Friday, August 31, 2012

Dad beats up 5-year-old son for not knowing how to count to 10 (East Fork, Nevada)

Wonder if this is yet another one of those useless "stay-at-home" dads, since it is is said that the mother was working while Daddy was beating up a 5-year-old.

Never even occurred to this numbskull that maybe he should help the child learn to count? But of course it's possible the numbskull doesn't know how to do so himself. Likely, actually.

The Daddy Genius is identified as DEWAYNE REY.

Father accused of beating 5-year-old with belt

August, 31 2012 8:45 am


The father of a 5-year-old boy was jailed Wednesday on $100,000 bail, accused of beating the kindergarten student with a belt because the little boy couldn't count to 10, and failed to do pushups and sit-ups.

DeWayne Rey, 26, is to appear Friday in East Fork Justice Court on allegations of child abuse.

Deputies were called to C.C. Meneley Elementary School at 11 a.m. Wednesday after a teacher reported the child had a bruise.

The little boy reportedly told investigators his father was upset with him because he couldn't do enough sit-ups and pushups. A sister said their father beat the little boy until he could count to 10 properly.

The incidents were witnessed by the child's other siblings who corroborated his story.

The children said their mother was at work when the beating occurred.

Investigators observed a half-dozen welts and bruising on the child's back and chest.

Rey was arrested at the school around 6 p.m., when he went looking for his children who had been taken to the sheriff's office by deputies.

Someone called deputies from inside the school at 5:40 p.m. to report that an irate parent was outside trying to break in, and they believed it was Rey.

School personnel were advised to lock down the building until deputies arrived for the safety of staff and children attending Kids Club, an afterschool program.

Witnesses said Rey was outside the building pounding on the principal's office door. He reportedly tried other entrances unsuccessfully before deputies arrived, and he was taken into custody.

Dad charged with raping, killing 15-week-old daughter gets big break; THIS IS DISGUSTING! (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

So if you're on tribal lands, it's apparently no biggie if you rape and kill your own infant daughter?

Seems we have another worthless deadbeat POS dad where the baby asphyxiated while he was sexually assaulting her. Of course, Mom was at work earning a paycheck to support this pathetic pervert. Killer daddy isn't even a good liar. An "evil spirit" took over his body?

Guess it wasn't the first time we had a problem with that pesky evil spirit, as this POS has raped kids before!

So why wasn't he in jail and ordered to keep away from children in the future??? Somebody dropped the ball big time. But don't hold your breath wating for the names.

Scumbag dad is identified as STEVEN DEUMAN JR.

Father charged with 'disturbing' sex assault, murder of infant gets break because of alleged crime's location

Published: Friday, August 31, 2012, 7:03 AM

By John Agar The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Federal authorities are prosecuting Steven Deuman Jr. in the sexual assault and killing of his 15-week-old daughter, but he won’t face the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder.

The charge is a capital offense, and usually subject to the death penalty under federal law.

But the killing happened on an Indian reservation in Northern Michigan.

The location, on land held in trust by the U.S. for the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, is what prompted the federal investigation and prosecution. But it also gave tribal authorities, under federal law, the right to determine if the death penalty should be used in that jurisdiction. Like most tribes in the U.S., the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians declined to make capital crimes subject to the death penalty. The Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994 “conditionally eliminated” the death penalty on Native American lands unless a tribe’s governing body reinstated the penalty.

Deuman, whose trial begins Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, faces life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder in the Aug. 12, 2011 killing.

“Because federal jurisdiction in this case is predicated solely on the fact that the crime occurred in Indian Country, the death penalty is not available due to the fact that the governing body for the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians did not opt in to the death penalty,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Phillip Green wrote in a trial brief.

Federal authorities prosecute most of the serious crimes on Indian reservations, while tribal courts handle less serious crimes such as drunken driving, assault or theft.

The killing of Deuman’s daughter, identified in court records only by her initials, E.D., happened in Suttons Bay in Leelanau County.

Tribal police began investigating shortly after the girl arrived at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. The FBI soon got involved.

The allegations are particularly egregious: Prosecutors say the girl was asphyxiated when her father sexually assaulted her. He told police the girl accidentally fell from a bed, and choked on a used condom.

“The underlying facts of this case are particularly disturbing and, unfortunately, there is no way to sanitize those facts now or at trial,” Green wrote in the trial brief. The government said the girl’s death was suspicious from the start.

At the hospital, Deuman acted “overly aggressive,” which required hospital security and Traverse City police to respond, Green wrote.

Deuman then consented to an interview with a tribal police officer. He told police he was watching his daughter while the girl’s mother was at work when the girl became “fussy.”

He told police he gave her a bottle and put her in the middle of his queen-size bed.

He said he then went outside to smoke, then, after the girl’s mother called to say she was leaving work, said he had a “bad feeling” and went to check on the girl.

He said he found her face down on the floor, not breathing with a used condom in her mouth, the government said.

During one of several interviews with investigators, he allegedly said an “evil spirit” must have taken over his body.

The government said Deuman has made incriminating statements to investigators and others.

The defense says that the death was “accidental and not the result of homicide.”

The defense also contends that police coerced statements from Deuman during lengthy, and repeated, interviews.

Defense attorneys Clare Freeman, Richard Stroba and Sean Tilton want U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist to allow testimony of Dr. Richard Leo, an expert in the field of false confessions.

Leo testified this week in a hearing to determine if he will be allowed to testify at trial.

“False confessions are counter-intuitive, but they’re well documented,” Leo testified.

He said some people confess by speculating they must have committed the crime, perhaps while blacked out.

Deuman has allegedly told investigators “it is possible that he may have killed his daughter, but he did not recall doing so,” the prosecution wrote.

The judge has not determined if Leo will be allowed to testify at trial.

The government also wants to offer evidence to jurors that Deuman had previously sexually assaulted other children in the past. The defense wants to exclude the evidence.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dad charged with abusing 5-month-old son (Carroll County, Maryland)

Very typical abuser daddy story. Got "frustrated" while changing the diaper of a crying baby, blah blah. So Daddy shook him violently enough to cause brain damage.

Daddy is identified as CEDRIC DARNELL HOLIFIELD.

Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 10:39 pm, Tue Aug 28, 2012.

Father charged with abuse of 5-month-old son

 By Brett Lake Times Staff Writer Carroll County Times

The father of a 5-month-old boy is facing child abuse charges after shaking the baby because he wouldn’t stop crying and causing bleeding from his brain, according to police reports.

Cedric Darnell Holifield, 35, of the unit block of South Main Street in Union Bridge, was arrested and charged Monday with first- and second-degree child abuse and second-degree assault.

He was released from the Carroll County Detention Center Tuesday after posting $15,000 bail.

On Aug. 3, the baby was taken to Carroll Hospital Center by his mother because he was not eating normally, throwing up and sleeping more than usual, according to the statement of charges filed in this case.

Tests revealed the child had intracranial bleeding and he was transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Testing there showed he also had a fractured femur and signs of bleeding in both eyes, the report states.

In an interview about one week later with a trooper from the Carroll County Advocacy and Investigation Center, Holifield admitted to causing the injuries by “playing rough” with him, according to the report.

Holifield consented to taking a polygraph test and during a pre-test interview admitted to shaking his son on 10 to 11 different occasions because he would not stop crying, the report states.

Holifield said he again shook his son Monday because of his crying and that he might have caused the leg fracture when he was changing the baby’s diaper, according to the report.

He originally blamed the injuries on his 2-year-old daughter, according to the report.

No date has been set in this case, according to electronic court files.

Drunk dad assaults 13-year-old son (Mercer Island, Washington)

UNNAMED DAD. No mention of a mother in the home.

Drunk Father Assaults 13-Year-Old Son in Mercer Firs Home

The following information from Aug. 15-25 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

By Kendall Watson

August 29, 2012

Mercer Island Police say a 13-year-old boy was assaulted by his drunk father on Aug. 23 at 10 p.m. in a late night argument at a home on the 6100 block of 90th Avenue SE.

The 49-year-old resident threw a chair at the teenager during a verbal argument and then chased him to his room, kicked through his door and threatened him. The father, still intoxicated and angry, later drove his son to a pharmacy. Child Protective Services were notified of the incident.

In online video, missing teen says he was sexually abused by custodial father, but system ignored his please for help (Monterey County, California)

In this supposedly neutral news account, notice that a lot of print is devoted to vilifiying the mother, who was NOT contacted for her side of the story.

Dad is identified as ERIC MOELTER.

In online videos, missing Monterey teenager who alleges abuse makes plea for help

By JULIA REYNOLDS Monterey Herald Staff Writer

Posted: 08/30/2012 08:33:25 AM PDT

A teenager missing for more than a year surfaced on the Internet this week, showing up in YouTube videos and calling on Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo to prosecute his father for sexual abuse.

Damon Moelter says he is hiding from his father and from the law. Though The Herald generally does not identify alleged sex crime victims, it is making an exception in this case because the boy identifies himself in the widely viewed videos.

The videos are a heartbreaking plea from an articulate teenager on his 16th birthday, directly accusing his father, Eric Moelter, of repeated sexual abuse over four years and begging Monterey County courts to do something about it.

Much of the alleged abuse occurred in San Diego County, where the Moelters live. An appeals court ruling holds that there was insufficient evidence of abuse and has upheld a San Diego court's decision to award full parental custody to Eric Moelter.

Damon alleges the abuse first occurred in Monterey County while visiting his grandmother.

"I ran away a year ago and have my own attorney now, but two months ago a (San Diego County) judge refused to hear anything about my abuse and gave full custody to my father again," says Damon in one video. "I want a complete investigation of the sexual assaults and my father charged in Monterey County, where the abuse first occurred, because I don't trust the people in San Diego anymore."

Asked in a telephone interview why he chose to reach out to Flippo via the Internet, Damon said, "It was a lot out of desperation, because all of the powerful officials in San Diego County have done something to cover up my case." Because he is in hiding, he said, he isn't willing to just walk into Flippo's office or even use video conference software such as Skype.

What emerges after a review of Damon's court records and other documents is a convoluted tale of sexual abuse allegations, a long and bitter custody battle gone into overdrive and, as in many family law cases, a saga in which the rest of us will likely never know the full truth.

What is clear is that Damon is wrapped up in a situation most would call tragic.

"We received information on this when the young man went viral (on the Internet)," Flippo said Wednesday. "We've never talked to the young man, but saw the video on YouTube."

Of the five videos posted, the most popular one was viewed about 700 times by late Wednesday.

Flippo said his office assigned its child sex abuse investigator, Christina Gunther, to look into Damon's allegations, and has made attempts to try to reach Damon through his attorney.

Flippo said he notified the Monterey County Sheriff's Office to be ready to interview Damon, because that agency would most likely have jurisdiction over any criminal case.

Sheriff's deputies, Flippo said, will be "more than happy to talk to him. He should contact Monterey County law enforcement immediately."

Damon said he is trying to figure out a safe way to do that. Without a protective order against his father, he said, "I wouldn't go there in person if they have a pot of gold waiting there for me."

Damon said he was 6 years old when he first spoke to police in San Diego about alleged abuse from his father, but no charges were filed.

"I disclosed many more times after that and they never did another investigation," he said. He said the abuse started during a visit to Monterey County when his father took him and his brothers to see their grandmother, who lived here.

A sealed videotaped interview he gave when he was 11 or 12 years old to a doctor at San Diego's Chadwick Center contains the most detailed account of the alleged abuse, Damon said, and he hopes Monterey County can order it unsealed.

An appeals court ruling, however, holds the Chadwick Center — which bills itself as "one of the largest hospital-based child advocacy and trauma treatment centers in the nation" — found insufficient evidence of abuse, a finding Damon disagrees with.

Calls from The Herald to a phone listed to Eric Moelter went unanswered Wednesday.

A website in Moelter's name said Damon's brothers are living with him and doing well, a claim Damon said is likely true, acknowledging that his brothers now support their father.

"It is heartbreaking," Moelter's website reads, that Damon "is once again being kept from his family, school, all of his friends and activities, proper medical care and his right to be a free citizen. He is, once again, a missing child."

A copy of the 2010 appeals court ruling on Moelter's website blasts Damon's mother, Cindy Dumas, for "ongoing and relentless hostility."

"The record demonstrates there is no credible evidence that Father sexually molested Damon," the ruling states. "Moreover, Damon's former preference to not live with Father is unpersuasive. This preference was the result of Mother exerting undue influence over Damon during his period of abduction and her ongoing promotion of the idea that Father sexually molested him."

The court said Damon suffered "psychological impairment," in that he believed his father molested him.

"Mother remains steadfast in her desire to personify Father as a child molester. In addition to contacting the children in violation of court orders, Mother also continued to publish details about the case and vilify Father on the Internet," the ruling stated. "The trial court did not err by finding Mother is not an appropriate caretaker of Damon."

Damon says the court made factual mistakes. "It's downright fraudulent in several places," he said, disagreeing with a statement that nearly 20 experts found insufficient evidence to back up Dumas' charge of sexual abuse.

The ruling notes several occasions when Damon said he would like to move back with his father, although Damon now says that is because he and his brothers "were sent to a psychologist that sort of changed our minds about it."

This isn't the first time Damon has been in hiding. In late 2004, after a San Diego court said his father could have shared custody, Dumas disappeared with the children for more than three years. A warrant was issued for her arrest as a suspected kidnapper and the boys and their mother spent those years moving around the country.

Moelter's website surmises Damon may have been staying with an underground organization of so-called "protective parents" — parents who take their children on the run after refusing to obey orders to turn them over to the ex-spouses they say abused them.

Several such networks are known to exist nationally, and are described as a sort of underground railroad for those fleeing from abuse, whether real or imagined.

One famous case of standing up to family law courts made international news in the late 1980s when plastic surgeon Elizabeth Morgan spent more than a year in jail on contempt charges after she refused to comply with a court order remanding her daughter to her father.

That father, like Eric Moelter, has maintained his innocence and was never criminally charged with abuse.

Dumas finally brought the children out of hiding after officials agreed not to charge her with kidnapping.

But after he was ordered to live full time with his father, Damon says he ran away on his own and has not been staying with his mother, which would be a violation of the court's orders.

He has been on the lam for more than a year and won't say where he is staying. This time around is different, he says. He is estranged from his siblings and has gone through all the classic stages of grieving, feeling "the loss of my friends, my life, everything."

He stopped going to school, but studied pre-calculus and history on a website for awhile. Now he watches a lot of TV. One favorite show is the edgy BBC series "Sherlock."

If his life ever settles into something resembling "normal," he said, "what would be next would be going back to school, becoming a writer and living happily ever after."

He has already written four books of fiction, he said, and is working on a fifth. His specialty is young adult crime thrillers.

He said if the courts don't grant him the right to live with his mother, he will just keep hiding until he turns 18.

"I still don't have any friends or anything," he said. "I just have to be in hiding."

Dad "allegedly" killed wife, daughter, then stopped at McDonald's to eat with daughter's body in car (Spanaway, Washington)

I don't believe for one second that money woes had anything to do with this double murder. To be this sick and callous, dad DEAN HOLMES would have to be a psychopath.

Washington Man Allegedly Kills Wife And Daughter, Then Stops At McDonald’s To Eat With Child’s Body In The Car

Posted: August 30, 2012

Spanaway, WA – Dean Holmes allegedly shot his wife and daughter, then stopped at McDonald’s to eat with the body of his 11-year-old child in the car. The Washington father reportedly found himself deeply in debt and in the midst of a lawsuit. Dean Holmes, 40, allegedly shot his wife, Kristi, while she was asleep at their home. Holmes is accused of shooting his daughter, Violet, in the car after waking the child and taking home her friend who was spending the night.

Dean Holmes allegedly stopped at the local McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat before scrubbing the blood of his wife and daughter from the home and car. Several hours later, Dean Holmes turned himself in to Spanaway police, according to the Daily Mail.

The Washington father was reportedly lying to his wife about the dire nature of the family’s finances. Holmes’ money woes were the alleged motive in the case. The house painting business owner reportedly owed approximately $20,000 in unpaid taxes. Dean Holmes lied to Kristi, 41, about a home they were supposed to move into, police reports note. Holmes was also being sued by a client for unfinished work. The alleged Washington murderer also reportedly told police he and his wife were having marital problems.

“The suspect then drove to a fast food restaurant in Spanaway, purchased a meal for himself, then went home and placed his daughter’s body in bed with his wife’s body,” according to a release from the Pierce County Sheriff’s office, republished by the Daily Mail.

A second Holmes’ child was not home at the time of the shooting, King 5 News reports. Sheriff’s deputies found two dead bodies inside the Holmes’ residence. Neighbors who spoke with the local news organization report they had no idea there were such problems plaguing Dean Holmes and recalled going to backyard cookouts at the home. Dean Holmes has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, he is reportedly cooperating with the investigation.

Dad stabs to death two children, mom (Riverside, California)

UNNAMED DAD is one entitled little sh**, isn't he. This bastard was never married to this woman and never even lived with her.

RIVERSIDE: Mom, two children stabbed to death

BY JOHN ASBURY The Press Enterprise 

Published: 30 August 2012 09:13 AM

A mother and her two children were stabbed and killed early Thursday morning in their home off Granger Court in Riverside.

Police were called shortly after 7 a.m. when an estranged boyfriend was seen speeding away from the house.

Inside the home, police found a 25-year-old woman, her 1-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son suffering multiple stab wounds and critically injured, Riverside police Lt. Guy Toussaint said.

The mother and two children were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where they all died from their injuries. Coroner’s officials were withholding their names pending notification of next of kin.

Detectives said the man appeared to be the father of the two children killed. He was never married to the woman and never lived at the home where the stabbing occurred.

The home sits off Pendleton Street, in a cul de sac near Tyler Avenue and Hole Street. The family lived with two other adults and a child who also rented the home, but were unharmed.

Other people inside the home gave a description of the vehicle to officers, who broadcast the information across police radios.

Corona police found the suspect, after witnesses called 911. He was described with a knife strapped to his back and his clothing covered in blood. He was seen walking away from a vehicle found abandoned on an overpass at the Interstate 15/Highway 91 interchange. Corona police chased him down to nearby railroad tracks where he was shot during a confrontation with officers. The suspect was hospitalized, but recovering from his injuries. He has not been identified. Police are not looking for any additional suspects.

The investigation stymied traffic along both Highway 91 and Interstate 15 during the morning rush hour, with officials issuing a SigAlert that was not lifted until about 10 a.m.

Metrolink commuter rail traffic was also affected by the closing of the North Main Street station, near the 15/91 interchange, and halting train traffic theough the area. Riverside Transit Agency and Orange County Transportation Authority buses ferried passengers between the La Sierra station in Riverside and the West Corona train stop.

Officers cordoned off the small block of Granger Court with police tape while a dozen detectives and Police Chief Sergio Diaz walked back and forth from the home. A Riverside police cruiser drove up to the home with two people in the back seat.

Neighbors described the neighborhood as usually quiet. They said they didn’t know the family, other than seeing them coming and going from the home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dad charged with aggravated murder in death of 1-month-old daughter (Salt Lake City, Utah)

It appears that dad ALEJANDRO MIJAIL RUSSELL-TORRES tried to disguise a fatal assault as an accidental drowning.

Father charged with homicide after allegedly shaking baby

Posted on: 6:13 pm, August 27, 2012, by Aaron Vaughn and Meredith Forrest Kulwicki, updated on: 07:43am, August 28, 2012

A one-month-old infant died Monday after initially being brought to the hospital after a reported near-drowning. According to booking documents, the baby girl’s father is now being held on aggravated murder charges.

 Police say Alejandro Mijail Russell-Torres had initially been charged with child abuse, but has been rebooked on the homicide charge.

Police initially thought it was a case of near drowning, but according to the probable cause statement the responding officer who spoke with Torres said “Alex admitted to me of shaking the baby very hard.”

On Friday the infant was flown to Primary Children’s Medical Center in critical condition.

Torres told police he was bathing the baby in a full-size tub when the child’s head went underwater. He said the baby began coughing and stopped breathing.

Torres is now awaiting formal charges of aggravated murder.

"Caretaker" dad arrested for abusing 6-week-old son; baby in critical condition (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Once again, we have a "caretaker" daddy who went off on the baby while Mom was forced to work. All because we don't consider moms worthy of paid maternity leaves in this country, so we're forced to use deadbeat daddies and boyfriends as babysitters.

The baby is in critical condition. 

The dad is identified as JUSTIN MCINTYRE.

Shaken baby, Bentley McIntyre remains in critical condition

10:08 PM, Aug 27, 2012 \

Written by Chris Zoladz

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - A six-week-old Spring Lake boy remains in critical condition at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital after he was allegedly shaken by his father last week.

WZZM 13's partner, the Grand Haven Tribune reports Bentley McIntyre has experienced a number of seizures and has a staph infection in his lungs. An MRI has also indicated there is damage to the frontal lobe as well as the back of his brain.

"The MRI showed brain bleed, which is indicative of shaken baby," Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Chief Roger DeYoung said.

Bently's father, Justin McIntyre, 23, was with the baby at the time of the incident. The baby's mother, Kaylee Zalsman, was at work.

 McIntyre is lodged in the Ottawa County Jail on a charge of first-degree child abuse. Bond was set at $75,000. The penalty for a first-degree child abuse conviction is up to 15 years in prison.

Dad on trial for assaulting 4-month-old son, causing extensive brain injuries (New Zealand)

So we have an adult male who had a "relationship" with a teenage girl, a girl whom he had assaulted "on several occasions" even when she was pregnant.

Why wasn't dad ROBERT HAAMI BOYNTON in jail? Instead we give a violent sexual predator who targets young girls access to a 4-month-old infant. So anybody with half a brain would know what happened next.

Daddy couldn't "cope" with normal infant crying, so he bashed the baby into a hard surface of some sort and/or he violently shook him. Either way it's assault. And now we have a baby with extensive brain injuries because Daddy's rights are SOOOO much more important than anybody else's rights to safety, security, and bodily integrity.

Father on trial over boy's brain injuries

By Abigail Hartevelt - Daily Post | Tuesday, August 28, 2012 17:37

An infant suffered extensive brain injuries after his father either shook him or slammed him on to a surface, the High Court at Rotorua has been told.

Robert Haami Boynton, 39, from Matahi Valley, is on trial accused of wounding his 4-month-old son with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, a charge each of assaulting the child with intent to injure and assaulting the child.

 He has also pleaded not guilty to one charge of assaulting his former partner with intent to injure, two charges of assaulting her and one charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The offending is alleged to have been committed between October 1, 2009 and May 18 last year at Whakatane, Matahi Valley, Rotoiti, Nukuhou and Auckland.

 Boynton has pleaded guilty to one charge of assaulting his former partner.

Tauranga Crown Solicitor Greg Hollister-Jones told the court today that Boynton had been in a relationship with 16-year-old Ngarangi Wickliffe since late 2009 and assaulted her on several occasions, including while she was pregnant with Boynton's child.

 Mr Hollister-Jones said Ms Wickliffe suffered several black eyes and a bloody nose at the hands of Boynton.

On January 2 last year, Ms Wickliffe gave birth to a boy.

The Crown alleges Boynton started assaulting his infant son because he couldn't cope with him crying.

 In a brief opening statement Boynton's lawyer, Tony Rickard-Simms, said Boynton was no angel but denied assaulting his child and the other assaults on his former partner.

The trial before Justice Ailsa Duffy is expected to take two weeks.

Dad leaves 3-year-old daughter home alone while he goes to strip club; what happened to Mom? (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Once again, we refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room. WHERE IS MOM?

While UNNAMED DAD was out doing manly things like getting into fights at a strip club, his crying 3-year-old daughter was home alone, naked, and in an unlocked home. And apparently motherless as well, since even at 2 AM there is no mother, which leads me to think there was no mother in this home at all. Or she would have been cited for neglect as well.

And of course, the police minimize child neglect when a dude does it. The girl appears to be "ok" they say. I can't believe that many women or mothers would say the same about a sobbing toddler who had been left home alone all night. But dudes tend to go easy on dudes. 

So obviously this is either a (bad) custodial dad or a (bad) dad with joint custody/visitation. I'm thinking custodial, since we're told that the child is now in the care of "a relative." Which usually means not mom, or we would have been told it was the mother. Unless in Canada, mothers are just the same as random relatives these days. 

Once again, we have a mother that has been mysteriously erased from a child neglect story, and no one even questions why strip-club dad had possession of this child, and who granted him possession. As far as we know, dudes still don't give birth. So he must have got the child from someone. Who? A judge? Let's start asking the rights questions, people.

Child left home alone as dad attends strip club

 By Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star
August 28, 2012

Windsor police found a three-year-old girl naked, cowering behind an unlocked door and crying for her daddy early Sunday after he allegedly went to a strip club and left her home alone.

 "When our officers arrived there, the front door was unlocked," said Sgt. Matt D'Asti of Windsor police. "They could hear the girl crying and was asking for her father."

Police learned of the alleged abandonment case after responding early Monday to a call at Silvers Lounge, a strip club. A fight call came in at 1: 10 a.m. Among those involved in the melee was a 39-year-old man. Paramedics took him to hospital for nonlife threatening injuries.

While he was being treated, the man told paramedics he'd left his three-year-old daughter home alone. The paramedics notified police.

 Officers arrived at the man's house around 2 a.m. They arrived to find the door unlocked. The girl was home alone, hiding behind the front door of the house, left unlocked.

 Police don't know how long she'd been alone, but she appeared to be OK.

Officers called the Children's Aid Society, which has taken the child away and placed her with a relative.

The girl's father, whose name has not been released, faces a charge of child abandonment.

Dad accused of violently shaking 6-week-old son; baby in critical condition (Spring Lake, Michigan)

Dad is identified as JUSTIN MCINTYRE. As usual, there's no mention of a mother in the home.

Father Accused of Shaking Infant in Spring Lake Home

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 5:47 a.m.

EDT SPRING LAKE, MI (WHTC) - A preliminary examination on first-degree child abuse charges is slated in Grand Haven District Court today for Justin McIntyre, the 23-year-old father of a six-week-old boy who suffered brain injuries after apparently being shaken violently at a Spring Lake home last Friday. He remains held on 75 thousand dollars bond following the incident involving Bentley McIntyre, who was flown to DeVos Children’s Hospital after doctors at North Ottawa Community Hospital alerted police. The infant remains in critical condition. If convicted, Justin McIntyre could receive life in prison under a new state law.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dad arrested after 3-month-old baby found with bite marks, serious injuries (Caldwell County, North Carolina)

The lowlife daddy is identified as JUSTIN PAIGE SHOEMAKE.

Deputies: Father arrested after 3-month-old found with bite marks, serious injuries 

Submitted by John Cominsky
Monday, August 27th, 2012, 3:30pm 

A man was arrested after his 3-month-old child was found with extensive injuries believed to be a result of child abuse, according to the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office.

 On August 24, deputies received a report of a domestic case where a child was being assaulted by her father. Deputies arrived on the scene and found a witness that said they saw the father choking the child, deputies say.

The baby had visible bite marks on her lip, nose, ear, and other locations on her body, the report states.

The father, 20-year-old Justin Paige Shoemake, was arrested. The child was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Upon evaluation at the hospital, she was found to have numerous serious injuries resulting from extensive physical abuse, according to deputies.

The Caldwell County Department of Social Services was contacted and took custody of the child. Shoemake was charged with one count felony child abuse, one count assault on a child under twelve, and one count misdemeanor child abuse. He is currently being held at the Caldwell County Detention Facility under a $200,000 secured bond. The case is still under investigation and there are more charges pending. ..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dad charged with capital murder in stabbing death of 8-month-old daughter; 2-year-old son, mom injured (Houston, Texas)


Police: SE Houston man kills infant daughter in stabbing

UPDATE: Authorities say a father faces capital murder charges for the stabbing death of his 8-month-old daughter. The man, whose identity was not released, also injured his 19-year-old wife, Erica Rojas, and their 2-year-old son in the incident, according to HPD spokesman Kese Smith. The couple began arguing around 12:40 a.m. Saturday morning in their home in the 10800 block of Telephone. The argument turned physical when the man pulled out a knife and stabbed his wife and two young children. The injured victims were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where the baby later died, Smith said.

ORIGINAL POST: A southeast Houston man stabbed his wife and two children multiple times then tried to kill himself about 1:30 a.m. Saturday at King’s Row mobile home park off Telephone Road near Fuqua, KTRK-TV reports in a developing story on its website.

All four are hospitalized. Their conditions were not immediately available. The victims included an 8-month-old infant and a 5-year-old.

KTRK report:

Neighbors said they heard the screams and tried to break windows to rescue the victims.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mother say system failed her daughter when she was beaten by her father during court-ordered visitation (Asheboro, North Carolina)

Once again, we see complete system indifference when a father, especially a father with court-ordered custody/visitation, abuses a child.


And then when the protective mother refuses to turn the child over for visitation as ordered, it's the mother who is put in jail. And why a 15-year-old has no say in who she "visits" at this point is a travesty. Why should she be forced to visit Daddy Dearest? But chances are that Mom will be sent to jail unless she forces her.

Welcome to our Brave New World of Father's Rights.

They way things are looking these days, UNNAMED DAD could murder this girl, and all he'd get is a manslaughter charge. If that. Seriously....

Mother Says System Failed Her Daughter After She was Abused

6:21 PM, Aug 23, 2012

Asheboro, NC -- Bruises and marks on the legs of a 14-year-old Asheboro girl beg the question when does physical discipline cross the line into abuse?

Nicole Ewing, the mother of the now 15-year-old Milea, believes what her ex-husband did to their daughter was abuse.

Ewing says it took six days for the bruises on her daughter's legs to finally start disappearing.

She says she turned to the Asheboro Police Department for answers but instead of helping her, she says she now feels the system failed her.

Ewing says the incident has been playing in her daughters mind since it happened on July 21st. "

She said, 'mama, I was in the prayer position,' which was on her knees, 'and he just kept lashing at me'," Ewing said of her daughter.

The mother of two says her heart broke as she watched her daughter's legs turn black and blue. The bruises, Ewing says, are from her ex-husband who used a belt to discipline their daughter when she was visiting her father as a court custody agreement instructed.

"She said, 'mama, I was in fear of my life because I didn't know if he was going to stop'," Ewing said her daughter told her after the incident.

According to a police report, Milea's father said she was "disrespectful" and he in fact "used a belt.." on her.

"I answer on the other end and it's him saying, 'I beat her. Come get her'," Ewing said her ex-husband told her over the phone.

A doctor's report confirms the bruises...more than 10 of them.

"It tears me up," Ewing said through tears.

The police report says an officer spoke with Randolph County Magistrate John Glass and according to that police report Glass said he would "not be issuing any charges on this matter."

But The Randolph County Chief District Court Judge tells News 2 that a magistrate would not have done that in this kind of case because it doesn't follow protocol.

He says the magistrate would have asked the accusing parent to ask detectives for an investigation, the results of which he would have used to determine if any charges would be filed.

But no further investigation was ever done and now the police say the case is closed.

"My jaw dropped. I said you've got to be kidding me?" Ewing said she exclaimed when she heard the news.

More than a month since the incident, the physical marks on her daughter's body are gone but Ewing says all her questions remain.

"I've always taught her to have respect for authorities, but now she says I'd have better luck calling you or a family member versus calling the law because they won't do anything," Ewing said.

According to North Carolina statue 14-318.2, a misdemeanor child abuse is when a child under 16 is disciplined in a way that leaves physical injury.

But case law (68N,C,322) set forth by the State Supreme Court says a parent "cannot be criminally liable for inflicting moderate punishment to correct the child. And "moderate punishment" is explained further as any "punishment that does not inflict a lasting injury."

So, did Milea's father abuse her and did the Asheboro Police Department drop the ball?

Those are questions Ewing hopes the courts will help her answer.

Asheboro officials have refused to comment any further.

Dad pleads guilty to killing 2-month-old son (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Once again, we have a useless "caretaker" father who was watching the baby while Mom was out (working?).

This POS THREW a 2-month-old infant into the air, GRABBED the baby by the neck, and then violently SHOOK him--because the baby was crying.

Imagine that, a baby that cries. A$$hole...

Then this POS didn't bother to seek medical help UNTIL MOM GOT HOME. How often have we seen this go down? Where Mom is left trying to pick up the pieces after these jerks go off on the baby for normal infant behavior?

But not to worry about this poor widdle killer daddy. He's getting off on an "involuntary manslaughter charge." Not homicide. Not even voluntary manslaughter.

Who says these guys are treated unfairly again?

Daddy is identified as MICHAEL NICE.

West Side father pleads guilty to shaking infant son to death

By Denis J. O'Malley (Staff Writer)

Published: August 24, 2012

The West Scranton man who shook his 2-month-old son to death in August 2011 could face as little as nine months or as much as 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to the crime Thursday.

Michael Nice, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of children in front of Lackawanna County Judge Terrence R. Nealon after prosecutors amended the charges against him.

Scranton police arrested Mr. Nice on Aug. 9, 2011, after he threw his 2-month-old son, Leon, in the air, grabbed him by his neck and ultimately shook him to death when the infant would not stop crying, police said at the time.

Twenty minutes after putting the child to bed, Mr. Nice found him pale, not breathing and without a pulse.

Mr. Nice began performing CPR on the infant at that point, according to a criminal complaint, but the child's condition was not reported for another 30 minutes when the child's mother, Elizabeth Crandall, arrived at their 602 N. Rebecca Ave. home and called 911.

An autopsy performed the following day found the infant had died of shaking and blunt force trauma. Lackawanna County Coroner Tim Rowland ruled the case a homicide.

Prior to Thursday's hearing, Mr. Nice faced charges of first-degree homicide, third-degree homicide, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.

On March 29, Mr. Nice entered a plea of not guilty in the case and was formally informed that prosecutors intended to seek the death penalty against him, citing the victim's age as an aggravating circumstance in the case.

Lackawanna County Deputy District Attorney Jennifer McCambridge amended the charges against Mr. Nice in advance of his guilty plea on Thursday, effectively withdrawing all charges against him save for one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of children.

Before accepting Mr. Nice's plea, Judge Nealon explained to him that given his lack of a prior criminal record and the charges against him, he could face as little as a 9-month minimum sentence for the manslaughter charge and probation for the endangering the welfare of children charges.

Judge Nealon explained, however, that the statutory maximums for the charges against Mr. Nice would allow an aggregate maximum of 20 years in prison if the sentences for each charge were to run consecutively.

Mr. Nice proceeded with his plea and Judge Nealon advised that a sentencing date would be set for sometime in the next 90 days after a pre-sentence investigation has been completed.

Dad found guilty of "manslaughter" for throwing 2-year-old daughter into wall and stomping on her (Auckland, New Zealand)

Let's see. You're a "frustrated" stay-at-home daddy. (Translation: Your wife is supporting your lazy, good-for-nothing bum while you lounge around.)  Your 2-year-old daughter won't smile at you! You throw her into a wall! You stomp on her! You make up multiple lies to explain her injuries!

And still you get off on just a manslaughter conviction. Yet another indulged killer daddy...

This one is identified as KEFU IKAMANU.

Father found guilty of daughter's manslaughter 

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 An Auckland father has been found guilty of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm following the death of his two-year-old daughter.

Kefu Ikamanu was on trial in the High Court at Auckland.

The jury of seven men and five women delivered unanimous verdicts after a day of deliberations.

Justice Geoffrey Venning thanked them for their service and proposed they be excused from jury service for five years.

Crown prosecutor Phil Hamlin had told the court that in March 2010, Ikamanu became enraged at his toddler Seini and threw her against a wall and stomped on her pelvis.

She died in Starship Hospital eight months later.

Detective Sergeant Steve Brewer, head of the police North Shore Child Protection Unit, said he was satisfied with the outcome, despite Ikamanu being found not guilty of murder.

"It's very hard for a jury. There's all sorts of things that they have to consider. I think Seini got justice today.''

Mr Brewer investigated Seini's death and said the case had been difficult for all those involved, especially the child's mother, Sela Taufu.

"(Seini) was ill for a very long time and I've been to see her mum a number of times when she was at the bedside vigil at Starship, and when she was in palliative care at home.

"It's been a long two and a half years to get to today,'' said Mr Brewer.

The officer, who has two young children , said he had been personally affected by Seini's case.

"It's been a very sad case ... especially how long it's taken Seini to pass. She carried on like a little trooper.''

Ikamanu was looking after his children at their Beach Haven home when Seini was injured. His wife was at work.

The trial heard he gave different explanations for their cause. On separate occasions he told police her brother pushed her down the stairs, he had thrown her against the wall and that she fell and hit the wall after he grabbed her hand.

Ikamanu's lawyer Simon Lance said much of the prosecution case was "Crown theory'' rather than evidence.

"Not all deaths are a murder, and this is one of the cases where it is not.'' APNZ

Dad found guilty of "manslaughter" in deaths of two children, their mother, three others (United Kingdom)

Let's see. You stab to death five people, but it's just manslaughter? What the hell? If you read carefully, this was standard "avenging" slaughter by a father who felt "abandoned" by his wife's plan to leave him.

Once again, the judidicary goes easy on a daddy killer who "only" killed his own family, at least for the most part.

The Killer Dad is identified as DAMIAN RZESZOWSKI.

Jersey Father Guilty Of Family's Manslaughter

Posted on 8/24/2012

A father who repeatedly stabbed his young children to death along with their mother, another child and two other people has been found guilty of their manslaughter.

Damian Rzeszowski, 31, used two kitchen knives in a series of unprovoked and brutal attacks to kill his wife Izabela Rzeszowska, 30, their daughter Kinga, five, and their son Kacper, two, at the family home in St Helier, Jersey, on August 14, 2011.

He also killed his father-in-law Marek Garstka, 56, his wife's friend, Marta De La Haye, 34, and her five-year-old daughter Julia. T

The Polish national claimed that at the time he was suffering from an "abnormality of the mind" and was experiencing psychotic auditory hallucinations.

Defence advocate Julian Gollop had argued Rzeszowski's actions were "substantially impaired" by his severe depression which was causing "psychiatric symptoms".

Mr Gollop told the court that therefore Rzeszowski was not a murderer, but should be found guilty, instead, of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

During his two-week trial at The Royal Court in St Helier it emerged that the builder had been upset by the breakdown of his marriage, in particular his wife's recent confession of infidelity.

Solicitor General Howard Sharp QC, for the prosecution, said Rzeszowski "could not face the prospect of a failed marriage" and took the view that "if the family cannot go on as it is it better not go on at all".

Wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, Rzeszowski showed no emotion in the dock as the presiding judge, Sir Michael Birt, read out the verdicts that two jurats - similar to magistrates in the UK - had reached.

Throughout the trial, the defendant had constantly stared down at the floor, not looking up at any time.

The husband of Marta and father of Julia released a statement after the verdict.

Craig De La Haye said: "My life, and the lives of many families, have been devastated. Every day is a struggle to continue, and yet it still feels like yesterday that it happened.

"My beautiful wife Marta and wonderful daughter Julia, friends Kinga, Kacper, Isa and Marek, you will never be forgotten.

"Not a day goes past when I donâ t think about my family. I hope that one day I will see you again, until thenâ ¦ I love you."

Speaking outside the court, Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull said: "Today is not a day for vindication or celebration, but sad reflection.

"The events of August 14 2011 have left a very sad, indelible mark on Jerseyâ s history."

Judge Birt, who is the Bailiff of Jersey, said Rzeszowski would be sentenced on October 29.

Dad gets "indefinite" term in medium secure psychiatric unit for stabbing murder of 2-year-old son, son's mother (Wales)


The killer dad is identified as DAVID WYN JONES.

Mentally ill father David Wyn Jones given indefinite term at secure unit for killing son and wife

By Glyn Bellis, WalesOnline Aug 24 2012

A mentally ill father who stabbed his two-year-old son and wife to death at their family home in North Wales has been sent to a secure psychiatric unit for an indefinite time.

David Wyn Jones, 42, of Tremadog, Gwynedd, a former insurance salesman, was sent to the unit after he admitted their manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Sending him to Ty Llywelyn medium secure unit at Llanfairfechan, Judge Merfyn Hughes QC told Jones: “For many years your wife cared for you both in good and more difficult times. It’s clear from the evidence before me she died in a desperate but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to save the life of her child.

“William was only two, an innocent and defenceless victim. What you did to both of them was dreadful and terrifying.

“It’s to be hoped at least William was too young to fully understand the threat he was under until it was too late.”

Speaking at Caernarfon Crown Court, the judge said Jones had become “totally overcome by your delusional beliefs”.

Suzanne Jones, 34, had been strangled and stabbed to the chest on the night of March 30 this year. William had six major stab wounds to the chest and neck. Their bodies lay close to each other.

Prosecuting counsel Simon Mills said: “When police arrived the defendant admitted what he had done. He was saying he had been setting out to save the world.”

The tragedy happened in Glanmorfa Terrace. Mr Mills said a large kitchen knife was used. “The incident appears to have been protracted and there’s very clear evidence Suzanne fought the defendant to try and save William’s life,” he said.

The prosecutor said there had been no warning of what was to occur although the defendant had displayed paranoid behaviour for some time.

“These events took place on what was a normal, routine day in the context of this family,” Mr Mills said.

He said the defendant had physical health problems and suffered anxiety, stress and depression. But he had a good relationship with his wife who became his carer.

“He began to develop paranoid thoughts that were entirely baseless, such as people were trying to hack into his computers,” Mr Mills said.

“It’s the view of the prosecution psychiatric expert that the defendant suffered a very serious deterioration in his mental health during the course of 2011.”

On the night of the killing, a police constable had arrived at the house within minutes of a 999 call. “He began making references to the devil and saving humanity,” the barrister said.

“The defendant said ‘What have I done? How could I have done that? I have killed them both. I have killed the people I love most in the world.”

Jones was taken to Caernarfon police station where he said in the two weeks before the killing he had become increasingly preoccupied by the bible and thought he had to save the world.

Suzanne’s mother, Eileen Holt, said in a statement outlined to the judge: “I have lost my very best friend, my only child.” She described William as a “sweet, sweet, funny grandson”.

Mrs Holt said the last evening she saw them he was helping to prune trees. “His loss is indescribable,” she added.

Elwen Evans QC, defending, said a hospital order was appropriate. The QC said the firm opinion of all the psychiatrists involved in the case was that the offences arose from a very severe mental illness.

The judge said the stark choice for the court was a sentence of life imprisonment or a hospital order. He made an order under the Mental Health Act.

Detective Inspector Iestyn Davies of North Wales police said afterwards: “No form of sentence will ever heal the pain that family and close friends have suffered since the killings. They have shown enormous courage, strength and dignity throughout the investigation. They have maintained throughout that all they wish to see is for justice and fairness to prevail.”

When Rapists Seek Joint Custody of the Children They Father Through Rape, Everyone Loses

Great post at Jezebel.

When Rapists Seek Joint Custody of the Children They Father Through Rape, Everyone Loses

Doug Barry

Contrary to the wild imaginings of Rep. Todd Akin's fevered brain, women can and do get pregnant as a result of rape, a reality that's horrible enough to think about even without this extra bitter layer: some rapists successfully sue for joint custody of the children they have violently fathered. Though instances of rapists seeking or even obtaining joint custody are apparently pretty rare, only 19 states have laws restricting the parental rights of men who father children through rape — everywhere else, men are technically allowed to seek such rights, and even if they don't intend on actually being part of their child's life, rapists have been known use the threat of joint custody as a way to blackmail their victims into not filing criminal charges. Now would be a great time to pause for a few minutes and let the rage bile boil up through your esophagus like an agitated hot spring.

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed's Hillary Reinsberg took the unfortunate opportunity Todd Akin has offered all of us to offer an overview of how and why rapists sometimes choose to pursue joint custody in states where such legal loopholes haven't yet been closed. Reinsberg pulls most of her information from Shaunna Prewitt, who in 2010 wrote a paper at Georgetown Law School called "Giving Birth to a ‘Rapist' Child: A Discussion and Analysis of the Limited Legal Protections Afforded to Women Who Become Mothers Through Rape." Prewitt's research, however, isn't merely informed by distant, faceless statistics and legal jargon — as a 21-year-old University of Chicago student, she experienced first-hand what happens when a rapist decides to serve his victim with papers seeking child custody.

Prewitt hadn't ever considered that her attacker would seek joint custody of a child that had been conceived as the result of his violent crime. Unfortunately, it does happen because, according to Prewitt, "courts don't feel they have the power to terminate. They're left to delicately balance this presumption that both parents should be part of a child's life." Even if one of those parents raped the other, because that's how deeply ingrained the idea of a nuclear family is in this America's psyche. Rapists also have used the threat of joint custody as a kind of blackmail to avoid criminal charges. Explains Prewitt,

We see a lot of cases where fathers through rape have sought custody rights, but I don't know that they want to have a sincere involvement in the child's life. They will say, if you don't pursue criminal charges, I won't seek custody.

Right about now (if you haven't started already), you should be gnashing your teeth, wondering how, how, how the fuck this could ever be allowed to happen. Prewitt notes that men can wriggle free from rape convictions by pleading guilty to a lesser offense such as battery. Because a criminal conviction requires "proof beyond a reasonable doubt," parental rights can be terminated with merely "clear and convincing evidence," meaning that rules for terminating parental rights are significantly more manipulable. Rape trials can be mind-numbingly long and destructive, and, if the rape occurs within a relationship or marriage, a rapist may nonetheless be able to establish parental rights to the resulting child.

The main reason instances of joint custody blackmail go largely unreported, explains Reinsberg, is that if women are blackmailed into dropping criminal charges against the men who raped them, those dealings usually occur between lawyers, behind closed doors. Custody battles "in the contest of paternity" are also not public information, according to Indiana University law professor Aviva Orenstein, so it'd be almost impossible to figure out how often this sort of blackmailing occurs.

Since Prewitt's paper was published in 2010, states such as Oregon, Pennsylvania and Delaware have passed laws restricting the parental rights of convicted rapists. Still, Prewitt's research reveals the legal vulnerability of women who give birth to children from rape, a sad and persistent reality that only compounds the fact that rape victims often have to endure not only the trauma of rape itself, but the subsequent trauma of having their sexual histories deconstructed by a ruthless legal system.

Dad with self-confessed "anger issues" charged with battering 2-month-old son; baby has fractured skull (Muncie, Indiana)

The dad with "anger issues" is identified as PHILLIP M. ADKINS. There is no mention of a mother in the home. Was there one?

Baby seriously injured; father held

12:34 PM, Aug. 24, 2012

MUNCIE — A 2-month-old infant is in the intensive care unit of Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, and his father has been accused of inflicting his injuries, including a skull fracture.

Phillip M. Adkins, 22, 201 W. Memorial Drive, was arrested Thursday night on preliminary charges of battery and neglect of a dependent.

The baby was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital on Wednesday night, and was later flown by medical helicopter to the Indianapolis facility.

The baby boy’s injuries are said to include a brain bleed and skull fracture. Police said physicians also found indications the child had previously suffered a broken arm and leg.

Adkins — who told police he has “anger issues” — allegedly acknowledged he likely caused some, but not all, of the baby’s injuries through rough handling.

He was being held without bond Friday in the Delaware County jail.

Noncustodial mom jailed for taking kids from abusive father (Dekalb County, Georgia)

Another stupid, incompetent judge to add to the list: TRACY DORFMAN. Basically DOESN'T CARE if the children were abused while in the father's custody. That's "irrelevant." (Yes, "irrelevant" was the adjective used.) The non-custodial mom (splutter, splutter) broke the law by taking them!!!

Yes, the "alleged" abuse is relevant and you know it, judge. It is not generally considered a crime (at least not from a higher ethical standpoint) if you were passing along a street, and noticed a house was on fire. You knock on the door. No answer. So you walk in. Or say you even shattered a window or broke down the door. You see a victim overcome with smoke inhalation. You pull out the victim and seek medical attention. Meanwhile, the fire department and the police arrive. Should you be charged with trespassing and/or vandalism? Absolutely not.

What is wrong with these freaking judges? Are they so blinded by fathers rights ideology that their brains have stopped working? Frankly, I think this one is all miffed because he or she values legal procedure over all else, even if the children's safety or well being was at stake. Especially if changing course would expose previous court corruption and/or incompetence.

I suspect that this mother's preferred course of action would have been to go to court. But that is a total waste of time and money if this is the same judiciary that gave the abusive father custody to begin with. Notice that Mom had tried to go through DSS and the police, and got nowhere. (Which, by the way, is very common. Especially when Daddy has "friends in high places," which many male abusers do. Besides, DSS is infamous for ignoring legitimate claims of abuse. That's why we have so many dead kids.

And though crazy and manipulative parents can sometimes get the kids to lie for them, this is pretty hard to do when none of the kids are real young (these ranged in age from 9 to 14) and there were four of them. So instead, we're going to ignore the pleas of four kids. Watch out, Judge, because increasingly these kids are suing as they become adults.

Besides, if you know how to program a pre-teen or teen to do or say what you like, do let me in on your secret. I'd like to brainwash my son into cleaning his room without nagging.

Notice that in the comments, there is not one word of sympathy for the judge's specious and overly legalistic actions.

Dad is identified as MICAH PARKER.

Noncustodial mother jailed, missing children not returned

Written By: Andrew Cauthen

8/24/12 Categorized in: Crime, DeKalb News

A woman accused of taking her four children from their custodial father in violation of a court order is in jail.

Melisa Ivey, of Carrollton, Texas, appeared before Magistrate Judge Tracy Dorfman for a warrant application hearing. Ivey’s charge was interstate interference of custody, a felony.

The judge ordered Ivey’s arrest and set a $4,000 signature bond, which would have allowed her to avoid jail, but she was booked on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court.

According to Micah Parker of Stone Mountain, his four children, 13-year-old daughter Jordan, and his three sons, Micah Jr., 12, Isaiah, 11, and Caleb, 9, were taken by Ivey June 10. He said he has not seen or heard from them since.

Parker said he and his sons were away from home where they were practicing football that day. He received a call from Kennedy, his ex-wife’s 15-year-old daughter, asking if she could come over to visit Jordan.

Parker and his sons later returned home. When Kennedy, who was living with Ivey, said she was leaving to walk to a friend’s house in the neighborhood, Parker said her told the rest of the children to walk with her, according to a police incident report.

Approximately 10 minutes later when the children did not return, Parker unsuccessfully looked for them. He called the police when he could not find them.

Parker said he received a text message from Ivey.

“I have the kids. They [are] with me per court order for the summer,” stated the message Parker still has on his phone.

Ivey was allowed a two-week visitation with the children, but was required to give Parker a one-week notice, he said. And she was not allowed to take the children out of state.

Daniel Meachum, Ivey’s attorney, presented letters allegedly written by the children stating that they were abused under Parker’s care, wanted to escape with their mother and were enjoying their time in Texas, and particularly a sports camp by former NFL football player Deion Sanders, who is paying Meachum to represent Ivey.

“If you look at the evidence,…these kids are saying that they left with their mother voluntarily,” Meachum said.

“The court has to take into consideration what a child is saying as it relates to the abuse,” Meachum told the judge.

 Dorfman told Meachum that “minors can’t consent” and that testimony and evidence of any alleged abuse was irrelevant to the case she was considering.

“You don’t just ignore a court order, right,” Dorfman said. “You’re trying to justify [Ivey] breaking the law.”

Meachum said he was trying to justify Ivey “keeping her kids based on their telling her the abuse they were receiving.”

Dorfman said that if Ivey “felt that her children were in danger, she needs to come [to court].”

“She just doesn’t make up her own law,” Dorfman said. “That’s not how it works. You don’t just get to violate the law saying, ‘I think I was justified in doing so.’”

Ivey should have filed a motion to modify the custody order, Dorfman said.

“Unfortunately, [Ivey] has not chosen to do that,” Dorfman said. “One parent can’t just take [the children] away.”

Ivey testified that she contacted Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to report alleged abuses by Parker.

Ivey also told the judge that Parker would not allow her to visit the children.

“The decree allows my client to have her kids for two weeks in June,” Meachum said. “She was in rights pursuant to the divorce decree to have her kids” when the DeKalb County Police were looking for the children in June.

Dorfman said, “The lawful visitation period was for two weeks in June. It is now Aug. 16. No matter, what [Ivey] is beyond …the lawful visitation period.”

When Parker was asked what he felt about the hearing’s outcome, he said, “I don’t have my children.”

Kimberly Beard, Parker’s attorney, said she will have to request a court order to get the children back.

An investigator in Texas has not been able to locate the children, not even at the address where Ivey told the court she lived, she said.

“This is going to be long and drawn out,” Beard said.

In a phone call to The Champion, Jermaine Ivey, Melisa’s husband, said that the children chose to leave their father because of alleged abuse they experienced in the home.

“Those kids have been abused,” Jermaine Ivey said. “They went through a lot of stuff.”

When their mother was in Stone Mountain in June, the children “found an opportunity to escape the situation,” he said.

More will come out when the children talk, Jermaine Ivey said.

The kids have something to say,” he said.

Jermaine Ivey said his wife has reported the allegations to police and the Department of Family and Children Services to no avail.

He’s got people he knows in the child support system,” Jermaine Ivey said.

Parker “put Melisa on child support before they were divorced” and “used the child support system to keep her locked up,” Jermaine Ivey said, adding that Melisa Ivey has been paying child support.

Parker said the children’s mother is approximately $17,000 behind in the payments.

Comments (3)

#3All eye's are on you!

Said this on 8/24/12 At 11:34 am

There is a saying, "the trap you lay for someone else you will fall in it!" Micah Parker! You must think it is a real compliment when you have been called evil and a monster! You have been able to manipulate the system, but you can't manipulate Almighty God that knows all and sees all! God have mercy on you! I have never seen a human being with so much hated in there heart! WHO HURT YOU MICAH?

Said this on 8/24/12 At 11:33 am

Even though I do not feel that it is right that the mother be in jail i do understand that the judge had a job to do ... but this paper needs to understand that there is another side to this story. it seems that this paper is focused on dragging this woman's name in the mud and this is something that i can not condone

#1 Em
Said this on 8/24/12 At 10:39 am

As a mother, I would have done the same thing to protect my children. Shame on the judge. I pray those children are never returned to him ever.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drunk dad charged with slapping 1-year-old son; baby had cuts and bruises covering entire head (Sparks, Nevada)

Dad is identified as KYLAN MORELAND.

Allegedly Drunk Father Arrested for Slapping Toddler Several Times

Posted: 2:29 PM Aug 23, 2012

Reporter: Staff

A Sparks father is accused of slapping his 1-year-old son several times while he was drunk following an argument with the mother early Thursday morning.

According to Sparks Police Kylan Moreland was fighting with his wife around 12:49 a.m. at the Pony Express Travel Lodge at 2406 Prater Way.

The wife told police Moreland came home drunk and they began to argue while the baby slept nearby.

Moreland became aggressive with the mother so she walked out of the apartment.

When she did that, he slammed the door behind her and locked her out. The baby awoke at the sound of the door being slammed and started to cry.

The mother told police she heard what she described as Moreland hitting the baby 4 to 5 times.

Locked out, the mother took the screen off the bathroom window and was able to get the baby out of the apartment.

REMSA was called and transported the baby to Renown Medical Center.

Moreland was placed under arrest for child abuse and transported to the Washoe County Jail.

The mother received no injuries.

The baby had cuts around his mouth and bruising that almost covered his entire face and head.

Further testing is pending.

Custodial dad with three daughters arrested for child pornography (Portland, Maine)

Once again, we dance around the major issue here. Why did dad JOEL DUDLEY have custody of three young girls between the ages of 3 and 8, and who gave him custody? What happened to the mother of these girls? Why has she been erased from the story?

Sounds like a lot of cover up here.

Westbrook father of three girls charged for possessing child pornography

By Dylan Martin, Special to the BDN Posted Aug. 22, 2012, at 4:12 p.m.

PORTLAND, Maine — A Westbrook man was charged with possession of child pornography Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Portland after a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security discovered him downloading and sharing videos using file-sharing software, according to court documents.

Joel Dudley, 28, said after he was arrested on Monday that he had downloaded an estimated 500 to 600 videos of child pornography “out of curiosity,” according to an affidavit supporting a criminal complaint filed with the court. The Westbrook man said he would delete the videos after viewing them, and he periodically erased his storage drive using “Department of Defense-grade” wiping software, the document said.

Dudley is the father of three girls between the ages of 3 and 8, who were in his custody, according to an application for a search and seizure warrant of the Westbrook man’s apartment.

Investigators frequently inform the Department of Health and Human Services when children live with an individual charged with possession of pornography, according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine State Police. Whether the children have been removed from Dudley’s home could not be determined due to privacy laws that seal DHHS cases concerning children from the public.

Homeland Security agent Martin Conley found that Dudley allegedly downloaded three videos of child pornography between May 8 and July 4 using a file-sharing computer program called Ares. One of the videos showed an 8-year-old girl being sexual molested by a woman in her 20s, and the two others portrayed preteen girls engaging in sexual acts, according to court documents.

During the investigation, Saco police Detective Fred Williams reportedly found videos on a DVD of children engaging in sexual acts. The DVD was located on a desk in the office next to Dudley’s bedroom, according to the criminal complaint.

Conley was able to track Dudley using a modified version of the peer-to-peer software that allowed the agent to see an individual computer downloading the videos, according to the application for a search warrant. A grand jury subpoena was submitted to Dudley’s Internet service provider, which confirmed he was one of its users.

The Westbrook man said he ran a computer salvage and repair business called D & W Services out of his apartment — and sometimes from an office in Gray — which accounts for the large amount of computer equipment found on the premises by investigators, according to the complaint. Dudley said that “several other individuals had access to the entire apartment and the computer equipment inside the apartment.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge John Rich III on Tuesday ordered that Dudley temporarily be held without bail. The defendant is scheduled to appear in federal court in Portland on Aug. 27 for a bail hearing.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has asked that Dudley be held without bail pending the outcome of his case. If convicted, Dudley faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Dad raped teen daughter to 'educate' her about sex (Victoria, Australia)

Of course this sicko dad is UNNAMED.

Man had sex with teen daughter to 'educate' her

 August 23, 2012 - 10:34PM

A father claimed he had sex with his teenage daughter over a three-year period to provide her with sex education, a court has heard.

The father, 44, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty in the County Court today to charges of incest and producing child pornography.

Prosecutor Julian Ayres told the court the father’s offending began in 2008 when the victim, his eldest daughter, was 14 and had just started dating a 15-year-old boy.

‘‘The offender developed an active interest in his daughter’s teenage relationship and persuaded her that he was a knowledgeable source of information regarding sexual activities and was able to teach her such matters,’’ Mr Ayres said.

‘‘Under the guise of ‘educating’ the victim about sexual awareness ... the offender initiated, developed and maintained an ongoing sexual relationship with her.

‘‘Between December 2008 and February 2012, the offender and victim engaged in sexual intercourse and related intimate activities on numerous occasions at the family home. Throughout this period, the offender concealed his actions from his wife and two youngest daughters and told the victim not to tell them.’’

Mr Ayres said that when the father was finally arrested, his daughter was at school.

She later told police she initially believed the sexual ‘'education’' provided by the offender was part of a normal father/daughter relationship, and that her father ‘‘convinced me that it was apparently a good thing that he was doing ...’’

But after discussing what had been happening with friends at school, she gradually realised the situation was wrong and needed to be reported to police, Mr Ayres said.

During a record of interview with police after his arrest on February 15, the father claimed it had all started when the victim ‘‘came asking for help’’ on how to sexually satisfy her boyfriend.

Mr Ayres said the father claimed he had initially told his daughter, ‘‘This is not the right thing ... and I’ve told her that many times’’, but she had persisted and kept asking, ‘How can I do it better?’ until he eventually agreed to teach her.

The man had also told police he considered ending their sexual activities many times ‘‘but I never came up with anything reasonable. Why couldn’t I have said no? Why couldn’t she say no?’’

 He had told police he knew his actions were ‘‘by law, they’re wrong’’, but ‘‘she knew about that and she was aware of it ... and she knew at any time she can say stop ... she always had a choice’’.

The judge said it was difficult to glean if the father had addressed the ‘‘true evil’’ of what he had done.

‘‘This is an unusual case,’’ the judge said.

Mr Ayres said the case represented the ‘‘ultimate betrayal of parental responsibility’’ where the most abhorrent, perverse and exploitative behaviour had been characterised by the girl’s father as educational.

The father was remanded in custody to be sentenced on Friday week.

Dad accused of killing two young children, wife dies in hospital without being charged (San Diego, California)

With his criminal history, why was dad CLARENCE BLUNT walking around a free man? Three more people died because of the failures of our justice system.

Notice that Mom dutifully followed all the rules: got a restraining order, etc. etc. And it did no good. Because when violent criminals get the message that nobody will ever hold them accountable for their actions--including PREVIOUS MURDERS--this is what happens.

Father accused of killing family dies in hospital

Posted: Aug 23, 2012 12:22 PM CDT Updated: Aug 23, 2012 4:01 PM CDT

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A Paradise Hills man suspected of killing his estranged wife and two young children before injuring himself died in a hospital early Thursday, police said.

Clarence Blunt, 55, died at Paradise Valley Hospital early Thursday morning, according to San Diego police.

Officers found a critically injured Blunt after going to his family's home in the 2400 block of Luther Street on Sunday, Lt. Ernie Herbert said, adding that Blunt had attempted suicide.

Also found in the home was Blunt's estranged 33-year-old wife, Lilly, and children Linna Blunt, 3, and Richard Blunt, 7 months. Herbert said all three were the victims of homicide.

How they were killed was not immediately released. A county coroner official said this morning that records in the case have been sealed.

Police were called to the family's home at 5:50 p.m. Sunday by an extended family member who reported that attempts to contact anyone at the home in southeastern San Diego near National City had been unsuccessful.

Court records showed Lilly Blunt filed for divorce from her husband on Aug. 3., citing irreconcilable differences. She also obtained a restraining order against him, claiming he hit and threatened her, drained their bank accounts and got her fired from her job as a hospital nurse with false theft allegations.

Lilly Blunt's sister, Kim Thuy Nguyen, told U-T San Diego that the victim was persuaded over the weekend by her husband to meet with him and some members of his church to try marriage reconciliation.

Clarence Blunt's extensive criminal past has been widely reported since his wife and children were found slain. In 1973, a then-17-year-old Blunt was convicted of killing a parking lot attendant with a hatchet. He was incarcerated from 1975 to 1984, when he was paroled. He also had robbery, burglary and theft convictions, as well as domestic violence cases filed against him, and spent additional time in and out of jail, U-T San Diego reported. It was unclear whether any of those previous domestic violence cases involved Lilly Blunt.

Court records showed Clarence Blunt suffered from a personality disorder, and was abused and neglected as a child. Earlier this week, National City police said he was a suspect, but never charged, is two cold case murders: one involving the 1974 stabbing death of a 7-Eleven clerk and the other, the 1989 death of Blunt's then-girlfriend Gertrude Richardson, who was also stabbed.

Dad admits neglect of 6-year-old son; lived with drugs and total squalor (Garderville, Nevada)

Is ADAM HAYES a custodial father? It sure sounds like it. Even though this guy is a drugged out disaster living in utter filth and squalor.

Wonder who called in for the welfare check? We're not told.

And notice how child protection services is bending over backwards to help this dim watt. Totally indulged with a "parenting plan" and all the other useless quackery.

Meanwhile, what happened to this boy's mom? Utter silence as usual.

This is how my ex used to live when he had custody of my daughter, and we eventually had to go over the heads of local CPS to the state level to get her out. All of these local social service agencies are totally indulgent of abusive and neglectful fathers these days.

Father admits neglect of 6-year-old son

August, 23 2012 2:02 pm


A 27-year-old Gardnerville man pleaded guilty Wednesday to neglect and drug charges after deputies found his 6-year-old son sleeping in a closet, and a variety of prescription drugs within the child's reach.

Adam Hayes pleaded guilty to contributory neglect and possession of a drug that can't be introduced into commerce.

Deputies were called to his apartment in March on a welfare check, and found his son sleeping in the closet. The residence was filthy with dirty carpets, overflowing trash, and table and counters covered with old food.

Deputies said the apartment smelled of rotting food, cigarettes, feces and marijuana. Officers found a bag with 33 grams of marijuana along with five different prescription drugs in a pill box on the coffee table.

The medications were in plain view and within easy access of a small child, deputies said in their report.

One of the occupants of the apartment vomited on the coffee table and living room floor during an interview with deputies.

Hayes was arrested Aug. 16 after a warrant turned up during a routine tenant background check as he attempted to rent a new apartment.

Hayes told East Fork Judge Tom Perkins on Wednesday some of the drugs were in a box of his stepfather's belongings.

He said there was no danger to the child.

“I was watching my son. He knows right from wrong. We were in the bedroom and the pills were locked up,” Hayes said.

He received two 30-day sentences to be served concurrently, which were suspended for two years.

Hayes was ordered to comply with a parenting plan established by the state Child Protective Services.

“Maybe somebody didn't teach you how to keep your house clean, but you have to learn how to do it for your son,” Perkins said. “And keep away from the drugs.”

Dad charged with assault for beating 7-year old with bamboo stick (Pike, New York)

This is a good illustration of the "failure to protect" charge being leveled at mothers. Statistically, the fathers rights people love to tell us that mothers abuse just as much as fathers, if not more.

In reality, mothers are arrested for "failing" to subdue some violent goon who outweighs them by 50 pounds. Somehow, like Wonderwoman, they're going to stop a violent enraged man  from wailing away on a child.  Don't we all wish we could do that....

Two arrests: one for the violent crime of assault, one for endangerment.

Dad is identified as CHRISTIAN PIKE.

Dad allegedly hit child with bamboo

Updated: Thursday, 23 Aug 2012, 4:01 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 23 Aug 2012, 4:01 PM EDT

PIKE, N.Y. (WIVB) - Two Wyoming County parents have been arrested after deputies say the father used a bamboo stick to punish a 7-year-old child.

In the Town of Pike, Wyoming County Sheriff's deputies took 31-year-old Christian Frazier and 31-year-old Sarah Varnes into custody, charging both with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Frazier was also charged with second degree assault. Deputies say Frazier used a bamboo stick to punish a 7-year-old child while three children under the age of 17 looked on.

Frazier was taken to the Wyoming County Jail on $10,000 bail. Varnes was released after being processed. Both will return to court in September.

Custodial dad arrested for child neglect; 18-month-old son severely malnourished and physically abused (Omaha, Nebraska)

This is one lazy @$$ reporter who refuses to ask the most logical question here.

 Why is this boy's mother "not a part of his life"?

Was this her choice? Or was she forced out, as very often happens with abusers who are intent on having full access to their helpless child victim and controlling/punishing mom at the same time? It doesn't even occur to reporter to find out.

Nor does this reporter question why dad AMOS SIMPSON has custody of a child, when he is obviously an unfit parent with an "outstanding warrant"--which the reporter refuses to investigate further.

This vicious piece of sh** not only nearly starved this child to death, but severely abused him. This boy had severe exzema and scabs and scars all over his body--clear signs that he was consistently neglected and beaten. Daddy's mother, the boy's grandmother, and the unidentified "relative" inside the home are obviously dysfunctional idiots.

So let's ask the obvious questions. If this wasn't Mom's choice, who allowed this father to get and retain custody and why?

Father Jailed For Child Abuse, Toddler Hospitalized

A heartbreaking case of child neglect and abuse lands an Omaha father behind bars.

The 18-month-old boy is at Children's Hospital and Medical Center, severely malnourished, weighing only 14 pounds. A healthy 18-month-old should weigh twice that.

Police were called to the area of 36th and Redick last Saturday for a shooting. During that investigation, police found (unrelated to the shooting) 23-year-old Amos Simpson inside the house wanted on an outstanding warrant. Also inside the house was his 18-month old son.

“This child, obviously malnourished, not being fed properly if at all, had some serious injuries, obviously some serious health problems because of the neglect and abuse that this child suffered,” said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

The child was brought to the hospital by his grandmother and police reports indicate the doctor then contacted OPD. Along with malnourishment, the boy was suffering from severe eczema, scabbed and scarred on his upper body and head. The doctor also told police there are signs the boy was beaten or abused.

“We've charged the father, this Amos Simpson, with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury, which is a Class II felony and carries up to 50 years,” said Kleine. “The child is in the hospital, so we'll see how that goes. Obviously we hope the child will recover.”

A relative inside the home told Channel 6 News the boy did eat and was healthy, but according to doctors, the boy cannot walk or stand, not due to any medical condition, but because he simply wasn't fed.

“The child has been seriously neglected over a period of time and abused,” said Kleine. “Hopefully, the child can recover.”

We're told the boy's mother is not a part of his life. Simpson will be back in court on September 5th for a preliminary hearing. He's being held on a $15,000 bond. A second son was also removed from the home and placed in state custody.

Dad arrested for killing 5-month-old daughter; police say he suffocated her to stop her from crying (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Check this out. There is mention of Daddy's "roommate"--he seems to think Daddy is a douchebag--but no mention of the mom. Where is Mom? She apparently wasn't living in the household when Daddy crushed the baby to stop her from crying. Did dad WILLIAM MOORE have custody? Did he have visitation? Some combination thereof? No explanation. Just the predicable silence we've grown accustomed to in in these cases.

Police sure took there own sweet time in arresting this POS....

UPDATE: Father arrested and charged with the death of his infant daughter

Reported by: Chris Papst
Contributor: Nate Wardle

Published: 2:40 pm Share Updated: 4:16 pm

A Lancaster County man has been arrested for killing his own infant daughter.

It took more than a year but police have arrested the father who they say killed his daughter who was 5-months-old.

“Quite frankly, I’m happy because he’s not fit to be a father,” stated former roommate William Vinkadich.

On April 12, 2011, William Vinkavich was roommates with William Moore. They lived on the 700 block of North Reservoir Street in Lancaster City.

On that day, Moore’s five-month-old daughter died of asphyxiation. At first, Moore told police he was sleeping and accidentally rolled over on the child.

But now Moore has been arrested for intentionally killing his daughter. Police say Moore laid on top of the infant to stop her from crying.

The 24-year-old was already serving time in jail for an unrelated crime when police charged him with homicide.

“Personally, these types of crimes after 31 years literally make me angry and make me disgusted,” stated Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler. “And to me this is the lowest level of human depravity.”

According to the affidavit, Moore did admit to intentionally lying on top of his daughter because he was frustrated that she kept crying.

Lancaster City Police arrested William R. Moore Jr., 24 of Lancaster, Thursday for the death of his daughter. Aurora Heiney-Moore, five-months-old, died on April 12, 2011.

Moore was already in prison on unrelated charges and was charged with homicide on Thursday. The charges follow a thorough investigation by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and Lancaster Police.

That investigation began on April 12 when officers were called to 731-A North Reservoir Street in Lancaster for an infant who was not breating. Police and medical personnel were not able to revived the infant, who was pronounced dead at the scene by the Coroner’s Office.

William Moore Jr. was the father of Aurora Heiney-Moore.

A Forensic Pathologist, Wayne Ross, performed an autopsy and found that the death was a homicide.