Monday, November 15, 2010

Abuser dad charged in murder-for-hire plot against child's mother (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This case involving dad DENNIS I. AYON is similar to the one posted from Iowa below--except nobody has (yet) ended up dead. But it's the same abuser dynamic. And the same fathers rights people defending him. This father--who was never married to the mother and never even cohabitated with her--finally lost his visitation rights due to his threats and abuse, and the mother is seeking an order of protection. This is a very difficult task any more, and no courts takes it lightly. In fact, many deserving mothers and children never get an order of protection, and are still subjected to contact with the abuser through child visitation and/or joint custody schemes.

But then Ayon proves his true colors by "allegedly" trying to arrange a hit on the mother of his child. Unbelievably typical of this type.

Hat tip to D.

Man charged in plot to kill son's mother
In court papers, she accused him of abusing the child

By Gordon Y.K. Pang

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Nov 11, 2010

A doctor accused of asking a female patient to murder his son's mother was charged yesterday and is being held in lieu of $1 million cash bail.

Dr. Dennis I. Ayon, 48, will make his first appearance in state District Court tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the woman who was the intended victim of the alleged murder-for-hire plot said Ayon abused their child and that she has been fighting for several years to keep Ayon away from the 4-year-old boy.

The patient said Ayon told her during a visit to his office Saturday that he wanted to kill the boy's mother after he had lost visitation rights, according to a police affidavit filed in Circuit Court yesterday.

Ayon asked the patient, "'Why don't you do her in?'" the patient told police.

On the phone later, Ayon "asked her if she was going over to teach her a lesson," the police affidavit said.

The patient contacted the boy's mother, and told her of the plot Monday during a meeting at Aloha Tower, the affidavit said. Ayon was arrested that afternoon.

Court records show that in 2007, a judge ordered Ayon to stay away from the boy's mother for 10 years to prevent domestic abuse or recurrence of abuse.

The mother, who asked that neither she nor her son be identified, told the Star-Advertiser yesterday that a judge approved her request to deny Ayon visitation privileges for their son. She is seeking a restraining order to further limit Ayon's contact with him.

A hearing in that case yesterday was continued in Family Court until tomorrow.

She and Ayon met "in a club" about 10 years ago and were friends, but never lived together and were never boyfriend and girlfriend, she said.

Ayon threatened her on numerous occasions and has abused their son, she said.

Ayon had been paying child support but stopped about three months ago, after losing visitation privileges, she said. Following the latest incident, she wants to move away from Hawaii with her son because she is afraid of what Ayon might do, she said.

Criminal solicitation to commit murder is a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison..

CORRECTION: Solicitation for murder is a Class A felony. A previous version of this article about allegations against Dr. Dennis Ayon said it was a Class C felony.