Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dad has 10-year-old son forcefully dragged out of school and put in state care so he can be "treated" for "alienation" (Rome, Italy)

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a bogus psychological scam cooked up by an American psychologist to help abuser dads gain/regain access to their victims. That's all it is.

And this story perfectly illustrates that dynamic. Like many abusers, UNNAMED DAD has carried over his abuse/control issues into a custody siege launched against the mother. He claims the child is "alienated" against him. 

But let's check out Daddy's real agenda. It obviously has NOTHING to do with wanting to spend time with his son, or caring about his well-being WHATSOEVER.

This sh** has his terrified son viciously dragged out of school by three adults, like he was some kind of "Mafia godfather on the run." Then Daddy dumps the boy in a STATE INSTITUTION FOR A YEAR--away from his home and his mother--to be "deprogrammed" (i.e. psychologically broken down and brainwashed). The real aim of this "treatment" is for the boy to reject his mother (just as the narcissistic father has rejected the mother) and to get him to point where he will silently and passively accept mistreatment at the hands of his abusive father. 

This is an example of parental love? Bull crap. 

There is a reason why the American Psychological Association has rejected PAS. Because it's the same garbage as lobotomies for depressed children or electroshock for homosexual "tendencies" or any other psychiatric "treatment" efforts that support state control/repression of "unruly" people.

And because this abduction was captured on video, government authorities are having to explain why they are using police-state tactics in support of an abusive father wanting total control/custody.

Italian boy dragged from school by police


IT WAS a scene straight out of a low-budget horror movie. Three adults have got hold of a young boy, two of them by the hands and the other by the feet. The child is being forcibly dragged to a car, shouting, screaming and protesting hysterically. 

The problem is that this was no movie. The 10-year-old boy in question, Leonardo, is at the centre of a bitter custody battle between his parents, a battle that was dramatically acted out at his primary school, near Padua, this week.

Leonardo’s parents separated three years ago and since then he has lived with his chemist mother and grandparents. Teachers and parents at his Padua school describe him as “serene”, good both in the classroom and on the sports field.

Recently, however, Leonardo’s mother, Ombretta Giglione, has not allowed him to spend time with his father. She claims this is because he mistreats Leonardo. However, the boy’s father says her decision is in contravention of their custody agreement.

Earlier this week Leonardo’s father opted to enforce a Venetian court ruling that gave him the right to place the boy for a year in state-run children’s home so that he could be cured or indeed “reprogrammed”.

According to Dr Rubens De Nicola of the Venice court, Leonardo has parental alienation syndrome vis-a-vis his father as a result of the constantly negative views articulated by his mother.

 Having twice tried and failed to remove the boy from Ms Giglione’s home, the father, social services workers and police opted for a different tactic this week, going directly to his school.

The only problem was that their hamfisted “sequester” of the child was filmed by Leonardo’s aunt, who passed on the footage to state broadcaster RAI.

As a result, both the deputy interior minister, Carlo De Stefano, and the head of police, Antonio Manganelli, yesterday found themselves explaining why a 10-year-old child was treated like a Mafia godfather on the run, forcibly bundled into a car by police in front of his terrified classmates.

Leonardo is currently in the children’s home, where he is visited by his father but not, as yet, by his mother.