Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dad arrested for breaking legs of 3-month-old daughter (McAlester, Oklahoma)

Daddy is ID'd as JIMMY LEE GREEN BOLT III. It is surprisingly common for these kinds of injuries to happen when young volatile males are changing the diapers of young infants. Between general cluelessness and greater upper body strength, these guys can do a hell of a lot of damage. And given the healing rib fractures, this was apparently not the first time Daddy had abused the baby. No mention of a mother at all in this home.

McAlester infant has broken legs, father arrested

Updated: 5/09 4:28 pm
Published: 5/09 4:16 pm

McAlester police arrested a man after his three month old daughter was taken to the hospital with two fractured femurs.

Jimmy Lee Green Bolt III is in the Pittsburg County Jail on child abuse charges. Police records show a hospital worker called police on May 5th after a three month old was treated for two fractured femurs and two broken ribs.

Bolt told child welfare workers he was changing his daughter, Starla's, diaper and she rolled off the changing table and was injured. Hospital records show the infant's broken ribs were healing.

Police attempted to question Bolt after reading him his rights but he refused, telling officers his daughter fell off the three foot tall changing table. Police say it is impossible for an infant to fall from that distance and fracture two femurs.

Bolt faces one count of willfully or maliciously engaging in child abuse.