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Dad found guilty of sex crimes against disabled daughter (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

UNNAMED DAD, who admits to being an alcoholic but not to being a molester.

B.C. father guilty of sex crimes against disabled daughter

The Canadian Press
Published Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012 10:01AM EST

VICTORIA - A provincial court judge has found a Nanaimo, B.C., father guilty of sexual assault and touching for a sexual purpose in two incidents involving his disabled daughter.

A trial was held in late November after a school counsellor called the Ministry of Children and Family Development following allegations by the teenager, who said the incidents occurred after her 12th birthday.

During the trial, the father admitted to being an alcoholic but flatly denied the sex abuse allegations made by the girl who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

The defence called the man, and the girl's mother, grandmother and aunt to testify, arguing the girl may have made stories up because she was angry she was not able to attend a ceremonial potlatch in Gold River, B.C.

But Judge Evan Blake said in a written ruling that while there were some difficulties with the girl's evidence -- likely because her mental capacity is compromised -- that did not seriously affect the teen's credibility.

He noted the Crown presented a strong case, and while he couldn't determine for sure how many times the father engaged in sexually inappropriate behaviour, he was satisfied the incidents she described occurred essentially as she described them.

Dad arrested in drive-by shooting of two kids, their mother (Virginia Beach, Virginia)


Father charged in Virginia Beach shooting

David Lee Stanley Whitehurst, 37, of Virginia Beach was being held without bond.

By Lauren King The Virginian-Pilot December 28, 2012


A 37-year-old man was arrested after his family was shot at while they were driving in the Chimney Hill Parkway area Thursday night.

About 11:30 p.m., Virginia Beach police officers were in the 800 block of Chimney Hill Parkway when they heard several gunshots in the area. The officers then spotted a white vehicle driving down the road at a high rate of speed, a police news release said. Officers stopped the vehicle and the victims said that they were fleeing the area after shots were fired from another vehicle that had been following them. 

Police said there were no injuries.

David Lee Stanley Whitehurst was taken into custody a short time later at his home. The Virginia Beach man was charged with three counts of attempted malicious assault and three counts of use of a firearm, a police news release said. He was being held at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center without bond.

He is the father of two of the victims and the estranged husband of another, police said in the news release.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two kids, ages 6 and 4, found wandering in the snow during meth head daddy's Christmas visitation time (South Bend, Indiana)

This story is told from the perspective of the Good Samaritan that found these children. 

Which is lovely, but certain facts get buried. And a lot of the back story is totally omitted. 

Buried in all this: That the mother of these kids had dropped these kids off on Christmas for visitation with their meth head daddy. He was apparently so f***ed up that he had no clue that the kids were out wandering in subzero temperatures, hoping to find their way back to Mom's house. Neither of the kids had coats, and it appears that 4-year-old had filthy diapers. 

Notice that Mom is being punished for the father's actions by having her kids taken away by CPS, and the authorities are investigating her "whereabouts" on the day the kids were found wandering. As if that was even relevant. 

Not mentioned at all: Was Mom REQUIRED to drop these kids off as part of a court-ordered visitation agreement? Notice that the question isn't even raised. If she was receiving child support, it is extremely likely that this POS of a father was granted his visitation "rights." Especially in Indiana, which is a strong fathers rights state. If she did not comply, the reality is that she would likely face jail and/or lose custody. Yet she is going to be crucified anyway for "failing" to protect them.  Can't win for losing....

Father jailed after kids found walking the street on freezing Christmas Day

December 28, 2012|By JEFF HARRELL | South Bend Tribune

The Granger mom couldn't believe her eyes.

Driving along County Line Road headed to her parents' home Christmas Day with her own two daughters in tow, the mother passed two small children walking on the shoulder dangerously close to the icy roadway.

The little girl was 6. The 4-year-old boy appeared small for his age. Both wandered helplessly susceptible to the below-freezing elements as cars whizzed past.

"It was very cold," says the woman, whose name is being withheld from this story.

"They didn't have any coats on. They just had a jacket, like a sweatshirt type of thing. And the little boy wasn't even wearing his jacket. It looked like she just threw it over him ... a sweatshirt type thing, real thin."

The mom turned the car around and headed back to the two tykes. Stopped on the side of the road, she pulled both children into her car and asked what they were doing.

Both kids were hungry, she says. The little girl was "upset," yet "motherly" toward her younger brother. "

She said they had bran flakes and macaroni and cheese that day. I thought that was sad because it was Christmas."

The little boy wore diapers that were heavily soiled. "It was so smelly and bad, it looked like it hadn't been changed all day," she said, adding that by this time she had called 911 while two other motorists also stopped to help.

With tears running down her cheeks as the woman cradled her head inside the warm car, the little girl gave an address and proceeded to say how she and her little brother wound up wandering in the freezing cold on a busy road.

"They said they were walking to their mother's house. I asked, 'Where's your dad?' and (the little girl) said her dad wouldn't wake up, that she couldn't wake him up."

"Dad" is Kevin Lee Upham, 29, of Granger. When Elkhart County Sheriff's deputies tracked him down at his Sunwood Drive home, they found Upham to be "three sheets to the wind."

An Elkhart County Sheriff's spokesman indicated that Upham was "doing meth" when the kids' mother dropped them off for Christmas. 

Upham was arrested Christmas Day and formally charged Dec. 26 with felony counts of neglect of a dependent and possession of meth, and a misdemeanor count of possession of paraphernalia.

Currently being held at Elkhart County Jail on $10,000 bond, Upham is due to appear in Elkhart County Superior Court Jan. 4.

The kids' mother, Heather Poe, 25, was booked and released after being arrested Dec. 4 on an unrelated criminal warrant. She was not arrested in connection with her childrens' situation Christmas Day, but a spokesman for the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department said the Department of Children's Services is working with the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office to investigate Poe's whereabouts when her kids were found. 

Both kids were turned over to the Department of Child Services (DCS), but not before the Granger mom's two daughters made Christmas Day a little easier on the wandering toddlers.

The woman's 6-year-old daughter said the lost girl had been a kindergarten classmate. Both continue to go to the same school, but are in different first-grade classrooms now, she added.

So, with Christmas gifts still sitting in the car in unopened packages, mom's girls handed their little friend a box.

"I gave her a Barbie doll," the 6-year-old daughter said.

"I'm very proud of both of them," the mother said of her kids. "They gave some of their presents to the girl. They felt bad for her."

The gift cast a smile over the little girl's tears.

"She was very happy," the mom said. "I don't know what she got for Christmas, or how her Christmas was, but she was happy. She held on to that Barbie doll."

Her little brother "... couldn't care less," the mom said. "He wasn't all that upset, but the girl was. She was just..."

The mother's voice trailed off. She admitted the sight of two little lost kids walking in the cold on Christmas Day is still etched in her mind.

"That's what made me mad, because parents should be there to comfort their kids, instead of being the ones to cause the problem."

It's why she pulled over to help the two toddlers.

"I would hope anyone would do that," she said. "Those are defenseless babies."

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dad rams truck through mom's front window, shoots her; kids escape by jumping through window (Kent, Washington)

More freaking Daddy Drama...but at least this nitwit didn't kill anybody but himself in the end.

Once again, we see how abusers really are...and how all the standard fathers rights lies are just that.

FR Lie #1: Women can get orders of protection like candy.

False. This particular mother was DENIED an order of protection despite a past history of domestic violence and scary and melodramatic "goodbye" text messages being sent to the kids.

FR Lie #2: Daddies are "deprived" of their children by mean mommies and the evil courts.

False. This piece of sh** didn't even show up at the child custody hearings and reputedly wanted to have nothing to do with the kids.

So we see what happened next. How dad DION FISHER rammed his truck through the front window of the mother's home. How this bozo went stomping through the house, looking for his ex-wife, firing shots with his handgun. He finally managed to hit her (luckily the shot was only to her hand). 

Two of the three terrified kids in the home jumped out a window and ran to a neighbor's for help. Another terrified kid hid and called the police. 

Kids need this???

Jilted husband rams pick-up truck into ex-wife's home, then shoots her in front of their terrified children before killing himself 

Dion Fisher drove his Dodge into the front of the Kent, Washington home before firing off shots with a handgun 

Two children who lived in the house escaped while one called the police Mr Fisher's truck was found 50 miles away near his body 

Mr Fisher's ex-wife has requested and been denied a domestic violence protection order against him She was shot in the hand


PUBLISHED: 10:27 EST, 28 December 2012 | UPDATED: 12:24 EST, 28 December 2012

A Washington man who drove a truck into the front of his ex-wife's home and shot her in the hand before speeding off, is thought by police to have then shot himself to death on a roadside 50 miles away.

The violent string of events began when Dion E. Fisher arrived at the Kent home where his ex-wife and three of their four children, ages 10 to 18, lived at around 3.30am on Thursday and rammed his vehicle straight through the front window.

Two of the three fled the property while one hid and dialled for help as their father strode through the house firing shots with a handgun looking for his ex-wife.

Mr Fisher shot his ex-wife once in the hand and then took off in his truck leading police on a chase through Maple Valley before managing to get away.

As the wounded mother recovered in hospital on Friday and the presumed body of Mr Fisher was found near his vehicle in Index, a picture emerged of a troubled man who had threatened his family before.

The Fishers divorced in 2009 but as recently as a month ago Mr Fisher's ex-wife submitted a request for a domestic violence protection order against him in which she called Mr Fisher bi-polar and claimed he abused drugs and alcohol.

She also said that he had been sending his children 'goodbye' texts which led her to fear for their safety.

But the request was dismissed by a judge who claimed there was a lack of evidence to show that Mr Fisher was a threat. 

At a more recent custody hearing, the Fishers' neighbor recalls that Mr Fisher never even showed up. 

'He said he didn't want nothing to do with them,' said Carole Vandel. 'She was trying to do the best she could, but he didn't want any part of it.'

The same neighbor was awoken by knocking on her door early on Thursday morning as the two children begged her for help. 

Sgt. Cindi West told local reporters how two of they had managed to escaped the terrifying scene by jumping out the window. 

In Snohomish County, a medical examiner has yet to confirm the identity of the body though the license plate of the black Dakota Dodge found in Index matches Mr Fisher's and King County police are working under the assumption it is Mr Fisher.

One of his daughters, Brooke, posted an angry comment late Thursday on her Facebook page saying: 'I resent my father so much for we he put us all through this morning. But ... rest in peace dad . I wish everything was different.'

Dad, gal pal arrested in murder of 4-year-old daughter (Adelanto, California)

Hmm. Notice what is said...and what is left unsaid. Father...and girlfriend. Not mother. In fact, the mother is conspicuous by her absence. Was the mother the unnamed "concerned person" who contacted the sheriff's office when the daughter had not been seen? Was this a joint custody situation? Or did this father have sole custody? At any rate, how and why Daddy and his gal pal had access to this girl is not explained in the slightest. Nor why the mother doesn't even merit a mention in passing. 

Can't help but wonder if once again a bad family court decision is being airbrushed out of existence. 

Dad is identified as RONALD GREER.

Adelanto father, girlfriend arrested in daughter's killing

By Beatriz E. Valenzuela, Staff Writer
Posted: 12/28/2012 06:26:51 PM PST

ADELANTO -- An Adelanto father and his girlfriend are behind bars accused of killing his 4-year-old daughter after the child's body was found in a shallow grave in the High Desert, officials said.

Ronald Greer, 21, and Biana Stanch, 19, were arrested early Friday morning after a concerned person alerted San Bernardino County Sheriff's officials that they had not seen Greer's 4-year-old daughter, Samiah Downing, and had become concerned, said Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman for the sheriff's department.

After conducting a missing person investigation Thursday, deputies became suspicious of Greer and Stanch and called in Sheriff's Homicide detectives to assist with the case, according to a sheriff's news release.

After interviewing Greer and Stanch and searching their former residence, authorities uncovered information which led them to search the open desert south of Baker, officials said. There they found the remains of the child. It was unclear when the child was killed and buried.

Greer and Stanch were booked into the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino on suspicion of murder and assault on a child.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Homicide Detail at 909-387-3589.

Dad inflicts fractures, multiple cigarette burns on 1-year-old daughter because he didn't want t a girl (India)

Dad is identified as RAMESH SUNAGAR.

Father scars girl with cigarettes

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times Bangalore, December 29, 2012

 First Published: 01:01 IST(29/12/2012) Last Updated: 01:03 IST(29/12/2012)

A one-year-old girl is battling for life in hospital, with multiple cigarette burns and fractures, allegedly inflicted by her father who did not want a daughter.

Karnataka state police have arrested the baby's father, Ramesh Sunagar, who was reportedly physically harming his daughter for the last six months at their home in Dharwad district, about 400 km northwest of Bangalore.

Dharwad superintendent of police YS Ravikumar said the girl was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Hubli on Thursday.

Dr K Shapura, paediatrician at KIMS, said the child had patches and multiple fractures. "The child is anaemic, but relatively stable and needs at least two months to recover."

The child's rescue was made possible by locals who alerted the police after Sunagar, a construction worker, allegedly threw the baby on the floor. Sunagar, who got married four years ago, has allegedly been harassing his wife too.

The couple has a son, who is apparently well looked after, locals have told the police.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Judge sets bail for dad accused of abusing 4-month-old son (Chicago, Illinois)

Dad is identified as MANUAL A. LOPEZ.

$100K bail for NW Side father charged with child abuse of son

December 24, 2012|By Rosemary Regina Sobol | Tribune reporter

A judge set bail at $100,000 today for a 20-year-old man accused of silencing his 4-month-old son's crying by pulling on the infant's leg until hearing a "popping noise" in the baby’s knee, authorities said. 

Manual A. Lopez, 20, of the 4900 block of West Oakdale Avenue in the Cragin neighborhood, was charged Sunday afternoon with two counts of felony aggravated battery to a child, police said. Lopez is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Dad indicted on manslaughter charges for death of 4-month-old son; twin sister also injured (Tel Aviv, Israel)


Indictment accuses man of shaking son to death

12/25/2012 12:20

A year after a twin baby died and his sister was injured after alleged shaking, state charges father with manslaughter.

The state on filed an indictment charging a father with manslaughter to the Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday, regarding an incident last year in which the suspect was accused of shaking his baby to death.

The indictment charges the Gush Dan resident with killing his baby son, and assaulting and abusing his twin sister.

According to the indictment the man shook his four-month-old baby and hit him in the head twice. The baby died from his injuries two weeks after the suspected incident.

 The prosecution seeks to prevent the father from leaving the country or contacting prosecution witnesses.

A gag order was imposed on the defendant's details.

The Justice Ministry released a statement almost half a year ago, that it would seek to indict the father for manslaughter, but not the mother.

The state said that after examining the case, it has sufficient evidence that the father shook the twins and that his actions led to the death of one of them.

The state said it will argue that the death was caused unintentionally, but that the father did intentionally commit acts of violence against the baby who died and those acts of violence did cause the baby’s death – making an allegation of manslaughter appropriate.

Reacting to the announcement at the time, the parents’ attorney Zion Amir told The Jerusalem Post: “We welcome the prosecution’s decision not to press charges against the mother. Regarding the father, we are hopeful that during the hearing process that is set to occur within the upcoming month we will be able to prove that charges should also not be brought against the father.”

The parents have previously claimed that the baby who died suffered from a rare genetic disease.

The investigation started shortly after the twins were brought to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and hospitalized with bone fractures, when the National Council for the Child called on police to investigate whether they were victims of “shaken baby” syndrome.

The twins were rushed to the hospital in January with internal injuries. At the time Prof. Gidi Porat, director of Intensive Care at the hospital, said they did not rule out the possibility that the babies suffered from a genetic disease.

Shaken baby syndrome is an intermediate condition between an accident and physical abuse of children.

The shaking of the head and neck can cause serious brain damage, head fractures and broken ribs. Most parents, or other adults, do not intend to harm infants, but rather seek to quiet them out of frustration over their crying.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

DASTARDLY DADS FROM THE ARCHIVES (Clayton, North Carolina - 2007)

STEVEN HENRY--one of the many fathers who have killed the kids during a "custody dispute."

Posted: March 12, 2007 Updated: March 13, 2007

Custody Battle Ends in Double Murder-Suicide

CLAYTON, N.C. — A father and two children were found dead Monday afternoon at a Johnston County home in what authorities are calling a double murder and suicide.

Authorities said Steven Henry, 35, from Garner, shot his 6-year-old daughter, Ashley, and 4-year-old son, Gregory, before turning a gun on himself.

The slayings occurred outside the home of Dawn Henry -- Steven Henry's estranged wife and the children's mother -- on Vinson Road between Clayton and Wilson's Mills, authorities said.

The couple was engaged in a bitter custody battle, authorities said, and Dawn Henry contacted the Johnston County Sheriff's Office Monday morning after seeing her estranged husband's car in her driveway as she was returning home.

When deputies arrived at the house to see what Steven Henry wanted, they found all three bodies inside the car, authorities said.

Authorities spent Monday afternoon collecting evidence from the scene, and Dawn Henry was taken to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office late Monday afternoon to speak with investigators.

Dawn, Ashley and Gregory Henry had been living the house for about six months, and neighbors said Monday they were stunned by the slayings.

"It just disrupts the whole flow of life," neighbor John Benson said. "It's unbelievable. It's just unbelievable."

Authorities said Dawn Henry is an employee of the Johnston County School System. It is unknown what job, if any, Steven Henry held before his death.

According to Steven Henry's neighbors in Garner, he was rarely seen outside his home and didn't interact with anyone in the neighborhood.

Police: Dad threw baby up and down, then fought cops (Chicago, Illinois)

Forget the Nutcracker. Here's all the Daddy Drama you'll ever need. The star of this show is identified as LEXTON JENKINS. If he violated an order of protection, I'm assuming he had a previous record of domestic violence against the baby's mother.,0,5075035.story

Police: Father threw baby up and down, then fought cops

By Jeremy Gorner
Tribune reporter
10:51 p.m. CST, December 22, 2012 

A man was arrested earlier this week after throwing his 2-year-old son into the air and handling the child aggressively while walking several blocks down a West Side street, according to Chicago police. 

Witnesses called 911 about 11 p.m. Wednesday when they saw the man near West Cermak and South Pulaski roads.

Ogden District police officers arrived at the 3900 block of Cermak and saw the man wearing a shirt, pants and socks, police said. His son was only wearing pajamas.

The officers took the boy into the warmth of a squad car, police said. But the father put up a fight with the officers, who had to wrestle him to the ground in order to bring him into custody.

Police said it is believed the father might have had illegal drugs in his system.

Lexton Jenkins, 22, was charged with four misdemeanors: endangering the life and health of a child, simple assault, resisting arrest and violating an order of protection.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Custodial dad found guilty of manslaughter in death of 17-month-old daughter (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Here we see yet another example of a Dastardly axiom at work: an abusive father's custodial status will be "forgotten" by the time he goes to trial.

Previous articles on this case have clarified that dad ZYRIAH SCHLITTER had been granted custody just a few weeks before his daughter's violent death. However nobody in the Iowa media to my knowledge has bothered to clarify how or why he was granted custody and who gave it to him. Why? Are we protecting incompetent psychologists, judges, or CPS workers?

Here, you have to read very carefully between the lines to get a hint of the situation. Notice that the gal pal is still facing charges, while the Mom is left grieving the loss of her daughter at the hands of these sickos. 

Not mentioned here is that Mom had previously filed a wrongful death suit which was revoked. 

Notice that Daddy is getting off on just an involuntary manslaughter charge. Typical killer daddy coddling....

Father Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Child Endangerment in Toddler's Death

By Trish Mehaffey, Reporter

Story Created: Dec 21, 2012 at 10:55 PM CST Story Updated: Dec 21, 2012 at 11:01 PM CST

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Zyriah Schlitter will spend up to 55 years in prison for killing his 17-month-old daughter Kamryn, who died of blunt force head injuries March 28, 2010.

A jury found Zyriah Schlitter, 25, of Cedar Rapids, guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter, a lesser of the original charge first-degree murder, and child endangerment resulting in death. The jury deliberated two days, reaching a verdict about 8:30 p.m. Friday, following a two week trial.

Schlitter sat stoic after the judge read the guilty verdict for involuntary manslaughter, a five year sentence, but broke down crying when he heard the verdict for the second charge of child endangerment which carries a 50-year sentence.

His family and Kamryn's mother Nicole King and her family were all crying. Schlitter's family was upset, saying it was unfair and people were "liars" as Schlitter was handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom. Schlitter hugged his mother and other family members before the jury came into the courtroom for the verdict.

Nicole King said after the verdict she was thankful after waiting three years to "get part of my daughter's voice out today." She thanked emergency personnel who tried to help her daughter March 21, 2010 and every one involved with the case - First Assistant Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks and Hiawatha Police Investigator Rod Fiser and Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Darrell Simmons.

Maybanks said he wanted to thank the jury who sat through two weeks of testimony and intensely deliberated two days and "even came through a blizzard." Maybanks said he couldn't say much more about the case because of the pending trial for Amy Parmer, 29, of Hiawatha, who is also charged in this case with first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death. Her trial is set Jan. 14.

"I will say after a case like this I'm going to go home and give my kids big hugs," Maybanks said.

On Monday, Schlitter testified he didn't inflict fatal injuries to the daughter he "loved dearly."

He wasn’t concerned about the bruising on Kamryn because she was an active toddler and he thought they were just the normal bumps and bruises most children experience. He said in hindsight he realizes her symptoms, vomiting and sleepiness, were the result of the head injury but at the time he thought it was because of an ear infection.

“I never suspected child abuse,” Schlitter said.

In the first week of testimony, King testified that she initially thought Parmer was to blame for abuse Kamryn suffered, but after seeing the injuries on her daughter in the hospital she said she knew Schlitter was responsible.

Medical experts testified last week that Kamryn would have never recovered from the severe head trauma that was caused by a shaking or slamming. Several doctors also said the injuries likely occurred within hours or days of the 911 call Parmer made, saying Kamryn needed medical help.

Dr. Marcus Nashelsky, Johnson County medical examiner and pathology professor at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, who performed the autopsy, testified Kamryn died of blunt force trauma to the head. He couldn’t identify the blunt force object. He said it could be the hands of another, punching her, or someone may have held her arms and legs and swung her body into another surface, or someone held her body and pushed her into another surface.

Nashelsky said there were two separate trauma events, an older one possibly week before March 21, 2010 and the recent injury occurred minutes to six hours of the 911 call. He said that was as specific as he could be on timing.

The timing of injury was important because Schlitter wasn’t with Kamryn when she became unresponsive and started posturing – her muscles tensed up. He left her with Parmer about 5 p.m. and the incident happened after 7 p.m. March 21, 2010.

Dr. Nasreen Syed, associate professor of ophthalmology and pathology at UIHC, who examined Kamryn’s eyes for the autopsy, testified the multiple retinal hemorrhages were consistent with traumatic injury.

“It would take a violent movement of the head,” Syed said. “An acceleration and deceleration of the head.”

Dad shoots 12-year-old niece, girl in critical condition; 3-year-old daughter also shot (Henderson, North Carolina)

More daddy violence....and this time dad DEMARIO THOMAS is accused, a convicted felon. None of the mothers of the shooting victims are mentioned at all. Just the father of the 12-year-old niece.

2 Girls Shot at Apartment Complex; Father Charged

HENDERSON, N.C. — Two children were shot Monday afternoon at an apartment complex in Henderson, and the father of one of the girls was facing charges in connection with the shooting.

It happened at about 4:45 p.m. near 550 W. Andrews Ave. at Henderson Heights, where police found the victims in Apt. 36.

“All I hear was the noise, like a big boom, like someone was knocking at the door, but I had looked outside and there wasn’t anyone at the door, so I didn’t think nothing of it,” neighbor Erica Bates said.

Authorities said Danielle Terry was shot in the chest. She was transported to Maria Parham Medical Center and later moved to Duke University Hospital in Durham. Officials listed her in critical condition Monday night.

 Police said Danielle is 12 years old. Her father told WRAL she is 11.

“When I got down here, ambulance, cops – they were trying to get the little girl out on a stretcher and when I saw her, I just broke down and started crying,” relative Teri Thomas said.

Danielle's 3-year-old cousin was shot in the hand. She was also transported to Maria Parham Medical Center and was listed in good condition. Her name was not released.

Police charged Demario Thomas, 23, with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and storing a firearm in a manner accessible to a minor. Thomas is the father of the 3-year-old girl, a family member said.

The initial 911 call came in as a drive-by shooting, police said. The Henderson fire chief told WRAL the shooting happened on the complex’s playground, but the victim's were in the apartment when officials reached the scene.

 It was unclear Monday night if the gun was fired outside or inside the apartment.

Dad shoots, critically wounds 6-year-old son; two daughter abducted and shot, one found dead (Tulare County, California)

Dad HECTOR CELAYA shot his 6-year-old son, critically wounding him. He shot and killed his own mother and two uncles as well. He then abducted his 5- and 8-year-old daughters. Turns out they had been shot too, one fatally. 

Notice who is conspicuous by her absence--the mother of these children.

Yet another male family annihilator--and a "missing" mother--and the nation hardly even notices anymore. That's how numb we have become to men's violence, especially father violence. 

Did guns facilitate this massacre? Absolutely. It's unlikely Killer Daddy could have created this much carnage with a pocket knife.,0,2808893.story

Tulare County tribe stunned by slayings

Hector Celaya killed his mother, two uncles and daughter and injured two others on the Tule River Indian Reservation before killing himself. 'The happy people' are united in tears. 5 dead, 2 hurt in attack at Tulare County Indian reservation

By Diana Marcum, Los Angeles Times

December 22, 2012, 3:15 a.m.

TULE RIVER INDIAN RESERVATION — This is a sovereign land of otherworldly beauty. Mist spills down a valley that winds from the giant sequoias to the elderberry and oak of the Sierra foothills. Stars in a black night sky seem as close as the candles that have been lighted in vigil during this tribe's darkest moment.

 For nearly two weeks, Yokut tribal members have been coming to the Church on the Hill, lighting candles. The gatherings began spontaneously Dec. 8, the night Hector Celaya, 31, killed his mother and two uncles, critically wounded Andrew, his 6-year-old son, and sped off in a Jeep with his two daughters, Alyssa, 8, and Linea, 5.

"We held hands tight and we just prayed and prayed for those little girls," said tribal member Shawn Gonzales, who works at the reservation's health center.

Tulare County sheriff's deputies chased Celaya at low speeds, but he kept driving. At 2 a.m. in a citrus grove in Lindsay, Calif. — about 30 miles from the reservation — the Jeep stopped. Officers heard shots. They fired at Celaya.

He was struck multiple times, but the coroner concluded that the gunshot to his head was self-inflicted. Linea survived a gunshot to the head. She is in fair condition at a local hospital. Alyssa's autopsy showed that her father shot her at the reservation and she bled to death as he drove.

She was buried last week in a grave that the men dug by hand and the women covered with flowers, in accordance with Tule River tribe tradition.

Since 1933, the bells of the reservation's oldest church have rung out whenever a community member died. The day after the attack, the bells tolled all day. 

At one of the many vigils that have followed, 7-year-old Dakota Heggie, the associate minister's son, rode his new green bicycle around the circle of candles. A sheepdog everyone calls Little Norman (because he belongs to Norman, who lives across the street) bounded after Dakota, and they wrestled on the grass.

Mike Carrillo, the tribe's community support officer and a Vietnam War veteran, watched the dog and boy play. "It always continues," he said. "Life continues." Carrillo, 66, confessed he's not one for religion. His source of strength since the shootings has been Nettie, Celaya's grandmother.

"Her grandson killed her children and shot his own children. The grief in her eyes as she took it in was unbelievable. But her manner of standing. She held herself. She would not crumble."

In front of the candles, two teens beat out a rhythm with clap sticks. An older woman, with a voice that seemed to travel to the farthest hill, sang an ancient song of grief in the Yokut language.

Roxanne Carrillo, the minister and Mike's cousin, opened the doors to the church, where services freely mix elements of Catholicism, evangelical Christianity and native traditions. The lights blazed, there was hot coffee and country songs spilled out the doors. As they entered, people swayed to "That's What I Love about Sunday."

Carrillo, who believes there is a God who can create good even out of evil, preached that it was time to let go of squabbles and draw together.

"We don't understand and we don't know why, so what we need to do is lean on each other. We have two children to pray for and a family that needs our strength."

A woman in the front row began to sob. A woman in the row behind stood and wrapped her arms around her. People from the third row wrapped their arms around them.

Carrillo stopped preaching and joined the huddle. She cried the longest.

"I ask you, Father God, for a way to give comfort.... We've come across the enemy who steals our happiness," she prayed.

Dakota stomped out of the church, arms crossed on his chest, tears on his face. He plopped on the grass, an arm thrown over Little Norman.

Dad rapes 3-month-old daughter; baby struggles for life (Mumbai, India)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice that there are no "relatives" to care for this baby. Left totally unanswered here: What happened to this baby's mother? Is she dead, alive, what? How did this disgusting sperm shooter and daddy rapist get possession of this infant?

Raped by father, another 'baby Falak' struggles for life in Mumbai | Dec 21, 2012, 12:24PM IST

New Delhi: A 19-year-old girl caught her neighbour in Mumbai raping his three-year-old daughter and rescued her. The baby has undergone three surgeries and a month after being raped, she has no relatives to care for her. She only has a caretaker appointed by an NGO.

According to a Mid-Day report, Asha’s ordeal began last month, when the teenager spotted her being raped by her father, and tried to stop him. Threatened by him, she retreated out of fear for her own safety, but returned resiliently to the crime scene and found the bleeding child. The teenager then washed and dressed the girl before handing her over to the police.

According to her caretaker who works with the NGO Yuva Childlife, the child’s father forced her to drink alcohol, and then covered her eyes with a scarf. Inebriated, the child fell asleep, only to wake up with pain in her genital area. The good news is that Asha is now out of danger. After taking Asha into its custody, the CWC appointed a psychiatrist to counsel her and has also ensured that she has a supply of toys to keep herself occupied, the Mid-Day report says.

Dad charged with waterboarding kids claims it was a "learning experience" for them (Jefferson County, Montana)

Dad WILLIAM ALBERT PROVINCE sounds like one sicko puppy--a very dangerous man. 

Notice that there is mention of "a woman" who tried to stop this psycho from torturing the kids. But Daddy apparently broke her wrist and fingers for all her trouble. There is no identification of who this "woman" is, but if this had been the mother I think the article would have identified her as such. 

So if this isn't Mom, what happened to Mom? Whenever you see of a father abusing/killing the kids, and the mother is "missing", you have to wonder if she was harmed or threatened as well. Hence, her "disappearance."

Father charged with waterboarding children claims it was a 'learning experience' 

PUBLISHED: 17:11 EST, 21 December 2012 | UPDATED: 17:11 EST, 21 December 2012

A father has been charged with waterboarding children after saying it would be 'a learning experience' for them.

William Albert Province, 42, reportedly carried out the torture which simulates drowning on at least two boys and broke the wrist and fingers of a woman who tried to stop him.

Province, of Jefferson County, Montana, is also suspected of making threats to a school, Child Protective Service officials and foster parents caring for his own children, according to

Authorities have not identified his victims.

Waterboarding is an extreme form of torture which can result in oxygen deprivation to the brain and lungs.

It also causes deep and lasting psychological distress and can even cause broken bones as the victim struggles so hard to escape.

Police launched a hunt for Province after a woman reported the broken wrist and fingers on December 5 and told officers about the waterboarding punishment.

According to court records seen by the website the woman described how Province would straddle a boy with his hands over the child’s face and mouth and dump water on the face.

Province was arrested when he arrived back at Helena Airport. He had been travelling in Alaska, Helena police Chief Troy McGee said.

According to the report a witness said Province had several assault rifles and ammunition and said he would fight law enforcement. 

Province made an initial court appearance on Thursday morning on charges of partner or family member assault, and felony intimidation, along with three felony counts and one misdemeanor count of assault on a minor.

He remains jailed in Boulder on $200,000 bail.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dad charged with felony child abuse for fracturing leg of 3-month old (Asheville, North Carolina)

Dad is identified as TREVOR WARREN RIDGE. No mention of a mother in the home.

Police: Arden Dad Broke 3-Month-Old's Leg

3:21 PM, Dec 20, 2012

 Written by Asheville Citizen-Times

Asheville, NC (ACT) - An Arden father is facing a felony child abuse charge after police say he fractured his 3-month-old child's leg.

Trevor Warren Ridge, 35, of Peacock Lane, was charged Wednesday with intentional child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury, according to a warrant at the Buncombe County magistrate's office.

Ridge is accused of assaulting the baby Dec. 14 causing a "spiral femur fracture," according to the warrant. Investigators said a doctor who examined the child determined the fracture was caused after the leg was twisted.

Asheville police investigated the case.

 Ridge is being held at the Buncombe County Detention Facility under a $10,000 bond.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Judge: Rapist dad's crimes "monstrous" --but sentenced to just 7 years of detention (Auckland, New Zealand)

Seriously? UNNAMED DAD is worse than a rabid dog. He should just be taken out and shot. This guy has no conscience and he is incapable of rehabilitation. Just put him down....

And who the hell would allow a convicted child rapist to live with his daughter after he got out of prison? People either don't give a crap or they are incredibly stupid.

Rapist father's crimes 'monstrous' says judge

Published: 5:57AM Friday December 21, 2012

 Source: ONE News

A man who raped his six-year-old daughter has been jailed for a string of sexual crimes spanning 14 years against children as young as three.

The man, who was granted name suppression to protect his victims, was sentenced to a minimum of seven years preventative detention at the High Court in Auckland on Wednesday for the crimes which took place between 1979 and 1993 against several children.

He was sentenced on 24 charges - 10 of sexual violation by raping a child under the age of 12, four for unlawful sexual connection with a child under 12, six of indecent assault of a child under 12 and four of inducing an indecent act on a child under the age of 12.

Justice Peter Woodhouse labelled the man's crimes "monstrous" while he sat crying in the dock.

The man is currently in prison, serving the last of a 10-year minimum sentence for sexual offending against children between 1999 and 2002. The children, two step-daughters and a child in his wife's care, were aged between three and nine.

The crimes he was sentenced on this week began in 1979 when he raped his three-year-old niece on the floor of her parents' bedroom. His offending against her continued for nine years.

In 1986 he started raping his daughter - aged three - and stopped only when he was jailed in 1989 for sexual offending against other children. He started raping her again in 1991 - the same day he was released from prison. 

The man raped his daughter at least once a week until 1993 when she left his care.

"She should never have been there in the first place," Justice Woodhouse said.

The man's crimes came to light earlier this year when his daughter watched a TV programme in which older women confessed they had been raped as children and thought, "if they can do it, I can do it".

But the repeated rapes had already "destroyed her childhood", the court heard.

"Your daughter said she is haunted with deeply ingrained memories. She was suicidal in her teen years and planned her own death so as not to torment herself with the memory of your actions," Justice Woodhouse said.

"She said living as a rape victim makes you feel like you're dying inside. She called your actions monstrous - and that's what they are."

The man admitted the crimes against his daughter earlier this year and when charged, confessed he had also raped his niece. He also raped two other nieces - one who would not come forward, and one who could not be found.

Justice Woodhouse said preventative detention was necessary in order to "send a strong message to the parole board" and the "need to protect the community" from him.

Dad charged with "aggravated child abuse" in death of 11-year-old daughter (Sarasota, Florida)

Posted on Thursday, 12.20.12

Whoa. This poor little girl was hogtied like some kind of freaking animal (ligature marks on arms and legs) and died from oxygen deprivation caused by brain damage. How her death actually happened is not explained. A plastic bag? More rope around her neck? At any rate, this sounds like deliberate TORTURE to me. 

And the freaking father isn't even charged with homicide? Just "aggravated child abuse," as if he had hit her once with a belt? More disgraceful daddy coddling at its worst.

Dad is identified as KENNETH STODDARD.

Father charged with aggravated child abuse 


SARASOTA, Fla. -- A Sarasota County father has been charged with aggravated child abuse in the death of his 11-year-old daughter.

Jail records show 35-year-old Kenneth Stoddard was arrested Wednesday night. He's being held without bond. His arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 18. It was not immediately known if he has an attorney.

A sheriff's office report 11-year-old Melissa Stoddard died Monday of oxygen deprivation that caused brain damage. The report also says doctors found ligature marks on her upper arms, wrists, ankles and thighs.

Her parents told authorities they sometimes had to restrain her because of behavioral problems. The mother has not been charged. Authorities say additional charges are possible.

Five other children at the home are now with child welfare officials.

"Frustrated" dad found guilty of 2nd-degree child abuse for head injury to 6-week-old son (Grand Haven, Michigan)

The most gawd-awful daddy coddling ever. Since when is ignorance an excuse? And are you going to tell me that "frustrated" dad JUSTIN MCINTYRE was too stupid to know that if you "lower" (slam?) a baby down on the bed and hit the baby's head on a hard object in the process, that the baby could be hurt? PULLLEEZE. And he gets his charges dropped to 2nd-degree abuse because he's allegedly stupid?

This would never fly with a mother unless MAYBE she was certifiably developmentally disabled. And then the authorities would have stripped her of custody long ago. 

Earlier accounts have stated that this took place when Mom was at work. This is what happens when we do not have paid maternity leaves. Short-tempered idiot males take over the infant care, and with predicable results (fathers dominate shaken baby/abusive head trauma statistics, followed by boyfriends).

Judge finds Spring Lake father guilty of second-degree child abuse for baby's brain injury

By Heidi Fenton on December 18, 2012 at 4:30 PM, updated December 18, 2012 at 4:57 PM

GRAND HAVEN, MI -- An Ottawa County judge on Tuesday found a 23-year-old man guilty of second-degree child abuse for injuring his infant son in what police say was a violent shaking.

Judge Edward Post on Dec. 18, decided that Justin McIntyre should be convicted of the second-degree charge, instead of first-degree child abuse, after hearing testimony in a bench trial.

McIntyre was watching Bentley McIntyre, his 6-week-old son, in late August at the Spring Lake home of his girlfriend's parents when the injury happened.

McIntyre told police the boy's head hit a laptop computer as he lowered him onto a bed. He acknowledged he was frustrated at the time.

Post determined that not enough evidence existed to show that McIntyre knew that, by shaking Bentley, the injuries would occur.

Grand Haven area attorney Joe Legatz, who represented McIntyre, believed the judge came to the right decision.

"Justin is still suffering from what he did," he said. "He kicks himself every day for what he did."

The baby is still recovering.

Dad to stand trial for abusing 5-month-old daughter; previously convicted of abusing another child in 2008 (Hudsonville, Michigan)

Notice that this isn't the first time dad RYAN KUPRES has abused a baby. Wonder if Mom even knew about that earlier felony conviction. Also notice that although Mom is not charged with a crime, she has still lost custody to foster care.

Father to stand trial in second child abuse case since 2008

By Kyle Moroney on December 19, 2012 at 6:30 AM, updated December 19, 2012 at 6:31 AM 

HUDSONVILLE, MI -- A father charged with first-degree child abuse for the second time has been ordered to stand trial in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

Several witnesses testified during Ryan Kupres’ preliminary hearing in Ottawa County District Court in Hudsvonville on Tuesday, Dec. 18. A judge determined there was enough evidence in the case to send it to Circuit Court on Jan. 14.

Kupres was arrested in late November on allegations that he hurt his then 5-month-old daughter, Layla, last March.

He faces the same felony charge that he was convicted of in 2008 in relation to another child, and for which he was sentenced to one year in jail. That victim, also his child, has since recovered.

In the current case, police allege Layla suffered injuries in late March while she was at her Zeeland home with her parents, Kupres and Jessica Jones.

Suspicions arose after doctors at Zeeland Community Hospital and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital examined Layla after she was brought in by her parents with flu-like symptoms in late March.

Dr. Sarah Brown, of the Center for Child Protection at the children’s hospital, detailed her examinations of Layla and the baby’s medical history.

Brown noted that through a CT scan, doctors discovered Layla had a subdural hemorrhage -- bleeding in the layers between her brain and dura – on the left side of her brain.

The doctor also testified on Tuesday that the infant had several bruises on her head and jawline – something that her parents had reportedly said was likely caused by her “pinching” her cheeks.

“I do not believe a 5-month-old could pinch herself to cause that injury,” Brown said on the stand. 

Ottawa County Assistant Prosecutor JoEllen Haas and Kupres’ attorney, Philip Sielski, questioned Brown, Jones and Kupres’ mother, Vicki Hedgecock, during Tuesday’s preliminary hearing. The hearing detailed the events, as well as Layla’s symptoms prior to and following Layla’s March 31 visit to the Zeeland hospital.

On March 25, Kupres had said Layla was vomiting while in the bathtub and that when he got in the tub to pick her up, Layla was “flailing” and her head hit his leg. She also had a bruise on her right leg that, in Brown’s opinion, was not consistent with Kupres’ report that it hit against the side of the tub, she said.

Brown testified the blood covering Layla’s brain was less than a week old from when the infant had her first scan on March 31. There was separate bleeding in the back of Layla’s head and around the front and back of her spinal cord, with bruising on the back, which Brown also believes occurred about seven days prior to the March 31 scan.

Brown considered Layla’s head injuries “severe,” and could cause headaches and severe vomiting. 

“The only reason (for that bleeding) is significant trauma caused that injury,” Brown said.

In addition to the head and spinal bleeding, Brown detailed Layla’s X-rays, which also showed fractures in her shoulders and legs. 

Layla’s injuries were “clearly life threatening,” the doctor testified.

When Layla’s mom, Jessica Jones, took the stand, she went through the details of the days leading up to the March 31 hospital visit – however, said she couldn’t remember certain events.

“A lot has happened in my life the last several months,” she said.

She recalled a day when Layla was with Kupres and his mother at her house where Layla had been vomiting and then went “limp.” Jones also discovered a bruise on the back of Layla’s head.

“In my mind, there is nothing that could explain an injury like that,” Jones said.

Layla is currently in foster care, but is in Jones’ care a “majority of the time,” she said in court.

Kupres relinquished his parental rights to Layla in August.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dad pulls police standoff; was upset that Mom didn't want him to watch 3-year-old daughter because he appeared to be high (Dallas, Texas)

Wow. Awesome Daddy Drama at its finest. Mom is a little skeptical about letting you mind the 3-year-old daughter, because you appear to be high.

So to demonstrate to her that her judgment of you is misguided, you perform the following acts:

*You grab the girl out of Mom's arms 

* Force Mom out of the house

* Start a SWAT team standoff of several hours duration which includes a lock down of a nearby school.

'Cause you know all that proves you're just a top-notch responsible parent, right? 

Unstable much? UNNAMED DAD. 

Wonder if this was an intact couple, or whether this involved custody/visitation with a couple that was no longer together. Somehow, I'm guessing the latter. But as often happens in these cases, the media refuses to make the situation clear. Even though a court-ordered custody situation would have been the cause of this mother's dilemma.

UPDATE: Standoff began when mother wouldn’t let 3-year-old’s father watch her because he was high

By Matt Peterson

12:01 pm on December 18, 2012 Update, 2:30 p.m.

This morning’s standoff began after a mother refused to allow her 3-year-old daughter’s father to care for their child because he appeared to be high.

Police say the father, who has yet to be identified, grabbed the girl out of her mother’s arms and forced her mother out of the house on Muskogee Drive.

The mother called 911 at 7:45 a.m. and informed authorities that there were drugs and weapons inside the home, prompting a SWAT response.

Hours after the standoff began, negotiators persuaded the man to release the child, and a SWAT officer carried the girl to safety. The suspect then released two women before surrendering himself.

He faces a charge of assault-family violence, a third-degree felony.

Update, 12:05 p.m.:

The standoff ended about noon when the barricaded person exited the home with the child and surrendered.

The child is safe, and no injuries were reported.

Police say the standoff began after officers responded to a domestic disturbance at the house.

Original entry:

A wanted person who holed up in a Pleasant Grove home with a 3-year-old child caused officials at nearby Florence Middle School to lock the school down (that’s the third lockdown this morning, for various reasons).

The standoff apparently began around 8:30 this morning in the 10100 block of Muskogee Drive. It’s unclear what the suspect is wanted for.

SWAT vehicles were called to the scene while police tried to persuade the barricaded person to surrender, NBC 5 reports.

For now, it sounds like a TV helicopter is irritating Dallas police almost as much as the suspect. Officers have put out repeated calls for the chopper to back off because it’s interfering with the operation.

Dad, gal pal arrested for severely burning 3-year-old daughter; did father have custody? (Phoenix, Arizona)

It sure sounds like dad TERRELL WILLIAMS is custodial, as he failed to call 911 "for several days" after this girl was so callously burned with scalding hot water. (Daddy left her screaming for "seven or eight minutes" without checking on her? By his own admission? What a sick little f***.) If he had shared custody with the mother, it seems like she would be mentioned in this news story somewhere.

So how and why did this POS get custody? Who gave it to him? What happened to the mother?

PD: Child scalded; Dad, 2 others face child abuse charges

Posted: Dec 18, 2012 4:38 PM CST Updated: Dec 18, 2012 4:56 PM CST

By Phil Benson

PHOENIX (CBS5) - A 3-year-old girl is undergoing skin grafts after she was found suffering second-degree severe burns at her Phoenix home, court documents stated.

Police arrested her father, Terrell Williams, 28; his girlfriend, Kenyatta Gill, 31; and Gill's brother, Aaron Alston, 25. All three live in the home where the incident happened, documents said.

Gill is suspected of placing the girl in a tub of hot water on Sunday night, Dec. 9, after the child had urinated in her clothing, court documents stated. Gill said she turned on the hot and cold water, according to documents. Gill said she may not have turned the cold water on enough, documents said. Williams said he heard the girl screaming for seven or eight minutes before going into the bathroom to check on her, documents said.

Williams decided to treat the burn himself with pain medication, gauze and antiseptic spray, according to documents.

Alston said he was aware of the burn and that the girl was in bed on Monday and Tuesday with chills and required assistance with eating and going to the bathroom, court documents stated.

The child's father said he did not call 911 for several days until the victim's skin began to peel off and blister, documents stated. Williams said they decided to take her to the hospital on Dec. 12.

The victim has been hospitalized in the Arizona Burn Center.

Williams, Gill and Alston were booked into jail on suspicion of child abuse.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dad found guilty of abusing 5-week-old son (Grand Haven, Michigan)

Dad is identified as JUSTIN MCINTYRE. No mention of a mother in the home.

Father of shaken baby, Bentley McIntyre, found guilty

9:35 PM, Dec 18, 2012

Written by Sasha Wolff

GRAND HAVEN, Mich (WZZM) -- An Ottawa County man will find out his punishment in January for shaking his infant son late this summer.

Our partner, the Grand Haven Tribune, reports 23-year-old Justin McIntyre was found guilty of second-degree child abuse Tuesday.

Investigators say McIntyre shook five-week old Bentley back in August, seriously injuring the child. Bentley experienced a number of seizures and had a staph infection in his lungs. An MRI also indicated there is damage to the frontal lobe and back part of his brain.

Bentley was released from the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in September.

McIntyre told investigators he was frustrated with the child's crying and couldn't get him to stop.

A judge will sentence McIntyre next month.

Mom uses hidden recording device to catch dad abusing baby during visitation (Indianapolis, Indiana)


Mom Uses Hidden Recording Device to Catch Dad Abusing Baby

Posted by Jeanne Sager on December 18, 2012 at 1:15 PM

What would you do if you thought someone was abusing your child? How about bugging the baby's car seat to catch the abuser in the act? That's what one mom did before sending her 7-month-old to one of his regular visits with Dad.

Extreme? Maybe, but it worked. The father is now the subject of a child abuse investigation.

Suddenly doesn't sound so crazy, does it?

The sad fact is, child custody arrangements are supposed to be made with the child's best interests at heart, but it's not always so. You need evidence that your ex is an unfit parent to get custody yanked, but that's hard to come by ... especially when you have a 7-month-old who can't exactly communicate that Daddy is a bad, bad man.

So what do you do? Refuse to send your child on visits with Dad? It sounds like the "smart" option, until you consider that it's illegal to violate a court order. Mom does that, and now she is being carted off to jail, leaving the child with ... you guessed it ... dear old Dad. What this mother did was risky. She sent her baby boy into the lion's den, knowing there was the chance he might be abused, that the recording device in his car seat might capture something awful. And the way the cops tell it, the little guy came out with injuries serious enough to require an ambulance ride to a hospital for treatment.

It hurts my heart to think of him in pain. And yet, I throw myself behind this mom 100 percent. What she did could prevent years of pain for this little guy.

What would you do? Would you have risked sending the child out with dad again?

Here's the case this blog posting was based on.

Baby's abuse recorded after worried Indianapolis mother plants bug in 7-month-old's car seat Baby taken to Riley Hospital for Children

Posted: 6:21 AM Last Updated: 2 hours and 12 minutes ago

By: Stephen Dean,

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis mother handed police an audio recording of her 7-month-old son being abused, after she told officers she planted a recording device inside the baby’s car seat on a trip to see his father.

The 26-year-old mother told Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers over the weekend that she planted the bug inside the baby’s car safety seat because she suspected the infant was being abused during regular visits to his father.

When the infant was picked up from the father’s home this past weekend, the mother noticed several bruises and abnormal behavior with her baby and called IMPD.

According to the police report filed in the case, an officer confirmed one bruise on the left side of the head and another bruise on the forehead above his left eye. Officers also noted the baby’s face was red and “puffy” and the child had bloodshot eyes after the visit.

The mother, who lives near I-465 and I-74 in southeast Indianapolis, told police that her baby came home acting strangely. She said he usually returned from trips to visit his father no longer acting happy and energetic.

The woman told police she wanted to confirm her suspicions, so she planted a small recording device inside the baby’s safety seat as he was being dropped off for his latest visit.

When officers were handed the recording, they said it contained loud and constant screaming from the baby during parts of the visit.

One officer wrote in the report that the screams did not sound like a typical baby’s crying.

Patrol officers notified Department of Child Services caseworkers, while also calling in IMPD child abuse unit detectives to launch a criminal investigation into the father.

No charges were immediately filed, but the report spells out that the investigation was under way.

When detectives arrived, an ambulance was called due to the child’s injuries. Medics took the baby to Riley Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The father is listed as a 23-year-old man, but his name was not included in the police report since charges had not yet been filed.

Custodial dad accused of killing 17-month-old daughter says he didn't suspect child abuse, blames girlfriend (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

We've posted on this case before. What is not mentioned in the article below is that dad ZYRIAH SCHLITTER had gained custody just weeks before his daughter's homicide. See here for more detail.

There has never been an explanation as to why or how this father got custody or who gave it to him. Plus we see that those in authority have gone remarkably easy on this guy since his daughter's murder, giving him the total benefit of the doubt.

At one time, the mother had filed a wrongful death lawsuit, but it was later withdrawn with no real explanation from the media. So something is going on here....

Once again, we see the double standard at work. If a custodial mother had pleaded to ignorance, testifying that she had no idea that her boyfriend was abusing the baby, she'd be crucified as a stupid c***. But the father here is playing the Clueless Daddy card for all it's worth. And if past cases are any indication, he has a very good chance of making it work. Even though this POS continued to go out with the girlfriend, also accused of murder, after the daughter's death in intensive care.

Father Accused of Killing His Daughter Says He Didn't Suspect Child Abuse

By Trish Mehaffey, Reporter

Story Created: Dec 18, 2012 at 1:21 PM CST (Story Updated: Dec 18, 2012 at 1:40 PM CST )

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Zyriah Schlitter said Tuesday he wasn’t concerned about the bruising on his 17-month-old daughter Kamryn because she was an active toddler and he thought they were just the normal bumps and bruises most children experience.

Schlitter, who is accused of killing Kamryn, said he took his daughter to the doctor when she was sick with pink eye and an ear infection in early March 2010, he followed up with a nurse when her fever didn’t go down and he gave her prescribed medicines.

He said in hindsight he realizes her symptoms, vomiting and sleepiness, were the result of the head injury but at the time he thought it was because of an ear infection.

“I never suspected child abuse,” Schlitter said.

Schlitter’s attorney put him back on the stand briefly Tuesday to clarify some things from Monday’s cross examination by the prosecution. In testimony Monday, Schlitter said he didn’t hurt his daughter and couldn’t imagine anyone else harming her, including ex-girlfriend Amy Parmer, 29, who is also charged with first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death.

The defense rested after making another motion for an acquittal, which the judge denied, and there was no rebuttal from the prosecution. The judge dismissed the jurors early Tuesday so she and the attorneys could work on jury instructions.

Closing arguments will start 9 a.m. Wednesday and the jury will likely start deliberations before noon.

Schlitter, 25, of Cedar Rapids, is charged with first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death. He is accused in the death of Kamryn who died March 28, 2010 of blunt force head trauma. Doctors testified last week that Kamryn’s non-accidental injuries were a result of being shaken or slammed.

Tom Gaul, Schlitter’s attorney, asked him why he didn’t blame Parmer, even after they broke up, when investigators asked him who could have abused Kamryn.

“I’m not the type to crucify anyone without proof,” Schlitter said.

Schlitter said his opinion changed about Parmer after finding out she cheated on him while his child was in intensive care and when he learned she referred to Kamryn as a “brat” and that she may have put make-up on her to cover up bruises.

“Was it also because she told two different people she (may) have killed your child?" Gaul said.

Schlitter said, "Yes."

First Assistant Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks said “Didn’t you continue to talk to Parmer March 28, when Kamryn died, and after she died March 29? Weren’t you talking about seeing a movie? Wasn't that a text message?”

Schlitter said he did.

Maybanks also asked if Kamryn had a follow up doctor’s appointment March 19, but it wasn't kept.

“That’s true,” Schlitter said.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Adoptive single dad sentenced to 60 years for raping three boys (Troy, Ohio)

UNNAMED DAD. And of course there was no mother in the home....Just a sexual predator who used the adoption system to set up his own child sex trafficking ring.,0,5131297.story

Ohio adoptive father accused of raping 3 boys in his care sentenced to 60 years to life

Associated Press
10:22 a.m. EST, December 17, 2012

TROY, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio adoptive father accused of raping three boys in his care was sentenced Monday to 60 years to life in prison.

Miami County Judge Robert Lindeman followed the terms of an earlier plea agreement for the 40-year-old man. He pleaded guilty to six rape counts and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

The man declined to make a statement in court. The Associated Press isn't naming the man to protect the identities of the children, who were ages 9-12.

His attorney Nick Gounaris (goo-NEHR'-us) says he is pleased the judge accepted the plea deal.

Prosecutor Gary Nasal (NAYZ'-ul) wouldn't comment, citing still pending cases, including the upcoming trial of a man who allegedly raped one of the boys.

The man had been charged with 31 counts of felony rape in Miami County, where he had been caring for the three boys and a girl in his home. Authorities have said the man had adopted all of the children, except for one of the boys, whom he was in the process of adopting.

Miami County prosecutors agreed to drop 25 counts and recommend a sentence of 60 years to life in prison in return for the adoptive father's guilty plea last month to six rape counts. The man could have faced life in prison without the possibility for parole

Mom confronts custodial dad who killed their son, shot daughter (Houston, Texas)

We have posted on this case several times before. It involves an abusive father, PREDRAG PERISIC, who gained custody in Montreal, Canada--then promptly moved the two kids to Texas, denying them any contact with their mother.

All of this is consistent with a pattern that's nearly unversal in all these cases. The mother was accused of "exaggerating" or lying about the father's abuse. The authorities reflexively defended the father and his rights while condemning the mother and disregarding the children's wishes (the kids weren't even allowed to speak in court). And then despite all the fathers rights rhetoric about "sharing," the violent daddy cut off all maternal contact once he had possession. These kids--who were Canadian citizens--were moved out of the country on one day's notice. They were literally pulled out of school. After months of no contact, the mother was granted "full temporary custody." But it was useless. The RCMP and the FBI refused to help or get involved. When the father was finally tracked down by local law enforcement for custodial interference, he shot the kids.

Judge Helene Le Bel failed these children miserably. The "best of interest of the child" was totally ignored in this case. These children--who were far from toddlers--made it absolutely clear that they wanted to stay with their mother and that they did not feel "safe" with their father in Texas. And this judge chose to totally ignore past evidence of abuse by discounting the testimony of the mother and children. Instead, the killer dad was lauded as a "good father."

And we now see the results of the judge's fathers rights sympathies: One child dead, the other still recovering from eight gunshot wounds.

Mother confronts ex-husband who killed their son, shot daughter

Danyela Perisic

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012 4:11 am | Updated: 9:04 am, Mon Dec 17, 2012.

By From Staff Reports Houston Community Newspapers

Vera Vucerakovich read a victim impact statement to the court and to her ex-husband Predrag Perisic, who was sentenced on Dec. 14 to two 99-year prison sentences for killing their son and shooting their daughter.

The following statement was read in court by Vucerakovich:

“I will start by saying there is no crime more heinous than a crime against innocent children; the crime is more intensified when the crime was committed by the child’s father,” wrote Vucerakovich. “A parent is someone who protects their children, who treats them as individuals and not a possession. A parent’s foremost responsibility is to love and care for them. To raise them to become loving, caring adults in society. This individual took this privilege and, for his own personal agenda, murdered his son and (had) the same intention for his daughter.

“Deyan was the sweetest child. Always laughing, he had the kindest disposition with everyone he met. Deyan was kind to all his classmates, his teammates on his soccer teams, neighbors, friends and teachers. His love of life was brutally taken away. I cry on a regular basis when I see a child his age with his mother shopping in a grocery store or in the mall. Deyan was always ready and willing to accompany me on my daily tasks. My son will never have the privilege of graduating, attending his prom, pursing his goals. His father took that away from him, me and my family and, of course, his sister Danyela. Deyan was a loving son. He and I shared moments that a mother and son can only have. His laughter and humor was contagious with his bright blue eyes, and a smile that would certainly warm your heart and make you smile. He loved his little pranks as a young boy. His curiosity was a pleasure to feed as a mother. Always on the go, riding his bike, kicking his soccer ball, so full of life, wanting and enjoying to be around people. He was my social butterfly.

“The torture of living in fear for months, not knowing why their father is doing this to them and afraid to ask and seek help is a terror that no one should be subject to or have to experience. His decision to not obey the law’s and decisions of the courts in both Texas and Canada clearly indicates the disrespect he has for the law. He chose to do things his way as he said ‘he would be the winner.’

“Danyela survived by the grace of God and miraculous surgeons who saved her life at the children’s trauma hospital in Houston, to speak the truth. Her multiple surgeries have left her entire body scarred. The months of recovery and pain she endured for months on end was unbearable to witness. No mother should have to witness a 12-year-old go through withdrawal symptoms from the pain-relieving drugs. Her recover to learn to use her right hand, as well as to walk again was extensive. The months in the hospital here in Texas and Canada were extremely difficult on her and me. All this while still mourning my son and her only brother whom she loved and adored.

“Danyela has to live the rest of her life explaining all the very deep scars covering her body. To this date, she is still unable and probably never will be able to do certain activities that her friends enjoy due to her substantial injuries. No high-impact sports, no skating, basketball, volleyball, skiing, running etc. She is still at that very tender age when her friends go to the swimming pool. She will not attend because no matter what type of bathing suit she wears the scars are clearly visible.

“Her tenacity to overcome all this trauma and injuries is proof that my daughter is an amazing young lady. All her and her brother wanted was to come back home to Montreal where they were born and raised. In a home where they felt safe and loved by their grandmother (my mother) their Aunt Mira (my sister) her Uncle Mike and cousins Vicky, Melissa and Adriana, from the day they were born. The pain and suffering I endure on a daily basis is hard to relay for it is so very deep. I continue to find the power to be strong and persistent for my daughter. These past two years and even prior to that have resulted in an excruciating heartache. I have horrific nightmares and visions of what my beautiful children endured during their captivity. They were told lies or nothing at all what was happening to them. Danyela has recounted the days to me of their unbearable and agonizing days and the fear they lived through by this monster who calls himself a father. This individual is a coward, a coward who could not deal with accepting a final judgment that I fought for months.

“I always told my children when I was allowed to speak to them or see them, ‘Mommy would never give up.’ I knew that the right judgment would occur. Yet, when it did, this monster was not able to come to terms with what was finally realized by the courts. His decision to take things into his own hands is proof of the absolute disgusting, horrible person that he is.

“People, friends and family always ask, ‘is there something you need’ or something they could do for me. The answer is quite simple: what I need I can never get back in this lifetime. A part of me was taken away on that sad tragic day Dec. 13, 2010. That part of me can never be replaced nor will it heal. The night that two police officers came to my door in Montreal and told me that my son Deyan is dead and Danyela is in surgery after she sustained eight bullet wounds from this monstrous individual is a moment of my life I will never forget and shall continue to haunt me. He has physically and emotionally altered our lives forever.

“I sincerely trust that this court will take my statement in very high consideration of the crimes against my innocent children and proceed with the highest form of punishment.”

Danyela Perisic

The daughter of Predrag Perisic, Danyela Perisic was shot several times by her father and survived the attack. She also submitted a victim impact statement that was read by her mother during the sentencing hearing on Dec 14. The following is the full text of her statement: “I have lots of anger against my dad and I hate him for what he did to me and my family,” she wrote. “I think he has never been a father to me and he never will. I never want to see his disgusting face ever again in my life. He’s impacted my family in a negative way ever since I was little. What he did to me causes me to think about it all the time. “By thinking about it causes me to lose sleep and have nightmares. I have lack of concentration because of all the troubles he has caused in my life and how this trial has been going on for two years already and I’d like for it to be over soon. “He ruined my life forever. He took something away from me that I can never get back. I never did anything to deserve what he has done to me and I think that he should never be able to see daylight ever again.”

Dad murders mom during apparent custody "dispute"; 9-year-old girl calls police (Hamilton, Tasmania)

Update: "Detective Inspector Riley says police are investigating whether the murders were triggered by a dispute over access to the child." Of course. Access to the kids is always used as a way to control/abuse (murder) the mother. That's what abusive fathers do. The fact that this freak pumped bullets into his son's mother with the boy beside him in the car proves that this sh** couldn't have care less about "quality time" with his child.

You know what? When Daddy guns down Mom, it's not an access or custody "dispute." It's an all-out one-sided war, with only one side being armed.


Girl, 9, called police after mother shot

December 17, 2012

A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl called police after her mother and her mother's partner were shot dead in Tasmania.

The bodies of a woman, 31, and a man, 34, were found at a property on Hamilton Plains Road at Hamilton, a small rural town 70 kilometres from Hobart, about 5am on Sunday. \

Detective Inspector Colin Riley said the alleged gunman, a 59-year-old man, was previously in a relationship with the dead woman.

He was found at Lachlan, 45 kilometres away, lying beside a car pulled over to the side of the road, with a gunshot wound to the head.

The man's one-year-old son, whose mother was the dead woman, was unharmed and found inside the car.

Inspector Riley said the man's gunshot wound was inflicted shortly before or just as a police car arrived. He is under police guard at Royal Hobart Hospital and is in a critical condition after surgery.

Inspector Riley said the girl called police using a mobile phone.

"It appears that the nine-year-old heard what occurred in the house and we are still ascertaining … what was seen by that child,'' Inspector Riley said.

The couple who were killed had been in a relationship and living in the Hamilton house for about four months.

Inspector Riley said there had been no reports of violence involving the woman and her alleged killer.

The children, including a third child who was not in the house at the time, were being cared for by their grandparents.

Inspector Riley said the shooting had shocked the close-knit town.

Dad accused of severely beating 12-year-old son, putting spicy mustard on boy's wounds; is this a custodial dad? (Muncie, Indiana)

Is JUANIS ALI KIRKSEY a custodial father? Sure appears likely. Notice that Daddy was arrested on a THURSDAY afternoon, which suggests that he had custody of the kids during the week. Also notice that the kids were released to their mother, who lives in another town. At minimum, it seems that Dad had joint custody.

But check this out. Despite all the crap from the fathers' rights people about how poor daddies are discriminated against, note that Kirksey got his "rights" despite a suspended drivers license and a violent criminal history including domestic battery, strangulation, and criminal confinement. So it's no great surprise that he battered his kids. But of course he was allowed access anyway. Indiana has a huge reputation as a fathers' rights state. Meaning mothers and kids have virtually none.

Police: Man put spicy mustard on 12-year-old son's wounds after beating with belt

8:41 AM, Dec 16, 2012

Written by Douglas Walker
Muncie Star Press

MUNCIE — A Muncie father has been accused of severely beating his 12-year-old son with a belt, then putting spicy mustard on the boy’s resulting welts and scratches.

Juanis Ali Kirksey, 41, 401 E. Main St., was arrested Thursday afternoon on preliminary charges of battery resulting in serious bodily injury, neglect of a dependent and resisting law enforcement.

City police were called to Kirksey’s apartment about 5 p.m. Thursday after several neighbors reported they could hear a child being beaten.

Officer Brandon Qualls reported Kirksey at first tried to prevent him from entering the apartment, saying, “I just disciplined my child, (and) that’s not against the law.”

Officers reported finding two children, ages 12 and 9, inside who seemed “terrified.” The older child had welts and scratches on his right forearm, back, chest, hands, thighs and buttocks, according to a police report. Spicy mustard had also been spread on the boy’s right arm, apparently in a bid to increase the youth’s discomfort, “from his wrist up past his elbow.”

The children said Kirksey had beaten the boy after an argument that began when the youngster asked his father to turn down a television. The younger child said she was instructed, in a note written by her father, to go into a bathroom and put headphones on while the beating took place.

The boy was treated at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital before he and his sister were placed in the care of their mother, an Anderson resident.

Kirksey was being held without bond in the Delaware County jail on Friday.

The Muncie man was convicted of driving while suspended last July.

 He was charged with domestic battery, strangulation and criminal confinement in a Madison County court in 2008, but those counts were dismissed two years later.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dad found guilty of murdering 4-month-old daughter during visitation; wanted to avoid child support (Harrisonville, Missouri)

There is NO REASON for infants to be off visiting Daddy. It's totally unnecessary, and often dangerous to babies this young. No child development study shows any benefit to visitation at this age, and in fact, the disruption in the baby's schedule creates more stress than anything else. Daddies who are good solid guys who live with and support their families are totally different from random ex-boyfriends who have never had any commitment to raising a child. The latter don't need visitation at all, frankly. Especially when it involves helpless infants who need consistent, loving care. 

The now convicted killer dad is MORENO ANTONIO SALINAS.

Jury finds father guilty in murder of infant

Posted: Dec 14, 2012 7:08 PM CST
Updated: Dec 14, 2012 7:13 PM CST

By Laura McCallister, Multimedia Producer

By Jonathan Carter, Reporter

HARRISONVILLE, MO (KCTV) - Closing arguments were Friday in the trial of a man accused of killing his 4-month-old daughter.

A Cass County jury found Moreno Antonio Salinas, of Greenwood, MO, guilty of first-degree murder just before 4 p.m. Salinas showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

He was charged with plotting to murder his little girl. Prosecutors said he killed baby Avee Hunter in April 2010.

Cass County sheriff's detectives were contacted by Children's Mercy officials on April 20 to report the infant had injuries that were suspicious. Prosecutors said Avee was brought to Children's Mercy Hospital twice in just a few days because of seizures. She died April 22 as a result of her injuries.

An autopsy by the Jackson County Medical Examiner indicated that the victim sustained injuries that were consistent with shaking the baby.

They said Salinas' cousin, Allen T. Green of Kansas City, MO, admitted the two planned to kill her because he was afraid he would have to pay child support.

Prosecutors said Green said the baby's father wanted to make sure there were no clear signs of trauma so he claimed he shook the baby at her mother's house in Peculiar, MO. Green said Salinas tried everything from holding the baby by her feet and flipping her up and down, to squeezing the air out of her chest with his hands.

Avee's mother, Joanne Hunter, wept quietly at Friday's trial and afterwards talked about the day she's waited for for years. "It's almost been three (years).

It's extremely difficult. Sometimes you lose sleep over it and it's just been really hard on me and my family. I don't have my little girl so I'm just very happy with the verdict," Joanne Hunter said.

Both Salinas and Green were charged with first-degree murder.

A jury recommended Salinas be sentenced with life without parole. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 28

Dad allegedly stoned when 8-month-old son died from suffocation (West Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Notice that dad REGINALD ROLLINS was allegedly stoned when he suffocated the baby in his bed. No mention of a mother whatsoever. What happened to Mom? Is this a single dad? A custodial father? What?

Police: Dad was stoned when baby died, moved corpse to skirt blame


Published: December 15, 2012

The father of an 8-month-old West Scranton boy found dead in August has been charged for smoking marijuana and sleeping in bed with the infant before his death, then moving the body afterward. 

Reginald Rollins, 25, was "highly intoxicated" on marijuana when he fell asleep in bed with his 8-month-old son beside him on Aug. 3, city police said.

When he woke up and found the child deceased, Mr. Rollins picked up the body and put him in a crib to make it appear the child had died there, police said. The cause of death was asphyxia, caused by Mr. Rollins rolling over on the child in his sleep accidentally, Scranton police Detective Vince Uher said. 

City police said Mr. Rollins admitted doing so because he "was afraid that he would get in trouble for the baby's death," according to a news release prepared by Detective Uher, who investigated the death.

Mr. Rollins - who was already in Lackawanna County Prison on two bench warrants - was charged Friday with endangering the welfare of children, reckless endangering another person and tampering with physical evidence.

Dad charged in sexual assault of then 12-year-old daughter (Redwood City, California)

UNNAMED DAD,%20charged%20with%20abusing%20daughter

Dad extradited, charged with abusing daughter

December 15, 2012, 05:00 AM
By Michelle Durand, Daily Journal Staff

A Guatemalan man who prosecutors say impregnated his 12-year-old daughter five years ago and fled the country when Redwood City police contacted by abortion providers asked him for a DNA sample was charged with several felonies after being extradited back to San Mateo County.

The 39-year-old man, who the Daily Journal is not naming as not to identify his daughter, is charged with three counts of lewd acts on a child under 14, three counts of incest and a misdemeanor charge of destroying evidence.

Police interviewed him about his daughter’s pregnancy in December 2007 after he brought the girl to San Mateo Medical Center for an abortion. Hospital staff contacted authorities who were told by both him and the girl that a fellow 12-year-old named “Giovanni” was the father. When police asked for a genetic sample to test, the father said he wanted time to consider the request and the next day fled back to Guatemala, according to prosecutors.

The girl later told police her father had impregnated her and she had made up the story of the boy to protect him and not upset her mother. Redwood City police ultimately found the father in Guatemala and had him deported back for arrest and prosecution.

In court Thursday, the father asked for a court-appointed attorney and delayed entering a plea. He returns to court Dec. 20 to identify his lawyer and remains in custody on $1 million bail.