Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad charged with abusing 2-month-old son (York, Pennsylvania)

Abused by his father at his apartment? The vague language suggests that this teen dad did not live with the mother, but was in some sort of custody/visitation situation. Notice that there is no mention of the mother around.

Which is insane. Teenage fathers have no clue how to take care of young children. And the child abuse statistics bear this out. Teen dads are in the highest risk group there is. And two young children at once? Recipe for disaster. Dad is identified as DERRICK DEGROFT.

Local News Teen dad charged in the alleged physical abuse of his two-month-old son
Reported by: Erica Moffitt
Contributor: Nate Wardle

Published: 5/08 5:35 pm
Updated: 5/08 8:38 pm

Police have charged a York County teen for allegedly abusing his two-month-old son, causing him serious injuries.

Police in York County say the child's father abused the baby, finally landing him in the hospital and then lied to Officials about what happened.

19-year-old Derrick Degroft of Hanover faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and endangering the welfare of children.

Court documents reveal that back in December, Degroft's infant son was taken to Hanover Hospital with injuries including bleeding in his brain and injuries to his face causing his eye to be swollen shut.

Investigators believe the child was abused by his father at his apartment on West Walnut Street in Hanover. Degroft reportedly told the child safety team at Hershey Medical Center, where the baby was transported for treatment, that the injuries happened when Degroft was in the bathroom.

He added they were caused by the child's two-year-old sibling who he said has been known to hit the baby. He says a double stroller was found lying on top Of the baby.

A doctor at Hershey Medical Center told police the injuries did not match up to Degroft's story and there were signs of prior abuse. Degroft's preliminary hearing is scheduled for next month.