Monday, November 15, 2010

Dad convicted of kidnapping, rape, and murder blames not seeing "his kid" for his crimes (Polk County, Iowa)

It's easy to dismiss RANDALL TODD MOORE as just another rambling sick bastard who murdered his wife and shot a police officer. But it's worse than that. Note that the warped thinking demonstrated here is very common to the fathers rights movement and the criminals they defend: that the mother "deserved to be killed" (after being kidnapped and raped) because she (allegedly) wouldn't let this piece of sh** "see his kid."

Guys like Moore--and their equally disturbed fathers rights allies--feel completely entitled to engage in any threats or violence to enforce their "rights" to "their" women and children possessions/chattel. God forbid that anybody keep them from having their "rights," or be prepared to pay the price with lots of bloodshed. And that even includes the police. These guys are little more than brutal thugs or terrorists who happen to be fathers, but we're supposed to fall all over them as poor oppressed daddies who are being terribly mistreated, don't you know.

Anyone with half a brain would be deathly afraid of sending a helpless child off with a freaking killer/rapist like this. And yet these types work their magic on family court judges and their assorted "court whore" allies all the time. We see them cave to these terrorists and their demands on practically a daily basis. And of course, we all know there's no honor among blackmailers and criminals. You cater to these guys, grant all their demands for child visitation or even full custody, and they they'll still murder the mother and/or the children. Because for these sickos, the ultimate power/control trip is robbing somebody of their very life. When will the family courts realize this?

Kudos to Judge Joel Novak for speaking out and not being suckered by Moore's pathetic attempts at self-justification and martyrdom.

Remorseless Moore gets life
Blog post by Grant Schulte • • November 12, 2010

A remorseless Randall Todd Moore said Friday that his estranged wife deserved to be killed and told a judge that he hopes there are more cases like his.

Moore sent shockwaves through a Polk County Courtroom with a rambling tirade about TereseAnn Lynch, the wife he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and shot in the head.

Polk County District Judge Joel Novak called Moore a coward as he sentenced the 39-year-old to three back-to-back life sentences, plus 25 years for the attempted murder of a Des Moines police officer.

“I’ll tell you point-blank, I have not one ounce of remorse for TereseAnn’s death,” Moore said in the packed courtroom. “It could have all been prevented. All you had to do was let me see my kid.”

Moore was convicted last month for kidnapping Lynch from a shopping mall parking lot and taking her back to the apartment they shared. Moore then sexually assaulted his estranged wife and shot her in the head. Des Moines police officer Todd Roland was shot in the hand when he and others arrived on scene.

“I hope there’s more cases just like this, where people don’t want to let their spouses see their kids,” Moore said. “I hope it happens more and more, until the law finally says you know what? There needs to be something done so these parents can be with their kids.”

The hour-long sentencing turned nasty as Moore lashed back at Lynch’s family and friends. Lynch’s mother, Sheila Lynch, blasted her daughter’s husband as “evil, hateful and disgusting” in her victim impact statement.

“You are now dead and rotting and repulsive to me,” Sheila Lynch said. “But with time, and with God’s help and TereseAnn’s loving spirit, soon you will be absolutely nothing to me – for you have no value. You are not worth any of my time and effort to even hate you.”

Moore apologized to his family and to Des Moines police officer Todd Roland, whom he shot in the hand during a standoff.

But moments later, he added: “You know that day when you were lying on the ground behind that police car, Todd, I could have killed you. I could have shot you 25 times. I chose not to, because you didn’t pull your weapon on me. If you had pulled your weapon on me, I’d be here on another murder charge.”

Polk County District Court Judge Joel Novak said he was limited to sentencing guidelines established in state law, but would have given him more time if he could.

“I just cannot believe what I just heard,” Novak said. “I am really glad you had your right of allocution, and could say everything you just said. Because, if anybody didn’t know what a piece of work you were before you started talking, they know now.”

Novak compared Moore to convicted Des Moines murderers Randy Davis and Christopher Phipps, who were both sentenced to prison this year for similar domestic-abuse slayings.

“You’re cowards,” Novak said. “You truly are cowards. You prey on women. They give you their love, they give you their trust, and you betray them. You betray it by physically and/or mentally abusing these women.”

Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said: “In the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen anyone so cold-hearted, and with such total disregard for life.”