Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dad in "custody dispute" kills mom; HIS parents get custody (Coquitlam, Canada)

Typical killer dad crap. He has a history of domestic violence, he starts a custody "dispute" (e.g. custody siege against Mom as part of his campaign of punishment and control), brutally murders Mom and drives around for two days with her body in the car ALONG with the kids...

....and yet he has the freaking nerve to criticize and belittle HER. Typical. These sh**s never take responsibility for their own actions, they always blame somebody else. Of course, Mom is no longer around to give her side of the story, is she. And we already know that Daddy is a pathological liar, just from the way he tried to cover up the murder. 

Then after all that, the courts give the parents of psycho daddy custody of the kids. WRONG MOVE. Chances are they will continue Daddy's badmouthing and belligerent evasion of personal responsibility.

Dad is identified as ZHONGMING (JAMES) MOU.

Coquitlam dad drove kids to church with wife’s body in trunk


A Coquitlam man who killed his wife over a custody dispute drove around for two days with her body in his SUV while he took his two kids to Burnaby Mountain and to church.

Zhongming (James) Mou, 36, was charged with first-degree murder for the strangulation death of Yating (Lancy) Hu, 27, in July 2011 after her body was found by fishermen in the Fraser River near Steveston, where he had dumped it inside a suitcase two days after he killed her.

The couple were embroiled in a nasty custody battle over their two sons, now four and three years old, before she was murdered.

Mou, after first admitting the murder to undercover officers, confessed to police, and the charge was reduced to second degree.

Mou, his hair long and bushy and wearing a sports jacket over a blue shirt and jeans, showed no emotion during his sentencing hearing on Tuesday in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster.

Parents Distressed

Hu’s parents sat almost directly behind him in the public gallery, separated by Plexiglas, and her mother, Yanyu Xiao, sobbed loudly and uncontrollably during the morning recess.

Her father, Muming Hu, wiped away tears as he addressed the court through a translator, in lieu of a submitting his victim impact statement. He described an agony that hasn’t gone away since they learned of the disappearance and murder of their only child.

“And he (Mou) is not remorseful at all,” he said.

Custody Battle

Through an agreed statement of facts read into the record, court heard that Mou and Hu had married in 2003 but had separated and Hu, who had in May 2011 lived in a women’s shelter, was insisting on sole custody.

He told police he thought she wasn’t a good mother and didn’t have a “mother nature,” and that the older son, then three, “hated” her because she hit him.

He said he couldn’t see his children being properly raised by her and had thought of killing her twice before he did it.

The couple were discussing custody on Skype on July 15, 2011, but getting nowhere because she was too emotional, he said, so he invited her to his Coquitlam house.

Planned to Kill Her

He said she was being “very hard” that night and, at 5 a.m., he decided to kill her.

While she was in the washroom, he removed a metal bar from the Total Home Gym apparatus, closed the windows in the house and invited her into the laundry room to show her something and beat her with the bar, increasing the force when she screamed for help.

He then strangled her using an electrical cord and stuffed her body in a suitcase and put it in the back of the SUV.

He worked until 10 a.m. cleaning the house, sending the children back to bed when they woke.

Body Disposal

He told police he drove around for the next two days with the body in the SUV, with his children and “their mother’s body in the back,” said Crown prosecutor.

He turned up the air conditioner when the body started to decompose and smell.

After checking the tide charts for low tide, he drove to the Fraser River in Richmond at 3 a.m. Monday and weighted the suitcase down with two rocks and tried to tow it away from shore. But he struggled as it filled with water and abandoned it as it sank.

He tossed the metal bar into the Fraser River, disposed of other evidence in other locations and buried his wife’s cellphone, keys, wedding ring and wallet — minus its bank cards — in his parents’ backyard, later digging up the wallet to retrieve his son’s B.C. CareCard.

Hu’s body in the suitcase was found by two fishermen near Steveston on Aug. 27, 2011, two days after Hu’s parents came from China to make a public appeal for the return of their daughter.

Stories Conflicted 

Mou had told police conflicting stories at the time, saying he had dropped Hu off at her apartment at 8 p.m. and later said she had stayed at the Coquitlam home overnight and left on her own in the morning.

Mou was arrested and charged about two weeks later, on Sept. 9, 2011.

Confessed to Reporter

Less than a week later, he granted an hour-long interview to a Ming Pao reporter who showed up unannounced at the jail.

He told her he wasn’t sorry for killing Hu because she threatened to take his children away and that he didn’t feel bad about killing her and that he had lost feelings for her.

He blamed the social workers at the women’s shelter for directing her to seek $6,000 in alimony from him.

He rated her parenting skills at four out of 10 and his own at seven, until the murder, which he admitted dropped that number to zero.

Mou has been in custody since his arrest.

The children are being raised by his parents.

Hu’s father said he and his wife have moved to Canada to help raise them but there’s been friction over custody with the Mous.