Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mother "disappears" after being dropped off for visitation; was in process of regaining custody (Hunter Valley, Australia)

I don't think this is any great mystery. This is the most likely scenario. An abusive UNNAMED DAD gained custody to punish/control the mother. He tolerated her visitation as long as he was had power over her and was able to humiliate her. But once she was regaining custody, she had to be "dealt with" as abusers see things. Basically a case where the batterer hid the body well.

The more relevant question is who gave this father custody and who supported the decision? They basically put this woman at supreme risk and set up her death.

Beautiful mother Carly McBride just vanished in the NSW Hunter Valley in September 

Neil Keene  

The Daily Telegraph January 01, 2015 11:00PM

SOMETHING didn’t feel quite right to Sayle Newson the September day when he dropped off his partner, Carly McBride, to visit her young daughter in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Perhaps it was the fact Ms McBride had told him that morning she feared that something bad was going to happen.

Maybe it was that things didn’t go quite like they usually did when he said goodbye.

Whatever the case, that gnawing gut feeling turned into something much more painful just hours later, when it emerged that his “beautiful, happy and smiling” girlfriend — a mother-of-two — had gone missing, seemingly without a trace.

After two-and-a-half months of searching by police, family, friends and an anguished Mr Newson, the investigation into Ms McBride’s disappearance switched last week from a straightforward missing person case into suspected homicide.

Mr Newson told The Daily Telegraph yesterday that he dated the 31-year-old since June after meeting her at the start of 2013.

By the time she went missing on the afternoon of September 30, the pair spent most days together. And once a week, they would drive up from the home she shared with a friend in Lake Macquarie to visit her three-year-old daughter, who had been living with the girl’s father in Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley.

After turbulent recent times, Ms McBride was poised to resume custody of her daughter, and an older son to a different previous partner.

“It would be exactly the same thing every time. I would drop her off, she would get out and go to the front door, she would have her daughter in her arms and turn around and wave me off,” Mr Newson said.

“She would ring me twice and text me twice every visit to let me know she was OK.”

“But on that day I dropped her off about 12.30pm and things were just different. And I didn’t hear from her again — not a thing. I texted her, I called her, but the phone just rang out.”

Mr Newson said he turned up at the house about 4.30pm as usual to pick up Ms McBride, only to be told by her ex that she had left after an argument earlier that afternoon and headed on foot towards a McDonald’s restaurant about 2km away.

But staff at McDonald’s never saw her. #Nor did neighbours or residents who live along the quiet suburban route she would most likely have taken.

Police last week searched fields behind a nearby housing estate for clues, but a spokesman for Strike Force Karabi set up to investigate the case said that “nothing of great note” had been found, but added the investigation was ongoing.

Anyone with information about Ms McBride’s disappearance is urged to call Crimestoppers.

She was last seen wearing blue jeans, sandals and a yellow T-shirt, and she was carrying a tan handbag.

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