Thursday, February 19, 2015

Violent father who threw 2-day-old baby and killed her "not violent" - huh? (Pretoria, South Africa)

Typical of the gas lighting denials that you see around male violence, especially by fathers.

Despite the fact that the subject committed a violent act, he is not violent...not really. 'Cause he seemed nice you know.

Oh yes he is violent.

In reality, you are what you do. What you practice. How you conduct yourself in the world. To say there is some "essence" of you that is utterly distinct from how you actually live your life is totally and utterly bogus. If you act violently then you are violent. The fact that some people were unaware of the fact that you were violent before in no way changes the fact that you viciously murdered a baby. A father who smashes a baby to the ground and kills her is violent.

The "non-violent" dad is ALEXANDER SORDA.

National 19.2.2015 05.40 pm

Father of murdered baby “not violent” 

CNS Reporter/Nthabiseng Madumo and Rorisang Kgosana

Neighbours of a man accused of killing his two-day-old baby in Pretoria said he was not known as being a violent individual.

“We are all still shocked at what he did. We did not know him as a violent man. He was a nice person,” a neighbour told Rekord Centurion.

Alexander Sorda, a foreign national, appeared in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and will be back in court on February 24 to apply for bail.

Sorda was arrested for the murder of his daughter after he allegedly swung the infant at her mother and then at the floor at a Pretoria West filling station on Church Street on Sunday.

The girl later died in hospital.

The neighbour said when Sorda and his partner argued, it sometimes led to things being thrown around.

“I do not want to lie; I do not know what happened, but all I heard was a woman screaming. It is truly heartbreaking what happened,” the neighbour said.

The little girl died in hospital.

According to media reports, the baby girl had not yet been named, owing to tradition. She would have been named a week or month after birth, but she was unofficially named Precious for the time being.

Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.