Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dad accused of attempting to sell 1-year-old albino child (Kehancha, Zimbabwe)

I had heard before that certain African tribal cultures have beliefs about the supposed curative powers of albino people. But I hadn't heard of a father--up until now--who had seen the birth of an albino child as a profit-making opportunity. It seems dad BENSON NYAISUBA is quite the entrepreneur. Notice that Dad "chased away" the baby's protective mother in an attempt to execute his scheme.


Kenyan father accused of attempting to sell albino child

Written By:Rose Kamau & KNA, Posted: Tue, Nov 23, 2010

A man who attempted to sell his one-year-old albino daughter for Ksh 1 million has been apprehended in Kuria district, Nyanza region.

Benson Nyaisuba who has been in hiding for the past two weeks presented himself to the children's office in Kehancha town in a bid to clear his name against allegations that he attempted to sell his child to Tanzanians.

The district children's officer Mr. John Lang'at however whisked him to the nearby police station through the help of administration police officers where he was immediately locked up.

"The accused brought himself here but we arrested him for the accusations made against him by his wife. He will be possibly arraigned in court to answer to the charges arising from his act," said Mr. Lang'at.

The accused reportedly tried to force his wife to agree with his plans to sell or kill the girl because she was a "curse" to the family. The couple has another child who does not have albinism.

His wife accused him of constantly harassing her ever since the child was born because she refused to be party to his plans.

The woman who left her matrimonial home and lives with relatives claimed Nyaisuba chased her away and had made elaborate plans to sell the girl to Tanzanian witchdoctors.

The sale of albinos or their body parts has been big business in Tanzania where some people believe they can be used to make medicinal concoctions able to give remedy to various ailments and socio- economic problems.

The Tanzania government has however declared war on people threatening the lives of albinos in the country.

In September this year a Kenyan tried to sell his albino friend to Tanzanian witchdoctors but his plans were thwarted and he was arrested and jailed.