Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dad murders 4-year-old son as part of his "work" for custody (Thornton, Colorado)

We've posted later articles on this case confirming that this was a murder-suicide committed by dad KEVEN BRISTOL. However, this earlier article clearly suggests that this was a crime motivated by child custody. News articles do not consistently repeat the same information, so that makes it really hard to identify father-committed murders involving custody situations.

Notice the ultra-stupid neighbors. If you can be a "good dad" and still blow out the brains of a 4-year-old child, then what the heck do you have to do to finally be called out as a bad dad? To call a father like this "good" is a slap in the face to the honestly good fathers out there who work a steady job and support their wives and families through thick and through thin--and don't kill, maim, rape, or mutilate anybody in the process.

Not till we get to nearly to the end of this article are we told the parents were breaking up, and Dad reportedly told someone about having to do a lot of "work" to get custody. It's obvious he didn't want custody in terms of wanting the responsibility of raising a child. He just wanted total control, which is typical of the killer father personality. Just wanted to shut the mother out forever. Murder suited his ends just as well as an ongoing custody battle, maybe even better. Since a gory bloodbath slaughter of a child is a Final Solution and all.  And of course, he no doubt knew that such a move would deeply wound and "punish" the surviving mother, which is usually part of the a primary aim of these guys as well.


Coroner: Thornton Father, Son Died From Gunshots Authorities Won't Say If Father's iInjuries Self-Inflicted

By Lance Hernandez and Thomas Hendrick

POSTED: 10:13 am MDT May 9, 2012

UPDATED: 9:17 am MDT May 10, 2012

THORNTON, Colo. -- The Adams County Coroner has confirmed that a Thornton father and his 4-year-old son found shot at their home on High Street died from gunshots.

But the Coroner would not indicate whether the father’s injuries were self-inflicted.

In a brief statement, the coroner said Kevin Bristol, 30, and his son, Michael, died from gunshots after an early Tuesday shooting at the family's home. The boy died Tuesday and the father died Wednesday morning at Denver Health Medical Center.

While the autopsies have been completed, police and the coroner official said information on the manner of death would not be released until Thursday.

According to investigators, Bristol’s wife, Carmen, was home when the shootings occurred. She called 911.

"The only thing that we’ve ruled out is that the boy didn’t do it," said Officer Matt Barnes of the Thornton Police Department.

Investigators returned to the house on Wednesday and removed several items that may help them piece together what happened inside.

Michael and Kevin were found in the family’s home at 9270 High St., near Eppinger Boulevard, just after midnight Tuesday.

Friends and neighbors have placed flowers, balloons and teddy bears alongside the fence in front of the Bristol home.

Shannon Donovan and Nathan Chatterton were among those paying their respects.

“It’s tragic,” Donovan said. “It’s a big loss because not everybody is a great father like he was,” Chatterton added.

Both friends say they’re anxious to hear what police say happened. “I think a lot of people have an idea in their mind what happened,” Donovan said. “You don’t ever want to accuse anybody or anything, but in my heart of hearts, I don’t think Kevin could have done anything to his son.”

Donovan said the Bristols had a complicated relationship and didn’t always get along. “I know they stuck together for their son,” she said. “He was a priority. If they ever got into a fight, one (of the parents) would choose to leave the house.”

Another friend, Joe Estrada, brought some balloons and a stuffed bear with a miniature motorcycle to place at the memorial.

Estrada told 7NEWS that he spoke to Kevin Bristol on Friday and that Bristol said he and his wife were breaking up.

Estrada said Bristol told him he had a lot of work to do, “basically to try to get custody of his son.”

Neighbor Bonny Benbrook reminisced about the young boy today.

“He loved motorcycles,” she said.

Benbrook said that when the Bristols first moved in, Michael came over and saw her motorcycle. “He would say, ‘Bonny, motorcycle,’ she said.

Benbrook said that after Michael’s dad got a motorcycle, she would see them riding together up and down the street.

She too is anxiously waiting the outcome of the investigation. “I can’t see Kevin shooting Mikey. He loved that little boy,” she said.

Before Kevin Bristol died, his extended family issued this statement through the hospital: "Kevin is a wonderful father who loves his family deeply. This is an impossibly difficult time for our family and we ask for people to respect our privacy. We are devastated by these tragic events and greatly appreciate the prayers for our family."