Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coroner: Dad killed 4-year-old son in murder-suicide (Trenton, Ohio)

Dad is identified as ROBERT STACEY BROWN.

I haven't found any article confirming this, but comments to some of the articles suggest this was a custody/visitation case. This is why it is so hard to quantify how many fathers murder their kids in cases involving custody.

Coroner Rules Train Death of Father As Suicide

Published: 2/22 6:23 pm
Updated: 4/04 7:22 am

The death of a Trenton man, killed when he and his preschool-age son were struck by a train, has been ruled a suicide, according to a final report from the Butler County Coroner’s Office. Our partners at the Hamilton Journal News looked through the report and say toxicology tests revealed the presence of alcohol and prescription drugs in Robert Stacey Brown’s body.

The 33 year old Trenton resident and his four year old son Robert Coy Brown were killed when they were hit by a CSX train around 5 p.m. on February 22nd, near the intersection of East State Street and Potter Avenue. The pair were returning home from a day of fishing at the Great Miami River.

Witnesses said Robert Stacey Brown picked up a stroller with his son in it, then walked straight ahead without looking left or right, according to Lacey. Video from inside the train revealed the lights and signals at the crossing were in working order, according to Trenton Police Chief Tim Traud.

Police say the last time a train killed a pedestrian in Trenton was in 2010.