Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dad to go on trial for breaking legs of triplet infant daughters (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

This is the kind of crap that happens when we assume that daddies with "anger management" problems make good caretakers of infants. They don't. Dad is identified as STEPHEN SOMMER.

These injuries are surprisingly common with male caretakers, who have both male upper body strength and a male's (relative) lack of nurturance, patience, or empathy.


Trial for Milwaukee man after allegedly breaking infant triplets' legs

By Jay Sorgi


MILWAUKEE - A father will head to trial after being accused of breaking the legs of all three of his infant triplet daughters.

The criminal complaint says that back in April, a doctor at Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa treated all three of Stephen Sommer's three-month-old daughters.

The doctor told Milwaukee Police that all three had broken legs. One of them had broken bones in her ankle and her groin area. Another had an arm injury.

According to the complaint, Sommer told police that when he would change his infant girls' diapers, he would take their legs, bend them back, and sometimes twist them.

He said that when he did this, his baby girls would cry so much, they'd lose their voice while their faces turned red.

Sommer admitted in the complaint to an anger management problem.

The complaint said that the abuse happened between March and April in Sommer's mother's house near 19th and Mitchell.

Sommer, who is 38, faces three counts of child abuse and three more counts of child neglect.

If he is convicted on all six charges, Sommer would face up to 138 years in prison.