Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drunk "angry" dad pushes 1-year-old daughter in stroller down middle of busy street (Houston, Texas)

Wonder how this nitwit got access to this child? No mention of a mother. Was she working? Was this a custody/visitation situation? As usual, no clue is given.

Dad is identified as DAVID BARBOSA.

Traffic-dodging dad busted

Published: 8:49 am Updated: 8:50 am

HOUSTON, Texas (NBC) -- A Texas father has been accused of intentionally putting his 1-year-old daughter in harm's way.

Harris County deputy constables received several phone calls from people reporting that a man was pushing a child in a stroller in the middle of a busy street last Thursday.

"He was angry because he wasn't fully paid for some work he had done," Lt. Julio Banda said. "He was pushing the stroller in the middle of the street in front of some oncoming cars."

Investigators said they found David Barbosa with the child in the stroller.

The child had a bottle of sour milk, officials said.

"An actual citizen came out with some baby clothes to put over the child because the child's clothing was dirty and torn and it was getting cold out," Banda said.

Banda said Barbosa was intoxicated.

A beer bottle was found at the bottom of the stroller.