Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Islamic scholar" dad accused of torturing 5-year-old daughter during visitation; girl has severe brain damage (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

UNNAMED DAD. A real hypocritical bastard.


Scholar tortures 5-year-old; daughter has brain damage
Film shows girl lying in intensive care unit and mother says she could become disabled

By Staff
Published Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A Saudi Islamic scholar known for his regular preaching for kindness and mercy emerged as a man who does not have those words in his lexicon. The man is accused of torturing his five-year-old daughter with batons and hot objects, causing severe brain damage and skull fractures.

Her mother believes the girl, Lama, could be disabled after doctors told her she is suffering from a damage that is preventing enough blood from reaching the brain because of heavy blows on the head by her father.

The mother went on MBC television to expose her ex-husband, who she said had never stopped beating her up while they were married, adding that what he practises is completely different from what he preaches.

A two-minute YouTube film showed the little girl lying in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Riyadh and doctors said they were doing their best to save her life but that they cannot guarantee she would return to normal.

Alsaudi Arabic language daily, which carried the film, identified the Sheikh as F.G.H and described him as a well-known scholar who has been in the media for a long time preaching for kindness and mercy.

“This Sheikh who has always preached for mercy, kindness and sympathy is the same man who has used all machines of torture against his own daughter, throwing her into coma and threatening her innocent life,” it said.

Relating her marriage life with the Sheikh, Lama’s mother said it had been a hell as he did not stop beating her up and insulting her for no reason.

She said she finally demanded divorce but he refused, prompting her to go to court, which granted her a divorce.

She went back home to the eastern port of Dammam with her little daughter while the father was allowed by court to see the girl for three hours every month. When she was five years old, he was permitted 12 hours.

“Once he asked me to have the girl for a few days and I agreed…when many days passed and I no longer heard her news, I was worried,” she said.

“One day I received a phone call from the police in Riyadh…they told me my daughter has been admitted to the intensive care unit…I rushed her and I was shocked to see her in that condition…I got another shock when I was told that the one who did this to her was her own father,” she added.

“He did that to my child at a time when he orders people to be nice and to fear God…he is the same person who used sticks, hot iron and whips to torture a girl not more than five years old…I appeal for the authorities and for all officials concerned to take action against this man.”