Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Devoted" dad with "sole custody" accused of murdering daughter's mother--in front of the daughter (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

This is getting so old. All the damn social workers who claim that some father who later "allegedly" murdered somebody was really "caring and devoted." Sorry for sounding flippant, but you could almost turn this into a drinking game. Every time you hear an idiotic CPS representative, social worker, court whore/ shrink, or GAL insist that a killer dad was really a "nice" or "loving" or "caring" or "devoted" father, you take another swig. Wouldn't take long to get truly wasted, I'm afraid.

Take a double swig when the accused daddy killer was CUSTODIAL. And that is the case with dad WILLIAM MAWHINNEY. Dad is now on trial for murdering his daughter's mother by drowning her in her own bathtub--AND IN FRONT OF THEIR DAUGHTER. This was back in 1995. (Yes, the wheels of justice roll slowly.) This is the same man who took "full custody" because of Mom's alleged alcohol "problems". Can't help but wonder how real or extensive these "problems" really were apart from self-medication to deal with Daddy's abuse, but that's not addressed here.

Of course Daddy is denying that the daughter ever saw anything of the kind. I'm sure if Mom were alive and this were a case of an alleged attempted murder, he'd be accusing Mom of parental alienation syndrome (PAS). But given how sloppy PAS diagnoses have become, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if even dead people are now being accused of being PAS perpetrators. Of course, there is also the minor issue of a later, now "estranged" wife being told about the murder, too. Presumably by Daddy. Maybe she has PAS as well! Got to watch out for dead ex's, you know. All kinds of amazing PAS powers--even from the grave....


Man accused of drowning partner ‘is a devoted dad’

By Deborah McAleese
Friday, 26 November 2010

A man who allegedly murdered his partner in front of their daughter by drowning her in the bath, was a caring and devoted father, a social worker has told a court.

Linda Wisener, a social worker with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, told Belfast Crown Court yesterday that murder accused William Mawhinney had a very “loving and affectionate” relationship with his two daughters, who he had sole custody of because of his partner’s problems with alcohol.

His partner Lorraine Mills (35) was discovered drowned in the bath at his Ballymena home on May 28, 1995. His daughter Kelly, now 22, alleged that she saw him drown her.

Mawhinney (51) was living at Staffa Road in Ballymena at the time of Ms Mills’ death. Although Ms Mills had moved into her own flat in the town she was often at Mawhinney’s house.

An earlier court hearing also heard that several years after Ms Mills’ death Mawhinney coldly confessed to his estranged English wife that he had drowned his first partner and later boasted that he had “committed the perfect murder”.

Yesterday Mawhinney, who has an address at Highfield Road, March, in Cambridgeshire, bowed his head and rubbed his face as Ms Wisener described how he had been a very committed father to his daughters.

The social worker said that before their mother’s death the children were on the child protection register because of her alcohol abuse problems. Mawhinney took over full custody of the children to ensure that they were not put into care.

“I felt he presented as a very caring and committed father to his two daughters,” Ms Wisener said.

She added that Mawhinney was keen that Ms Mills would have contact with their children.

Mawhinney has denied killing Ms Mills and recently told the court that he cannot understand how his daughter Kelly “witnessed anything that never took place.”

The case will resume on Monday when prosecution and defence barristers will make their final submissions to the court.

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/man-accused-of-drowning-partner-lsquois-a-devoted-dadrsquo-15014067.html#ixzz16nRkAhvX