Monday, November 15, 2010

Dad murders wife, 5-year-old son; dad's father dies of cardiac arrest (Vellore, India)

Familicide crimes are certainly not limited to the west. In this case, dad B RAMESH is accused of torturing his wife, and finally murdering her by slitting her throat and the throat of their 5-year-old son. Note that like the western press, we see a "quarrel" and/or mom's alleged "infidelities" blamed for causing the torture/killing ("infidelities" are a common obsession/delusion among controlling and violent men, especially alcoholics like this guy. But obviously, that's not pointed out here, is it? Nor do Mom's so-called actions explain that vicious murder of a child, do they?) We need to start calling out these crimes for what they are instead of indulging the abuser's warped point of view.

Man murders wife, son, his father dies of shock
TNN, Nov 13, 2010, 05.23am IST

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VELLORE: In a gruesome incident, a 30-year-old man allegedly murdered his wife and five-year-old son by slitting their throats in Vellore district. His 70-year-old father, who came to know about the incident, died of cardiac arrest.

Police said B Ramesh from Nambarai village near Timiri in Vellore district, who came back to his native town after working for two years as a carpenter in Dubai, quarrelled frequently with his wife Uma Maheshwari, as he suspected her fidelity.

The carpenter and his family had just moved to a new house five days ago. Ramesh, an alcohol addict, physically tortured his wife often. Unable to bear the torture, Uma sought her father Mani's help. He visited her on Tuesday and suggested that she return to her native place in Veerupatchipuram near Vellore. However, she did not do so and that proved to be fatal.

In the wee hours of Thursday, Ramesh in an inebriated condition attacked his wife with a knife. He later slit her and their son's throats and left them to bleed to death. The local residents who spotted Ramesh with blood-stained cloths, raging in a loud voice, alerted the police who rushed to the spot and found the woman and the child dead in a pool of blood. Both had cut injuries all over their body.

Police produced Ramesh before a local court that remanded him in judicial custody. Meanwhile, Ramesh's father Balakrishnan, 70, who was shocked to learn about his son's brutal act, died of cardiac arrest.

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