Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stay-at-home dad gets maximum sentence for abuse of 4-month-old son; slammed baby's head into the floor, causing severe brain damage (Canton, Ohio)

Dad ANTHONY SEWEJKIS is yet another reason why I think a lot of so-called "stay-at-home" dads are simply lazy deadbeat abusers who can't/won't get a job. After going off on the baby, this POS did nothing for three hours till Mom got home. Only then did the baby get medical attention. Despite Mom's apparently prompt response, she has lost custody anyway. A working father would never get slammed if a stay-at-home mom had abused the baby. Which just goes to show that nobody really regards the situations as equivalent, despite all the Sunday newspaper articles glorifying stay-at-home fathers. Mom is STILL regarded as the one who is ultimately responsible, no matter what.

Canton Father in Infant Abuse Case Gets 10-15 Years

Anthony Sewejkis gets maximum sentence for abusing infant son at Canton home.

May 25, 2012

Anthony Sewejkis, the stay-at-home father convicted in the near-fatal Dec. 7 abuse of his then-4-month-old son, Hunter, failed to persuade a judge from giving him the maximum sentence — 10-15 years in prison, the Canton Observer reported.

Sewejkis, 26, was found guilty of first-degree child abuse earlier this month for his role in the abuse, where he was accused of twice slamming his young son's head against the carpeted living room floor of the Michigan Avenue home in Canton he shared with the boy's 29-year-old mother, Leanne Garlick.

Garlick said she was at work as a cab driver in Ann Arbor when the incident occurred. She has since lost parental rights to Hunter, who remains partially blind and severely brain damaged, but is in the process of being adopted by his maternal grandparents, Sal and Theresa Alongi of Belleville.

According to the Observer's report, Wayne County Circuit Judge Margaret Van Houten said Sewejkis never sought help for Hunter after the infant was injured, waiting about three hours until Garlick returned home from work to take the infant to the hospital.

Under Dominick's Law, new state legislation passed by the House in the wake of the death of four-year-old Dominick Calhoun of Argentine Township, first-degree child abuse offenders could face up to life in prison instead of the existing 15-year maximum sentence.