Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dad pleads not guilty to 2nd-degre murder of 2-month-old son; why was a man with this violent criminal history allowed around babies? (Deer Creek, Minnesota)

Women who were formerly associated with EMERY JAMES JENKINS say he was an "abusive and violent father." He has multiple drug addictions. He has an extensive history of criminal CONVICTIONS for violent crimes including domestic assault.

So why the hell was this scumbag doing infant caretaking??? He shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near children, especially helpless babies.

And notice there is no mention of the mother at all. Why? Is Jenkins a single dad?

Dad charged in infant's death pleads not guilty

By Cortney Peltz updated 1:29 PM EST, Wed January 07, 2015

•Emery James Jenkins, 38, is accused of abusing and biting his 2-month-old son and blaming his death on the neighbor’s dog
•Jenkins pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder
•His trial is scheduled to begin March 10 Dad charged in infant's death pleads not guilty

A Minnesota father pleaded not guilty Monday to second-degree murder in the October death of his infant son.

Emery James Jenkins, 38, is accused of abusing and biting his 2-month-old son multiple times because the baby was crying, investigators said in a criminal complaint.

When police in Deer River responded to a call regarding an unresponsive infant on October 16, 2014, Jenkins told authorities that the infant suffered injuries after he fell out of a swing, hit his head in the bathtub and was bitten by the neighbor’s dog within the previous week, according to the complaint.

However, a medical examiner told a different story.

According to autopsy results, the infant suffered severe blunt force trauma to his body, had a fractured skull and ribs and multiple abrasions to his chest, hands, fingers, feet, and toes, which may have “been caused by biting or a cutting object,” police said.

Investigators said Jenkins later allegedly admitted to making up the story about the neighbor’s dog biting the baby.

The baby was pronounced dead at Essentia Medical Center in Duluth on October 18.

Jenkins was described by ex-girlfriends as an abusive and violent father who was allegedly addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana, according to the criminal complaint.

He has several criminal convictions stemming back to 1995, including domestic assault, disorderly conduct, and driving while intoxicated, court records indicate.

Jenkins remains in the Itasca County Jail without bail.

Jenkins is scheduled to appear at the Itasca County District Court on January 27 for a probation violation hearing. His trial is scheduled to begin March 10.

The attorney representing Jenkins declined to comment on the case.