Monday, November 15, 2010

Abusive dad (finally!) banned from seeing kids; family court issues rare "no contact" order (Sydney, Australia)

It is utterly appalling that it took this many years for a "no contact" order to be issued against UNNAMED DAD. The mother has been in hiding for over four years, and he has a history of sexually assaulting her and beating her with an iron bar. The kids witnessed the beating, and Daddy subjected them to severe abuse and neglect as well--locking them in a room with no food and water. She literally had to escape from this man in the middle of the night. It is totally disgusting that this guy is even walking around a free man. It is doubly disgusting that his "fathers rights"--up until now--have trumped anybody else's rights to elementary safety or security. It took two whole years for this mother, who was never even married to this freak, to obtain a (rare) "no contact" order.

So tell me how the courts discriminate against fathers again?

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Abusive dad banned from seeing his kids
By Laura Speranza
From: The Sunday Telegraph November 14, 2010 12:00AM

The Family Court ruled that the father's two boys would suffer mentally and physically if they spent time with him
Thug tormented his kids, beat their mother
Family Court issues rare "no contact" order
He is living with new woman, newborn baby

AN UNEMPLOYED dad who tormented his children and repeatedly beat their mother has been banned from seeing his children again.

After years of hell, a young mother has finally convinced the Family Court to issue a rare "no contact" order against the violent, alcoholic and drug-addicted 34-year-old father of their two boys.

The man, is banned from seeing the boys, aged 8 and 9, for the rest of their childhood.

He will not know where they live, or told how they are going at school, or even if they fall ill.

Inexplicably, despite the Family Court ordering him away from the boys, the man - with a sickening history of violence against women - is now living with another woman and their newborn baby.

The Family Court's Justice Stewart Austin took the extreme step after a two-year legal battle by the 31-year-old former girlfriend of the man.

The woman, who has been in hiding for years after being sexually assaulted, beaten with an iron bar and having her hair shaved off, fought the case to protect herself and her children.

Justice Stewart ruled last month the boys would suffer - mentally and physically - if they spent time with their father.

"The kids are relieved," the mother, living north of Sydney, told The Sunday Telegraph.

The woman, who runs her own business, was subjected to appalling abuse during the eight-year relationship and got away only by fleeing in the middle of the night.

Her out-of-control partner was twice sent to prison for assaulting her.

The boys, who were often locked in their room by their father without food or water, have been left psychologically scarred from witnessing the attacks on their mother.

The couple's third child, a girl, was removed by the Department of Community Services when aged two after she suffered suspicious injuries.

The mother blames beatings during her pregnancy for the death of the little girl's twin sister two days after birth.

A Family Court spokeswoman said only a handful of cases had been this extreme in the history of the court.

The mother's lawyer said it was rare for a judge to decide it was in the best interests of a child to not see a parent.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the mother said the family had been in hiding since August, 2006 when they escaped during the night while the father was asleep.

She said it took a while to flee, because he usually slept with her keys and identification.

"I feel bad that I stayed four or five years of (the kids') lives with him," she said. "It took me that long to build up the strength and for the light bulb to come on. But now I'm not prepared to put my kids through any more danger than what they have already been through."

The Family Court judgement reveals the father bashed his partner repeatedly during the relationship, even when she was pregnant.

The children witnessed most of the violent attacks, including a 2006 incident when he beat their mother with an iron bar.

So worried that his family would escape, he often locked them up in a room for most of the day, without food and water.

He was jailed twice for horrific assaults which left his partner in hospital for one week.

"In July 2006 the father savagely beat and humiliated the mother. He punched her heavily in the facee and shaved her head. He physically and sexually abused the mother on a daily basis at that time," the Family Court's ruling says.

Justice Austin said there was a serious risk of physical and emotional harm to the children if they were allowed to spend time with their father.

In his October 26 ruling, Justice Austin said the children had already suffered enough psychological damage.

"Much of the father's violent and abusive behaviour towards the mother occurred in the presence of the children," Justice Austin said.

"At the very least, they are at an unacceptable risk of psychological harm through exposure to his commission of violence towards other adults.

"That consideration currently outweighs any benefit that might accrue to the children from re-establishing a meaningful relationship with the father."

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