Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dad gets one year in jail for raping 8-year-old daughter (New Delhi, India)

Notice that rapist dad--who is identified only as JAIPAL--also beat the mother and daughter and threatened to kill them if they told about the rape.

And for all that we get a stern lecture from the judge on the importance of fathers under patriarchy, with the stern (wink, wink) sentence of one year--as if this were not, in fact, a "lenient" sentence. Wonder what "lenient" sentence Daddy was expecting instead? A warm hug and a plea to be nice in the future? What a joke.

Man given a year's jail term for molesting minor daughter

 New Delhi , Wed Nov 21 2012, 21:14 hrs

A man has been sentenced to a year in jail by a Delhi court for sexually molesting his minor daughter. 

Metropolitan Magistrate Kiran Gupta sentenced Central Delhi resident Jaipal on the basis of deposition by his wife and eight-year-old daughter.

"The convict is the father of the victim who is aged around eight years. The custodian of the child is the father on whom not only rests the responsibility of building character / career and upbringing of the child but he is also a vital part of her life.

"If the father himself is found guilty of such a heinous offence, no mitigating circumstances can be found to reduce the sentence," the court said, dismissing convict's plea for leniency.

The prosecution case dated back to May 18, 2011 night when the child's mother had gone to the bathroom, Jaipal had attempted to sexually molest his sleeping daughter, the prosecution had told the court.

The mother had rushed back to the room on hearing her daughter's scream and saw her husband attempting to sexually molest the minor, it had added.

When the woman asked her husband what he was doing, he had beaten her and the victim mercilessly and threatened to kill them if they disclosed the incident to anyone.

Jaipal, however, claimed in the court that his wife had implicated him in case as she wanted some property in her name, but the court dismissed his contentions