Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dad viciously beats 4-year-old son during first overnight visitation; prognosis grim for survival (Louisville, Kentucky)

We've posted on this case before. We had noted that there was a curious omission regarding the mother. And now we know why. The dad was, in fact, a single father, and the assault took place during THE FATHER'S FIRST OVERNIGHT VISITATION.

This is what happens with the triumph of fathers rights ideology. Contrary to their lies, mothers are not "gatekeepers" who are "depriving" fathers of their kids. On the contrary, mothers are being brainwashed into thinking they must include violent men in childcare functions. Even when the kids are special needs and under the age of 5. These idiots don't have the nurturing skills or patience to deal with toddlers and babies--especially if these is a developmental disability involved. So they freak out on them, like dad CHRISTOPHER BRUCK "allegedly" did.


Prognosis grim for Ind. child allegedly assaulted by father

Whitney Harding, WHAS11.com 11:58 p.m. EST January 5, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Smiling, lively and always hungry – that's how Jessica Fields remembers her nephew, four-year-old Hayden.

"He was so happy," she said. "He's a good sweet loving little boy. It breaks my heart. The boy, he loved food. It was so crazy."

Hayden's short life so far hasn't been easy. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called DiGeorge that can result in poor development in several different ways.

"I know he's four and he don't talk," Jessica explained. "He started walking probably about a year ago. He's been through the physical training, you know all the stuff to try and get him improving. He goes to a special needs school…It would've been hard the rest of his life trying to live a normal life. Now he probably won't even say the little words he was saying. He won't be able to walk."

On Saturday night Jessica received a call from her step-sister, Hayden's mother, telling her Hayden was at Kosair Children's Hospital after he had been staying with his father, Christopher Bruck. Jessica said to her knowledge Hayden had not stayed the night alone with his father until this visit.

"[His mother] wanted so bad [sic] for Hayden to have his father in his life and I'm sure she blames herself for this happening," Jessica said.

Hayden's brain was bleeding severely and he had bruises all over his body -- injuries that doctors believed came from child abuse. Indiana State Police (ISP) questioned Bruck about the incident and eventually he was arrested for aggravated battery.

According to the arrest affidavit, Bruck was watching TV and Hayden kept getting up into his father's face and pulling on his hand. Bruck told ISP he lost control and hit Hayden in the forehead causing the boy to fall backwards and hit his head on the carpeted concrete floor. The affidavit states that Bruck said he hit the boy so hard it hurt his hand.

"He could be a vegetable for the rest of his life," Jessica said. "Only half of his brain has blood flow. The other half where he had his surgery has no blood flow…He's not going to be normal ever again. That's all we know -- ever again."

Jessica says she hopes that her nephew can somehow be a miracle child and pull through, but no matter what she wants to see justice.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with Hayden's medical expenses. He is having more tests on Tuesday and the family is hoping for some positive news.