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Dad leaves 4-year-old daughter home alone; arrested for DUI (Ocala, Florida)

Once again, we have a story that omits more than it reports. Is WILFRED JULIUS KNAPP a custodial father? Why is there apparently no mother in the home? What unidentified "family member" was this child turned over to, if not the mother? How did this neglectful alcoholic get access (if not full custody) of a preschool girl, and who gave it to him?

Ocala man leaves daughter home alone, arrested for DUI

Last Updated: Sunday, June 30, 2013, 9:09 AM

OCALA -- A Marion County man was arrested for driving under the influence and child neglect after admitting he left his daughter at home alone while he went out drinking.

Florida Highway Patrol pulled Wilfred Julius Knapp, 41, of Ocala over after observing him driving on the wrong side of the road on U.S. 441. Cpl. Susan Barge observed the driver show signs of impairment and detected a strong odor of alcohol.

Knapp was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, third offense. During Barge's investigation, he admitted he left his 4-year-old daughter home alone while he went to the Copa Club to drink. An Ocala Police officer went to Knapp's residence and found the child sleeping without supervision.

 Knapp was then charged with child neglect. The child was turned over to another family member and a complaint was filed with Children and Family Services.

Judge Howard Haralson gives convicted sex offender dad sole custody of 6-year-old daughter (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Shame on Judge Howard Haralson. You, sir, are an idiot. 

The convicted rapist daddy (the victim was another 6-year-old girl) is identified as NICHOLAS ELIZONDO.

Convicted sex offender gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter

Posted on: 5:09 pm, June 25, 2013, by Paige Hill, updated on: 06:16pm, June 25, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY — In California, just six years ago, Nicholas Elizondo was convicted for raping his then six-year-old daughter. He took a deal and served six years in jail. During that time his ex-wife, Lisa Knight, has been raising their daughter Sarah in Norman.

After six years of little contact with Sarah, he started fighting for sole custody. Yesterday, he won.

Little Sarah’s family is shocked by the Oklahoma County judge’s decision.

“Then he comes out with this solemn face and ‘Oh this is a really hard one for me’,” said Sarah’s cousin, Jodi Coomer. “And I`m thinking hard?”

They thought it was a no-brainer. Both Sarah’s mother and cousin think there is more to Judge Howard Haralson’s decision than what was presented in the courtroom.

“His attorney was in the chambers with the judge while he was deliberating his decision,” said Coomer. “There was laughter coming from the room. We waited for what seemed like hours but it was just minutes.”

She thinks the judge questioned her parenting when she couldn’t name all of Sarah’s doctors off of the top of her head. Born with a cleft lip and palette, Sarah has lots of specialists.

“There is no threat to her whatsoever here. Nothing`s happened to her. She`s made all of her appointments,” said Coomer. “Because mom can`t remember the doctor`s names then she`s a bad mom? I don`t think so.”

Now Sarah has to leave for California tonight to live with a father her family says she only knows as someone who brings gifts and leaves.

“I don`t understand how a sex offender can just walk in the courtroom and just take her after I’ve had her for six years,” said Sarah’s mother Lisa Knight.

Right now, the family is frantic and wondering how to come up with the money to keep fighting for Sarah. They are hoping publicity may shine some light on what they consider an outrageous judicial decision.

Little Sarah came home from a trip, to see her father in California, with a story that, she says, she wasn’t supposed to tell.

“While she was in the bathtub she said ‘Something really bad happened,’” said Coomer.

It took weeks for her to tell her mother and cousin that her half brother had touched her inappropriately. With Sarah’s accusations incomplete she is headed to live with him too. Sarah’s mother says her father hasn’t had much interest in seeing Sarah until recently. She doesn’t want to think about why he suddenly changed his mind.

“I just know that his victim was six-years-old at the time and Sarah is six-years-old right now,” said Knight.

She says she is at a loss and has no idea how to get Sarah back.

“I’ve been fighting him and I just don`t have any more money to fight him at all,” said Coomer.

Sarah’s cousin Coomer says with a registered sexual predator as a father her childhood may not be much of a childhood. “He can`t take her to Chuck E. Cheese.

He can`t take her to a park,” said Coomer. “He can`t go to her school. He`s not allowed in school.”

With only hours left with Sarah they are both trying to keep a brave face. They say her father’s past will haunt her future.

“When she`s old enough to Google it, that`s just going to be a sad day,” said Coomer.

Sarah’s mother and cousin are still fighting to keep her half brother away from her while she is in California. After talking to Elizondo’s attorney, he thinks Judge Haralson did what was in the best interest of Sarah.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dad with history of domestic violence kills 2-year-old son (Camp Lejeune, North Carolina)

UNNAMED DAD here. Men who batter their partners are at much higher risk of committing child abuse. Violence is violence.

News: Domestic Violence Summit brings tale of victims tragedy, gathers community resources

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Story by Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - When Sgt. Amanda King spoke to crowds at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune's Domestic Violence Summit, she emphasized she was not the victim of her experience with spousal abuse.

King said the victim in her life was her two-month-old child. King faced years of threats, intimidation and attacks that left more than holes in the walls of her home. However, she never expected the violence would reach her children.

While in her husband’s care, their two-month-old son suffered two fractures in his skull. He suffered severe brain trauma, and his life support was terminated after about a week of medical care. King’s husband was charged with first-degree murder and inflicting intentional and serious harm on a child.

“I had field duty, like every other Marine,” said King, a field radio operator with Combat Logistics Regiment 27. “I did not think he would hurt them because they were never the target of his anger, it was always me.”

Presenters at the summit spoke of how domestic violence happens in escalating cycles. Tensions build into an abusive incident then deescalates into a honeymoon phase with periods of calm and peace. Each cycle typically brings more severe trauma than the last.

After her son’s death King experienced media attention and knew of news stories describing what happened to her son. She decided to share her experiences at the summit hoping to prevent what she and her family endured. “I don’t want to read about this with a different name,” she said.

“I don’t want this to ever happen to anybody.”

 King, like many others who faced violence at the hands of a partner, felt trapped in her predicament. She had separated from her husband numerous times, but many factors kept her tied to him including their children and the house they bought together.

“I couldn’t afford to leave him and keep a roof over my sons’ heads,” said King. “A lot of women will take as much abuse as they can stand. If you can get up, you will take it again for your children.”

The summit brought Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and local community resources together to address what King faced, and what others could still be enduring, domestic violence.

Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Gorry, the Marine Corps Installations East – Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune commanding general, Maj. Mark E. Bailey, the base provost marshal, and representatives from the Family Advocacy Program, Onslow Women’s Center, Onslow County Child Advocacy Center, the Community Counseling Center, Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Jacksonville Police Department among others took part in the summit.

“It takes a multi-faceted approach to address domestic violence,” said Gorry. “Through forums like this we can pass knowledge. We can pass our skills and expertise so we can address this problem.” 

Domestic Violence is not unique to the military community. Throughout the United States, nearly 25 percent of women and 7.6 percent of men said they were raped or physically assaulted by a current or former partner at some time in their lifetime in a survey by the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive and abusive behavior. It takes many forms including physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Physical abuse involves causing bodily harm. It can be characterized by choking, slapping or punching. It can also take the form of grabbing a person or their clothing, withholding medication or food and forcing alcohol or drug use upon them according to the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence against Women.

Sexual abuse involves coercing a person to have sexual conduct or behavior without consent. An abuser may treat a victim as a sexual object. Sexual abuse is also exhibited when an abuser forces the victim to have an abortion or sabotages birth control methods, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Child Protection in Families Experiencing Domestic Violence Manual. 

Emotional abuse can involve threats, name calling, controlling behavior and intimidation. Abusers may also isolate and deliberately embarrass a victim.

Abusers may use finances to hurt the victim by withholding access to money, forbidding the victim to go to work, refusing to contribute to shared or household bills and maintaining control of all finances. 

Abusers may take the victim’s military identification card, limiting their access to resources aboard the base or other important paper work such as immigration documents.

 Abusers tend to be manipulative, jealous and possessive. They may have rigid traditional beliefs and may abuse drugs or alcohol.

“If alcohol and drugs are involved, they can contribute to abuse, but that’s not what the abuse is about,” said Starr Zani, an education and intervention specialist with Marine Corps Community Service’s Community Counseling Center.

Abuse is about control. Perpetrators use abuse to get a desired behavior from the victim, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Child Protection in Families Experiencing Domestic Violence Manual.

Such abuse does not discriminate against sexuality. Gay and lesbian service members and their partners may undergo domestic violence as well.

It is important to show victims empathy, and make sure their needs are met regardless of their sexual orientation, she added.

Organizations throughout Camp Lejeune and the local community are ready to help anybody facing domestic violence.

To reach help in the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune area 24 hours a day call the domestic violence helpline at 750-5852. To reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline call 800-799-SAFE. For life threatening emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Court upholds murder conviction of custodial dad (Indianapolis, Indiana)

We've posted on this case many times. What is not mentioned here: TERRY STURGIS was a custodial father. The local media has never bothered to explain how this convicted killer got custody, and who gave it to him.

Court upholds Indiana father's murder conviction

By CHARLES WILSON, Associated Press
Updated 2:27 pm, Thursday, June 27, 2013

 INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An appeals court on Thursday rejected an argument from an Indiana man who said he didn't realize that beating his 10-year-old son into unconsciousness and burning him repeatedly with a clothes iron might kill him.

The Indiana Court of Appeals declined to reduce Terry Sturgis' murder conviction in the 2011 death of his son Tramelle. A jury in South Bend also convicted Sturgis of several counts of battery, neglect and criminal confinement for abusing his two other sons, ages 9 and 14 at the time. A St. Joseph County judge who sentenced Sturgis to 140 years in prison in June 2012 said she wished she could make the sentence longer.

Sturgis argued in his appeal that prosecutors didn't prove that he "knowingly and intentionally" killed another person, as required by Indiana's murder statute.

In his appeal, Sturgis acknowledged that he had beaten Tramelle over a span of several months but said he didn't realize that beating the boy for hours with a one-inch thick wooden rod was likely to cause the child's death. He also said the boy's injuries could have resulted from a fall down the stairs.

Dad found guilty of murdering 10-month-old son (United Kingdom)

Killer dad is identified as SHANE HAWKINS. No mention of a mother in the home.

Father guilty of murdering baby son

11:10am Friday 21st June 2013 in Cornwall

A father has been found guilty of murdering his ten-month-old baby son.

Shane Hawkins, 25, was convicted by a jury at Truro Crown Court yesterday of murdering baby Kaydon in Bodmin in December 2010.

Following the verdict the senior investigating officer, Detective Inspector Jackie Swift, said: “This was a violent act committed against a defenceless ten-month-old baby, who sustained fatal head injuries at the hands of the person who was there to care for him.

“In the subsequent investigation, Kayden was also found to have suffered other injuries during his short life inflicted by his father.

“This was a complex and protracted investigation which was handled sensitively by officers from our Child Abuse Investigation Teams, supported by the Major Crime Team.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the medical experts who provided us with the evidence we needed to help secure Hawkins’ conviction.”

Hawkins is due to be sentenced at lunchtime today.

Custodial dad charged in death of 18-month-old son (Woodstock, Virginia)

Notice that there is mention of Dad's "fiancee" in the home, but no mention that she is the mother. I assume, therefore, she is NOT the mother. So what happened to Mom? How did Daddy get possession of this child? Once again, a back story that is hushed up and a missing mother.


Posted at 6:18 PM Jun. 21, 2013 | Updated: 9:43 PM Jun. 21, 2013

Child's death leads to charge against father

By Joe Beck

Authorities have charged a Woodstock man with endangerment of the life of a child as part of their investigation into the death of his 18-month old son earlier this month.

Jeremy Alexander Vermillion, 25, of 135 Valley Vista Drive, was released from the Shenandoah County Jail after a court hearing and posting $1,000 secured bail on June 19, according to authorities.

"We arrested the biological father, Jeremy Vermillion, and he has been charged with child endangerment," Woodstock Police Chief Eric Reiley said.

Nicole Dawn Miller, 25, also of 135 Valley Vista Drive, has been charged with child abuse and endangerment in the aftermath of the death of Vermillion's son. She is identified in court records as Vermillion's fiancée.

Reiley said Vermillion was arrested at his home on Tuesday and taken into custody with no resistance. Reiley provided few details about what led police to arrest Vermillion.

"I prefer to just to say it was a development in the case based on interviews and statements made to investigators," Reiley said.

"This a continually evolving case," Reiley added, "and we don't want to jeopardize anything by releasing information too quickly."

A criminal complaint filed against Vermillion by Woodstock police investigator Derek Good states that police went to Vermillion and Miller's apartment on June 3 for a report of a toddler not breathing. They found the boy with what Good described "as suspicious bruises covering the majority of the child's body."

The complaint adds that Miller was caring for the child at the time. Other court documents have stated that Vermillion was away at work at the time authorities accuse Miller of abusing the child.

Good's complaint states that Vermillion admitted during an interview that he had noticed seeing bruises on his son "days prior to the (June 3) incident; however he failed to render necessary medical attention to the child." 

The complaint states that Vermillion told Good he assumed the child's injuries were self-inflicted. 

Good's complaint adds that doctors at the University Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville who tried to save the boy's life said "it was impossible for a child of this age to cause such injuries to himself."

Dad arrested for murder of 11-year-old daughter (United Kingdom)

Dad is identified as SIMON THOMPSON.

By Louie Smith

Rebecca Thompson: Girl's dad under police guard in hospital after daughter's death

25 Jun 2013 00:00

A DRIVER pulled from his wrecked car was under police guard in hospital last night after he was arrested on suspicion of murdering his daughter.

Simon Thompson, 52, ploughed into trees on a roundabout at high speed in his grey VW Golf.

Twelve hours later, his only child Rebecca, 11, was found dead at the family’s semi three miles away. It is believed her mum Mary, 48, found her body on Saturday. Sources said Rebecca did not go to school on Friday. Police are believed to have visited the home in Bushey, Hertfordshire, after finding the father with leg injuries in his car – but left when there was no answer. One neighbour of the family said: “Simon doted on his daughter.” Detectives expect to wait a week to question Thompson because of the severity of his injuries, although he is conscious.

Dad charged with abusing 6-month-old son (Wood Cross, Utah)

Dad is identified as RYAN KEITH KNIGHT.

Father charged with abusing 6-month-old son

Posted on: 7:03 pm, June 25, 2013, by Mark Green

WOODS CROSS, Utah – Police arrested a father and charged him with two counts of second-degree felony child abuse after the child’s mother noticed injuries.

Ryan Keith Knight told police he caused the injuries, but he said it wasn’t intentional. The alleged offenses occurred on June 11, and Knight was arrested June 13.

According to charging documents, the baby’s mother noticed the child’s leg was bent in a strange direction, so she took him to a doctor. The 6-month-old boy had multiple fractures and bruising to his head and ear.

Knight is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dad fatally shoots 8-year-old daughter, mom; despite extensive history of violence, still had visitation rights with the kids (Louisville, Kentucky)

Mom knew very well how dangerous dad GARY W. STEWART JR. could be. He had threatened to kill her before, he had battered her before. She had even managed to take out of orders of protection against him. I can't even summarize his extensive criminal history here. You can see the highlights below. 

So the guy was EXTREMELY crazy and violent. And contrary to Daddy's nitwit attorney, there were tons of red flags that this guy was a homicidal risk. What else is new. There are lots of abusive nut jobs in this world. Not all of them become killers.

The real problems were two:

1) The criminal justice system never really held the father accountable for anything he did. Most charges were dismissed or treated with a slap on the wrist. Even the ones not involving threats or violence against the mother. Is it any surprise that she stopped showing up in court? The outcome was already clear. I also wonder if the sheriff's office even took his weapons away as ordered. I doubt it. 

The end result of judicial coddling is that abusers grow even more entitled and cocky. They know they can get away with any sh** they do, and all they'll get is a wink. So their violence accelerates over time.

Combine that with a second problem.

2) This sh** still had weekend visitation with the kids!!! Mom was REQUIRED to interact with this dangerous lunatic on a regular basis. He even had "scheduled visits" when the order of protection was in place!

We have seen over and over again what happens when mothers are FORCED to interact with men who have threatened to kill them and have assaulted them before. People are eventually killed. Exactly what we saw here. Contrary to the family friend's denial, this is a VERY TYPICAL setup for a family annihilator. An abuser who gets a wink from law enforcement, where the victims can never truly get away from him  because of the courts insist that a homicidal maniac stay "involved." And not only that, mothers are pressured into "cooperating" and encouraging that involvement. 

And of course, by going off with the crazy daddy for a visit, they inadvertently set themselves up for the slaughter. 

Both judicial indifference to violence against women and children and abuser "rights" to kids are KEY TENETS OF THE FATHERS RIGHTS MOVEMENT. It's their movement that has created a climate where mere abusive crazies are "nurtured" into mass killers. Congratulations, boys. This one is on you.

Louisville man who fatally shot mother and daughter had violent history

Jun. 20, 2013 9:48 PM

Written by Antoinette Konz, Andrew Wolfson and Mark Boxley
The Courier-Journal

A Louisville man who fatally shot his ex-girlfriend and their 8-year-old daughter before killing himself had a history of violence against women and had been “in and out of mental institutions,” according to court documents and the victims’ family.

Shortly after noon Wednesday, Gary W. Stewart Jr., 40, of the 2600 block of Delor Avenue, showed up with his mother at the home that his 36-year-old ex-girlfriend, Jillian Wood, shared with her twin sister, Jocelyn Wood, off Bardstown Road, saying he wanted to take his daughter and son swimming at his uncle’s condominium.

Jocelyn Wood said her sister and Stewart had a turbulent past, including protective orders Jillian had taken out against him, but the two recently had tried to work together in parenting their two children — 8-year-old Shelbi and 13-year-old Gary Jr.

“Jillian went with (them) because she wanted to make sure the kids would be OK,” Jocelyn Wood said in an interview Thursday. “She whispered to me on the way out to call her in a few hours because she would likely need a ride back home. I tried calling her several times ... but she never picked up.” 

Louisville Metro Police Lt. Todd Kessinger said that at approximately 4:22 p.m. Wednesday, in his uncle’s condominium complex on Gardiner Lane, Gary Stewart shot Jillian Wood with a gun he had brought with him, then shot his daughter, before shooting his mother when she tried to stop him. He then fatally shot himself.

 “(The coroner) said (Jillian) didn’t have time to fight because he shot her three times in the chest, and then he went to my niece and he shot her in the head,” Elizabeth Wood, a sister of Jillian and Jocelyn Wood, said in an interview. “And then he shot his mom. Little Gary got away, and I thank God that he got away.”

Elizabeth Wood said that 13-year-old Gary told family members after that his father asked the children if they wanted to “die fast or die slow” and the boy said Shelbi responded, “she wanted to die fast.” 

Stewart’s mother, whose name has not been released, remained in critical condition at University of Louisville Hospital Thursday evening.

Stewart’s uncle and son, Gary Jr., were also in the second-floor condominium but escaped, said Kessinger, who said the shootings appeared to be “premeditated.”

“We don't know exactly what made the situation erupt,” Kessinger said.

Wood said Stewart was “very unstable” and has been “in and out of mental institutions.”

“I think when he came over yesterday afternoon, he had the intent of killing them all,” said Elizabeth Wood, fighting back tears.

Elizabeth Wood said the boy, who is in the temporary custody of Jocelyn Wood, saw his mother shot before escaping to the pool area, where he frantically asked someone to call police. She said the teen told them that his parents had been arguing over Gary Stewart’s visits to his children.

“The kids didn’t want to go over and see him as often because they started seeing how he really was,” she said.

Jocelyn Wood said she and her twin sister were “very close.”

“We always said it was us against the world,” Jocelyn Wood said, tears flowing down her face. “She was everything to me. And her kids are like my kids, we were always doing things together. We were one big family.”

History of violence

Gary W. Stewart Jr., 40, had a history of violence against women, including against Jillian Wood.

 “I am terrified he will seriously kill me to get me out of the way,” she said in a petition for a protective order in 2010.

In that case, Wood said in a criminal complaint that Stewart threatened to shoot her, and in another case the next year, Stewart assaulted another woman — a stranger — for no apparent reason in the emergency room waiting area at University of Louisville Hospital.

In the first case, Wood alleged that after she refused to tell Stewart where she was living, he threatened to find her and “put a bullet in your head and leave you in a ditch where nobody will find you.”

Wood said she had picked up her children at basketball practice, where Stewart was an assistant coach, said she drove away with her sister Jocelyn and the two children in her car and that Stewart “followed her every move” for 35 minutes until she managed to elude him. 

He was charged with terroristic threatening, menacing and stalking, but the charges were dismissed when Wood failed to appear twice in court.

Stewart’s lawyer in the case, Steve Schroering, said his client’s conduct in court raised no red flags. 

“There was nothing that suggested that anything like this would happen,” Schroering said. “He was always pleasant and respectful to me.”

Jillian Wood took out a domestic-violence order against him in February 2010, making the same allegations as in the criminal case. She also charged that he had put a gun to her head and cocked it in 2001.

 The order, which expired Feb. 2, 2013, required him to stay away from her and the children, except on scheduled visits at a fast-food restaurant, and to not possess a firearm.

Jillian Wood said in the order that Stewart was angry because he was at risk of going to jail for failing to pay child support, and that two months earlier he had asked a family member to kill her.

She said Stewart treated their daughter “like a princess” and their son “like he is in the army.” She also said he also had killed animals and told the children about it.

Jefferson District Judge Angela Bisig ordered the sheriff’s office to store and retain Stewart’s firearms while the protective order was in effect.

Assaulting a stranger

In the emergency room case, Stewart was convicted of assaulting a 19-year-old woman, Nikkole L. Morris, in September 2011 in the hospital waiting room.

A warrant said Stewart stood up and started striking Morris in the face, then began fighting with security officers who came to her aid. She was treated for swelling to her face and a black eye, and he was placed in the hospital’s psychiatric ward.

He later was evaluated for mental competency at Central State Hospital, but both sides agreed he was competent and he pleaded guilty.

Attorney Stephen Berry, who defended him in that case, said Stewart “went crazy” in the hospital and had no recollection of what he had done. Berry said that Stewart was a nice man “when he was on his meds.”

Judge Donald Armstrong sentenced Stewart to 365 days in jail. He was given credit for 33 days he had spent in jail and placed on home incarceration for 60 days.

The balance of the sentence was conditionally discharged for two years. Armstrong also ordered him to undergo treatment at Seven Counties.

Stewart had other charges for drunk driving, moving violations and fleeing from police. Most were dismissed.

In a series of Facebook posts in December on a page that a friend confirmed was his, Stewart expressed concerns about children, including his own, and violence.

In one, he wrote, “Enjoy today and hav (sic) love for children they are our future and we let them play killing games and toy guns as adults the whole nations (sic) is retard.

In another he said, “My own daughter was stalked by a known child sex abuser and by a vision from god I was able to stop it and save my child.”

Hard times

Sue Strothman, Gary Stewart’s neighbor of Stewart's on Delor Avenue, said she has known the family for about three years.

She said Stewart was living with his mother and his two children would visit on the weekends

Strothman said she thought of Gary Stewart as a father who cared about his children, but he was unemployed and experiencing other problems, including the recent death of his sister from cancer, and his mother told her that she wanted him to find another place to live.

“I never dreamed Gary was that sick to do something like that,” Strothman said. “I don’t know why people who are that sick kill not only themselves, but their children.”

She worried about the affect of the deaths on his 13-year-old son.

“Little Gary lost his dad, sister and mother,” Strothman said. “He’ll need a lot of counseling, but I don’t know if he will ever get over it.”

 'Daddy's girl'

Jocelyn Wood said Shelbi had just finished third grade at Price Elementary School and was looking forward to celebrating her ninth birthday on July 18. Both Jocelyn and Elizabeth Wood described Shelbi as a “daddy’s girl.”

“She was a typical little girl who loved getting her nails done and her hair done — she couldn’t wait to be a teenager,” Jocelyn Wood said. “And she always had a smile on her face, every picture you see of her, she’s smiling.”

And Shelbi loved her big brother.

“They were very, very close,” Elizabth Wood said, pausing. “Little Gary is really having a terrible time, thinking about what he could have done differently to save his sister ... we’re going to have to get him a lot of counseling. There are a lot of things we’re going to have to do now that I never thought we would have to do.”

In addition to her son, Jillian Wood is also survived by her mother, Jacqueline Wood of Lake City, Fla., six sisters and three brothers.

Elizabeth Wood said she and her siblings always joked about the “nine of us being a baseball team.”

“Now we are a player short,” she said.

Jillian Wood did not have life insurance and the family doesn’t know how they are going to bury their loved ones.

“I live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the money to bury them,” Jocelyn Wood said. “The county said they could bury them, but that they wouldn’t be able to be buried together and the thought of that just tears me apart.”

 Reporter Zahra Farah contributed to this report.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dad pleads guilty to abusing 3-month-old son (Coshocton, Ohio)

He bit a baby? Burned him with cigarettes? Inflicted bruises and broken bones? What a sicko pup. This is pretty much torture that this guy inflicted on a helpless infant. 

Confusing account, in that the wife is not clearly identified as the mother. 

Dad is identified as CHRISTOPHER STARKEY.

Christopher Starkey changes plea in child endangering case

Jun. 19, 2013 7:24 PM

Written by Valerie Boateng Staff Writer

COSHOCTON — The grandmother of a baby who was hospitalized for numerous physical injuries in January said she is happy the father has finally admitted his guilt.

Christopher Starkey, the father of C.J. Starkey, changed his pleas to guilty and waived his right to a jury trial Tuesday during a pretrial conference in Coshocton County Common Pleas Court.

“I’m happy (he changed his plea),” Amy Hupp said.

“I think it would be worse on him going through a jury trial because then everything would come out.” 

Starkey, 22, was indicted by a grand jury in February on two second-degree felony charges and one first-degree misdemeanor charge of child endangering after his then-3-month-old son was hospitalized for extensive bruising to his body, bites, broken bones — including 12 fractured ribs — and cigarette burns.

Starkey entered not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity pleas to the three counts in March and underwent an evaluation to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. Results of a Forensic Diagnostic Center District 9 competency evaluation determined he was competent.

Christopher admitted to authorities that the cigarette burns and bites on his son's body were inflicted by him, according to court documents.

Starkey and his co-defendant in the case, his wife and Hupp’s daughter, Kelsey, were living with Hupp when the abuse occurred.

C.J. was removed from the home and is now in the temporary custody of another family member. 

“I’m just ready for this all to be over with. It’s been almost six months and they’re still in the county jail,” Hupp said.

Hupp and her husband, Ed, started undergoing therapy since the baby they helped raise from birth was removed from the home. Hupp said they’re still missing their grandchild but are doing good.

“Now that we know C.J. is happy and healthy, everything has gotten better,” she said. “We see videos and pictures almost daily.”

C.J. is now 8 months old.

Prosecutor Jason Given said a sentencing for Christopher will take place after a pre-sentence investigation is completed.

Kelsey, 20, previously entered guilty pleas on a bill of information to two counts of endangering children, both second-degree felonies. She admitted in a recorded interview to harming the child and will be sentenced at 10 a.m. July 29.

Both remain in custody at the Coshocton County Justice Center — Christopher on a $75,000 bond and Kelsey on a $250,000 bond.

Three brothers "disappeared" by dad to get national attention (Morenci, Michigan)

We've been covering this case since 2010. Still no answers on what dad JOHN SKELTON reaaly did to these boys. Left out here is that all this was rooted in a custody "dispute" (i.e. a power play by dad).

Missing Boys Case To Get National Attention

By: News 10 Updated: Tue 10:19 PM, Jun 18, 2013

Three brothers who disappeared while in their father's care are about to get some national exposure.

A new show highlighting the disappearance of Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton will air on the Lifetime network Wednesday night.

"John Walsh Investigates" will feature their story in hopes of finding answers about their disappearance on Thanksgiving Day 2010.

Walsh and his crew were in Morenci last December, conducting interviews about what happened to the boys.

Their father, John Skelton, said he gave them to an underground organization before he was sentenced to 10-15 years for unlawful imprisonment.

"John Walsh Investigates: Abduction in the Heartland" will air at 9pm on the Lifetime network.

The Morenci Police Chief says he's seen clips of the show and warns parents there could be some sensitive and intense information.

Dad charged with manslaughter in death of 10-week-old son (Fort Lee, New Jersey)

Dad is identified as MICHAEL MARRARA JR.

Fort Lee firefighter charged in death of 10-week-old son

Posted by: Jerry DeMarco
Posted date: June 18, 2013

Bergen authorities have charged a Fort Lee volunteer firefighter in the death of his 10-week-old son, who originally was believed to have died of SIDS last year, CLIFFVIEW PILOT has learned.

Family members at the time said that little Andrew Jeremy Marrara died of SIDS on March 26, 2012.

However, detectives from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office arrested his father, 32-year-old Michael Marrara Jr., and charged him today with first-degree aggravated manslaughter, child endangerment and hindering apprehension.

“We believed that he was involved in the child’s death — it just took a little time for our work to be completed with the Medical Examiner’s Office,” Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli told CLIFFVIEW PILOT this afternoon.

Marrara, an electrician by trade, is a volunteer with Engine Company No. 1 of the Fort Lee Fire Department. He once expressed dreams of working for a local police department.

Marrara posted $250,000 bail hours after his arrest and was released from the Bergen County Jail pending an initial court appearance.

An official release from Molinelli was expected Wednesday.

Non-custodial dad arrested for abducting, recklessly endangering 10-month-old baby in high-speed chase (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)

I'm thinking the authorities made the right call (for once) in not giving this @$$hole custody.

Dad is identified as BARRRINGTON M. DANIEL.

Father Arrested for Recklessly Endangering Child

By Cassandra Duvall

CREATED JUN. 16, 2013

WINNEBAGO COUNTY – Wisconsin State Patrol arrested a man for recklessly endangering a child. 

Authorities say just before 7:30 p.m. Saturday, they began looking for a non-custodial parent who had taken a 10 month-old baby.

A State Trooper found the car just before 8:00 p.m. and the man driving the car with the child inside, started a pursuit, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour. Because of the child in the car, the pursuit was stopped, but the trooper kept the vehicle in sight.

The driver finally came to a railroad crossing with gates down, and a train moving on East Lone Elm. The driver went through first gate and turned parallel with the tracks driving along side of the train and then got stuck in a ditch.

After 30 minutes, the man finally got out of the car with the baby.

No one was hurt, and the child was returned to its mother.

Authorities say, Barrington M. Daniel from Oshkosh was arrested for several charges.

Angry dad denied child visitation on father's day, so he shoots a man in a drive-by (Chicago, Illinois))

I'm sure some tone-deaf fathers rights guys are trying to spin this into a poor daddy story. As usual, it's bullsh**. When the daddies direct their anger at women and children, that tends to be excused. Harder to excuse when Daddy just randomly shoots a guy because "someone had to pay."

Actually this was a good call on Mom's part. Can you imagine this nut job taking care of a crying baby? We'd no doubt have another seriously injured or dead infant on our hands. 

Dad is identified as XAVIER GUZMAN.,0,6844908.story

Police: Man reacts to Father's Day snub with drive-by shooting

 By Rosemary Regina Sobol Tribune reporter 2:28 p.m. CDT, June 18, 2013

A man shot and wounded another man in a drive-by on the West Side because "someone had to pay" after he was not allowed to see his child on Father's Day, police said.

Xavier Guzman, 25, whose nickname is "Lil Bin Laden," has been charged with aggravated battery with a handgun and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

Guzman, of the 900 block of North Kedvale Avenue, is accused of shooting a 21-year-old man in the 2700 block of West 16th Street in the Douglas Park neighborhood early Monday, police said.

After his arrest, Guzman told officers he had an argument with the child's mother after she refused to let him to see the child, according to a police report. He told police he became "enraged" and "wanted to take it out on someone," the report said.

Around 12:15 a.m. Monday, Ogden District beat officers heard two gunshots in the 1600 block of South California Avenue and saw a white SUV traveling south at a high rate of speed. Officers followed and saw Guzman toss a gun out of the driver's side window in the 3100 block of West 23rd Street, according to the report.

The gun, a .38-caliber handgun, was recovered and Guzman was placed into custody after his SUV crashed.

Officers went to Mount Sinai Hospital and learned a man had gone there after being shot in the 2700 block of West 16th Street, police said.

The victim, from the Douglas Park neighborhood, was standing on a sidewalk when the SUV stopped and the driver said to him: "What's up b----?" while pointing the gun at him and a friend, according to a police report.

Guzman then fired several times, striking the 21-year-old man in the right forearm. His condition was stabilized at Mount Sinai, according to the report.

Trial for deadbeat dad accused of beating, choking, and torturing 3-month-old son (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Sounds like this deadbeat dad with a drug problem ended up as a "stay-at-home" dad since he couldn't/wouldn't get a job. Of course, he f***ed that up too, torturing his infant son for a solid month before he was caught. Seems like a real worthless sh** to me. 

Dad is identified as DEREK BULLARD.

Trial begins for Allentown man who allegedly 'beat, choked tortured' three-month-old son

By Colin McEvoy | The Express-Times on June 18, 2013 at 4:01 PM, updated June 18, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Just two days after Father's Day, the trial began today for an Allentown man accused of beating his three-month-old son until he suffered a leg fracture and broken ribs.

Derek Bullard, 24, allegedly abused his son over a one-month span last year, including an instance where he became enraged as he was changing the boy's diaper and twisted his leg until it popped. 

"Father's Day is a day we remember the bond we share with our fathers," said Lehigh County Assistant District Attorney Anna-Kristie Marks.

"For (this child), as he gets older, Father's Day will only remind him that this is the person who beat, choked and tortured him for one month of his short existence at that time," Marks said.

Bullard eventually confessed to police, but first tried to blame the abuse on his 18-month-old daughter, saying she must have accidentally hurt the baby, Marks said.

His trial began today for charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The alleged abuse occurred between May and June 2012.

Bullard previously told police he twisted his son's leg "in a fit of rage," Marks said, and that he would also choke, bite and punch the boy and throw him forcefully into his bassinet.

But during opening arguments today, Bullard's attorney John Baurkot said Bullard was innocent and falsely confessed to police in an attempt to keep his children out of foster care.

Baurkot said Bullard had a past substance abuse problem and was unable to find work, leaving his ex-wife to support the family, which was a source of frustration for Bullard.

Bullard had previously gone through foster care and had bad experiences there, so when his children were hurt, he took the blame so they could stay with their mother, Baurkot said.

"He couldn't take responsibility for his kids, so he felt the one thing he could do was prevent them from going through the trauma he went through himself in foster care," he said.

Bullard had pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in March, a plea that could have resulted in six to 20 years in prison. But he withdrew that plea in April and decided instead to face trial.

Bullard sat silently in court today, wearing black pants and a white dress shirt that barely concealed tattoos on his wrists and neck. Baurkot said he plans to take the stand in his own defense.

The baby was taken to an area hospital last year with a spiral femur fracture, a leg injury often associated with child abuse because it can be inflicted by twisting the leg, Marks said.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered the child had also had two broken ribs and bruises on his right arm that made him cry hysterically when touched.

After Bullard initially confessed to police, he demonstrated on a doll how he hook the baby, twisted his arms and pressed down on his chest with a fist. That video will be shown to the jury during the trial. 

To demonstrate the force with which Bullard pressed the baby's chest, Marks punched the jury box with her fist so hard during opening arguments that her wristwatch broke.

"This defendant tortured his child," she said.

Testimony will continue throughout the week before Judge James Anthony.

Parolee dad accused of attempted murder of mom, abduction of 5-month-old son (San Diego County, California)

Just wanted to spend quality time with his son? Uh, no.

Dad is identified as KENNETH WELCH.

Father in Amber Alert Captured 
Kenneth Welch is accused of assaulting his son's mother and then threatening to harm the baby deputies said

By R. Stickney | Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013 | Updated 9:19 PM PDT

Officials have arrested the suspect in a statewide Amber Alert - a father believed to be high on drugs and traveling with a 5-month-old baby, deputies said.

Kenneth Welch, 42, was wanted for allegedly trying to run over the child's mother at a Valley Center home, deputies said.

He was believed to be heading towards La Jolla or Oceanside with his infant son in the vehicle when the alert was issued Tuesday.

San Diego County sheriff’s deputies spotted a black Toyota pickup with 20-inch chrome rims and license 4X99472 at 958 Mar Vista Drive in Vista.

Deputies said they arrested Welch about a block away from the truck. Officials said the baby was found safe but did not release details about where they located the child.

Welch is a high-risk parolee who has served time in prison.

He's accused of attempting to run down his girlfriend at a Valley Center home around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

When deputies arrived to the home on Poomacha Road they found the woman in need of emergency care. She was transported to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries deputies said.

Officials told the public to be on alert for Welch and the truck saying they thought he was armed and under the influence of methamphetamine. 

Custodial dad of missing baby "present" at other infant's death (Utica, New York)

We've reported on this case before. Dad JAVON WAMELING had assumed temporary custody while Mom was in rehab. Shortly there after, the baby "disappeared" with Dad neglecting to tell anybody for two freaking weeks. Now we find that he is linked to another infant death? Hmm...

4:52 PM

Father of missing baby present at other infant’s death

By: Web Staff

UTICA, N.Y. -- Police confirm that Levon Wameling's father was present at the time of an infant's death several years ago.

Chief Mark Williams said back in 2005, Javon Wameling was sleeping next to his girlfriend when her child died.

He said there was an investigation at the time, but there were no signs of foul play.

Police said they are currently focusing on Javon's missing son, Levon, who disappeared three weeks ago, but wasn't reported missing until just last week.

Williams said they've come a long way since beginning their search.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Single dad arrested for raping 11-year-old daughter (Bhopal, India)

Dad is identified as GOPAL KUMHAR.

Father held for raping 10-year-old daughter for 11 months in Bhopal | Jun 17, 2013, 07:52AM IST 

Bhopal: The police on Saturday arrested a 40-year-old man for allegedly raping his 10-year-old daughter for the past 11 month.

The accused, Gopal Kumhar, was arrested from Nai Basti village on a complaint lodged by his daughter for repeatedly raping her for the past 11 months.

The accused has three children and the victim, a class V student, is the eldest child, the police said, adding that the children's mother had died in a road accident two years ago.

The girl first informed about the crime to her aunt living in the neighbourhood on Friday night when the accused again tried to assault her, they said.

Her aunt then took the girl to the police station and lodged a written complaint against her father, they said.

Medical examination of the girl confirmed sexual assault, the police said.

The victim also mentioned that her father had threatened to kill her if she disclosed about the assault to anyone, they said.

Dad charged with selling heroin while holding 8-month-old daughter (Central Islip, New York)

Dad is identified as TYREEK LANGS, but what happened to the baby's mother? She has been erased from the story. Why is the baby now in the custody of the (father's?) great grandmother?

Crime Report: Father Sells Heroin While Holding 8-Month-Old

Crime, Local News By Eric Anderson Published: June 15 2013

Police said that they arrested a man on Thursday for selling heroin in Central Islip. According to a press release, Tyreek Langs was holding his 8-month-old baby as he sold heroin to a waiting buyer.

Fourth Squad detectives along with officers from the Crime Control Section were conducting surveillance at the time of the incident.

Officials said that they watched Langs exit his home at 45 Peters Blvd. with his daughter in his arms around 3 p.m. He walked to the corner of Peters Boulevard and Kelly Avenue, and sold and unspecified amount of heroin to a buyer.

Police immediately arrested Langs, they did not say how much heroin the 23-year-old had on him at the time. Langs was held at the 4th precinct and was scheduled for arraignment on Friday.

He is facing charges including Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Child Protective Services were notified, and Langs' daughter was released into the custody of her great grandmother.

Convicted child porn dad accused of secretly filming teen daughter, her boyfriend (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Dad is identified as TROY FITZGERALD NIEBLING. No mention here of what happened to the mother of this girl, or where she was when sicko daddy was filming through the daughter's bedroom window.

This lame @$$ had been convicted of child porn before. Why was he allowed around kids at all?

Father faces felonies for secretly filming 'intimate acts' of teen daughter and boyfriend

June 17, 2013 · 8:49 AM

A San Juan Island man accused of secretly taking photographs and video footage of his teenage daughter and her boyfriend having sex, and of storing those images on his computer, will stand trial on a pair of sex-related felonies in mid-August.

On May 15, Troy Fitzgerald Niebling, 48, pleaded not guilty in San Juan County Superior Court to one count of voyeurism, a Class C felony, and to one count of first-degree possession of sexually explicit depictions of a minor, a Class B felony. He was released under court orders pending trial, which is slated to begin Aug. 12.

According to court documents, the daughter, now in her early 20's, notified local authorities in December about sexually explicit images of her and a boyfriend taken without their consent and that were stored on her father's computer. She reportedly confronted him about the images the month before.

Detectives were supplied with copies of the images that had been retrieved by a sibling and a friend from a faulty hard-drive the man had reportedly replaced several months earlier.

Authorities claim that the photos and video were taken by Niebling in late spring of 2009, through a window of the girl's bedroom at their Sutton Road home. She was 17 at the time. The images reportedly were still on the hard drive as of September of 2012.

According to court records, Niebling was convicted in Minnesota in 1992 of possession of child pornography. He would face maximum penalties of 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine, or both, if convicted of the Class B felony; five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both, in convicted of the lesser offense.

Dad accused of leaving 2-month-old son in the woods after assaulting baby's mother (Portsmouth, Virginia)

Dad is identified as AYRTON TRANNIE WRIGHT.

Dad accused of leaving infant in woods

Updated: Monday, 17 Jun 2013, 12:14 PM EDT Published : Monday, 17 Jun 2013, 12:14 PM EDT Rachel West

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) - A 22-year-old man is facing a slew of charges after an infant was left in a wooded area during a domestic incident Monday morning.

Jan Clark with the Portsmouth Police Department said officers responded to the 100 block of Corprew Drive around 1:15 a.m. for a report of a woman being assaulted by the father of her child. When officers arrived, they found the victim suffering abrasions and contusions to her face and head.

Witnesses told police the suspect, identified as Ayrton Trannie Wright, 22, ran into a wooded area near Turnpike Road. Officers spotted him and took him into custody, but were told by the victim that her 2-month-old baby was missing.

Clark said officers went back to the wooded area and found the infant on the ground near a tree. He did not suffer any injuries in the incident and was returned to his mother.

Wright has been charged with assault and battery as well as abuse and neglect.

Dad arrested on father's day for alleged child endangerment (Wichita, Kansas)

Despite all the kissy-poo rhetoric you hear around father's day, child abuse actually jumps that day. Probably because so many fathers are pressured into spending time with the kids, or have visitation.


Dad arrested on Father’s Day for alleged child endangerment

Published: Monday, June 17, 2013, 12:37 pm

WICHITA, Kansas — A Wichita man was arrested on Father’s Day for an alleged case of child endangerment.

The 31-year-old man took three children into a fast food restaurant near Pawnee and West Street, but police say he left a 3-year-old boy in the car.

Police say two people noticed the little boy alone in the car and kept watching to see if someone would return for him. After 30 minutes, they reported it to authorities.

It was 5:40 Sunday evening and police say the heat index was 95 degrees. They say the temperature inside the car was even hotter.

“The problem is leaving a child in the vehicle, regardless of weather conditions, is not acceptable,” said Lt. Doug Nolte, Wichita Police Department.

Police arrested the father. The 3 year old and the three other children, ages 4, 5 and 6, were released to the care of other family members.

Police don’t know why the father left the youngest child in the car.

“Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, whether you are running into a store or not, whether you’re leaving the vehicle on, is dangerous,” said Nolte.

Dad charged with capital murder in death of 2-month-old son; baby's skull fractured during Dad's visitation (Houston, Texas)

Why 2-month-old babies should not be subjected to visitation with sperm donors....

Dad is identified as JOSHUA CLAY.

Dad charged with capital murder in baby's death

Updated at 01:49 PM today

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Two-month-old Jaden Clay died back in March, and now, his father is charged with capital murder in the infant's death.

On March 11, Jaden was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered he had a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain and a liver laceration. He died four days later.

According to court documents, doctors says the injuries were consistent with abuse, and the explanations given by Jaden's father and other witnesses didn't explain the baby's wounds.

Jaden's mother reportedly told police that she had dropped the baby off with his father, and when she picked him up two days later, he wasn't responding normally. She says the baby's father told her he had rolled over the baby, and that the child had scratched his eyes.

Joshua Clay, 28, is charged with capital murder. No bond has been set.

Custodial dad charged in death of 2-year-old son; boy died from multiple skull fractures (Oroville, California)

Another one of those cases where dad's custodial status is well-disguised. First we see the reference to dad MICHAEL LESLIE DOLLAR's "girlfriend." Usually, this is not the mother or the reporter would say so--though some reporters are sloppy. Also notice, however, that it is later clarified that the little boy "lived with" his father--which wouldn't have to be stated if he was married to the biological mother. Also notice the references to a half brother, which also tend to confirm that the "girlfriend" is not the mother of the murdered child.

This poor little boy's skull was fractured in five places before he died. Who gave this father custody and why? What happened to the mother?

Father faces charges in 16-month-old's 2010 death

Staff Reports
Posted: 06/17/2013 12:33:49 PM PDT

OROVILLE — The father of a 16-month-old boy who died two years ago with severe head injuries was arrested Thursday in connection with the toddler's death.

Bangor resident Michael Leslie Dollar, 25, will be arraigned today on a charge of assault on a child causing death, according to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey.

Oroville Police Department has been investigating the case for two years.

Nov. 11, 2010, Dollar and his girlfriend took 16-month-old Deagan Jackson to the emergency room at Oroville Hospital with unknown injuries.

Hospital officials called the police department and reported the baby had a grave head injury, according to earlier reports.

The baby was transferred to U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, but was pronounced dead the next morning.

Dollar lived with the boy in Oroville at the time of the incident. Ramsey said Dollar initially told police the boy had been playing in a bedroom with his 2-year-old half brother and that he believed Deagan had fallen out of his bed.

An autopsy determined the cause of death was blunt-force trauma. The child's skull was fractured in five places, Ramsey said.

Dollar is in custody at Butte County Jail with bail set at $1 million. He could face a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Teen daughter beheads father after he repeatedly raped her (Papua New Guinea)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice that the rapes took place when the mother was out of the house visiting relatives.

Teenage Girl Beheads Father Following A Violent Rape

Agence France Presse Today 9:08 PM

A teenage girl beheaded her father with a bush knife after he raped her at their home in Papua New Guinea, a report said Monday, with community leaders protecting her, saying the man deserved to die.

The Post-Courier newspaper said the 18-year-old chopped her father’s head clean off after he repeatedly raped her last Tuesday night in their village in the poverty-stricken Pacific nation’s Western Highlands.

The report cited a pastor as saying the father, in his mid-40s, had three other children and raped his daughter when they were alone in the house after the mother and the other siblings visited relatives.

Pastor Lucas Kumi said the man went to his daughter’s room in the night and raped her repeatedly.

“The father wanted to rape his daughter again in the morning inside the house and that was when the young girl picked up the bush knife and chopped her father’s head off,” he said.

Community leaders are now refusing to hand the girl over to police, vowing to protect her.

“The people and leaders in our area went and saw the headless body of the father after the girl reported the incident to the leaders and the people and told her story of why she had killed her father,” said Kumi.

The daughter did what she did because of the trauma and the evil actions of her father so that is why we have all agreed that she remains in the community.

Violent crime, as well as witchcraft, is rife in Papua New Guinea with the government last month voting to revive the death penalty in a bid to deter offenders after a series of high-profile grisly incidents.

Brutality against women, including domestic violence and rape, is also endemic in the country.

Dad accused of using hangers, nails on sons (Owasso, Oklahoma)

Dad is identified as LEE THAO. No mention of a mother in the home. Is there one?

Owasso Father Accused of Using Hangers, Nails on Sons
Posted: Jun 17, 2013 1:55 PM EDT Updated: Jun 17, 2013 2:15 PM EDT

An Owasso father was arrested over the weekend for reportedly using clothes hangers and nails on his children as tools for punishment.

Owasso Police arrested Lee Thao and booked him on one complaint of child abuse by a caretaker last Friday. He was taken into custody at his house near the 13900 block of E. 83rd St. North.

According to the booking report, officers were called to Thao's residence after numerous complaints were made of banging noises and children screaming. When one of the officers arrived at the apartment they found Thao "very nervous and quickly answered everything was fine."

Thao's two sons could be seen from the doorway and reportedly had red, watery eyes and had been crying. "I could also see what appeared to be recent injuries (welts) on each of the boys' arms."

Upon further investigation inside the apartment, the officer was told by the children that they had just gotten in trouble for fighting. Both boys told him that in addition to Thao using plastic hangers, he slapped them in the face as well.

At the apartment the officer retrieved the hangers Thao used and a nail he would use to poke the children "up and down the forearm," according to the release. He also used a toy shotgun and a phone charger wire during their punishment.

Thao is now being held on $25,000 bond and due in court next week.

Dad convicted of manslaughter in death of young daughter (United Kingdom)

Dad is identified as BENJAMIN CURTIS. No mention of a mother in the home.

29pm, Mon 17 Jun 2013

Girl died after violent shaking by father

Last updated Mon 17 Jun 2013UK

A father who violently shook his baby daughter, leaving her with severe brain damage which contributed to her death, was today jailed for two years after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Ocean Elliot was three and half months when Benjamin Curtis 'lost control' and caused injuries which left his daughter functionally blind and suffering from severe seizures. She died just over two years later having contracted swine flu after complications caused by injuries inflicted by Curtis.

Ocean was forced to spend long periods in hospital and, despite the fact the assault had taken place two years earlier, a court heard that the injuries she suffered were a significant contributory factor in the cause of her death.

Curtis, 30, from Mallard Close, Eastbourne was due to stand trial for manslaughter but changed his plea to guilty at Guildford Crown Court today. The court heard that Ocean had been left in his care at an address in Sheerwater, Woking, on the night of 2 April 2007.

Curtis called on a neighbour that night claiming his daughter had started shaking and shivering when he went to change her nappy. He called for an ambulance and later told doctors that Ocean had bumped her head on the side of her cot.

However later medical examinations concluded that the injuries she had suffered were as a result of head trauma caused by shaking. Curtis was arrested and at first denied causing Ocean any harm.

He eventually admitted to detectives that he 'lost control momentarily' and shook her four or five times back and forth. He was previously jailed for 20 months in April 2008 after admitting assault occasioning GBH.

After her health deteriorated, Ocean died on 18 August 2009 at St Thomas' Hospital, London, aged two years and eight months. Curtis was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in November 2009 and, following medical reports and advice, was charged in September 2011.

Detective Chief Inspector Juliet Parker said: "The actions of Curtis that night left a young baby with terrible injuries from which she never recovered.

"Ocean was a healthy and vibrant young baby, but the consequences of the violent shaking left her suffering from severe ill-health for the rest of her young life."

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad found guilty of 2nd-degree murder in death of 7-week-old daughter (Fort Myers, Florida)

Dad is identified as STEVEN CANTRELL.

34 years for dad in N. Fort Myers infant death

Posted: Jun 14, 2013 10:36 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 14, 2013 4:19 PM EDT

By Matt Wright, Reporter

A judge found a North Fort Myers man guilty of second degree murder in connection to the death of his 7-week-old daughter.

On Friday morning, a judge sentenced Steven Cantrell to 34 years in prison after his baby girl Jada died under his care last March.

Cantrell changed his original plea of no contest.

"When my daughter died, a part of me died with her. I only had seven short weeks with my firstborn daughter. Parents should never have to bury their child," said Jada's mother, Faith Boyki at the court hearing.

On March 23, 2012, Lee County deputies got a 911 call from a home on Palm Creek Drive in North Fort Myers in regards to an unresponsive infant.

Paramedics rushed Jada to the hospital, but it was too late.

Doctors reported finding multiple skull fractures and severe head trauma.

Cantrell was arrested and charged with first degree felony murder.

Family members spoke out in court as an emotionless Cantrell changed his plea.

He denied harming Jada in the past, but now pleads no contest.

"Just the other day I was thinking and wondering: if Jada could talk or speak, what would she say to both of her parents," said Jada's grandmother Deborah Boyki.

"My mind just wonders what could she look like, what personality she would have. All I was left with was seven short weeks of memories I had with her," said Jada's mom.

While the conviction means justice and closure, Boyski still feels a great loss.

"There's nothing that will bring back my daughter," she said.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dad with "split custody" on trial for abusing 8-year-old daughters (Moulton, Tennessee)

Dad is identified as MITCHELL BRELAND.

Girls testify in ex-officer’s abuse trial

Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2013 12:02 am | Updated: 7:40 am, Thu Jun 13, 2013.

By Meredith Qualls For the TimesDaily

MOULTON — The 8-year-old twin daughters of former Moulton police officer Mitchell Breland appeared oblivious to the impact of the moment as they testified Wednesday in the child-abuse trial of their father.

In opening-day testimony, each girl told jurors they were whipped with a belt as punishment for smoking a cigarette, 12 strikes total, one for each year before the legal smoking age. Both were 7 at the time of the Aug. 10 incident.

Breland, 28, who sat stoically as the girls testified in Lawrence County Circuit Court, is accused of two counts of torture, willful abuse of a child under 18.

Both his daughters said they cried a little, “but not for very long,” and did not see bruising until later in the day when they undressed to shower.

Breland and his ex-wife, Jaime DeMoss Bradfield, have split custody of the twins.

When the girls were back in Bradfield’s care the next day, they were taken to Parkway Medical Center, where they were evaluated for dark purple bruising that extended from the lower back to the knee, according to Bradfield’s testimony. There, the incident was reported to the Department of Human Resources.

Defense attorney Brian White said in opening statements that the girls were punished by Breland for stealing cigarettes from a neighbor’s porch and smoking them.

About 15 minutes after the punishment, the girls appeared before their neighbor to apologize, according to the defense.

Text messages between the parents of the children allegedly showed that Breland informed Bradfield that he had caught them smoking and was going to “beat their (expletive).” The mother replied, “We grounding them?” and in a separate message told Breland, “Don’t beat them too hard lol.”

Breland and Bradfield were married when the twins were born, but they separated when the children were 14 months old.

In a later message, Bradfield reprimanded Breland for spanking the girls so hard. He expressed remorse and responded that it would not happen again, according to prosecutors. Bradfield also inquired of the girls’ condition after the spanking, asking, “How are our little smokers?”

Human resources agents from Morgan and Cullman counties both testified that, judging from the photos, the bruises were consistent with child abuse.

Stacy Thiot, a former physician’s assistant at Parkway Medical Center, observed the twins and evaluated the bruises at the time of the incident. In her testimony, she said the girls were playful.

“They didn’t appear to be getting down and off the (physician’s) table in a lot of pain,” she said.

After evaluating the leg bruises, Thiot did not take blood samples or undress the girls to look for additional bruising, the procedure outlined in the Atlas of Emergency Medicine.

On Aug. 28, the children were taken to Cramer Children’s Center in Florence, where they were interviewed by Monica Haddock, director of forensics.

In a video of the interview, shown in court by the prosecution, one child answered, “I forgot” to several questions regarding the incident and later said, “I feel super scared” of her father. In court, defense attorney White asked the girl if she wanted to continue living with both parents on an alternating basis. “Yes,” she said.

Breland was arrested after an investigation by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation concluded the photos and text messages between the parents were consistent with child abuse.

He was with the Moulton Police Department for more than a year when he was placed on administrative leave with pay and later terminated after charges were filed.

The trial will continue at 9:30 a.m. today.

Dad arrested for death of 1-year-old son (Baldwin Park, California)

Dad is identified as DAVID VAZQUEZ. No mention of a mother in the home.

Baldwin Park Father Arrested In Death Of 1-Year-Old Son

June 13, 2013 7:57 AM

BALDWIN PARK ( — A father has been arrested on suspicion of murder in the death of his 1-year-old son.

David Vazquez, 32, of Baldwin Park, was arrested around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday by Baldwin Park police, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Joshua Vazquez, 21 months, died at a hospital around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after being transported from a home in the 3700 block of Downing Avenue, according to Sheriff’s investigators.

The boy reportedly suffered head and neck injuries.

Additional details surrounding the circumstances of the child’s death were not released.

Vazquez was being held on $1 million bail at the Los Angeles County Jail.

He is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dad kills mom, two daughters in murder-suicide (Downers Grove, Illinois)

The killer dad is identified as DAVID ANDRUS.

Family of 4 dead in Downers Grove ID'd

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Jason Knowles

June 12, 2013

(DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.) (WLS) -- DuPage County authorities have identified the four people found dead inside a home in unincorporated Downers Grove in an apparent murder-suicide. One person was able to get out of the house unharmed.

Jeana Andrus, 48, Jessica Andrus, 22, Jennifer Andrus, 16, and David Andrus, 50, died from apparent gunshot wounds, and all were family members.

DuPage County investigators did not say Wednesday exactly what happened inside the home in the 500-block of Oldfield around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police responded Tuesday to a disturbance at a home and found four people dead inside. Family spokesperson Racheal Steinhaus, who lives near the home, said a father shot and killed his wife and their two daughters.

Steinhaus also says two young boys, cousins, were also staying at the house and that one of them there at the time, but he got out safely. Currently, those boys and their father are staying with Steinhaus, she says, as they await details from investigators.

 For several hours Tuesday, dozens of heavily armed police officers, many in full SWAT gear, took over the block.

"It is scary. There were helicopters hovering around, and you don't expect anything to happen in this neighborhood. It is quiet and peaceful," said neighbor Sandy Youngren.

"One of the officers came and had a rifle in his hand and rang my bell and said get everybody in the basement and lock the doors, and he left," neighbor Jennifer Mazzei said. "We all got in the basement, and it was a little scary." "This appears to be an isolated incident. There is no danger to anyone in the neighborhood," said Dawn Domrose of the DuPage Co. Sheriff's Office.

Steinhaus says she was friends with the girls who died.

"One of them was quiet, like, if you said, 'Hi,' she would say, 'Hi,' and if you wanted to keep the conversation going, but she didn't want to, she would just walk away. The other one was out there, she wanted to be liked, she wanted to be noticed. She wanted somebody to pay attention to her, talk to her," Steinhaus said.

Another neighbor who was close with the family left a rose outside the home Wednesday morning and said a prayer.

"The daughters, as I understand, were wonderful people, and clearly, they deserved a better fate than they got. I think, in time, the whole community will be seeking answers," said Kelley Glisan.

This is not the first time violence has touched the neighborhood. One block away, Jeffrey and Lori Kramer and their adult son, Michael, were killed in their home in 2010.

"You can't help but feel horrible sadness for that family right now. Obviously, very much a reminiscent sadness for the Kramer family," said neighbor Janet Viane.

Dad jailed for abusing infant son (United Kingdom)


Burnley dad jailed for cruelty to baby son

JAILED: The man was jailed for three years

Published on the 12 June 2013 12:08

An inadequate young father caused a catalogue of serious injuries to his baby son, a court was told.

He twice broke the tiny infant’s arm as well as his shin and caused severe tissue damage over five months by forcefully pulling and twisting his limbs. The first injury was caused when the baby was two months old.

The man (23), who lives in Burnley, was jailed for three years at Burnley Crown Court after pleading guilty to five counts of child cruelty and he was given a lifetime ban from working with children.

Consultant paediatrician, Dr Nicholas Wild, who examined the baby for an earlier court hearing said all the injuries were the result of considerable force, caused by gripping, squeezing and twisting so that the muscle was crushed against bone. 

“The baby would have experienced marked pain and discomfort and would have screamed and cried for several minutes,” he said. “He would have had several days of discomfort when dressing or undressing and his significant pain and discomfort would have been obvious”.

The injuries eventually came to light in November 2010 when the baby was taken to hospital. Doctors discovered he was carrying an injury he had had for two weeks. Social services were called in an the boy was put in the care of foster parents.

“That young boy must have been in terrible pain,” said Mr Recorder Tony Cross, who slammed the father for the grief he had also caused to his family, who were arrested on suspicion of causing the injuries.

“Your own mother and father, both sets of grandparents and you partner were arrested. One can only imagine how appalling it must have been for innocent grandparents to have been arrested for injuring a grandchild that they loved.”

The father eventually admitted his guilt in a family hearing at Blackburn County Court before Her Honour Judge Barbara Watson. Initially, he denied any violence towards the child but later said he had fallen with the baby, and that must have caused the injury. Two radiologists said this was not true. Judge Barbara Watson said ‘the court is satisfied that the father perpetrated the injury, but not satisfied it has heard the whole truth’.”

The Crown court was told the child’s mother fell pregnant shortly after the couple met, and that he had not been interested. However, when she moved into her own home after the boy was born the father frequently stayed there and looked after the baby when she was unwell. She first noticed there was something wrong with the baby’s arm in July 2010, but nothing was picked up by hospital staff.

In his statement, the father said he injured the child four days before they took him to hospital. The child woke in the night but would not feed, so he twisted his arm. About a month later the mother went out after they argued, so he yanked the boy’s forearm. One night in October he pulled and twisted the boy’s leg because he would not stop crying when he changed his nappy. In December the mother said she wanted to leave him, so he pushed the baby’s arm.

Dad kills 10-year-old son in murder-suicide (Panama City, Florida)

Dad is identified as PHILLIP STEVENS. Although there is mention of a teenager in the home and other unnamed "family members," there is no mention of the mother.

Father Kills 10-Year-Old Son, Then Himself in Suspected Murder-Suicide on Panama City Beach

Posted: Jun 12, 2013 4:08 AM EDT Updated: Jun 12, 2013 6:35 PM EDT

By Ken McVay
By Caitlin Lawrence

A Panama City Beach community is trying to understand what happened on their quiet street late Tuesday night. The Bay County Sheriff's Office believes a father shot his young son then turned the gun on himself.

Deputies responded to 2508 Shady Oak Court after they received a call about a shooting incident. They said they found Phillip Stevens dead inside the home and his 10-year old son Joshua suffering from gunshot wounds. Joshua was transported to a hospital in critical condition but later died from those wounds.

Investigators said there were other family members in the home at the time of the shooting. They've been able to help piece together some of what happened.

The question on so many minds is "why?" Investigators said it's an answer they simply don't have.

"I'm not real sure that we have the full answer to that right now. Obviously, Mr. Stephens would be the only one that could fully answer that question. It's a very tragic situation. It's my understanding that he has threatened suicide in the past, but we really do not have a clear understanding of what may have precipitated this," said Major Tommy Ford with the Sheriff's Office.

Patrick Upchurch lives next door to the family on Shady Oak Court. Although he wasn't home when the shooting occurred, he said he's trying to cope with what happened and support the family.

"They've always been real nice to me. I've never seen no problems or anything. It's really devastating hearing about it when I got home last night, what had happened. I can't believe it really happened," said Upchurch.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators are still looking into the shooting incident. They do not suspect the family members in the home played a role.


UPDATE: The man and his son who were the victims of a murder suicide on Panama City Beach have been identified.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office responded to a call in reference to a shooting at 2508 Shady Oak Court at about 11:00 p.m. last evening, June 11, 2013.

Deputies arrived to find Phillip Stephens dead at the scene by a gunshot and his 10 year old son Joshua Stephens also shot, but still alive. EMS also responded and Joshua Stephens was taken to a local hospital where he later passed.

BCSO Criminal Investigations and Crime Scene Unit responded to the home and began an investigation into the incident and a forensic examination of the scene.

Investigators now believe Phillip Stephens shot his son and then turned the gun on himself. A teenage family member was also in the home at the time of the shooting but did not witness the incident. However, a statement taken by investigators from this family member is consistent with evidence recovered at the scene. Statements from other family members reveal Phillip Stephens had a history of threatening suicide.


A father and his 10-year-old son are dead after a suspected murder-suicide, according to Bay County Sheriff's Office deputies.

Authorities responded to a call at 2508 Shady Oak Court on Panama City Beach at 11 p.m. on Tuesday. They say a father shot his 10-year-old son and then turned the gun on himself.

The father was pronounced dead on the scene. The child was taken to Bay Medical Center with head trauma, where he later died, officials said.

They also say other family members were in the home at the time of the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing and News 13 will provide more details as the story develops.

Custodial dad waits 2 weeks to report "disappearance" of 9-month-old son; dad has history of weapons, drug arrests (Utica, New York)

What an interesting series of events. "Shortly" after dad JEVON WAMELING gained custody, the baby (allegedly) "disappeared." But Dad said nothing about it until his own mother asked him about the baby's whereabouts--TWO WEEKS LATER.

Why was this guy granted custody? Obviously, the mother couldn't care for the baby while she was in rehab. But despite her issues, she kept the baby alive and present for nine months. Something Daddy can't claim. 

Somebody else should have assumed custody, obviously. But fathers rights so dominate these days, that fathers get custody with no questions asked.

2 weeks after boy disappears, police search for clues 
Police: Utica father didn't report 9-month-old missing for 2 weeks 

By ROCCO LaDUCA Observer-Dispatch
Posted Jun 12, 2013 @ 10:45 AM Last update Jun 12, 2013 @ 05:51 PM

UTICA — Why would a parent wait two weeks to report that his 9-month-old son had gone missing? 

That’s what Utica police are now trying to figure out after Jevon Wameling, 27, came forward Tuesday afternoon to reveal that his baby, Levon, disappeared on May 29 after he left the boy on his front porch in East Utica for a matter of minutes.

But more urgently, Utica police and New York State Police K-9 units spent several hours Wednesday searching the streets and wooded areas around 748 Jay St. for any clues about what happened to Levon.

Although police are not yet saying whether they believe Levon is dead or alive, they did say that Wameling is currently a “person of interest” in his son’s disappearance.

“Most people can draw their own conclusions whether his actions were suspicious or not,” Utica police Sgt. Steve Hauck said. “Suffice it to say that there is essentially no explanation for why you wouldn’t report a child missing after two weeks.”

According to Wameling’s version of events – which has already begun to make national news, officials said – Wameling took Levon for a late-night walk around the block May 29 because the boy was having trouble sleeping.

When Wameling and his son returned home around 11:30 p.m., Wameling said his front door was locked so he left Levon, wearing only a diaper, on the front porch briefly while he went around back to climb in through an upper window, Hauck said. Once Wameling opened the front door from the inside, that’s when he discovered that Levon was no where to be found.

Two weeks went by until Wameling’s concerned mother confronted her son and asked where the baby was, Hauck said. That’s when Wameling finally said he was gone.

Wameling’s family contacted a local attorney, who then reached out to the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office. The attorney was advised to contact Utica police, at which time the attorney brought Wameling to the police station for questioning at 3:20 p.m. Wednesday, Hauck said.

The attorney, however, made clear he was not representing Wameling in this matter, Hauck said. 

Shortly before Levon went missing, the boy’s mother had gone to a drug rehabilitation facility, leaving Wameling to be Levon’s sole caretaker, Hauck said. Police have since contacted Levon’s mother, who is Wameling’s girlfriend, and they plan to question her in the near future.

For now, however, police have to play “catch-up” two weeks later without knowing whether Levon’s disappearance is an actual abduction case or something worse.

For those in the neighborhood where police focused all their attention Wednesday morning, they found Wameling’s story hard to swallow.

“There’s no way I believe that anyone would get up and take that baby away,” said Reaver Singleton, who often keeps her eye on the block from her window late at night. “It doesn’t sound right, not in this area.”

But even if someone did quickly snatch Levon, Singleton wondered how any parent would let days and weeks go by without reporting the child’s disappearance.

Wameling’s landlord, Guy Palmieri, agreed. But knowing the type of second-floor tenant Wameling was for about four years, Palmieri said he doubts Wameling would be capable of harming his son. Wameling would frequently lock himself out of his apartment, Palmieri said, and occasionally would annoy his downstairs neighbor with loud music.

“I just don’t believe something bad happened, at least by him,” Palmieri said of Wameling. “I just don’t see him to be that kind of person, being mean to children.”

Wameling has had a history of minor encounters with police over the years, including a variety of drug and weapon arrests, according to O-D archives. In 2010, Wameling was charged with escaping police custody and with attempting to strike a police officer during his arrest. 

As police hope to talk to any family or friends who knew Wameling, investigators are also checking family court records for any custody disputes involving Levon that might suggest someone is hiding the boy.

Police have also reached out to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the missing person unit of the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. By Wednesday afternoon, the Missing and Exploited Children center had agreed to send several retired investigators to offer Utica police insight about what clues they should look for in this missing child case.

“Our goal is to find this kid,” Utica police Chief Mark Williams said. “Basically, manpower and overtime is not our concern. We will leave no stone unturned.”

Anyone with information about Levon’s whereabouts can call the Utica Police Department at 735-3301.

Babysitting dad disappears; 4-year-old sons found wandering the streets (Bradenton, Florida)

Babysitting dad DOMINICK HAWKINS apparently f***ed up and abandoned the kids. But then he allegedly has a drug problem and a criminal record, so really, what can you expect? You get what you pay for.

With Fathers Day approaching, we're once again seeing all the pious bleating on why fathers are so so necessary. 

A great dad is a great thing. I adore my father. 

But not all fathers are great. Some of them are a disaster. And the disastrous ones are not "necessary." This is just pure propaganda used to guilt-trip moms into "involving" druggies, criminals, batterers, deadbeats, and other n'er-do-wells because they made a five-minute sperm contribution to your offspring. The results are utterly predictable.

Father sought after young boys found wandering streets

Detectives are now looking for the boys’ father, Dominick Hawkins. They said he has a criminal record and may have a drug problem.

By Summer Smith, Reporter Last Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 5:21 PM 

BRADENTON -- Manatee County deputies are searching for a man whose children were found wandering alone in an East Bradenton neighborhood.

The twin 4-year old boys were found around 10:15 pm in the Oneco area Tuesday.

Kim Todd heard the boys' cries for help while inside her home.

"I was just inside watching TV and everybody, my kids, were sleeping," she said. "And all of the sudden I heard some screams from little kids and I'm like what is going on."

When Todd opened the door, she was shocked to see the boys outside all alone.

"I said come here, come here and tell me what's wrong," she said. "They were just screaming, 'We're looking for our dad, we can't find our dad, and our mom is asleep.' They were just really confused."

Todd said the boys told her multiple stories. She said they told her their dad went into a nearby home and never came back, and that they were left home alone and left to search for their parents.

While trying to calm them down, she called 911. The boys crying for their parents can be heard on the 911 recording.

Manatee sheriff's deputies searched the area for the boys' home and parents. They were unsuccessful.

With no parents to claim them or home to go to, Child Protective Services took the boys into custody to care for them.

Three hours after they were found, the children’s mother called to report them missing.

She told investigators she went out do laundry and left the children with their father. She said when she returned, they were gone.

Detectives are now looking for the boys’ father, Dominick Hawkins. They said he has a criminal record and may have a drug problem.

 Hawkins now faces possible child neglect charges.

As of Wednesday night, the Manatee County Sheriff’s office said the boys were still in protective custody.