Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two-year-old boy's death ruled a homicide; dad in jail (Kennewick, Washington)

UNNAMED DAD and no mention of a mother in the home.

Two-year-old death ruled homicide

By Kathleen Jacob

Published: Jan 10, 2015 at 6:45 PM PST

KENNEWICK, Wash. --The death of a Kennewick two-year-old the day after Christmas is now ruled a homicide.

Police say they're investigating the child's death as "homicide by abuse."

Nicholas Torres died at sacred heart children's hospital -- it's believed ongoing abuse left him with extensive brain damage. No one is charged with his death yet, but according to the Tri-City Herald, the boy's father is in jail for allegedly telling another son to lie to investigators about what happened at home the day before Nicholas was hospitalized.

Child advocates say child abuse is often a crime that's hard to see.

"It's something that's really well hidden, it's not like someone walking into a store and grabbing an item and walking out with it, you can see that on cameras, there aren't very many cameras around children abuse," said Bikers Against Child Abuse member DOC.

Police wouldn't release any details in the case as it is still under investigation.