Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dad convicted of brutally assaulting 4-month-old son (Canton Township, Michigan)

Previous reports have said that dad ANTHONY LAWRENCE SEWEJKIS was a "stay-at-home." This is what role reversal means for moms and babies. Moms get to do two jobs, while daddies do jack sh**--except lie about beating up the baby.

Canton father convicted of abusing baby son

Anthony Lawrence Sewejkis set to be sentenced May 25 on first-degree child abuse charge

Published On: May 10 2012 01:05:51 PM ED

A jury has convicted a Canton Township father of first-degree child abuse for brutally assaulting his then 4-month-old son in December.
Anthony Lawrence Sewejkis was arrested after hospital staff contacted police them with suspicions of abuse to the baby.

Police said Sewejkis had been accused of pushing the baby's head into the floor at an apartment.
The baby, whose name is Hunter, spent weeks in critical condition at University of Michigan hospital.

During an interview with Local 4, the baby's mother, Leanne Garlick, said Sewejkis had originally told her the baby had fallen off the couch while she was at work.

"I feel completely blind-sided from it all to be honest. I mean, this is not something that I ever, in my wildest dreams, expect that this is something he would have done," Garlick said.

Sewejkis is scheduled to be sentenced on May 25.