Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family files lawsuit in case of 5-year-old girl killed by custodial dad (Gresham, Oregon)

We've reported on this case many times over the past two years. This little girl was slowly tortured to death by her custodial dad, CHRISTOPHER ROSILLO. Now family members are trying to make CPS acknowledge their failures in this case.


Family files lawsuit in child abuse death of 5-year-old girl

GRESHAM, Ore. -- Two years ago, a five-year-old child died as a result of some of the worst child abuse investigators said they had ever seen. Now, a multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed.

Oleander Labier died April 13, 2010 as a result of ongoing child abuse by her father, Christopher Rosillo, officials said. Now, the girl's step-grandfather, Frank Turner, is suing the State of Oregon, along with a Clackamas County couple, who are accused of not doing enough to stop the abuse. 

The $2 million lawsuit was filed this week names the Department of Human Services and three DHS employees as defendants. Also, two people who filled the role of grandparents for the girl are being sued as well for failing to report the child abuse.

"They could have saved my granddaughter's life," Turner said. "They could have did something."

Turner is referring to the Melanie and Efren Quintero, the parents of Rosillo's live-in girlfriend -- Guadalupe Quintero -- for failing to report the abuse.

Melanie Quintero said she felt like she could have stepped in and done something if she had seen any of the abuse.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm just saying if I knew stuff like that was going on ... I don't know. I did not see it."

But that's not exactly what Melanie Quintero told police. According to police, she told them her son-in-law forced Oleander to repeatedly eat her own feces and vomit as punishment. He also, Quintero told police, routinely hit her with a belt, gave her a blood nose and pushed her down stairs.

Quintero said police forced her in to saying those things, but did admit there was abuse in the family.

"Yes, he did chew off her nail," she said. "We put salsa on food and our other grandchildren eat it. The throw-up we would clean up. Feces, yes it was in her hand and I told them that when I opened up the door, it was in her hand -- not her mouth or he was going to make her eat it."

Efren Quintero also said he did not know of the abuse.

Officials from DHS refused to comment on the litigation, which is standard. Meanwhile, Turner said if the lawsuit is successful, all of the money will go to Oleander's brother and sister.