Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drunk dad throws 7-month-old son off railway bridge; was in "dispute" with baby's mother (Pune, India)

Stay with me on this, 'cause this gets complicated. Dad ATUL PATOLE was presumably pissed because the step was mistreating HIS son from a previous marriage (i.e. this is a CUSTODIAL DAD). So naturally, in order to punish the step, he threw THEIR son down a railway bridge, just to show that Daddy's Not Happy and all.

This is so freaking typical of the kind of abusive, violent father that strips the first mother of custody. I really can't believe Daddy much cared about the step's alleged abuse of the older child when he was perfectly capable of doing this to the second child.

Daddy has been charged with attempted murder. But we still don't know if the older child will get to go back to his mother now.

Drunk man throws his son on tracks from railway bridge | Updated: November 08, 2012 15:35 IST

Pune: Annoyed with his second wife for the treatment she meted out to his son from his first wife, an inebriated man allegedly threw his seven-month-old son from his second wife down a railway bridge in Pimpri on Wednesday afternoon. The boy survived.

Some commuters at the railway station rescued the child and rushed him to the YCM hospital. The police said the child's father, Datta Deshmukh (29), was in an inebriated condition when he threw the boy, Shubham, from the bridge on to the railway tracks at the Pimpri railway station.

Atul Patole, a passer-by who was present when the incident took place, said Deshmukh was holding his child in one hand and shouting at the waiting crowd that if anyone dared to come forward, he would throw the child on to the railway tracks.

"Many people had gathered at the spot and all were requesting him to stop, but he was firm and threw his child on to the tracks," Patole said. "Every one rushed to see the baby. He was safe and had fallen in the middle portion."

Patole said the angry crowd beat up the man. He said Deshmukh's wife soon reached the spot and was with the boy when he was admitted to hospital.

The police registered a case of attempt to murder against Deshmukh and arrested him.

"Deshmukh has two wives as his relations with his first wife were not good," Police Inspector Mohan Vidhate of the Pimpri police station said. "From his first wife he has a seven-year-old son, who stays with him and his second wife.

Deshmukh started having a dispute with his second wife too over the issue of ill-treatment to his elder son. Shubham is his son from his second wife." He said Deshmukh had some dispute with his wife yesterday, after which he took Shubham with him to the railway bridge.