Friday, October 19, 2012

Dad found guilty of assaulting mom, slashing his wrists and smearing blood on the walls is totally coddled by the courts (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom)

WTF? Your average poodle has a tougher life than this Thug Daddy (identified as dad LEE SHELLEY).

Let's see.

1) Beat his wife, leaving her with a black eye. 

2) The day after appearing in court, he beat her again. Hit her in the face and upper body. Smashed her phone. This was in front of the children.

3) Then he started texting threats to her. She flees to a neighbor's house with the kids. He threatens suicide, saying "watch me bleed."

4) Police arrive, and find Daddy has cut his wrists and is smearing blood on the walls.

You don't have to be some expert criminal profiler to realize that this one volatile, dangerous, and crazy man. 

So. How do the pro-male/anti-woman authorities respond to this very credible threat?

1) A suspended sentence

2) (Useless) classes on domestic violence and drug rehab

3) And though Mom has a restraining order (of sorts), this sh** is STILL ALLOWED TO CONTACT THIS TWO-TIME ASSAULT VICTIM regarding "child issues." 

Daddies must have their freaking rights, ya know! Even as mothers and children are allowed no rights. Not even the right to basic safety and security. 

Just how are daddies discriminated against again???

Thug dad guilty of wife assaults

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leicester Mercury

A violent husband threatened to kill himself and smeared blood on walls around the family home, a court heard.

Lee Shelley (37) slashed his wrists with a razor and daubed his blood about the house, while sending a series of frightening text messages to his wife.

Fearing for her safety, she had earlier gone with her two children to stay at a neighbour's.

Prior to the incident, Shelley had beaten his wife twice before – once in front of her two young children. During a hearing at Leicester Crown Court, he pleaded guilty to two common assaults upon his wife, damaging her mobile phone and harassment. 

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said the victim and Shelley were together for four years and the defendant was the father of her youngest child.

Shelley had previously been remanded into custody for an earlier assault on the victim, in which she suffered a black eye, and was sentenced to a community order on June 12.

The day after appearing in court, he assaulted her again.

Miss Rose said: "He hit her twice in the face, causing bruising to her eye which lasted for a week. She did not make an immediate complaint.

"On July 17, he became verbally abusive and threw a vacuum cleaner at her.

"He hit her upper body and face, twisted her arm behind her back with such force she fell to the floor. He smashed her mobile phone.

"She suffered a bruised lower arm and a sprained wrist. The children, on a sofa, were screaming."

On August 4, Shelley began texting his estranged wife.

Fearful, she went to stay at a friend's house.

On August 5, the victim saw lights going on at her home.

He sent messages threatening to cut himself saying: "Watch me bleed."

Miss Rose said: "The police arrived to see he had cut his wrists and smeared blood on the walls around the house."

 Judge Michael Pert questioned why the Crown Prosecution Service had charged the defendant with two common assaults rather than actual bodily harm.

Jonathan Cox, representing Shelley, said: "He's spent 69 days on remand in custody.

"At the time of these offences he was suffering turmoil."

Shelley, of Milton Crescent, Leicester, was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with supervision. He must attend a domestic abuse programme and undergo drug rehabilitation.

A restraining order was made, banning the defendant from going to the area where the victim lives, or from contacting her other than to discuss "child issues".  

Sentencing, Judge Pert said: "I regard these as despicable offences. The way you've been charged ties my hands."