Monday, November 5, 2012

Dad drag races with 2-year-old in car; toddler severely injured (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Speed Racer Daddy is identified as VALENTIN DURAN.

Father Jailed After 2-Year-Old Severly Injured While Drag Racing

Last updated on Monday, November 05, 2012

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A man is in jail after racing his car and causing a crash with his two-year-old son unrestrained in the front seat.

Jill Glavan of Fox59 reports, Valentin Duran, 25, was arrested after being treated in the hospital Saturday. Duran was racing an unidentified black Mustang on Georgetown Road around 5:30 p.m., when his car went over the median and crashed into traffic going the other direction.

Edith Johnson was driving the car that Duran initially hit. Despite her injuries, Johnson climbed out her passenger side door when she heard there was a child in the other car.

"I thought he was dead at first," Johnson said.

The child was rushed to Riley Hospital in critical condition, with bruised lungs and minor lacerations to the head and legs.

"When (Duran's) car was in the air, I thought he was going to land on top of me," Johnson said.

Instead, Duran hit the front end of Johnson's car. She was then hit by another car from behind. Johnson said that had Duran not hit her, he might have traveled off the bridge over I-65. She was amazed that no one was killed in the accident.

"I think we all could've died yesterday," Johnson said.

Police are still looking for the black Mustang, described as having temporary plates and dark tinted windows.

Duran has never had a driver's license and faces several charges, including neglect.