Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Custodial dad with history of assault, domestic violence arrested for near fatal abuse, neglect of 2-year-old daughter (Blawnox, Pennsylvania)

Dad PHILLIP CLARK obviously had custody. The tell-tale signs: Mention of a girlfriend, but not the mother. Later clarification that the girlfriend is not the mother. Mention that the child lived with the girlfriend who lived with the father. And, if you needed any more proof, evidence that the child had suffered from a long untreated ear infection that could have been fatal. Obviously the mother was shut out of the picture.

We also see that Daddy has a criminal history including ASSAULT and a protection order from abuse filed against him in a "previous relationship" (perhaps the child's mother)?

The fact that the charges in the past were withdrawn or dismissed is typical. Victims are afraid of repercussions from the abuser who is not kept in jail and is not treated as a serious offender by law enforcement. So the victims drop the matter for their own protection.

So who the hell thought it was a good idea to give this father custody, especially given that his gal pal also has a criminal history?

Proof once again that violent fathers, even those with criminal records, have no trouble getting child custody. Are we surprised when they are violent towards the children? (Notice that the step is blamed, which is typical. As if Daddy were helpless in the situation like a battered woman with no money or resources. We see the "clueless" father line of crap all the time.).

Dad is identified as PHILLIP CLARK.

Blawnox couple arrested after girl found bruised, suffering from near-fatal infection

Alyce Aronckes charged with aggravated assault; Phillip Clark charged with child endangerment UPDATED 6:48 PM EST Jan 28, 2015

BLAWNOX, Pa. —A father and his girlfriend are facing child endangerment charges after the man's 2-year-old daughter showed up at the hospital covered in bruises and suffering from an ear infection that went untreated for so long that doctors said it could have been fatal.

Police say Clark's daughter was brought to UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Jan. 21 with mucus coming out of her nose and mouth and was unsteady on her feet. According to a criminal complaint, doctors found the girl had cuts and bruises on her head, face, and stomach. She also had a serious infection of the mastoid bone, which was attributed to an ear infection that was not treated and the "case represents a near fatality."

Aronckes is not the girl's mother, but she lived with the girl, Clark and three other children at a home in Blawnox.

Investigators wrote in the complaint that Aronckes described the girl as a "horrible child to deal with" and admitted physically restraining her often, saying "she has had to push (the girl's) eyes open and smacked her lightly in the face to get her to focus.”

Court records show that both Clark and Aronckes have been charged with crimes in the past. Clark was charged with simple assault, harassment, furnishing alcohol to minors and corruption of minors. He has also had a protection from abuse order filed against him, in a previous relationship. The PFA and most of the charges against Clark were either withdrawn or dismissed. Aronckes was previous charged with assault, but that charge was also withdrawn.

Clark and Aronckes were being held in the county jail on $100,000 bond. Both face child endangerment charges, while Aronckes is also charged with two counts of aggravated assault.