Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dad arrested for murder in death of 4-year-old son (Maui, Hawaii)

Yet another case where you have to read carefully between the lines. See the reference to UNNAMED DAD's girlfriend? The media virtually never says "girlfriend" when the woman in question is the child's mother. So, this obviously involved a custody/visitation situation. Whether Daddy had court-ordered full custody, joint custody, or just some informal arrangement is obviously not specified. But the media seldom makes this clear. What we do know is that the mother was clearly not in the home when this boy was beaten to death. Makes me wonder if there was prior evidence of violence, abuse, or neglect that a court chose to ignore....

Maui father arrested for murder in son's death
Published: 5/30 5:38 pm Updated: 5/30 5:40 pm

Tragic news from the island of Maui.

Police have opened a murder case after the death of a four-year-old boy.

Maui police say the boy was brought to the Maui Memorial medical center just before 11 p.m. Tuesday night by his father.

The father told authorities his son was found unconscious in the shower.

The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

An initial examination by emergency room doctors revealed the child victim had suffered severe blunt force trauma to his internal organs and died of his injuries.

Police say the boy's 31-year-old father and his father's 27-year-old girlfriend said they didn't know what happened to the boy.

Both were arrested on suspicion of murder.

An investigation is underway.