Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dad pushes mom, injures 10-month-old daughter (Vallejo, California)

Notice the totally misleading headline. "Equal opportunity" blaming is done a lot in the media, even when the article itself reports nothing to indicate that this was fighting "between" the parents. On the contrary, it was dad who pushed mom, causing both the mom and the baby to fall. And notice that Daddy is the only one charged. 


Vallejo baby injured in fight between her parents

Times-Herald staff report Posted: 11/01/2012 01:08:47 AM PDT

An infant was injured and her father arrested Tuesday after a domestic violence episode in Vallejo, a police department spokesman said Wednesday.

The 10-month-old girl was being held by a "witness" in a home in the 800 block of Gateway Drive at about 2:30 p.m. when her father pushed his wife, the baby's mother, propelling her into the witness, Lt. Abel Tenorio said.

"The witness and the baby both fell, and the baby hit her head," Tenorio said. "She was taken to Children's Hospital in Oakland with injuries that didn't appear to be life-threatening."

The husband was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and child endangerment, he said