Monday, February 16, 2015

Dad pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in beating death of 1-month-old son (Washington, DC)

This is how f***ed up our country is. MOTHERS of 1-month-old infants are forced into the workforce in order to support their babies and useless deadbeat pieces of sh** like dad TYRIK LAMONT BROWN. HE lounges in bed while SHE (the family breadwinner) bathes and feeds the baby and then leaves him in bed next to the lazy father. Then the useless piece of sh** beats the baby to death because he is "frustrated" by the crying.

Parenting classes aren't going to help aggressive young fathers with poor impulse control. That's just wishful thinking. We need to get a$$holes like this one of bed and into the workforce--that is, is anybody will hire them. They need to support their kids instead of maiming and killing them because they are "frustrated" with normal infantile crying. Moms need paid maternity leaves too, so they don't get pushed into working too early and forced to rely on men like this for babysitters.

Father pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in infant’s beating death

By Keith L. Alexander February 12 

#Tyrik Lamont Brown beat his 1-month-old son so badly, prosecutors said, that a D.C. medical examiner found more than a dozen injuries to the infant’s body, including fractures to his leg, ribs and skull.

#Brown pleaded guilty Thursday to voluntary manslaughter in the Oct. 29 death of the infant, Raj’saun Tyrik Brown. Prosecutors said the baby’s mother left the infant with Brown as she went to work. She fed him, bathed him and laid him on the bed next to the baby’s father.

#But when the infant began crying and would not stop, prosecutors said, Brown grew angry and began beating his son. The medical examiner ruled the infant died of blunt force to the body.

#As part of the plea deal with prosecutors, Brown, 20, faces between four and 10 years in prison. Prosecutors also agreed not to charge Brown with first-degree felony murder.

#D.C. Superior Court Judge Rhonda Reid-Winston asked the soft-spoken Brown several questions to ensure he understood the details of the case and the charges to which he was pleading guilty.

#“Did you do something to cause these injuries?” she asked. Brown, with his wrists and ankles in shackles and standing next to his public defender, responded, “Yes, ma’am.”

#“Did you apply blunt force on this day?” she asked.

#“Yes, ma’am,” he said. #“Did you do it by accident?” she asked. Brown initially said yes, but then his public defender, Madalyn Harvey, interjected and whispered in his ear, and he changed his response to “No, ma’am.” #Then the judge asked, “Did you intend to inflict this force on him, and did you know a 1-month-old baby could be injured?” Brown again said yes. #Outside the courtroom, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cynthia Wright, who specializes in infant and child deaths, said the case was an example of why all new parents should take parenting classes. #“The infant wouldn’t stop crying, and he didn’t know what to do or how to respond,” Wright said. #Brown is scheduled to be sentenced April 24.