Friday, January 16, 2015

Dad convicted of sexually abusing his five young kids, posting pictures of abuse on-line (Winnipeg, Canada)

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Winnipeg dad forced sex acts on his kids, posted photos online

6:10 pm, January 16th, 2015


WINNIPEG ─ Justice officials are seeking a 20-year prison sentence for a Winnipeg man who sexually abused five of his young children and posted pictures of the abuse online.

City police were alerted to the man's activities early last year after Australian investigators posing as online child predators met him on an illegal image-sharing site.

The 28-year-old man posted pictures of himself abusing his daughter and a message reading: "If interested in seeing some homemade stuff with this cutie, email me."

The man posted a similar message alongside a picture of his four sons sitting in a police cruiser.

"This only stopped because police figured it out," Crown attorney Jennifer Mann said at a sentencing hearing Friday. "There were no (prior) disclosures by the children. This wasn't going to be detected for a long time, maybe never."

In an interview following his arrest, the man claimed he was a sex addict and mentally ill.

"He is both a manipulator and a liar," Mann said. "This was not an illness. This was planned, premeditated criminal behaviour on the part of (the accused) ... He essentially turned his children into on-demand sex objects."

The man told police he abused his children because they were "accessible."

According to an agreed statement of facts submitted to court, the man wasn't supposed to have any access to his children at all. In 2008, the man and his wife were living in Edmonton when Child and Family Services seized their three children after concerns were raised about the man's "interactions" with his daughter.

The man returned to Winnipeg in 2009 and Edmonton CFS agreed to return the children to his wife on the condition they have no contact with their father.

The woman later rejoined her husband in Winnipeg and the couple had two more children. The family settled into a living arrangement in which the three oldest children lived with the man's parents during the week and visited their parents on the weekend.

Police interviews with the accused and his children revealed a regime of weekly abuse that included oral sex and sex acts between siblings at their father's direction.

One child told police the man on one occasion took away his video game and only returned it after he had provided the man with oral sex.

The man admitted to grooming his daughter and in an email exchange with an online predator said he "hope(s) to break her cherry one day."

The man has sentenced his daughter "to a lifetime of wondering who has seen the pictures ... and whether someone else on the Internet is viewing them," Mann said.

The man's lawyers argued a 20-year prison term would be "crushing" to his prospects for rehabilitation and recommended he be sentenced to eight years.

Judge Kelly Moar will sentence the man at a later date.