Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dad charged with child molestation: 10-year-old son now in custody of grandmother (Augusta, Georgia)

So we have a drug-dealing child pornographer father here--with no mention of a mother anywhere. The grandmother now has custody. So what happened to mom? Was ISAAC SEMAN a custodial dad? Is so, how and why did he get custody? Who gave it to him?

Father charged with child molestation after son re-enacts movie sex scene with dog

By Bianca Cain Johnson

Morris News Service – published Friday, January 16, 2015

Augusta area authorities charged a father with child molestation this week after a YouTube video surfaced showing him instructing his son to re-create a movie sex scene with his dog.

Sheriff’s deputies in Columbia County arrested Isaac Seman, 35, of Martinez, on Tuesday following a tip the department received after someone came across the online video.

A sheriff’s office incident report noted the video showed Seman saying his 10-year-old son and their dog were going to re-enact a scene from “Brokeback Mountain,” a 2005 movie about a homosexual relationship between two male cowboys. Police said Seman instructed his son to have sex with the dog.

The video continues as Seman masturbates the dog with his hand and then instructs his son to continue the act. Seman then repeats the act a second time.

The video was reportedly uploaded by the child. It has since been removed from the website.

Seman was booked into the Columbia County Detention Center on Tuesday. He remains in jail without bond as this latest arrest constitutes a parole violation.

#Authorities said Seman was previously arrested for possession of opiates with intent to distribute. Seman’s son is now in the custody of his grandmother, said the sheriff’s office.