact with the child in question. Assessments are to remain open until there is a clear-cut answer to the question of whether the child is safe or not safe

Because caseworkers assumed that Maples, at 15, was old enough to protect herself – either by telling someone about the abuse or leaving – caseworkers have been retrained to not rely on age as a safety net.

In cases such as Labier’s, in which a child is isolated and/or has medical needs, multiple follow-up visits to the home are required, in part to see that any doctor’s orders are being followed.

And renewed emphasis has been placed on supervisors to make sure caseworkers are doing their jobs and doing them correctly, even if it takes more time.

“The most important thing we have learned from all these cases is that caseworkers need to follow the policy that is in place,” Evans said. “Investigations of abuse need to be done thoroughly. Cases like these ones are tragedies. We want to make sure they don’t happen again.”

Vasquez couldn’t agree more, but said it takes more than caseworker diligence to save the lives of children.

“The bottom line is relatives need to report more,” Vasquez said. If Labier’s family had reported their alarm and first-hand accounts of abuse, those reports may have sparked more scrutiny by the caseworker investigating the anonymous call.

“Report early and report often,” Vasquez said.

"Full-time caretaker" dad sentenced to 15 years in prison for death of 4-month-old son (Logan, Utah)

This murder--which got plea bargained down to felony child abuse--was more than a little shaking. More than "just" shaken baby syndrome. This baby suffered broken bones as well as blunt force trauma to the head. And all we can hear is how "full-time caregiver" dad FRANCISCO JAVIER MARTINEZ was frustrated with his "daily grind."

Once again, it's too bad Mom couldn't have stayed home and taken care of the kids instead of having to work. There are so many of us moms who would love to stay at home with our babies, but we're prevented from doing so because we have to have the paycheck. So I really don't feel sorry for these guys. They need to get jobs. And if there are not enough jobs to get men back to work, then we need to create them. Right now, the percentage of working age men who have jobs is the lowest it's been since 1948. It's the children who are paying the price. Too many younger men are just not temperamentally suited to child care. They lack the patience, the nurturing skills. Plus, they have way too much upper body strength, strength they seriously underestimate when "slamming" babies down.

We initially posted on this case back in 2009.

North Logan man sent to prison for killing son
By Arrin Newton Brunson

Special to The Tribune

First published Aug 30 2011 05:50PM
Updated Aug 30, 2011 10:02PM

Logan • A North Logan man who fatally injured his 4-month-old son two years ago was sentenced Tuesday to prison for up to 15 years.

First District Court Judge Kevin Allen concurred with the recommendation of the Cache County Attorney’s Office that Francisco Javier Martinez serve no more than five years and that he receive credit for 21 months and 10 days already served in the Cache County Jail.

Martinez, 37, of North Logan, was initially charged with first-degree felony child abuse homicide and two other counts of child abuse for the November 2009 murder of his son, Jesus Yandel Martinez. But he agreed to a plea deal that resulted in a single, reduced second-degree felony child abuse homicide charge.

As part of that agreement, Martinez described and demonstrated to law enforcement officials and medical personnel the series of assaults on the infant beginning in October 2009 when he broke the baby’s leg, continuing a few weeks later when he broke two of his ribs and ending on Nov. 18, when the child died as a result of injuries to the brain from being slammed twice into Martinez’s lap.

Prosecuting attorney Andrew McAdams told the court that Martinez’ "full disclosure" about the abuses will be a powerful tool in the nationwide fight against child abuse known commonly as "shaken baby syndrome."

Martinez has described the incidents and demonstrated his abuses for law enforcement officials and doctors from Primary Children’s Medical Center, who will use the videotaped interviews to educate others, McAdams said. As part of the plea agreement, Martinez has also been ordered to participate in a public service announcement aimed at preventing child abuse in Latino families, where resources are often limited Martinez has provided information that will save lives, McAdams told the court.

"You can’t hurt a baby by letting the baby stay in the crib and cry. If you need to get out so that you don’t snap, go to your garage and let it cry for a half-hour…" McAdams said. "This type of case can and does happen to anybody — whether you are a criminal offender, whether you are a drug user or whether you are the most devout religious person on the planet. It can happen."

Defense attorney James J. Lee said the "daily grind" became difficult for Martinez, who was the full-time caregiver for his four children after he came to the United States illegally. Aside from the abuse of the infant son, Lee said Martinez was a loving husband and an affectionate father with no prior crimes, who cleaned the house and prepared the family’s meals.

Dad admits killing 1-year-old daughter; didn't want "his responsibilities of being a father" (Pasadena, California)

Yet another father who shouldn't have been encouraged to become "involved." Should have been left to his own selfish thang. No mention of the baby's mother. Working? Was this a custody/visitation situation? As usual, there's a media blackout on the issue as to why and how this baby was in the "care" of her father, MARQUISE JACKSON.

Police: Father confesses to killing infantBrian Charles, Staff Writer
Posted: 08/29/2011 05:19:08 PM PDT

PASADENA - Police on Monday announced the arrest of Marquise Jackson on suspicion of murder in connection with death of his 1-year-old daughter.

Jackson, 21, of Pasadena, was arrested in Lancaster by Pasadena police officers. He is accused of suffocating his daughter, Mo'Nayjah Jackson.

Jackson appeared in a Pasadena Superior Court, Dept. D on Monday for his arraignment. The court proceeding was postponed until Sept. 12, according to Los Angeles County Superior Court officials.

Jackson is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, officials said.

In May, members of the Pasadena police and fire departments came to the aid of 1-year-old Mo'Nayjah in the 100 block of West Del Mar Boulevard. The child was not breathing and attempts to resuscitate the girl were unsuccessful, according to a Police Department statement.

The girl's death was deemed suspicious.

The case broke Thursday when Marquise Jackson confessed to the killing, Pasadena police Lt. Tracey Ibarra said.

"He (said he) wanted to be alleviated of his responsibilities of being a father," Ibarra said.

Marquise Jackson has no other children, Ibarra said.

However, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner investigation remains open. A meeting on the probe into the little girl's death is expected today, Assistant Chief Ed Winter said.

In a statement, Pasadena police Chief Phillip Sanchez said infanticide can exact an emotional toll on officers.

"Crimes involving innocent children are especially horrific. Police officers take these types of crimes to heart," Sanchez said. "It is satisfying knowing that the person responsible for murdering this little girl is in custody."

Pasadena police delayed releasing information on Marquise Jackson's arrest for four days.

Staff scheduling played a part in the delay, as did the department's desire to have the charges filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office before making the announcement, Ibarra said.

"We were continuing the investigation on Thursday and there was no one here on Friday to answer media calls," Ibarra said.

"Besides the (District Attorney) hadn't reviewed it and we were not sure we would have a filing," she added.

Several top ranking members of the Pasadena Police Department, including those responsible for handling media inquiries, were either on vacation or not in the office on Friday, Ibarra said.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dad found guilty of murdering mom, two teen daughters, mom's grandmother; media blames "lesbian affair" (Burlingame, Kansas)

This headline is such crap. Dad JAMES KAHLER was actually into this swinger thing, and HE was the one who brought this woman into their marriage so they could have a threesome. Then he has the freaking gall to (supposedly) get all miffed because this woman (allegedly) had an "affair" with his wife--that excluded him! Oh, that poor baby!

So Daddy not only murders his wife, but ALSO their TWO DAUGHTERS and the wife's grandmother. And all this because of some girl-on-girl action back in Texas? And only because Daddy didn't get to watch or participate or whatever? And how long ago was that anyway? Before they moved to Kansas? That's some Texas-sized Bullsh**, my friends. 

Of course the defense is grasping for straws at this point, since they have nothing else to go on. But then the headline and first paragraph give legitimacy to these lies.

Earlier accounts of this murder--which we have posted here at Dastardly--also blame a custody "dispute" for Daddy's bloodbath. Guess we just haven't made up our minds why Daddy did this, have we?

Let's just settle on spousal revenge, shall we? Daddy is your classic control freak abuser who resorts to the classic daddy drama bloodbath, killing everybody in sight just so everybody knows FOR SURE that Daddy's Not Happy. Why? Because Mom left his sorry @$$.

Man murders family after wife's lesbian affair

16:00 NZST Mon Aug 29 2011MSN NZ Share

A US man murdered his family after finding out his wife was having a lesbian affair, with a woman he had introduced her to in the hope of having a threesome.

Kansas father James Kahler may face the death penalty after being convicted of gunning down his two teenage daughters Lauren, 16, and Emily, 18, his wife Karen Kahler, and her 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy Wright on November 28, 2009, NY Daily News reports.

The Osage County Court this week heard the 48-year-old's marriage fell apart after he tried to convince his 44-year-old wife to have a threesome with another woman.

His lawyers argued he was pushed over the edge after finding out his estranged wife was having a relationship with a woman he had intended to invite into their sex life when the family was living in Texas.

Kahler lost his job as a government engineer in Columbia and moved in with his parents in Kansas just two weeks before killing his family, who had been staying at his wife's mother's house in Burlingame, east of Kansas City.

Kahler was found guilty after pleading not guilty to one count capital murder and four individual counts of first-degree murder due to mental illness.

He is due to be sentenced next week.

Dad pleads guilty in rape of 13-year-old daughter (Fiji)

There really is no "alleged" rape here. UNNAMED DAD has pleaded guilty. Wonder what happened to the mother?


Father charged for alleged rape of 13yr old daughter

Publish date/time: 29/08/2011 [17:05]

A father allegedly charged for raping his daughter appeared before Suva High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo.

The 60 year old man has pleaded guilty to four counts of rape.

The incident happened in 2006 and last year while his daughter was 13 years old.

The case has been adjourned to 1st September 11am for prosecution to file and serve mitigation sentence submission.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

Grandpa thwarts dad's murder of grandkids; mom shot to death (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Another case where the mom left the abusive, controlling dad--and dad just wasn't having any of that. Would rather do the daddy drama bloodbath thing and take everybody out, don't you know. 

Mom had left the family home with the kids and moved into her parents' house. But somehow dad managed to lure her back home, allegedly so they could "talk." The "talking" basically consisted of Daddy gunning her down and killing her. And then dad GERHARD SPANGENBERG came to his in-laws' house to "fetch" the kids. Thank goodness Grandpa refused to hand them over--he must have sensed that something was amiss. There is no doubt that Grandpa's alertness and bravery saved the lives of these children.

Grandpa saves kids from suicidal dad
2011-08-29 09:55

Arisja Jacobs and Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Johannesburg - A man’s apparent plan to commit a family murder was foiled when his father-in-law refused to let him take his children home with him.

Gerhard Spangenberg, 36, arrived to visit Deon, 6 and Eben, 2, at their grandparents’ house in Secunda on Friday but when Deon wanted to drive off with his father, his grandfather told him to go and take a bath.

At the time, André Behr didn’t know that the body of his daughter, Amanda, 34, was lying riddled with bullet wounds in the lapa next to the couple’s home.

Spangenberg drove off alone and shot himself in the head with a pistol a few kilometres from his in-laws’ home.


The drama started at about 20:00 on Friday when Spangenberg called his estranged wife to come and talk to him at their home in Springbok Street, Sunset Park.

The couple decided to get divorced last week. Amanda and the children recently moved in with her parents.

Behr said his son-in-law arrived at their house on Friday evening, shortly after their daughter had left. He said he had come to fetch the children.

"He was already holding out his hands to Deon while he said their mommy would be there soon. I stopped him.

"Gerhard appeared calm. Praise the Lord that the children didn’t leave with him.”

When Spangenberg called to ask his wife to go and see him on Friday night, her parents told her not to go, “but Amanda said Gerhard sounded calm”.

She apparently asked her brother, André, to follow her to ensure that everything was in order.


When he arrived at the house, he saw her car in the driveway but waited outside.

He only suspected something was wrong when members of the sector policing in Sunset Park and the police arrived.

He was informed that the neighbours had heard shots at the house.

They went to investigate and found Amanda’s body.

At that stage another police patrol car on the corner of Helen Joseph and Waterson Street found the body of Spangenberg in his bakkie.

Dad faces charges in baby's brain trauma (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

As is often the case, the media misrepresents dad as a "man" in the headline. The "man" is DAMION GALBRIATH. No mention of the mom. Was there a mom in this home?


Man Faces Charges In Baby’s Brain Trauma
POSTED: 8:58 am MDT August 29, 2011
UPDATED: 9:24 am MDT August 29, 2011

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A father faces child abuse charges after police said his 4-month-old baby suffered brain trauma.

Last week, police were called out to a northwest Albuquerque apartment. The baby’s father, Damion Galbriath, told police he found his baby unresponsive due to a gas leak. However, the hospital said the baby’s injuries were caused by blunt-force trauma.

Galbraith appeared in court on Sunday. His bond was sent at $100,000 cash only.

Unrepentant dad arrested for burning 3-year-old daughter alive, charged with murder (Malwani, India)

Classic spousal revenge murder. Dad VERRAPAN KOUNDER was obviously an alcoholic abusive control freak. He was "insecure" (i.e. obsessively controlling) when it came to his wife. He didn't like her holding a job. He accused her of "affairs" (this type always does). She finally leaves the marital home after "a tiff" (assault?), but the children were left with the father. So he gets drunk, gets mad because the 3-year-old daughter is crying, and burns her alive. The 5-year-old son, who somehow escaped the same fate, is in a state of total shock. Police say Daddy isn't sorry in the slightest. In fact, I'm sure he'll find somebody else to blame--like Mom. This type never takes responsibility for their actions--whether it's in India, Canada, the US, or someplace else.

Malwani man held for setting daughter ablaze
HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
August 27, 2011
First Published: 01:38 IST(27/8/2011)
Last Updated: 01:39 IST(27/8/2011)

The five-year-old boy Srinivas, whose younger sister died after their father set her ablaze is in a state of shock. The father of the children, Veerapan Kounder, who was in an inebriated state, had tried to set both his children on fire but Srinivas managed to escape while his sister Shivkumari, 3, sustained 100% burns.

A close relative of the family said, “Srinivas is in a state of shock. He saw the charred body of his little sister and cannot get that sight out of his mind. He was lucky to have fled from the spot or he would have met with the same fate.”

The police said that Veerapan is not repenting his actions but the family and relatives said it is too late as they have lost Shivkumari forever. “We will never be able to forgive him for what he has done,” said another relative.

Veerapan, a Malwani resident, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of murder. Srinivas, who managed to flee from the spot, alerted the relatives who stayed in the same locality and the girl was rushed to a local hospital.

Considering her condition, she was shifted to KEM Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries on Thursday noon.

“Veerapan in his statement told us that after pouring kerosene on the child he lit a match and was about to change his mind when the matchstick fell on Shivkumari and she got engulfed in flames,” said Abdul Rauf Shaikh, senior police inspector of Malwani police station.

The police further said that Veerapan was insecure about his wife. He did not like her going out for work and suspected that she was having an extramarital affair due to which the couple had frequent tiffs.

Three days ago, after one such tiff, Veerapan’s wife Velapatti left the house to stay with a relative.

On Wednesday night, when Veerapan came home, he got irritated on seeing the three-year-old crying after he shouted at his son and he poured kerosene on them.

Veerapan was produced in the court and has been remanded to police custody till August 30.

Dad charged with attempted murder for beating son with baseball bat; gets trial delayed (Redding, California)

Seems dad GEOFFREY SCOTT KELLY has already admitted he did it....yet he pleads "not guilty."

Father accused of beating son with baseball bat has trial delayed
By Jim Schultz
Record Searchlight
Posted August 26, 2011 at 2:55 p.m., updated August 26, 2011 at 2:55 p.m.

A Redding man who was due to stand trial next week on attempted murder charges after he allegedly beat his young son with a baseball bat was postponed Friday in Shasta County Superior Court.

Redding defense attorney Adam Ryan, who represents Geoffrey Scott Kelly, 53, was granted a continuance after he told Superior Court Judge Wilson Curle that he and his investigator have been unable to question Kelly’s wife about the alleged assault because she was recently involved in a serious traffic accident.

A new trial date may be set on Sept. 9, although Ryan expressed optimism that a settlement might be reached on the case.

Kelly, who was arrested on Jan. 5, has reportedly admitted to police that he hit his 8-year-old son with an aluminum baseball bat.
“I lost it,” he was quoted as saying in a Redding police investigative report. “I just lost it.”

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of attempted murder and child abuse, as well as a series of special enhancements, including one claiming he caused the boy great bodily injury including brain damage and paralysis.

Kelly, who has been deemed mentally competent to stand trial, potentially faces life in prison if he’s tried and convicted.

Redding police officers were called to Kelly's California Street apartment on Jan. 5 after receiving reports of a bleeding and unconscious boy who had been attacked while he was sleeping.

Police have said that Kelly told them he snapped and twice hit the boy with the bat.

Shasta County Deputy District Attorney Curtis Woods said he’s heard the boy, who was originally listed as being in critical condition at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, continues to improve, but that it could be up to a year before the full effect of his injuries are known.

Drunk dad attacks mom, threatens to kill family--and all he gets is "supervision order" (North Ormesby, England)

Those Brits--they really know how to punish those abuser daddies...NOT. Just the usual molly-coddling. This time the molly-coddled dad is ANIL JANES.

Court told of drunken North Ormesby dad's threat to kill

by Andrew Pain, Evening Gazette Aug 29 2011

A FATHER’S drunken attack on his wife left their child pleading with him to “stop hitting mummy, hit me”, a court heard.

Teesside Crown Court was told that Anil Janes had spent the day drinking rum before his violent outburst at his wife of three years, Juliette.

Prosecutor Emma Atkinson said that at around 8.40pm on April 19 this year Janes called the couple’s two children aged 12 and nine into their Stainton Street home in North Ormesby and became angry and violent at his wife.

Mrs Janes went into a bedroom to find a mobile phone to call the police but her husband followed and took her by the throat and threw her onto the bed in full view of their children.

The incident then went downstairs where Janes grabbed a knife and told his family: “I’m going to kill you three if you call the police. I’ll kill you.”

But what the 41-year-old didn’t know was that following an earlier phone conversation with a friend, his wife had not put the receiver down properly. The friend heard the entire thing and called police who attended and arrested Janes.

Miss Atkinson said his wife had admitted in interview that there had been previous instances of domestic violence but she didn’t report them because it wasn’t the done thing in her religion.

The prosecutor added that Mrs Janes made a retraction statement as she felt her husband had been “punished enough” while spending time on remand.

Janes pleaded guilty to affray.

Andrew McGloin, defending, said: “Of his own volition he has already undertaken alcohol treatment. He tells me he has had nothing to drink since the incident.

“He knows he is fortunate to have a loving wife who is prepared to forgive him - he respects her forgiveness. He knows he needs to change if the marriage is to have any chance of success.”

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “An aggravating feature of all this is it was in the presence of the children. ‘Stop hitting mummy, hit me’, that’s an appalling thing for any child to have to witness.”

Judge Armstrong gave Janes a 12 month supervision order with 100 hours unpaid work and ordered him to pay £250 costs.

Dad "accused" of hitting 7-year-old son, throwing him overboard from boat; boys from "previous marriage" (Newport Beach, California)

Read this carefully. This hot-headed drunken mess of a father apparently had these kids on this boat as part of his visitation. That is, if Daddy didn't in fact have custody. All we're told here is that these were his sons "from a previous marriage."

So who gave dad SLOAN BRILLES custody and/or visitation? What's more, will he keep it after this incident? Or will the whole thing be swept under the rug?

Notice that Daddy not only hit this child and threw him overboard. He also resisted arrest. Charming.

Published: Aug. 29, 2011 Updated: 7:45 a.m.

Man accused of tossing son off tour boat

Authorities believe a 35-year-old man hit his 7-year-old son, then threw him overboard after getting into an argument with his girlfriend.


NEWPORT BEACH – A father is accused of hitting his 7-year-old son and throwing him off a tour boat in Newport Harbor Sunday.

Witnesses aboard the tour boat Sunday saw the man toss the boy into the water, and people on three other boats in the area scrambled to pull the boy from the water, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The boy's father, 35-year-old Sloane Briles, also jumped in to rescue the boy, Amormino said. By that time, the boy had been plucked from the waters by passengers in another boat.

Authorities believe the trouble began just before 2 p.m. when Briles began arguing with a girlfriend aboard the vessel as it toured Newport Harbor, Amormino said. Briles was on the boat with his girlfriend and his 7-year-old and 6-year-old sons from a previous marriage.Briles began walking toward the front and was followed by his 7-year-old son.

"The 7-year-old was obviously upset," he said. "He hits him and throws him overboard."

Briles returned to the tour boat after jumping in after the boy, Amormino said. Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff Department's Harbor Patrol were then called to the area and boarded the tour boat.

Deputies attempted to restrain Briles, who is accused of resisting arrest, he said. Two deputies took him into custody and he has been booked on suspicion of child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Authorities believe Briles had been drinking.

Briles was booked into Orange County jail and, according to arrest records, was released Monday after posting bond.

Boy dies of deliberate dehydration during summer visitation with dad (Dallas, Texas)

More than once, I have noticed that the UK press covers US child abuse cases better than the US press does--especially of those crimes committed by fathers. The US media likes to obsess about pretty little white girls killed by pretty white moms (a la Casey Anthony). Anybody unfortunate enough to be a little boy, non-white, or killed by a father is kind of uninteresting to them, so those stories seldom break out of the local media market.

Still, we have things that are unexplored here. 

What judge gave dad MICHAEL RAY JAMES summer visitation in this story? And just why were these children "reluctant" to go to Daddy's? VERY PROBABLY, we have a past history of abuse here that was covered up and/or ignored by the powers-that-be. The powers that exalt fathers rights over the safety of children, especially--but not exclusively--in the state of Texas. Because make no mistake: the fathers rights movement is very powerful in Texas, and has been for decades now. This boy's death is one of their "victories." So take a lap, boys. This is your doing.

Boy, 10, died after parents 'refused to let him drink water for five days as punishment'

By John Stevens

Last updated at 1:45 AM on 28th August 2011

A 10-year-old boy collapsed and died in front of his twin brother after his parents refused to let him drink water for five day, it is claimed.

Jonathan James died from dehydration in Dallas after his father and step mother allegedly denied him water as punishment after he took some guitar strings from one of his siblings.

Michael Ray James and Tina Maria Alberson have been arrested and charged with injury to a child.

The boy's grandmother said that his twin brother had wanted to help, but was afraid he would be punished too.

'I did tell him, “I don't want you to feel guilty because there's nothing you could do.” And he says, “I wish I had snuck him some water”,' Sue Shotwell told Fox Dallas-Fort Worth.

She said she is now concerned for the twin, who is called Joseph, because he watched his brother collapse and has been having nightmares reliving the moment he died.

The boys had been spending the summer with their biological father because of a custody arrangement.

Mrs Shotwell said they had been reluctant to go.

Arrested: The boy's father and step-mother Michael Ray James and Tina Maria Alberson have been charged with injury to a child

Jonathan James died on July 25 and was found by paramedics in a bath tub.

Family members told police that he had been trying to cool him off and that he had been feeling sick for a number of days.

But a medical examiner found that he had died from dehydration.

If convicted, James and Alberson could face up to 99 years in prison.

Huge increases in women, kids seeking DV services (Ireland)

This is a trend seen around the world....

Huge increase in women and children seeking domestic violence services

4 hours ago

THREE TIMES MORE women and children in Ireland are homeless because of domestic violence since last year, according to a new study.

The domestic violence charity Sonas Housing has reported a 163 per cent increase in the use of its services in 2010, owing partly to the opening of two new services in Dublin but it said the prevalence of domestic violence can increase during a recession.

In total the charity supported 184 women and 234 children in 2010 compared to 70 women in and 88 children in 2009.

It said the recession can contribute to trapping women in domestic violence situations as they feel they have a lack of options.

Sonas also highlighted the difficulty it has had in accommodating people because of the surge in demand.

There were 433 enquiries for a crisis refuge service or supported housing but only 40 per cent of those demands could be catered for. Nearly 250 enquiries or 60 per cent had to be turned away because services were at full capacity.

Responding to the findings, CEO of Sonas Sharon Cosgrove admitted turning people away was ‘crushing’:

It is very difficult to turn women away – the majority of the women who call us are in dire abusive situations. Picking up the phone to a domestic violence service can be a massive step so it’s crushing if they do not receive a positive response.
The annual report also noted that 66 per cent of applicants for services had mental health support needs, 23 per cent had recognised addiction needs and 16 per cent had both.

Sonas has supported housing in eight different areas in Dublin and opened a women’s refuge in Dublin 15 last year providing support for women and children made homeless due to domestic violence and other gender-based violence, such as sex-trafficking.

The charity says that Ireland currently lags well behind the UK and the Council of Europe standards when it comes to providing sufficient support to families in need of their services.

Dad gets life for killing 2-year-old son, two stepsons, mother-in-law; mom wounded (Edinburg, Texas)

Dad ROBERTO ROJAS SMILED when he got life in prison and escaped the death penalty in the state of Texas. AFTER SLAUGHTERING FOUR HUMAN BEINGS. No wonder the poor surviving mom and her surviving family members are outraged.

Roberto Rojas granted life
August 27, 2011 12:25 AM
Elizabeth Findell
The Monitor

EDINBURG—It seemed Amelia Flores couldn’t stand to hear the verdict.

Flores, the lone survivor of a 2008 rampage that left her three young children and mother dead, rushed from the courtroom Friday night after hearing that a jury had decided against giving her ex-husband Roberto Rojas the death penalty.

Rojas, 45, was convicted last week of killing his mother-in-law and the children and shooting Flores, 27. The youngest child, 2-year-old Osiel, was Rojas’ son and Silvestre and Mauro Garza, ages 6 and 8, were his stepsons.

Jurors sentenced Rojas to life in prison without parole.

Emotions were heated from the Flores family after Judge Aída Salinas Flores (no relation) read the decision. After Amelia Flores left, her brother Panchito Flores, 24, approached jurors with a heated statement.

“I can’t believe you had mercy on him when he had no mercy on my nephews,” he said. “You’re showing everyone in the world that you can kill your whole family, your own son, and still live.”

Rojas showed little emotion when he walked from the room, except to wave to his family and give them a slight smile.

Jurors had been instructed to answer up to two questions to determine the sentence. First, they had to decide whether it was probable that Rojas will commit a violent act in the future. Only if they answered yes to that would they answer the second question of whether there were any mitigating factors that would warrant life in prison rather than the death penalty.

The jury answered yes to the first question, but at least ten of them agreed on the second question that some factors should save Rojas from death. The group reached the consensus after more than seven hours of deliberation.

Prosecutors had tried to persuade the jury that the only appropriate punishment for Rojas was death as they wrapped up closing arguments for sentencing Friday morning.

"There is nobody more dangerous than the man that sits there," Assistant Criminal District Attorney Michelle Puig said as she gestured to Rojas.

But defense attorney Sergio Valdez argued there was no evidence that Rojas would commit another violent act. He pulled out dual easels to argue that the emotional response surrounding the horror of the crime should be discounted as based on bias, prejudice or sympathy.

"(Amelia Flores) said ‘my kids are no more’ and she cried, and you cried with her," he said. "You sympathized. But that is not evidence (that Rojas will harm someone again)."

Valdez described Rojas as a well-behaved prisoner who never tried to escape and had every incentive to continue that pattern. His jail records included a request to change cells and a request for a Bible.

Rojas wanted to take responsibility for his crimes and wanted the maximum sentence, but the jury couldn’t decide based on that and were compelled to address the two specific questions, Valdez said. He said the very fact that Rojas had requested the maximum sentence could be seen as a mitigating factor for life in prison.

"There’s an irony in the (question), and it’s a tragic irony," Valdez said.

Puig responded that the violence the night of the murders was more than enough to indicate a probability of future violence.

"If you think about what happened that day, you know what he’s capable of," she said. "We need to remember the crime. . .Where was your remorse then?"

Puig characterized the defense as trying to distract jurors from thinking about the night of the murders. She said the considering the family’s pain should not be discounted as bias or prejudice.

"It’s the aftermath," she said.

Failing victims of violence (Denver, Colorado)

Excellent piece by Jessica Lenahan, whose children were murdered back in 1999 by their father, SIMON GONZALES, after the police refused to enforce a protection order.

Guest Commentary: Failing victims of violence
By Jessica Lenahan
Posted: 08/28/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT

Twelve years ago, I found myself in an unthinkable situation. My husband, Simon Gonzales, whom I had known since childhood, became a possessive, controlling man I didn't recognize. When he became abusive, I feared for my safety and that of our children. I obtained a restraining order against him, and trusted the law to protect us.

But that trust was destroyed on June 22, 1999. That night, my estranged husband kidnapped our daughters — Rebecca, Katheryn and Leslie — from our front yard. Panicked, I repeatedly called the Castle Rock police for help. Over the next 10 hours, the police refused to go after Simon or try to find my daughters. Hours later, my husband drove up to the police station and opened fire. He was killed in the shootout, and the bodies of my girls were found shot to death in the back of his truck.

There wasn't even a proper investigation to determine whether my girls were killed by their father or in the hail of bullets at the station. I still don't know for certain the exact cause, time and place of my children's death.

In the hours leading up to the shootout, it became clear that my order of protection was worthless, and that the police didn't regard domestic violence as potentially lethal. I was told "the girls were with their father," that I "shouldn't worry," and that I should "give it a few hours." Meanwhile, the police responded to a fire-lane violation, looked for a lost dog, and took a two-hour dinner break.

I sued the town of Castle Rock for failing to enforce the restraining order and took my case to the U.S. Supreme Court. But the court ruled my constitutional rights had not been violated by the failure to enforce the restraining order.

I felt utterly abandoned, but I wasn't done fighting. Along with attorneys from the ACLU, I filed a petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, arguing that the police failure to enforce my restraining order, and the U.S. courts' failure to provide a remedy, constituted violations of international human rights law. After a 12-year process, the commission made public on Aug. 17 a landmark decision in which it found the U.S. had violated my human rights and those of my three children.

The commission's report said the Castle Rock Police failed in its legal obligation to protect women and children from domestic violence, and emphasized the government has a duty to protect domestic violence victims by taking steps to ensure their safety, including the enforcement of restraining orders.

In the United States, an estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. Many of these women will, like I did, place their faith in the justice system. To tell these women they have no right to rely on their government to protect them is outrageous and cruel. Restraining orders filed by victims of domestic violence must always be enforced, and a 911 call to enforce those orders must mean something. Policies regarding domestic violence must change so no one else's rights are violated.

It is shameful that it took an international human rights commission to point out that policies meant to protect domestic violence survivors are dangerously inadequate. Despite everything I've lost, I still have hope that our government will use this ruling as an opportunity to make things right, to provide the protection and accountability that will prevent a tragedy like I suffered from occurring again.

Jessica Lenahan is an advocate for battered women and children.

Dad accused of sexually abusing 15-year-old daughter (South Bend, Indiana)

Once again, we have a case where UNNAMED DAD waited until Mom was at work--and safely out of the way--before he abused the child. He then threatened to kill the child if she told. Typical....

Father accused child sex abuse

August 25, 2011

SOUTH BEND — A 15-year-old girl told police Tuesday that her father has been sexually abusing her since the age of 6 at their southeast side home.

She also said her older sister had been abused by their father, according to a police report.

The alleged incidents reportedly happened while the mother was at work.

The victim said she did not tell police earlier because the father allegedly threatened to kill them if they told.

No arrests have been made. The St. Joseph County Family Violence/Special Victims Unit is investigating.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Raped daughter who endured life of torture released from jail for murder of father (Brazil)

Another one of those cases that just leaves you speechless. The father was SEVERINO PEDRO DE ANDRADE.

Mother-of-12 sensationally released from jail for murder of husband after judge learns it was father who had been raping her since she was nine
Woman raped by own father during 28-year ordeal
Prosecutors say she suffered 5,000 instances of abuse
Mother-of-12 hired two hitmen to kill her own father

By Chris Parsons

Last updated at 4:51 PM on 26th August 2011

A Brazilian housewife has been sensationally cleared of having her father killed - after it emerged he had raped and beaten her and made her have 12 of his children.

Severina Maria da Silva was abused by her father Severino Pedro de Andrade since the age of nine during a 28-year ordeal in the poverty stricken Brazilian region of Pernambuco.

The 44-year-old woman was jailed for a year after two men stabbed 63-year-old Severino Pedro de Andrade to death in the family home in north-east Brazil in 2005.

Ms Silva said she was forced to live as her father's wife, and was driven to hire hitmen when she realised her abuser wanted to start sexual relations with his an 11-year-old who was both his daughter and granddaughter.

But after six years Ms Silva was freed within four hours of a court hearing yesterday after state prosecutors asked the jury to acquit her.

In a truly horrific case which has shocked Brazil, it emerged in court that Ms Silva gave birth to the first of her father's children at 15.

Jose Edvaldo da Silva, prosecutor for the state of Pernambuco, told the court Ms Silva had been the victim of an estimated 5,000 crimes including rapes as well as physical and psychological assaults over a period of 28 years.

The abuse had begun when Ms Silva was nine, apparently with the consent of her mother who shared the bed with the two of them.

The first child was one of many who died over the years due to genetic problems, lack of medical care and violence from her father.

Only five of the children survived, now aged between 12 and 19, including two with severe disabilities.

At some stage it is thought Ms Silva's mother left the family home.

By 2005 Ms Silva had become worried her 11-year-old daughter would be subjected to the same ordeal as her, so hired two hitmen to kill her father.

The dead man's sister told the court the whole family knew of her suffering but were too afraid to stop him themselves.

Ota Maria da Concei, 86, said: 'He was a very violent. We were afraid he would hit or even kill us. He had already beaten her a lot, from young as a dad and then also as a husband.'

Ms Silva's defence team are now set to sue the Brazilian state, but amazingly all the 44-year-old is now looking for is to be reunited with her mother and to get on with her life.

Ms Silva said: 'God willing, my mother will talk to me again.

'I believed they would find me innocent but you have to be ready for anything so I was afraid. But life will be different from now on.'

Psychologist Wedia Martins, who works for a local women's rights group and had been following the case, told Diario de Pernambuco: 'Nobody is more of a victim in this than Severina herself.

'She already had a history of attempting to run away from home and suicide.

'Her vulnerability only changed when she noticed her dad was getting closer to the daughter and did not want her history to repeat itself.'

The killers, Edon Francisco Amorim and Denisar dos Santos, have been sentenced to 18 and 17 years for murder respectively.

Dad arrested for murdering daughters in car fire; media blames visitation "squabble" (Potsdam, Germany)

So, how nice to know that the German media is just as ignorant as its counterparts around the world. When you have a father who "allegedly" drugged his daughters before murdering them in a car fire, the cause is not a visitation "squabble." What you really have is a seriously unbalanced controlling father who committed a DOUBLE MURDER, and a mother who did her best to protect her children by trying to prevent the father from gaining access to them.

Danish father arrested for car-fire deaths of girls
Aug 26, 2011, 16:37 GMT

Potsdam, Germany - A 40-year-old Danish father was arrested Friday at a German hospital on suspicion of murdering his own daughters in a car fire two weeks ago.

Authorities acted hours after toxicology evidence emerged that 9-year-old Line Sofie and 10-year-old Marlene Marie had been given sleeping pills before the car caught fire.

The father remained Friday in hospital where he is recovering from his own burns in the incident and skin grafts.

Prosecutor Tom Koepping said a magistrate went to the hospital ward and told the father he was now in legal custody. Two policemen will permanently watch him in hospital until he can be moved to a jail.

Police suspect a dispute between the divorced parents was the motive for the killing. Danish newspapers say they had squabbled over visitation rights.

Drug traces were found in blood in the gutted small car although the girls were burned beyond recognition, proving the girls had been sedated in advance.

Police have said they are certain the girls were alive when the fire broke out in the car in a forest near Berlin.

The father alerted police after the blaze and though burned, led them to the site. He claimed to detectives the fire was an accident.

Koepping said the toxicology results and a police reconstruction of the blaze threw 'major doubt' on the father's claim.

Prosecutors said it would take two to three months to complete an inquiry and then to indict the father. They said Germany would hold the trial, although Denmark would technically also have jurisdiction since both the suspect and victims were Danish nationals.

Hospital spokewoman Angela Kijewski said doctors forecast the man would be medically fit next week to be moved to a jail and be kept in either a cell or a sick bay

Dad imprisoned, raped daughters for over 40 years (Brannau, Austria)

One of the few cases where I'm left just speechless. The father is only identified as GOTTFRIED W.

Seriously, how could a social worker totally miss this situation for so many years, even if the "girls" weren't talking?

Pictured: The horror basement where sisters were raped for 41 years by their father and slowly went mad

Women were born healthy but became mentally ill because of abuse, new evidence reveals

Victims kept in dingy basement surrounded by wood and tools

Neighbours knew father as 'stern, rigid' master of his house

Women were only seen outside once - visiting mother's grave

By Allan Hall

Last updated at 6:04 PM on 26th August 2011

This is the disgusting dungeon where an Austrian man violated his own daughters in a nightmare spanning 15,000 days and nights.

'If you fight back, then I will kill you,' Gottfried W. told his children Christine, 53, and Erika, 45, who were forced to sleep at night on a wooden shelf while their father, now 80, snoozed in a feather bed.

Amid farming implements, old oil drums, wood, cement sacks and filth he violated his own flesh and blood with a depravity on a par with Josef Fritzl.

His wife Berta, 85, passed away in 2008. She too was a victim of the former council labourer's sadism, beaten like them with a stick and poked with a pitchfork.

The girls became mentally ill over the years - not a condition they were born with, but a result of the torments they suffered at his hands.

Police say their mother, also beaten into submission, made them promise on her deathbed not to tell anyone about what their father did to them.

Other rooms in the sprawling house near Braunau-am-Inn - the birthplace of Adolf Hitler - were kept spic and span.

But the girls were forced to live in squalor, sleep in the kitchen and use a commode instead of the lavatory in the house.

Forty years of abuse ended in May this year when Gottfried tried to have his way with Christine one more time and she finally snapped.

She hit him with a milk jug on the head. He fell to the floor and cracked his head again.

For two days he was unable to move and police say they hoped he would die.

Finally the women, who were seen from time to time by a social worker - but who were so conditioned by his threats never to expose his vile treatment of them - called her in.

She telephoned for an ambulance for him and the women were taken into care. But still they said nothing.

It was only in June when they opened up to a Red Cross worker about what had happened to them.

It was this volunteer who called in the police.

Austria - still coming to terms with the kidnapping of schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch in the 90s and the Fritzl incest saga - is stunned at another terrible family crime being exposed within its borders.

Gottfried, known as Friedl to neighbours, was an archetypal Austrian father of the old school. He was stern, rigid, master of his house and keeper of the secrets that went inside it.

He controlled all social contact of his daughters with the outside world.

The only time they were seen out together was with him visiting the grave of their mother.

Gottfried has been moved to a prison in nearby Ried while the investigation against him continues; his daughters are undergoing psychiatric therapy in a clinic.

He faces charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment, cruelty, assault and making threats to kill. He was moved from an OAP home where he had been treated since his injuries in May to the jail on Thursday.

Dad sentenced to 21 years for murder of 5-month-old son (Wichita, Kansas)

Dad JAMES THOMAS pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder before sentencing. No word here about the baby's mother.


Wichita father sentenced to 21 years in the death of his infant sonby John Boyd

KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

12:18 p.m. CDT, August 26, 2011
(WICHITA, Kan.)—
A Wichita father will spend 21 years in prison in the death of his infant son. James Thomas was sentenced Friday in Sedgwick County Court.

He pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder in the death of his son, five-month-old Zereon Thomas in July of 2009.

Police say Thomas told them he dropped his son, but investigators say evidence showed the boy was abused.