Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad arrested on murder charges after 5-year-old daughter dies at hospital (Riverside, California)

Dad ANGEL GARCIA III has been arrested on child abuse and murder charges after his 5-year-old daughter died in the hospital after being seriously injured earlier in the day.

Note that there is mention of a step who has been arrested as an accessory. And that both the dad and the step are referred to as the "parents." Nice trick. Manages to effectively erase the fact that this little girl--at least at one time--must have had a mother. So what happened to her? Is she dead, alive? Did Dad have custody? Or just visitation rights? At minimum, we know it has to be one or the other. Yet the fact that this must be a custody and/or visitation-related murder isn't acknowledged in the slightest. The public can't be made aware of a growing problem if the problem's existence is continually denied or covered up.



Man Arrested For Child Abuse After 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Death
November 26, 2010 8:11 AM

RIVERSIDE (AP) — A Riverside County man has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and murder after his 5-year-old daughter died at a hospital.

A sheriff’s statement says deputies were called to a hospital Tuesday to investigate the death of the girl, who suffered a serious injury earlier in the day.

Authorities say the parents did not seek medical help. Authorities didn’t immediately say how she got to the hospital.

An autopsy Wednesday concluded that the girl had been physically abused and sheriff’s investigators arrested her father, 22-year-old Angel Garcia III of Moreno Valley, on suspicion of child abuse and murder. The girl’s stepmother, 23-year-old Yadira Onofre, was booked on suspicion of abuse and being an accessory to murder.

Both remained jailed Friday.