Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fireman kicks suicidal "jumper" father holding toddler son back through window (Xining, China)

Big time Daddy Drama. Suicidal Daddy threatens to jump out of 4-story window with 2-year-old son. Like a lot of these would-be murder-suicides, he was supposedly "depressed" and had gone through a "fight" with his wife. (Meaning, that he was a typical narcissist/drama queen who had to "punish" mom for not giving in to his demands). Negotiators couldn't end the standoff.

Fortunately, a fireman was able to rappel down from the roof and kick Daddy's @$$ back inside.

Flying kick from abseiling fireman saves suicidal father and his toddler

Published: 6 hrs ago

A SUICIDAL father was saved from jumping to his death with a toddler in his arms - as an abseiling fireman KICKED him back inside the window.

Emergency workers spotted the weeping man sitting on his fourth-storey window ledge clutching a small child in his arms.

Firemen laid an inflatable mattress below as colleagues tried to talk him out of jumping.

After an hour of negotiations failed, an abseiler slid down the side of the apartment block and forced the man back inside the flat with a flying kick.

Seconds earlier another abseiler had gone in by a different window and together the rescuers snatched up the two-year-old and carried the tot away to safety.

The child's father is believed to have had a fight with his wife and was said to be depressed.

The spectacular rescue was filmed by stunned onlookers in Xining in northern China.