Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dad charged with raping five daughters (Memphis, Tennessee)

The same daddy also raised his son to be a murderer. What a surprise. 

Dad is identified as JAMES HAWKINS, SR.

Father Of Death Row Inmate Convicted Of Child Rape

Posted on: 4:19 pm, November 16, 2012, by Stephanie Scurlock

(Memphis) A year and a half ago, James Hawkins, Sr., watched his son get the death penalty now he’s in a fight for his own freedom. He’s accused of 5 counts of child rape, in cases that involve his own daughters. We caught him coming out of court.

“You don’t have anything to say to me,” James Hawkins, Sr. snapped at our camera.

During the trial for James Hawkins, Jr., the defense team said his dysfunctional family may have led to his unthinkable crime of decapitating his girlfriend, Charlene Gaither, cutting off her hands and feet and dumping her body on the side of the road. A mitigation specialist for defense attorney, Gerald Skahan, said Hawkins father physically abused him and his brother and sexually abused his sisters.

Now those words meant to evoke sympathy for his son are haunting Hawkins, Sr., who the mitigation specialist testified actually lost count of his children, but knows he has at least 20. Five of his daughters say he raped them when they were younger. Recently, DHS removed another five younger children from the home of Hawkins, Sr. Reports are some of them are victims, too. We asked his lawyer, what kind of father he’s been to his children.

“I like the man; of course he’s a client. I don’t know anything about his parenting skills,” said Leslie Ballin, Hawkins’ lawyer.

His attorney is asking for separate trials in hopes of proving Hawkins, Sr. is not guilty. Meanwhile, prosecutors hope to prove otherwise and are considering calling his death row inmate son back from prison to testify about what he knows.

“They lied on my son, too. I ain’t got nothing to say,” said Hawkins, Sr.

He added, “They’re lying on me. I don’t have anything to anything to say. Get out of my face.”

Hawkins, Sr. will be back in court Tuesday. The judge will decide if he’ll have 5 separate trials and if he’ll revoke Hawkins’ bond as requested by prosecutors. They believe he’s a danger.