Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dad of surrogate twins charged with sexual abuse (Australia)

This is but one of the many reasons I am opposed to surrogacy. We now see pedophiles have discovered that this is a great way to acquire access and control of infant and child victims--while minimizing the chance of interference from a protective mother.


Australian father of surrogate twins charged with sexually abusing them

Thai-born children being cared for by man’s ex-wife as authorities consider plans for their long-term care, ABC reports
Australian Associated Press
Monday 1 September 2014 18.51 EDT

An Australian father of surrogate twins born in Thailand has reportedly been charged with abusing them.

The man and his wife entered a surrogacy arrangement with a Thai woman several years ago, the ABC reported on Monday. The Thai mother was told of the abuse allegations in June 2013.

The man has been charged with indecent dealings of a sexual nature with the children while they were under 10. He has also been charged with possessing child abuse material but denies all the allegations, the ABC says. He faces court later this year.

After the couple returned to Australia with the twins, their marriage broke down. The children are now being cared for by the man’s ex-wife and Australian child welfare authorities are considering plans for long-term care, the ABC reported.

Surrogacy arrangements in Thailand have come under scrutiny because of the case of baby Gammy, a surrogate-born boy with Down’s syndrome whose Australian parents left him behind. The Thai government is considering legislation to ban the practice.

Thailand and Australia are working out a transition process for an expected 150 Australian couples and Thai surrogate mothers expected to give birth over the next year.